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Wolverhampton Manual


Welcome to Wolverhampton PSB - another in SimSig's range of one-player simulations. It's still an important signalbox though, being on the main line through Birmingham. Those of you familiar with Stafford, Birmingham New Street, and Coventry may notice that Wolverhampton is upside down compared to those boxes. This is simply due to the fact that the Wolverhampton signallers operate the panel with their backs to the railway on the east side of the tracks - the others are on the west side.

There are just four passenger stations within the Wolverhampton control area: Wolverhampton itself, plus three smaller stations. Only a couple of freight sidings exist - and no yards.

Although Wolverhampton is electrified along the main (Stour) lines, the Shrewsbury branch is not beyond Oxley and trains to/from that branch used to use Wolverhampton as a locomotive change point - southbound the diesel locomotive would come off and head to a stabling area, with an electric locomotive replacing it; northbound the opposite. Modern timetables see only Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) coming from the Shrewsbury direction and rarely proceeding farther south than Birmingham. Therefore modern day timetables rarely see a locomotive change. Just beyond Stafford Road Junction is Oxley Carriage Sidings which is as far as the electrification goes along the Shrewsbury branch.


The area is due to be transferred to the West Midlands Signalling Centre in Birmingham on a Westcad VDU system. Though scheduled to be resignalled and fitted mostly with axle counters instead of track circuits , the layout will be virtually identical.

Signalling Arrangements


Wolverhampton features four-aspect colour-light signalling throughout almost the entire area.

Dudley Port

Trains enter from the Birmingham direction at Galton Junction. They are not under your control at this point but can be seen progressing along to Dudley Port where most trains will proceed along the main line. However, in earlier days, some freight trains may be looped in the Down Goods by the Birmingham signaller. Unusually you can see which route is set by the Birmingham signaller here. It is you, however, that routes them from the main line or goods loop onwards through Tipton station.

In the opposite direction you have the choice of routing into the Up Goods or along the main line. The Birmingham signaller will route out of the other end, though will be are unable to see this, (nor should you need to do so).


At the south (right) end of the station there are alternative routes between some signals. The blue "via" buttons must be used for all routes in/out of Wolverhampton at the south end. Not all possible alternatives are available to be used as the real-life interlocking was only programmed with a maximum of two options where alternatives exist.

When taking a locomotive off a train, use the white exit triangles as the exit rather than the main signal. This gives the driver a shunting aspect, and ensures the train description stays with the train rather than the locomotive.

Stafford Road Junction

When coming from the Shrewsbury direction, trains can either turn left towards Bushbury Junction or right towards Wolverhampton station. The train approaching indications will show either for the Oxley Chord or the Up Shrewsbury depending on the routing set by Oxley signalbox (simulated off area by Wolverhampton SimSig).

Note that when sending two trains in quick succession towards Shrewsbury, the second train will be held at Stafford Road Junction until the preceding train has cleared the long section ahead.

Four Ashes GF

There is a ground frame at Four Ashes. This allows Up trains to access the sidings there, or for Down trains from the sidings to head towards Bushbury Junction.

There are just two levers on the ground frame: a release lever, and a points lever. Two further controls allow the user to specify the handsignals given by the person on the ground. As per real life, it is possible to give a handsignal without the frame's levers being in an appropriate position, so check carefully before giving any .

Train Describer

Train describer

stepping is provided on main, some call-on, and warner routes only. There is no TD stepping for the call-on routes out of the station to the white triangles. There is no TD stepping from shunt signals.

Level Crossings

Noose Lane

There is just one level crossing under Wolverhampton's direct control at Noose Lane. There is nothing special or unusual to note about this level crossing, except perhaps the limited notice of approaching trains from the Walsall (Darlaston Junction) area.

Tipton LC

The Tipton area has a level crossing which is locally monitored by a crossing keeper at Watery Lane. Once you have set routes over the crossing, the crossing keeper there can see trains approaching and will lower the barriers appropriately. Therefore it is important to set the routes early enough so the crossing keeper has a chance to get the barriers down without delaying the train. Once the barriers are down, the crossing is clear, and the routes are set, the green circle adjacent to the appropriate signal will change to a solid white roundel.


Wolverhampton is, or will be, capable of chaining to the following simulations:

  • Birmingham New Street
  • Oxley / Shrewsbury (to be decided)
  • Stafford
  • Walsall
  • =


Stour Lines

TIPLOC (Entry Point) Mandatory? Description
SNDWDUD N Sandwell & Dudley
DUDLPT Y Dudley Port
MNMRGRN N; Y for the Steel Terminal Monmore Green
WVRMPTN Y Wolverhampton
WVRMTNJ Only required for Shrewsbury branch Wolverhampton North Jn
BSBYJN Y Bushbury Jn
BSBYJDG Only required if using the loop Bushbury Down Goods Loop
FRASL Y for Up direction only Four Ashes
PNKRDG Y Penkridge
STAFTVJ Y Stafford Trent Valley Jn*
STAFRD4 (EUST) Y Stafford No.4*

* - Either location can be used as the mandatory timing point has changed from one to the other over the years. The locations are about half a minute apart so this makes little difference for timetabling purposes.

Grand Junction Lines

TIPLOC (Entry Point) Mandatory? Description
DRLSTNJ (EDGJ) Y Darlaston Jn
PBLJWM Y Portobello Jn
BSBYJN Y Bushbury Jn

Shrewsbury Lines

TIPLOC (Entry Point) Mandatory? Description
WVRMTNJ Y Wolverhampton North Jn
BILBROK N Billbrook
ALBRGHT N Albrighton

Splash Screens

Filename Description
Splash1.jpg Wolverhampton signalbox

Reference Section

Birmingham Area Map

- A schematic showing main and link lines in the Birmingham area.

Signal Number Plans

Wolverhampton 1987-2003 Signal Number PlanWolverhampton 2003-2007 Signal Number Plan

Signal Box Prefix Codes

Code Box
NS Birmingham New Street*
OY Oxley*
SD4 Stafford No.4*
WL Walsall*

*Fringe box, signals not controlled in this simulation.

Non-prefixed signals are controlled by Wolverhampton (WN)

Platform/Siding Lengths

Location Platform/Siding Length (m)
Albrighton Up 92
::: Down 138
Bilbrook Down 68
::: Up 64
Codsall Down 94
::: Up 97
Coseley All 122
Cosford All 122
Dudley Port All 89
Penkridge Down 96
::: Up 101
Sandwell & Dudley Up 271
::: Down 272
Smethwick Galton Bridge Up 149
::: Down 151
Tipton Up 101
::: Down 106
Wolverhampton 1 267
::: 2 278
::: 3 244
::: 4 278
::: 5 86
::: 6 120
::: CS1 332
::: CS1 344

Loop Lengths

Location Loop Length (m)
Bushbury DGL 981
Four Ashes UGL 440
Watery Lane DGL 416
::: UGL 416

Source: Network Rail's Operational Rules

Version History

Known Issues

  • A video has come to light showing some sidings hitherto long thought gone, and others thought gone but active during the date of the video. These will be incorporated where possible in a future version.

Version 1.5 (9th April 2018)

  • Routes releasing under a train in platform 1 fixed

Version 1.4 (18th January 2016)

  • Up trains over Stafford Road Junction were occasionally getting stuck
  • A couple of points in the Bushbury Junction area were allocated to Bushbury GL instead of the junction (only affected the reported location during failures)

Version 1.3 (31st July 2015)

  • Signal and point failures added
  • Points 387 orientation fixed (normal/reverse)
  • Via buttons are now mandatory
  • Oxley TD has been added, per forum request
  • Oxley Up Goods Loop has been added, though no regulation will take place (make times passing times)
  • Track 254 was incorrect

Version 1.2

  • Fringe signals can no longer be erroneously cancelled
  • Noose Lane penalties altered
  • S104 route to Coal Yard was active in the wrong era
  • "2004-2007" era renamed "2004 onwards" (and will be renamed again once Wolverhampton finally gets recontrolled)

Version 1.0

First release.

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