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York North / South
Gascoigne Wood Workstation
Signalling Notes

York North/South

Gascoigne Wood Workstation

The Gascoigne Wood area actually consists of two signalboxes, one for the main line, and one for the up side yard with various slotting arrangements in order to set routes into and out of the yard. For simplicity the simulation treats it as one control area.

There are two coal bunker roads and one stone bunker road.

As of 2016 very little of the yard remains open. Only a couple of roads remain in use, and all of the infrastructure related to the coal and stone bunkers has been removed.


A fairly short area of just a few signal sections and a handful of route miles make this area in modern eras fairly quiet and easy - mostly straight through running. Earlier eras make more use of the sidings at Gascoigne Wood with train loading/unloading, run round moves, and other shunting which make it somewhat more challenging.

When playing in multiplayer, be aware that the signaller will likely be quite bored on this position in the later eras and so perhaps should be monitored by a signaller on another panel.

None of this area is electrified.

Signalling Notes

The sections between signals C19 and C18, between C33 and C32, and between C63 and C62 are very short, only capable of holding two engines. They are provided for locos running around their trains inside the yard without entering Gascoigne Wood's territory.

Make sure run-round moves can re-access the train. For example, if a train has arrived from Milford on Line 5 at Gascoigne Wood West and needs to run round, the loco should proceed forward on to Line 5 at the left end of the yard, then back through Line 6 to reverse at signal C63. Routing via Line 4 results in having to head out towards Gascoigne Junction to re-access Line 5 which may involve some timetable editing as well.

Note that trains which extend over the pointwork and require a joining move may result in the joining portion stating "train in front" rather than actually joining the train that is in front of it. This is because the joining portion hasn't registered as being "at" the location it is supposed to join at. This will be addressed in a future SimSig Loader update where, if the front portion is "at" the correct location, the joining portion will see this and perform the join. In the meantime the joining portion can be removed, or the original train shunted forward if there is room, or the original train shortened.

In real life there is no train describer for the yard. The SimSig simulation has a simple train describer setup to help remember what is where. Note that divides and joins will need to be handled manually.

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