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York North / South

York North/South


This simulation features the York North and South workstations, plus Gascoigne Wood signalbox and the Gascoigne Wood yard area control tower. Those who have visited the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York may be familiar with the live displays from York IECC in a display room at the NRM - so now is your chance to handle the area yourself!

The two IECC workstations cover the East Coast Main Line (ECML) from the fringe with Doncaster PSB to the south to the fringe with Tyneside (Newcastle/Gateshead) IECC to the north, a distance of approximately 55 miles on the ECML alone - a fair chunk of that at 125mph and four-tracked. The junctions at Temple Hirst, Hambleton, Colton, Scarborough Bridge, Skelton Bridge, and Northallerton take the total route mileage up to around 85 miles.

Over 500 signals, 240 point ends, 700 routes, and 850 track sections are included in the simulation, including off-screen fringes. The full IECC area (York North and York South) is included. Gascoigne Wood has been included so that chaining with Leeds East/West forms a continuous segment of the Yorkshire area - though Milford signalbox controls Sherburn Junction, it is simulated off-screen if Milford Junction is not chained in as well (this simulation is not available yet). Thus trains from Mambleton to Gascoigne Wood to Church Fenton to Colton Junction will remain in-sim.

The screen layouts as closely as possible replicate those used in the IECC, while those for Gascoigne Wood represent what that area could look like under IECC control.

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