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York North / South
Multiplay & Chaining

York North/South

Multiplay & Chaining

Trains can run from Hambleton West Junction through Gascoigne Wood, turning right and heading through Sherburn Junction, on to Church Fenton and thence Colton Junction. All of these locations are in either York North/South, West Yorkshire or Leeds East/West simulations. Simulated trains will run quite happily along this route but due to the gap it is possible that the same train will appear in Leeds East/West approaching Church Fenton before it has left the York area at Hambleton. The same applies in the opposite direction.

The simulation chains at the following locations:

Simulation Location
Doncaster North Shaftholme Jn
Leeds East/West Church Fenton
Leeds East/West Micklefield
Tyneside Darlington
West Yorkshire Milford Jn
West Yorkshire Sherburn Jn

Provision exists for the simulation to chain at other fringes, should the corresponding simulation be developed in the future.

York North/South Contents

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