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York North / South
Startup Options
Other Options

York North/South

Startup Options


Beginner Mode

Recommended for those new to the area, this scenario has minimal delays and failures, and has additional help in the form of train descriptions being automatically interposed at yard exits and sidings where they wouldn't be in real life.

Standard Mode

An average day for those comfortable with the area.

Leaf Fall

Slower acceleration and cautious braking means trains will often lose time.

Platforms 9 and 10 blocked

Work on the platforms means 9 and 10 are out of use. Can you re-platform the trains appropriately, with minimal delay?

Tollerton <-> Thirsk Fasts blocked

A typical day but emergency track work between Tollerton and Thirsk on the Fast lines means everything will have to use the Slow lines between these locations instead. Note: trains will lose time due to the lower speed limit on the slow lines. Use your skills to regulate accordingly, perhaps by "flighting" groups of trains by speed.


Two eras are provided: that around 2004 and that around 2015. The changes are only in the York station area, west side (higher numbered platforms).

In terms of timetables, the vast majority of trains are unaffected by the choice of era. However, the later era allows much more flexibility and parallel moves in the higher numbered platforms.

2011 and earlier

The Parcels platform is only accessible via platform 11. Trains head south (left on the screen) from signal Y216 to reverse behind signal Y631 and thence into the Parcels sidings.

2012 onwards

With more traffic using York station, the south end became a bit of a bottleneck with the Leeds lines effectively becoming a single track over York South Junction. It was decided to add an additional connection from the Down Avoiding lines to platforms 10 and 11, thus allowing parallel moves down into platform 10/11 and up from platforms 6, 7, and 9. This was completed in late 2011.

Signal Y631 became a preset shunt (also known as a running shunt, a running dummy, or various other names). Instead of the Parcels siding there are now two loco sidings - but with the same Network Rail TIPLOC (Timing Point Location) as the old Parcels sidings.

The north end of platforms 9, 10, and 11 were also modified, mostly by shortening platforms, to allow unrestricted main routes into the platforms from the south end while a northbound departure left an adjacent platform - previously only possible by using a warner route. This helps improve the flow of the station.

Other Options

ARS Operation

York can operate in one of three ARS modes:

  • Non-ARS: All route setting is manual, though ACI is available if required
  • IECC ARS: Only those routes ARS-enabled in the real life IECC will be set by ARS
  • Extra ARS: Additional routes are ARS-enabled to help beginners.

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