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Chicago Loop
Multiplay and Chaining
Key Features
Difficulty Rating

Chicago Loop

United States


SimSig's first venture beyond British shores! Released on Christmas Day 2014, this unusual simulation puts you in charge of two interlockings on the Chicago metro system.

You might not think you've heard of Tower 18, but you'll probably have seen a photo of it. A flat crossing with double-track connections around three of the four corners, this forms one corner of the main rectangle around downtown Chicago. You'll be responsible for regulating traffic on four (five during the peaks) of the system's routes at this junction, and at a smaller, yet still busy, junction at the opposite side of the loop.

Although not completely accurate, most of the unusual features (to someone used to British practice) are present, including green route lights and a variation on the NX method of routesetting. In all, this is a busy yet small simulation suitable for all levels of experience, and certainly something different.

Chicago Loop is currently free to download and play, although Donations are gratefully received.

Chicago Loop user manual

Multiplay and Chaining

  • Does not

    chain to any other simulations.

  • Ideal for 1-person operation.
  • Up to two players in Multiplay.

Key Features

  • Intensive passenger service
  • Right-hand running!
  • Replication of American route setting methods.

Difficulty Rating

  • Passenger- Medium
  • Freight- None
  • Layout complexity- Medium
  • Overall- Low.
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