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Moss Vale
Multiplay and Chaining
Key Features
Difficulty Rating

Moss Vale

New South Wales


Welcome to signalling in southern New South Wales, Australia! Home of long slow trains, vast distances, and not a lot of options to re-order traffic. Correct regulation is crucial in this slow sim and players will need to be mindful of the long-term effect of their decisions. The Moss Vale simulation covers 420 route kilometres (250 miles), all of which is fully remotely controlled from ARTC Network Control Centre South, located in Junee, NSW.

The vast majority of traffic in this simulation is freight, with only an hourly passenger service to Moss Vale and a handful of long-distance services running beyond there.

New South Wales signalling is fully simulated, including features such as route-stacking, which aren’t found in UK practice.

Moss Vale is a payware simulation- to play beyond a short demo period requires the purchase of a license from the Products area .

Moss Vale user manual

Multiplay and Chaining

  • Does not

    chain to any other simulations.

  • Suitable for one reasonably experienced player.
  • Up to two players in Multiplay.

Key Features

  • Australian signalling
  • Route stacking
  • Long distance regulation of main and single lines

Difficulty Rating

  • Passenger- Low
  • Freight- Medium
  • Layout complexity- Medium
  • Overall- Medium.

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