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Multiplay and Chaining
Key Features
Difficulty Rating


Southern Region




Salisbury controls nearly 30 miles of the South West mainline between Andover and Gillingham, and a similar length of line between Warminster and Romsey.

The single line towards Gillingham is controlled by Tokenless Block.

Traffic in the area is a mixture of long-distance passenger services, and freight traffic, most of which is aggregates from terminals in the Westbury area. A 1980s timetable is included, which sees more traffic serving the various sidings in the Salisbury area.

Salisbury is a Payware simulation - to play beyond a short demo period requires the purchase of a license from the Shop .

Salisbury user manual

Multiplay and Chaining

  • Chains to Westbury .

  • Ideal for 1-person operation.
  • Clients can join, however there are no separate workstations.

Key Features

  • Medium passenger service
  • Tokenless Block working
  • ACI included

Difficulty Rating

  • Passenger- Medium
  • Freight- Light
  • Layout complexity- Medium
  • Overall- Medium.


My thanks must go to:-

  • Geoff Mayo, for allowing me the privilege of becoming a developer, and Peter Bennet for showing me the basics of sim construction;
    • Chris Lord (aka LardyBiker) for allowing me to assist on developing his next sim after South Humberside and teaching me how sims are built;
  • Howard Potter and Paul Curran for patiently doing many sim compilations, and guidance on bugs and fixes;
  • Noel Young and Pascal Nadin for the TTs without too much gratuitous shunting (so far!);
  • Kev Meredith for ably testing the simulation and TTs, not only for testing but advice on layout and features.
  • The rest of our testing team, Neil B, Matt C, Mark J, Dave McC, Jameses N & W, Ben W.
  • Danny Scroggins for permission to use his photographs of the panel.
  • James Underwood, for most of the splash shots.
  • Anyone else I've unintentionally overlooked.

-AndyG, simulation developer

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