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Q I can't find a timetable when I launch a game.

A If you open a new sim and cannot see any timetables the first thing to try is to use the F3 button to open the Options pop-up window. Select the Control tab and uncheck the "Use Public Documents" box. Close and re-load the sim and you should now see the timetables.

All games come with timetable(s) which will by default be in a folder one level below the .exe file for the sim (e.g. if you are running C:\Program Files\SimSig\edinburgh.exe, the timetables will be in a C:\Program Files\SimSig\Edinburgh\ folder. Any additional timetables need to be in the same folder. The "Use Public Documents" option only shows in sims produced using v2.216 or later of the SimSig code. This is to take account of the security measures in later versions of Windows which may restrict what can be placed in the Program Files folder. If you cannot install the timetables in sub-folders of C:\Program Files, they should go into a SimSig sub-folder in the Public Documents folder and the "Use Public Documents" box should be checked.

Q I can't find a downloaded timetable when I launch a game.

A Assuming you have located the timetables and found both WTT and WTR files, just follow this quick guide

Open the Sim without any timetable loaded

1 - Go to the timetables menu and open/merge the old WTT/WTR timetable

2 - After Merging timetable from the same timetable menu open save as (next line below open/merge) - then rename the timetable with a new different name from the original then save it. (you could just simply add your initials at the start for example)

3 - Reopen the Sim and you should then see your version of the timetable in the TT list.

An easy quick test to see if this has worked is to move the WTR file out of the folder, open the TT up and see if the rules tab is populated -if there are rules you've done it right

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