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Pop-up messages

Pop-up messages

You may encounter the following pop-up messages as you operate a simulation. Thanks to Clive Feather for the original list.

Message Meaning
chaining arrangements inconsistent
location not found:
not found in system
A track circuit or subroute must be selected
Activities at but "passing time" ticked
An identity must be entered
Analyse not available in demo version!
Can't answer a call whilst paused
Can't place a call whilst paused
Cannot active ARS train information for
Cannot authorise train to pass signal at danger:
Not stopped at red signal
Cannot connect to ourself
Cannot edit timetable - not running to a timetable
Cannot find timetable for
Cannot go non-stop through next station:
Train has no timetable or has terminated
Cannot go non-stop through next station:
Train terminates there
Data exported successfully
Enter different filenames for SimSig and Text filenames
Entering trip list must specify at least one key location
Error closing file
Error executing command: ShellExecute error code
Error loading timetable information
Error occurred during export
Error writing to file
Export not available in demo version
Import not available for demo mode
Incorrect train identity
Insufficient locations. Select at least 2 locations.
Internal error: [number]
Invalid number
Invalid number. Use HH:MMa where HH is hours,
MM is minutes, and a is the letter "H"
for half minutes or blank.
Invalid numeric entry for Max Speed
Invalid numeric entry for Train Length
Invalid overrun value
Invalid registration code
Invalid TD. Please use letters, numbers, hyphens, and slashes only.
Invalid time
Invalid time difference. Use digits for the minutes,
prefix with - to subtract times,
suffix with H for half minutes.
Invalid train identity
Matched sets of trains
No paths found between entrance and location
No paths found between location and location
No trains in area
No trains reference this category
Picture is too large
Please enter a port number
Please enter a valid port number.
Please enter your initials
Please select a location
Please select a signalbox, enter an IP address, and enter a port number first.
Please select one or more platforms
Please start the simulation in Server mode
before connecting to other signalboxes
Recursive bug report:
Recursive ULC list in route from to - check subroute
connections. Subroute already added.
Save not available in demo version!
Sorry, but the person on the other end appears to have hung up on you!
Starting trip list must specify at least one key location
The driver has now been told of the amended timetable.
The driver has now been told of the amended timetable. However, you
know of such last-minute changes.
This external signalbox is already connected.
This option will only take effect after closing and re-starting the application
This timetable is not for this simulation
Time format should be HH:MM
Timetable cleaned
Unable to load picture
Unable to set desired colours.
The graphics may not appear in the correct colour.
Try increasing your screen colour depth.
Warning: Cannot open TCP port for use by SimSig.
Clients and external signalboxes will not be able to connect.
You cannot cease control when you are a server!

TODO - Please add messages and/or meanings

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