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Joining a multiplayer game

Joining a multiplayer game

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to set up port forwarding on your router, or to open up ports on your firewall, if all you are interested in is joining as a client on a multiplayer game.

To join a simulation, follow the 'Join a Multiplayer simulation' instructions on this page . When prompted, enter the IP address and the port number given by the host in the forum post. The IP address will either be of the form of four numbers separated by full stops (e.g. or a name (e.g. Don't try those examples: they won't work. The port number will usually be 50505, 50507, or 4321, but may be any number between 1 and 65535. You will also have to enter a 4-character name, which will identify you in the simulation.

Once completing the information, a request will be sent to the host. The host will be informed of your IP address and your initials or identity. The host has the option of accepting or rejecting your request.

  • If he accepts then you will be sent the simulation states (what aspects the signals are showing, which tracks are occupied, etc) which may take a minute or two depending on the speed of the Internet connection. Do not try to do anything until the message "update from server complete" has been received.
  • If he rejects then you will be informed of this and returned to the starting screen.

When you join, you will probably be invited to take control of a workstation. Different hosts have different policies for workstation allocation- some will give clients a choice on a 'First come-first served' basis, others will give everyone a number and allocate panels at random. There may or may not be panel swaps during the course of the game, again this depends on the host.

When you are invited to take control of a workstation, open the 'Workstation Control' window (accessed via the 'Multiplayer' menu in the clock window), highlight a workstation and click 'Take Control'. This ensures that all phone calls for the selected panel will be routed to you.

As a client, you will not have access to the following:

  • F2 Train list: you will only be able to view trains on your workstation (to reduce the amount of data transferred by the host), and you will not have access to all of the functions available in single player NB Not available in older, non-loader sims;
    • F4 Timetable editor, and train controls therein;
    • F5 Scoring;
    • F7 Incident log;
    • F8 is restricted to showing 2 hours after the specified time (again to reduce the amount of data requested from the host).
    • Control of the simulation speed/pausing
    For more general advice on playing a multiplayer simulation, please see the

    Etiquette page.

Have fun!

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