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Hong Kong East
Multiplay and Chaining
Key Features
Difficulty Rating

Hong Kong East

Hong Kong



Hong Kong East simulates the Eastern Rail Line of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway. The 33km long line is characterised by an intensive metro service (averaging 15 trains per hour, at headways as close as two and a half minutes) along its full length. Automatic Train Operation is in use to cope with this service level, with the associated signalling fully represented in this simulation.

Unlike most metro systems however, the line is also used by long-distance traffic beyond the Hong Kong SAR. These trains use dedicated, secure platforms at Hung Hom, the gates for which are operated by you. In a SimSig first, these lines also boast a traverser to release locos to run-round. If that weren’t enough, the line sees a modest amount of freight traffic.

Several yards are under your partial control, with detailed slotting arrangements between the yards and the main line. All of this makes for a truly unique simulation, though ARS is available to run the more routine aspects of the simulation, allowing the player to focus on the more unusual elements.

Hong Kong East is currently free to download and play, although Donations are gratefully received.

Hong Kong East user manual

Multiplay and Chaining

  • Does not

    chain to any other simulations.

  • Suitable for 1-person operation, with aid of ARS.
  • Up to four players in Multiplay.

Key Features

  • Four eras
  • Full


  • Intensive passenger service
  • Representation of Automatic Train Operation
  • A traverser!
  • Detailed slotting and local control panel arrangements at yards

Difficulty Rating

  • Passenger- Very High
  • Freight- Low
  • Layout complexity- Medium/High
  • Overall- High.
Available Simulations

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