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Q If I update the Loader or a simulation, can I reload games saved on a previous version?

A It depends on the nature of the update. The Loader will attempt to load the saved game, and thus far there have been no issues with loading games saved on a previous version of the Loader. Similarly, some simulation updates have allowed saves to be reloaded. However, this is not guaranteed. If certain details have changed (e.g. signals and points have moved, or been added or removed), the data for those new signalling items would not be present. This could potentially result in a situation where the display looks odd as the system is not fully restored to its original state. In the worst case scenario, adding a track could split a train that happened to be on the tracks either side of the new track, or any routes set could drop underneath because the new track hasn't been route locked. In situations like this, there are two possibilities: the problem will rectify itself once some routes have been set, and a few trains may need to be removed. In the worse case, the saved game will fail to load, or be corrupted to the extent that it is unplayable.

In summary: it will probably be fine, but if there is a game you particularly want to see through to the end, it is advisable to complete it before updating the simulation or Loader.

Finally, games saved on the .exe version of a simulation can not be loaded on the Loader version of the simulation, as the file format of saves changed when the Loader was introduced.

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