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SimSig Features

SimSig Features

Some of the features that SimSig include are:-

Accurate screen displays

Accurate representations of real control centre displays have been produced, right down to the fonts, colours, and position.

Accurate control methods

While the average user does not have the standard yellow trackerball, seven control buttons, or special keyboard, a similar method of control has been developed using a standard PC.

Realistic signalling

Standard signalling principles make what the user sees on the screen exactly like what real signalmen see. The same interlocking principles as used in real life are also faithfully reproduced. Overlaps, flashing signals, approach locking, warning, automatic and manual level crossings and call-on routes - they're all in SimSig.

Automatic Route Setting (only available in certain Sims)

Also for the first time in UK signalling sim history is automatic routesetting (ARS for short). This alleviates the signalman of much of his work, although he can take over control of any or all parts at any time. ARS performs such functions as selecting which routes to be set for trains, resolving conflicts as they occur, and interposing new train descriptions when a train arrives at its destination.


Each Sim comes with a timetable for you to run. However, SimSig comes complete with a timetable edit tool so you can modify a timetable or even create your own..

Simulation Control

Various different scenarios are provided with each simulation. These enhance a standard simulation with major events occurring, such as sections of running lines and/or platforms closed. Even standard simulations have a wide variety of problems that a signalman may face on a typical day.

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