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A route is a locked path from one signal to another signal. It will lock all the points in the correct position, including any points required in a certain position due to Flank Locking . The route is locked until either a train passes over and there is TORR , or the signaller cancels the route manually.

There are four types of route:

  • Main: A yellow or better aspect can be displayed. A full overlap is provided.
  • Warner: A

    delayed yellow aspect is shown. A reduced overlap is provided.

  • Call-on: Shows two white lights at 45 degrees indicating that the driver should proceed at extreme caution as there may be another train in the section. Usually used to signal the 2nd train into a platform where it is scheduled to join the 1st train.
  • Shunt: Same as a call-on but not normally allowed for passenger movements.

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