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TRTS - Train Ready to Start

TRTS - Train Ready to Start

TRTS is an acronym for Train Ready To Start indicator.

This is a plunger or keyswitch located on the platform and operated by the platform staff (or sometimes the driver or guard) when the train is ready to depart. It is indicated on IECC , MCS , and Westcad and therefore on SimSig as a flashing white roundel.

These normally only exist at major stations, or where operational reasons dictate they should be used.

At many stations, TRTS does not mean the doors are closed. Everything else is completed, but the doors will be closed after the signal displays a proceed aspect. At platforms where the platform staff cannot see the signal, an "OFF" indicator may be displayed on the platform. Then, the guard will close the doors and send the driver 2 bells (time to go!). At some locations where there are driver-only operated trains, and the driver cannot see all of the passenger doors (or even if the driver can), the platform staff will also press a "Right Away" button when the doors have successfully closed, to display "RA" next to the signal so the driver can see it, and then the train will depart. The signaller does not see any kind of RA indicator.

At other stations the platform staff will operate the TRTS even before the train has even arrived and come to a stand. Again, when the signaller sees the TRTS indicator flash, it doesn't really mean the train is ready.

For the above reasons, TRTS will be operated in SimSig up to one minute before departure time. Do not wait until departure time as the door close sequence may take time.

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