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SimSig Loader Version History
Version 5.21 (20th June 2022)
Version 5.19 (23rd February 2022)
Version 5.18 (23rd February 2022)
Version 5.17.2 (27th November 2021)
Version 5.16.1 (19th July 2021)
Version 5.16 (5th July 2021)
Version 5.15 (16th April 2021)
Version 5.13 (30th December 2020)
Version 5.12 (8th December 2020)
Version 5.11 (7th December 2020)
Version 5.8 (5th October 2020)
Version 5.7 (23rd September 2020)
Version 5.6 (7th August 2020)
Version 5.3
Version 5.0 (25th June 2020)
Version 4.15.1 (11th October 2019)
Version 4.15 (4th October 2019)
Version 4.14 (20th July 2019)
Version 4.12 (13th May 2019)
Version 4.11 (28th March 2019)
Version 4.9 (14th December 2018)
Version 4.8.2 (22nd August 2018)
Version 4.8.1 (7th August 2018)
Version 4.8 (27th July 2018)
Version 4.7 (7th May 2018)
Version 4.6.12 (10th March 2018)
Version 4.6.11 (??? 2018)
Version 4.6.9 (23rd January 2018)
Version 4.6.8 (not publicly released)
Version 4.6.7 (31st December 2017)
Version 4.6.6 (21st December 2017)
Version 4.6.5 (18th November 2017)
Version 4.6.4 (23rd June 2017)
Version 4.6 (18th April 2017)
Version 4.5.14 (20th December 2016)
Version 4.5.13 (14th September 2016)
Version 4.5.12 (25th August 2016)
Version 4.5.11 (7th May 2016)
Version 4.5.9 (6th April 2016)
Version 4.5.8 (8th January 2016)
Version 4.5.7 (16th December 2015)
Version 4.5.4 (2nd October 2015)
Version 4.5.3 (11th August 2015)
Version 4.5.2 (31st July 2015)
Version 4.5.1 (15th June 2015)
Version 4.5 (7th June 2015)
Version 4.4.3 (21st April 2015)
Version 4.4.2 (18th April 2015)
Version 4.4 (25th March 2015)
Version 4.3 (2nd December 2014)
Known Issues
SimSig core code - 4.1.2 (Released 2014-07-11)
SimSig core code - 4.1.1 (Released 2014-07-04)
SimSig core code - 4.1 (Released 2014-06-03)

SimSig Loader Version History

Where ticket numbers are shown, this relates to the internal fault/request/Q&A tracking system which is not public. "Resolved" and "closed" are fairly similar: the latter indicates the reporter has confirmed the fix; the former simply means the reporter has yet to close the ticket. Some issues reported may relate to test versions that never got released.

Please note that any dates listed ahead of time are in preparation for that release. Please do not modify/delete/strikethrough any such future dates.

Version 5.21 (20th June 2022)

0033116: [General] External Signal Reminders for Clients When Chained

0032790: [General] Delay + ACOA causes indefinite delay

0034407: [General] Delayed train saved at exactly the restart time doesn't restart.

0034630: [General] Pass and Set Down should be MutX

0033300: [General] Saved game permissions problem

0035875: [General] Crew Call F3 Option ticked, if early not printed in F7

0035207: [Runtime] Set Down Variable / Random Possibly Not Respecting Dwell Times

0036010: [Runtime] Scenario Options

0033415: [General] Points not responding to L/R click when SPL=T

0035949: [Runtime] Deleting a train category causes AV if train is in sim

0035929: [Runtime] Class of Service XML import

0019968: [General] ACI with Use of decisions

0036061: [Runtime] AHB reminder is wrong if lamps aren't level

0035857: [Runtime] Routes that never put the signal back

Version 5.19 (23rd February 2022)

(Some test code removed)

Version 5.18 (23rd February 2022)

0031505: [General] Loading a save with train approaching FY aspect

0031220: [Runtime] Saving/restoring a simulation can prevent random shunts from entering

0016402: [General] Crew Change Phonecalls

0035679: [Runtime] When system files not installed (font missing), show a link

0031478: [Runtime] Defensive driving rules aren't applied to trains entering from chained simulation

0027557: [Runtime] Custom dwell times not applied to trains entering via chaining

0035557: [Runtime] Show All Shunt Signal Option - Remove It

0035654: [Runtime] Gateway enhancements

0035247: [Runtime] ACI Warning Message

0035565: [Runtime] Signals with no berth TCs crash

Version 5.17.2 (27th November 2021)

0033884: [Updater] SetDownKind - Regulating Stop option broken (related to low speeds)

0030399: [Runtime] Long routing in multiplayer (Aussie sims only)

0034758: [Runtime] Interface Gateway - Step Message for a copy (now an interpose rather than a step)

0034410: [Runtime] XmlTimetableImport references wrong list when processing associations (sometimes aborted without a full import)

0031615: [Updater] Conflicts between shunt and main overlaps (shunt route will reuse a main overlap when oversetting rather than blocking)

0034121: [Runtime] Loading a saved sim can result in adverse changes of aspect if train is 1s away from passing a signal

0017056: [General] SUGGESTION: Start Simulation Paused (can now be a default)

0034557: [Runtime] Add dep/pass sort time to simplifier

0034314: [Updater] Failing individual lamps does not trigger COS to ExtSB

0034059: [Runtime] Remind the user to log in

Version 5.16.1 (19th July 2021)

0034162: Exit signals treated as pre-set shunts, Loader 5.16

Version 5.16 (5th July 2021)

0033879: [Runtime] Rules based on trains that enter chained (was erronously marking chained trains as "will never run" affecting rules)

0033468: [Runtime] TD Delay Status (terminated TDs of trains that have terminated no longer slowly get "late")

0033676: [Runtime] SetDownOnly and WaitForTime, and regulating stops (more flexible set down/optional stops/early departures)

0033587: [Runtime] Warner step-down broken

0033453: [General] NSC! special decisions don't work in saved games

0033417: Preset shunts not always chosen correctly

Version 5.15 (16th April 2021)

0033416: [General] Interface Gateway - port number shown on wrong control

0031011: [Runtime] Use latest available IE version for rendering HTML

0033302: [Runtime] Add STOMP verb

0015170: [General] Interface Gateway - Level Crossings (Proposal)

0033285: [Runtime] Add report for seeding

0033062: [Runtime] CSS improvements

0033273: [Runtime] Network improvements

0033220: [Runtime] Add tech info to About

0033064: [Runtime] Location same platform matching

0032094: [General] Timetable window auto-close

0032869: [Runtime] NDSD alarm should not alarm if to-berth is occupied

0032868: [Runtime] Add ability to manually associate berths with locations

0032865: [Runtime] Report XML errors when loading saves

0022987: [Runtime] "No engine"

0032769: [Runtime] Premature Overlap Release

0032746: [Runtime] Some chaining issues (dual control)

0032794: [Runtime] LOC-QTA not being used

0032800: [Runtime] QTR import reporting

0032772: [Runtime] Interface Gateway Additional Point Data

Version 5.13 (30th December 2020)

0032624: [Runtime] Disable NDSD alarm on older sims

0032559: [Runtime] Licensing when unexpected response received

0032609: [General] Popup Message Box Label cut short

0032415: [Runtime] Remove convdata user interface

0031388: [Runtime] ARS requests collared slots

0032534: [Runtime] Dodgy network message data can get saved into the log, which gets saved into an SSG save file, corrupting it

0023863: [Runtime] Yard Entry Calls stuck in Loop if you answer Wait 5 minutes

0032571: [Runtime] Potential visual bug when activating auto-working after a non-TORR-equipped signal has been passed

0032417: [Runtime] Add new message type for TD alarms

0032516: [Runtime] Various UI tweaks

0032512: [Runtime] TT analyser not recognising "same platform" data

0032502: [Runtime] Combined TCS colour wrong if stacked and occupied

0032637: [Runtime] Suppress Doubly Claimed Chaining Messages to non Testers

0032408: [General] Timetable Activity Links Without UIDs

0032614: [General] F8 Platforms text cut off

0032173: [General] Report multiple visuals being used on the same entity

Version 5.12 (8th December 2020)

0032168: [General] Message of non-described train in berths at startup

0032173: Report multiple visuals being used on the same entity

Version 5.11 (7th December 2020)

0032246: [Runtime] With multiple TT windows open, following a link should open the TT in the same window by default

0032258: [Runtime] Multi monitor coordinates

0032210: [Runtime] Allow train category to be changed at a location

0031990: [Runtime] XML Timetable Import Window Text

0032167: [Runtime] Telephone form not wide enough

0031665: [Runtime] Delayed train doesn't TRTS

0031450: [Runtime] Log shows timetable merged

0020418: [General] Non-described alarm not working

0031863: [Runtime] Next Key Locations form doesn't handle ampersands

0031864: [Runtime] Timetable Trip Editor window resizing issue

0031877: [Runtime] Seeded trains cause minutes recovered to be wrong

0031762: [General] Place call dialog is not wide enough

0031744: [Runtime] Timetable editor origin/destination

0031993: [Runtime] Show Timetable for trains not in F2

0032172: [Runtime] Ctrl-clicking a TT link causes all subsequent timetables to open in separate windows

0030046: [Runtime] Additional sim versions no longer directly distinguishable in sim list

0027778: [Runtime] Swinging overlaps before clearance

0030675: [Runtime] v5 Client Exception Error tL00004B + hyperlinks

0029545: [Runtime] MIS-ALR = M doesn't stop type S being set

0031985: [Runtime] Individual schedule Export

0031736: [Runtime] Unicode characters in HTML windows

Version 5.8 (5th October 2020)

0031633: [General] Show train timetable window occasionally throws an exception (TTRN.SetTripIndex)

0031629: [Runtime] Alternative paths problem with "-"

0025199: [Runtime] CSA 2C50 will receive an ACOA at WN38

0031607: [Runtime] TORR with NAT=T and only one subroute

0031625: [Runtime] stopsAtOrPasses not working properly

Version 5.7 (23rd September 2020)

0031479: [Issue] Access violation received

0028906: [General] Routesetting Exit does not always show all exits

0013607: [General] FY aspect affected by invisible signal

0024191: [Runtime] Seeding at external repeaters is possible

0023511: [General] Sim clock runs while loading

0024109: [General] Message when Client takes control of workstation

0024143: [General] Lever initial state of reverse

0028712: [General] Flood track circuits after a SPAD

0012175: [General] Seeding and VIS Layouts

0031441: [Runtime] Loose Path Matching for non-ARS sims

0031182: [Runtime] Ground frame window spacing

0031451: [Runtime] Deleting a driving rule doesn't remove it from the trains

0031440: [Runtime] ARS rival delays should be zeroed

0031357: [Runtime] Checkboxes don't seem to be saved as Scenario Options in timetables

0031345: [Runtime] TTRN.LastErrorMsg

0031315: [Runtime] Add 'Update complete' line to updater dialogue

0031343: [Runtime] Tooltip for Near/Far end Adjustment

Version 5.6 (7th August 2020)

0031162: [General] ARS not handling well at Wootton Bassett Jn

0031237: [Runtime] ARS simple forward working

0031096: [Runtime] Overlap scoring

0031144: [Runtime] Protect against divide by zero errors

0031145: [Runtime] ACI same TID

0030874: [Runtime] Show Timetable font casing

0030871: [Runtime] Hamburger improvements

0031094: [Runtime] Certain station stopping windows cause trains to leave early

0030512: [Runtime] Workstation Control Messages

Version 5.3

0030867: [Runtime] Show Timetable V2

0030873: [Runtime] Putting computer to sleep while using a dynamic license loses the license

0030968: [Runtime] Show Multiple TT options

0030967: [Runtime] Stop clock flickering

0030868: [Runtime] Custom CSS

0030835: [Runtime] Message window not high enough

0030960: [Runtime] Locked licenses cannot be used offline

0030865: [Runtime] Obsolete files message gets lost

Version 5.0 (25th June 2020)

0030791: [General] ARS Decisions on the Dore & Totley Chord

0030666: [Runtime] Scenario selections lost from TT when saved game opened

0030773: [Runtime] ExtSB chaining

0030723: [Runtime] Last subroute in a route should not do presets

0030624: [Runtime] Wrong route messages

0030686: [Runtime] Add characteristics to show train window V2

0030685: [Runtime] Move control window telephone and printer icons

0030684: [Runtime] Don't do check for updates every single time.

0030683: [Runtime] ExtSBConnectForm too small

0030614: [Runtime] Conditions to depart - more flexibility

0030645: [Runtime] Overlap selection buttons with no overlap

0028817: [General] DOFI arrows all lighting on clients

0030621: [Runtime] Control window and messages window improvements

0024812: [General] 'List index out of bounds' when editing train orders

0030462: [Runtime] ARS onward berths/routes

0024220: [Runtime] Add option to INS data for stop

0024217: [Runtime] Actions affecting rules

0027230: [Runtime] Add port number to views

0030348: [Runtime] ExtSB and queue berths

0030320: [Runtime] ARS Doesn't prompt user for manual route

0029957: [Runtime] TT Version Numbers Changing in Save Games

0019596: [Runtime] Timetable Window - Expand location name

0029440: [Runtime] Trains sometimes stop beyond a Platform TC (Overshoots)

0028647: [Runtime] ARS timetable status reporting location ID, not Name

0025957: [Runtime] Failed aspects cause unnecessary redrawing

0030193: [Runtime] Cyclic interlock not being handled correctly

0030116: [Runtime] ARS ignores WFT for delay calculation

0029914: [Runtime] Drawn preset shunts have a lit stem

0029367: [Runtime] Show next locations

0024732: [Runtime] Queue berths with themselves in the queue

0024731: [Compiler] Queue berth with itself in the queue

0028835: [General] Sticky Note popup off-screen

0029289: [Runtime] Alt+Enter to close sticky notes editor

0029336: [Runtime] When debug-entering train, step up TT

0028859: [Runtime] Unnecessary message

0027638: [Runtime] Loader copyright date

0028238: [Runtime] Assign Shunt/CO to keyboard shortcut

0028648: [Runtime] Need to be able to restrict an auto signal to S aspect

0028499: [General] MIS-VTT needs a "warning" feature.

0028496: [Runtime] Access violation in ENT-ABE command list

0028478: [Runtime] Overlap buttons with multiple overlaps

0027845: [Runtime] Update font used throughout

0027868: [Runtime] 4.15.1 Font Version - Missing controls

0014866: [Runtime] Defensive driving rules vs. differential speed limits

0020006: [Editor] Berth: Add controlled steps

0022504: [Runtime] Oversetting a shunt route takes over the overlap of a previous main route

0030483: [Runtime] ARS conflict

0030682: [Runtime] Some things to check

0027434: [Runtime] Ability to mass delete unused traintypes from F4

0027701: [Runtime] Shunting Train forward then giving the train a proceed causes it to run slow

0030219: [Runtime] Internal error: exception in DoMoving

0027486: [Runtime] Saved game losing seed groups from TT

0027696: [Runtime] F4 Trains Handled count being hidden

Version 4.15.1 (11th October 2019)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
27167: [General] Cancel [Stacked] Route(s) Amendment to previous implementation

Version 4.15 (4th October 2019)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0027167: [General] Cancel Stacked Route(s)
0023825: [Runtime] Workstation Control Menu Shows as In Control of All Panels When Connected From Already Open Sim
0026177: [Runtime] Long route not highlighting AX exits
0027156: [General] Stacked route at Coota lights up TD berth
0027158: [General] Still can't stack long routes
0027318: [Runtime] Expansion of Scenario Options
0023327: [General] No warning of manual route for calling-on route
0024310: [Runtime] Performance Data Incorrect at Exit Point
0027316: [Runtime] Add option to pre-select scenario options based on TT
0014466: [General] Decisions - should a 'Timetable clear' also clear them ? [Yes, they should have, and now do]
0027308: [Runtime] Force user to close timetable window when saving
0026506: [Runtime] Late Arrival Becomes Early Departure
0027242: [Runtime] TRTS per signal ARS options for TRTS (through, stopping, dividing)
0025636: [Runtime] XML import into sim not checking crew changes box
0027243: [Runtime] ARS off planned path
0027216: [Runtime] Allow loader selection form to be dragged Window can now be dragged via the picture
0026942: [Editor] LX VIS data is not being saved
0026941: [Runtime] Simplifier window issues
0011437: [General] Signal aliases not used for seeds
0024212: [Runtime] Add location check for next train Wrong route logic taking into account next service
0026739: [Runtime] Oversetting with call-on exits and long routes
0026302: [Runtime] Additional debug tick box
0026260: [Runtime] Request for TT notes button to be more obvious
0026251: [Runtime] Seeded trains in ARS have zero times Was affecting regulation as far as first real timing point
0018876: [General] Use better sort order when multiple .sim files are available for the same simulation
0026156: [Runtime] Incorrect pop up labels on seeding group tab
0025424: [Runtime] Log file not recording

Version 4.14 (20th July 2019)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0025956: [Runtime] ARS and shunt routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025916: [Runtime] Lamp Proving Causing Repeaters to Display Red (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025609: [Runtime] F4 train list multi-select (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019663: [General] Use decisions to set sim start time (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025603: [Runtime] Conditions for entry point status (clive) - resolved.
0025600: [Runtime] Nested with clauses don't work properly (clive) - resolved.
0025411: [Runtime] Loader closes itself when route is set (clive) - resolved.
0025064: [General] Restroking a timing signal stacks instead of clearing (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024593: [General] Route stacking no longer working (MattyQ) - resolved.
0022781: [General] Overlap track colours changing/rendering incorrectly (MattyQ) - resolved.
0022773: [General] Stacked route track colours not rendering correctly (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0022987: [Runtime] "No engine" (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011677: [Compiler] CMD: ARS subarea commands - turn off fully (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0022501: [Runtime] Folder options changes require a 'rescan' (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023005: [Runtime] EAccess Violation (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0023271: [Runtime] X headcodes and ARS (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017933: [Runtime] Log file to report sim build number (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025670: [Runtime] Timetable List Save - Disable (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025298: [Runtime] ARS doesn't check departure time when alternative route set (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0026033: [Runtime] Selected spelt wrong in pop up for save button (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0025671: [Runtime] Timetable List Save - UI Popup (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0025816: [Runtime] F4 Timetable Window Tab Order (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.12 (13th May 2019)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0024946: [Runtime] Right-click route cancel on automatic signal produces internal error (clive) - resolved.
0024723: [Runtime] Excessive delays on controlled level crossings (clive) - resolved.
0024513: [Runtime] ARS status time doesn't show times to the second (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024499: [Runtime] Demo sims and multiplay (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024304: [Runtime] Exception in ARS code (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024524: [Runtime] Wait for time and overlapping locations (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024337: [Runtime] ARS gets confused when train passes signal at red (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024519: [Runtime] Some ARS messages don't go to client (clive) - resolved.
0021508: [Compiler] Clicking on "N" to open groundframe (clive) - closed.
0022691: [Runtime] Command to place reminder on auto / ERS (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0024518: [Runtime] Timetable Flag to enter non-ARS (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.11 (28th March 2019)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0024176: [Runtime] ARS and untimed shunting moves (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0024124: [General] Ground frame checkbox text: & gets converted to underscore (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0023558: [Runtime] Access Violation at address 005583E4 (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0023736: [General] Host getting messages for route cancelled (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0023628: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Continual TRTS messages (clive) - resolved.
0023863: [Bugs] Yard Entry Calls stuck in Loop if you answer Wait 5 minutes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023834: [Common] Approach control on shunt routes is not working (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023471: [Common] Client can't always evaluate DRW conditions (clive) - resolved.
0024142: [Common] Certain commands on startup cause crash (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023139: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS giving wrong message. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023843: [Definitely required] SIG-DRW-LIT should have a "don't care" option (clive) - resolved.
0022773: [General] Stacked route track colours not rendering correctly (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0022818: [General] Stacked route route lines do not show when reloading a saved game (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0022786: [General] Route stacking in the same direction not working (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023473: [General] Unable to get preset shunt G67 to show correct aspect (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023510: [Common] Record train running information (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020312: [Bugs] Pipe character in Messages (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020996: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Increase width of path segment name in TARSTrain.DebugBRD (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0023317: [Common] Allow clients to re-connect, and hosts to start/stop hosting (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0022441: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Seeded trains use wrong ARS timetable when headcode is re-used later in the day (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.9 (14th December 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0022380: [Common] Preset shunts / entry signals (custom aspects) (GeoffMayo) - resolved. NSW y/g preset shunts read off the entry signal, not the exit
0021351: [General] Shunt/CO Button (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021049: [General] Stick flasher not working when panel signals off (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0022217: [Overlaps] Two overlaps over one point, only one swings (clive) - resolved. Multiple swinging overlaps issue
0022272: [Bugs] Wrong train displayed in timetable pop-up (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021708: [General] 553 points fail to lock when Overlap occupied (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021812: [Bugs] Exception in OneSecondLo (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021688: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Report berth for off planned path (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021798: [Common] Interpose and cancel queue berths (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Can now interpose and cancel queue berths
0021980: [Common] Shunt signals with TYP=M (clive) - resolved.
0018215: [Common] Faster startup (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Selecting a simulation is now faster
0022010: [Common] Messages not being logged (clive) - resolved.
0022009: [Common] Rewrite sequential locking logic (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Better handling of sequential point swinging
0021794: [Timetabling] Train entry and Shunt moves (clive) - resolved.
0021491: [Bugs] Log file not recording (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021509: [Simulation] Access violation - address 00000000 read of 00000000 (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021525: [Common] Timetable pop-ups with duplicate TIDs in system (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021510: [Common] TSIG.CurrentRouteSet when the route was set from a CX arrow (clive) - resolved.
0022352: [Definitely required] Add option to flash signal posts for spent routes (GeoffMayo) - closed. For non-TORR sims, this will show flashing white signal posts if a route is used but not cancelled
0020895: [Definitely required] Visibility on Speed (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0022353: [Chaining] Signal reminders and chaining (GeoffMayo) - closed. Signals on fringes can now have reminders applied to the exit of the "from" sim
0015668: [Chaining] ACI and Chaining (GeoffMayo) - closed. Trains crossing chained boundaries would not ACI in the next sim (non ARS only)

Version 4.8.2 (22nd August 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0021456: [Common] Preset shunt with no custom signal type (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021127: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Invalid continuing timetables (GeoffMayo) - resolved. X forms Y in same direction, ARS will first try to join them for better regulation past the changeover point, but will fall back to just the first train if it cannot combine the timetables.
0021368: [Common] Preset shunts, not completely passing signal (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Entry signal was incorrectly re-clearing
0005069: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Delayed Trains (clive) - resolved.
0021430: [Common] PAS/TGT custom aspect speeds (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Trains were not obeying speed limits for custom aspects (ie Australian)
0021325: [Australian development] Handle NSW type approach locking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021431: [Common] Add lock but no detection subroutes to overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021379: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Command to open a lever frame (clive) - resolved.
0021417: [Definitely required] Allow delayed execution to use arbitrary command lists (clive) - resolved.

Version 4.8.1 (7th August 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0021398: Delayed execution of command lists (clive) - resolved.
0021402: [Common] Scrollbars cause freeze (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021400: [Overlaps] Add commands and proving conditions to overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021358: [Common] "Train entering system" messages missing in single player mode/for server (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021389: [Common] Draw signal crashes if no custom aspect assigned (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021380: [Common] TRN.DoRedSignal and examine line (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Swapping between "moving at 0mph/kmh" and "stopped"

Version 4.8 (27th July 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0021325: [Australian development] Handle NSW type approach locking (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021343: [General] Spent routes time out. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018829: [General] DRW data for hollow track (so that berths render correctly) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021327: [Common] TROU.SetRoutePresetShunts (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021326: [Common] PCO index range checking wrong (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021324: [Common] TSIG.IsFlashingRed (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021245: [Overlaps] Oversetting a calling-on route with an overlap results in "no overlap available" (clive) - resolved.
0020462: [Overlaps] Internal Error: Runaway recursion in SwingSet (clive) - resolved.
0018933: [Overlaps] canUse,Overlap - Not coping with Diamonds (clive) - resolved.
0021235: [Common] Eliminate long lines in stack traces (clive) - resolved.
0021096: [Common] Place outgoing call without going via Telephone (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021092: [Common] Slots cause access violations (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021041: [Common] Master shunt button (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021040: [Common] Add sequential point locking option (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021037: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Make trains remember slots, not subroutes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020421: [Bugs] Slot not given when 2 trains with different UID but same TD in sim. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0021036: [Common] Slots to give if NOT passing a location (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020996: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Increase width of path segment name in TARSTrain.DebugBRD (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020896: [Timetabling] Allow four letter line/path/plat codes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020863: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Allow trains to form next services while on the move (clive) - resolved.
0020865: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Joining timetables (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020967: [Common] Show TT summary in more dialogs (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020536: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Request stops (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020905: [Common] Train entering system messages in multiplayer (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020839: [Common] No command available to place a reminder on a GF release at game start up. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020935: [Timetabling] RLE file can't cater for more than this/prev/next (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020847: [Overlaps] Extra ULCs in overlaps and swinging (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020688: [Common] TSR identity not restored after reloading saved simulation (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0020690: [Common] "Whole train" TSR option isn't remembered when saving (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0020476: [Common] Ascon changes are not sent to clients (GeoffMayo) - resolved.

Version 4.7 (7th May 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0020297: [Simulation] Add per-platform set-down only (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020311: [Common] Autosave doesn't happen at the start (clive) - resolved.
0020246: [Common] Add conditions to enable E/R buttons (GeoffMayo) - resolved. E/R and auto buttons can now be disabled (like when SGRC is operated)
0019822: [Australian development] Stop very close to signal (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020275: [Timetabling] TT analyser (GeoffMayo) - resolved. More help like UIDs added
0020263: [Common] Entrance TCs for signals with DRW data incorrectly drawing (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Entrance cursors would sometimes draw even when not activated
0020189: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Add ARS hidden routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. For ground frames and fringes where you want ARS to wait until a TD advances
0020245: [Common] Add conditions to enable subareas (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0020148: [Timetabling] XML import without date ticked (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Stock associations weren't ignoring the date tick
0020186: [Timetabling] XML import ignoring changes of stock (GeoffMayo) - resolved. It now takes the most recent stock definition within a schedule
0019590: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Point failures (GeoffMayo) - resolved. A small portion of point failures can now be fixed by normalising-reversing-normalising a few times
0019837: [Timetabling] Crew changes at non-key locations (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Crew changes can now take place at non-key locations
0019891: [Common] Preset shunt replacement (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Not all preset shunt signals are rear wheel replaced
0020149: [Australian development] Custom aspects: Signal reminders not drawing properly (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019765: [Bugs] Options (F3) Failures Reverting to None (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Load/save issue
0019893: [Bugs] Access Violation. (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Deleting a train with a certain window open caused a crash
0020096: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Access violation - Exception in OneSecondLo (GeoffMayo) - resolved. A save file with a route that got removed/renamed in a sim update wan't handled correctly
0019930: [Level Crossings (all types)] AHB reports have the wrong line name (clive) - resolved.
0020154: [Bugs] Setting a speed of 0mph causes a crash (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0019532: [Bugs] Loading save from an older loader no longer gives version number (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0019726: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Defensive Driving, Issues since 0018699 fixed (GeoffMayo) - closed. Trains only remembered YY aspects

Version 4.6.12 (10th March 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0019903: [Common] Display of crew change data (GeoffMayo) - resolved. More silent logging of non-critical information
0019861: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS does not honour VIS for re-routing (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Data mismatches between eras not noticed by ARS
0019755: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Internal Error: Exception in TARSTrain.DoPlatformShare (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Broke platform sharing in V4.6.11
0019889: [Timetabling] Enable COS in timetable window (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Class of service rules now timetable-wide - experimental at this stage
0019860: [Timetabling] Access Violation - Decisions Module (clive) - resolved. Deleting an active rule caused a crash
0019826: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] InitTTOffPlannedPath (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Bad data (in development) could cause a crash if a train only had one valid key location
0019319: [Timetabling] Simplifier at Entry Locations not displaying most data (clive) - resolved.
0018911: [General] Strange Message (clive) - resolved.
0018933: [Overlaps] canUse,Overlap - Not coping with Diamonds (clive) - resolved.

Also a number of bugs/improvements relating to Australian development, not publicly available but in the code while testing and developing.

Version 4.6.11 (??? 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0018699: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Defensive Driving (clive) - closed. Trains should have been ignoring preset shunt signals for driving rule purposes
0019533: [Definitely required] Loading some saved games locks up the Loader (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Windows update for regions that use commas for decimal numbers broke the load/save

Version 4.6.9 (23rd January 2018)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0019410: [Common] Make the simplifier window larger (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018529: [Train dynamics and behaviour] 'Train further delayed' phone calls (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015961: [Timetabling] Mutually exclusive train asks for permission to enter then never enters (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018906: [Overlaps] Request warner, get full overlap (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019386: [Common] Save part of the log file in a saved game (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019384: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Log ARS route calls (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019382: [Common] UpdateBackNext exception (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019376: [Chaining] Queue berths over a chain (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0019378: [Timetabling] XML Import - Date importing is broken (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.6.8 (not publicly released)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0019123: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Wrong wrong route message (clive) - resolved.
0019356: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Add PTH names to the BRD debug information (clive) - resolved.
0019351: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Waiting for join (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019321: [Common] Add a checksum to saved files (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018999: [Common] Message window - "Copy this message to clipboard" option (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019055: [Lever frames] Ground Frame Diagram File Size - Increase width (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019059: [Standalone loader] Dubious restart situation (clive) - resolved.
0019307: [Bugs] Chained Entry and ABE (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0019229: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Mutually dependent ACO conditions (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.6.7 (31st December 2017)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0015217: [Timetabling] Train Category of all trains in area is reset to "Custom" after reloading a save file (blanks out $stock in description) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018864: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS state showing Join planned at Rxxxxx (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018928: [Timetabling] Duplicating Trains with a negative time difference gives wrong time (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018877: [Level Crossings (all types)] AHBs ignoring protecting signals (clive) - resolved.

Version 4.6.6 (21st December 2017)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0015713: [Proposal (request for comments)] Actions while crew change is taking place (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017713: [Bugs] Crew Change Delays Arrivals (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018295: [Common] Spurious "Simulation has expired" message (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018354: [Common] Chained "slave" sim manages to unpause itself (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018534: [Common] Carry line codes in timetable popup forward (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018005: [Overlaps] Warner routes with warner/full overlaps and yellow triangles (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018523: [Timetabling] Shunt Moves - After expiry time (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018513: [Common] Check simplifier only shows trains that will enter (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018517: [Common] Simplifier filter field - ignore whitespace (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018602: [Timetabling] Crew Changes - Not happening (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0015725: [Common] Trains that have already run reappear on the simplifier once another train with the same TD enters (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0018493: [Common] Add simulation manual link to the Help menu (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.6.5 (18th November 2017)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0007950: [Common] Cancelling slot by telephone does not work (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018410: [Common] Flank points for overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018005: [Overlaps] Warner routes with warner/full overlaps and yellow triangles (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018462: [Common] Via buttons and warner routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018477: [Common] Custom signal aspects: Conditions (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018476: [Timetabling] Allow features testing a decision to specify more than one choice to be accepted (clive) - resolved.
0018466: [Timetabling] Add special decision for chaining (clive) - resolved.
0018307: [Train dynamics and behaviour] TrainInFront with a passing time (clive) - resolved.
0018433: [Proposal (request for comments)] Decision triggered by scenario selected? (clive) - resolved.
0016728: [Common] Warner routes not stepping up if overlap has conditions (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018447: [Overlaps] Reduced overlap swinging to main overlap (clive) - resolved.
0018304: [Common] Preset shunt refactor fail (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018219: [Common] AddSupportedKeys errors (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0018212: [Common] TRTS not cancelling when signal passable at danger (clive) - resolved.
0018179: [Common] QTRACT:REL too new AND obsolete (clive) - resolved.
0018120: [Standalone loader] Eliminate parameter of TSIG.AreNextSignalsLampProved. (clive) - resolved.
0017663: [Bugs] Train on spawning spree (clive) - resolved.
0018039: [Standalone loader] Eliminate EvaluateNonEmpty functions (clive) - resolved.
0017941: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Manual route alarm (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017940: [Common] Custom signal aspects - preset shunts (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017939: [Sim Bugs] Flashing aspects don't work (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017813: [Bugs] F5 Score - Recovered minutes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017842: [Timetabling] TrainCategoryList list (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017841: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Memory leak (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017603: [Common] Add custom variables to signals (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017849: [Standalone loader] Reduce size of saved VARs (clive) - resolved.
0017692: [Level Crossings (all types)] Issues seen with AHBs on Oxford (clive) - resolved.
0017736: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Treat an entry point in a path segment as a location with WFT/TRS (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017784: [Timetabling] TT analyser forming trains earlier (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017618: [Bugs] Shunt option not behaving correctly (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017749: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Add odometer to trains in debug (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017643: [Australian development] TODO: Shunt route aspects (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017541: [Timetabling] Shunt moves: Access violation 004C288E (clive) - resolved.
0017693: [Chaining] Detecting network lag and loss (clive) - resolved.
0017731: [Chaining] Old sims generate old forms of network messages (clive) - resolved.
0013949: [Level Crossings (all types)] AHB "Hxxx: too may sections on one line" (clive) - resolved.
0017714: [Level Crossings (all types)] Remove dead code from AHB.pas (clive) - resolved.
0017149: [Level Crossings (all types)] AHB Failure Message type (clive) - resolved.
0017691: [Common] No approach locking timeout (clive) - resolved.
0017702: [Level Crossings (all types)] AHB type TEL (possibly others) (clive) - resolved.
0017694: [Common] "Invalid ZIP file" error message doesn't tell you which file caused that error (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017700: [Level Crossings (all types)] Allow crossings to be "watched" (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017689: [General] Level Crossing Calls (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017646: [Australian development] New graphic characters (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016491: [Common] Trains delayed further should ask if I want to put the signal back (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016486: [Timetabling] Times beyond 23:59 importing (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015753: [Common] Having Clock etc on always on top obscures the Workstation Control window (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016050: [Common] Late running trains disappear from the simplifier if they haven't yet entered the sim area (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015961: [Timetabling] Mutually exclusive train asks for permission to enter then never enters (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016619: [Common] Run to another time table initial selection (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017146: [Common] Crew Change Dwell (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017466: [Common] Failing points in overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017514: [Standalone loader] Simplifier additional fields (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017534: [Common] F2 debug menu visible without corresponding license (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016901: [Standalone loader] Host Unable to Take Control of Work Station (Loader v 4.5.14) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017639: [Australian development] Custom signal aspect drawing (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017635: [Australian development] Diverging points (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017636: [Australian development] Custom signal types (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017637: [Australian development] Custom signal aspects (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017638: [Australian development] Custom aspect sequences (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017640: [Australian development] UseCustomSignals (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017641: [Australian development] Custom aspect gate logic (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017604: [Common] Shunt moves without entry point (GeoffMayo) - resolved.

Version 4.6.4 (23rd June 2017)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0002035: [General] ablity to have timetables for random trains fed from the timetable of one train (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Shunt moves
0017508: [Timetabling] XML TT import not recognising platform shares (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016585: [Common] Ampersands (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Some ampersands were treated as modifier keys (underline)
0017400: [Sim Bugs] Phone call to Longannet PS - Train not recognised from client (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015804: [Common] Use of $template in calls from yards (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Some messages showed $template instead of the actual text
0016406: [Common] Era issues with routes set on startup (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016424: Timetable Suggestion (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Wider drop down boxes
0016478: [Simulation] Reminders on Slots (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Slot reminders were not saved properly
0016489: [Sim Bugs] $template broken on Simplifier at Entrances (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016846: [Timetabling] Loading Saved Games does not pull custom $template fields) from the relevant timetable (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0017267: [Chaining] Chained functionality of points cross sims. (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Better synchronisation
0017292: [Common] Simplifier Display UID (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Show the UID too
0017427: [Common] Add an option under F2 to remove all trains (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Debug option only
0017356: [Timetabling] XML TT import additional fields (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Such as Notes
0017396: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Trains coming out of some Turnback Sidings calling for verbal permission to move when possibly not required? (clive) - resolved. Broken recently; fixed
0017265: [Common] Assorted issues with treadles (clive) - resolved. More treadle functionality
0017433: [Common] Launching Refresher (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Launch in admin mode

Version 4.6 (18th April 2017)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0016513: [General] Confused ARS status message (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Custom route not available messages resulted in an odd message
0017250: [Timetabling] Xml import: buses, ships, and blank TIDs (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Buses and ships are now ignored; blank TIDs now import as "FRGT"
0017241: [Bugs] Clock Display on Sim Selection Screen post Windows 10 Creative Cloud update (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Windows 10 Creator update broke the start time selection
0017209: [Common] Identify signal in "xxx seconds approach locking" (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Signal number now shown
0014268: [Common] TCA data causes cursors to be sometimes drawn incorrectly (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Odd entrance cursors now drawn by drawing the whole TC
0017066: [Sim Bugs] Right-away at stop board (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Stopping at a station with the starter signal a stop board now works correctly
0017057: [Common] Implement platform car stop markers (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Developers can now specify car stop markers
0017013: [Common] TT schedule editor window (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Border size incorrect
0016985: [Bugs] Multiplayer Log - Routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Logging client route requests was back to front
0016901: [Standalone loader] Host Unable to Take Control of Work Station (Loader v 4.5.14) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016974: [Common] Train workstation reporting (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Some improvements
0016502: [Bugs] Stopping position for "A" and "B" ends (GeoffMayo) - closed. Trains obey exact platform IDs for selected stations

Version 4.5.14 (20th December 2016)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0016110: [Common] False release of approach locking. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016855: [Level Crossings (all types)] Flock of geese (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016700: [Simulation] Workstation control should show which client has control of which workstations (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016725: [Timetabling] Crew change and passing time (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016786: [Common] Route selection and eras (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016790: [Common] Latch approach locking doesn't seem to work (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015600: [Standalone loader] Pause game whilst initially seeding trains (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016796: [Common] Shunt routes with preset shunts not working (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016471: [Common] Automatic signals with ASP=S not drawn correctly (clive) - resolved.
0016482: [Common] SIG-SDI not working (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016607: [Common] Make timetable editor window sizable (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016500: [Common] Call-on/shunt exit (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016605: [Common] Stop board within route (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011843: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Option to hide auto-inserted locations in (ARS) popup timetable (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016498: [Timetabling] ENT-ABE (clive) - resolved.
0015712: [Proposal (request for comments)] Crew change enhancement (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015666: [Proposal (request for comments)] Crew Change when sim is run on simplest settings (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015638: [Common] Allow conditions on stop boards (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0004531: [Common] Make platforms dependent on Visible (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016360: [Standalone loader] Sim select list is slow (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016389: [Common] External signals - position of signal changes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016401: [Timetabling] TT code selection (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016332: [Simulation] Message.procedure DebugMessage(s : string); (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015914: [Standalone loader] Whats my IP (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016256: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS Routesetting through replacement activation. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0016606: [Bugs] SIG:CTD oddity (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0016698: [Bugs] Call-on routes and VIS (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0016699: [Bugs] BRs and WKS (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0016696: [Standalone loader] Changes to SIG:CTD (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0015380: [Definitely required] Autosave Interval - Remove 10 minute limit (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0015839: [Bugs] Overlaps in 4.5.12 (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0016485: [Overlaps] No overlap available - Call on Route (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.5.13 (14th September 2016)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0004578: [Common] Clients placing phone calls, not reconising train id's from wtt (Hpotter) - resolved.
0015843: [Timetabling] Show why trains aren't entering (clive) - resolved.
0016066: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Wrong route calls should say what's wrong (clive) - resolved.
0016076: [Lever frames] Signals controlled by a frame are ignoring their CLR key. (clive) - resolved.
0016040: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Access violation in TARSTrain.BuildRFSTList (clive) - resolved.
0015842: [Standalone loader] Show demo sims in loader list (clive) - resolved.
0015841: [Standalone loader] Allow two different files for the same sim (clive) - resolved.

Version 4.5.12 (25th August 2016)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0015404: [Variants] Variant Signal aspect data not reloading from save correctly (clive) - resolved.
0015497: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Right-away -> Reverse (clive) - resolved.
0015565: [Timetabling] XML Import - Dwell times not imoprting (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015580: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Show departure time of next working at the bottom of the 'Show Timetable' form (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015582: [Sim Bugs] Exception in license saving (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0005197: [Common] Run rounds (clive) - resolved.
0015554: [Standalone loader] Trains added to tt causing major cycle failure (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015559: [Common] Access violation when terminated train reaches red signal (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014825: [Timetabling] Wrong trains are marked (un)entered when duplicating an already entered train (clive) - resolved.
0015175: [Simulation] Examine line shouldn't call back from a preset shunt (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015539: [Common] Ampersand in Help - About gets converted to _ (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015505: [Timetabling] Crew change improvements (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015550: [Common] Route commands (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015502: [Common] Import additional TT data from XML (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015511: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Through train divides in divided platform (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015491: [Timetabling] TimetableTrip.Owner (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015492: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Crew change completion (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015464: [Common] Workstation control when already allocated (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0008586: [Overlaps] Overlapping overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015463: [Common] Platform matching for activities (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015427: [Timetabling] Train Description Text Box on General Page (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015465: [Common] Train list for clients showing ID (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015489: [Common] Berths initialised with invalid characters (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015488: [Overlaps] Cannot set an overlap from a command (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011437: [Common] Signal aliases not used for seeds (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015466: [Common] Sectional route release at diverging junctions (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015422: [Common] Combined TCs (clive) - resolved.
0015421: [Standalone loader] -object (clive) - resolved.
0015428: [Timetabling] Seeding gap should be adjustable (clive) - resolved.
0015419: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Routes and chained signals (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015418: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS route condition (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0013040: [Common] Associate entry points with locations (or vice versa) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0013109: [Common] Preset shunts, cancelling (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014877: [Common] Keep trains on the simplifier until they've actually passed the location (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011407: [Common] Signal aliases not always shown (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015122: [Common] Clients Reversing Trains Intermittent (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0006241: [Overlaps] Warner stepping up to main (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015360: [Overlaps] Main overlap dropping to warner (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015315: [Common] if,reminder,then not handled correctly on clients (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014685: [Standalone loader] Show Timetable - Notes (Multiplayer) (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0015156: [Common] Hide message window title bar (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.5.11 (7th May 2016)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0015259: [Simulation] TLoaderStart.InitLOCALP (GeoffMayo) - resolved. "Same" platforms (like 11, 11A, 11X) not loaded correctly
0015280: [Common] Timetable rules in F2 list (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Reduce width of long text
0015279: [Timetabling] Crew change is in wrong area (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Now with locations, not activities
0015258: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Path data specifying warner route (GeoffMayo) - resolved. If dev specifies a warner route for ARS data then ARS will use warner in preference to the main (but can still choose the main if better)
0015152: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Add "wait till time" option to locations for freight trains (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Non-passenger trains can be told not to leave too early.
0013768: [Standalone loader] Seed Trains using Decisions (clive) - resolved.
0015233: [Standalone loader] Make startup progress bar more realistic (clive) - resolved.
0015198: [Timetabling] Actions governed by decisions disappearing (clive) - resolved.
0015173: [Standalone loader] SwingSetNotSwingable (clive) - resolved.

Version 4.5.9 (6th April 2016)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0015174: [Chaining] ENT and external signalboxes - re-entering [2] (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Better handling of trains that appear twice in one simulation, including 24-hour TTs with duplicate UIDs 24 hours apart
0015102: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS not waiting for TRTS (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015100: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] *X should be non-ARS (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015101: [Simulation] F2 train list and stop boards (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Trains report being at stop boards instead of signals (requires sim data changes)
0015010: [Sim Bugs] MC416 wont forward set (clive) - resolved.
0014891: [Standalone loader] Switch to Common Item Dialog for file opening/saving where available (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Better Windows 7-8-10 compatibility
0013991: [Standalone loader] Simplifier - Departure time for terminating train (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014568: [Standalone loader] Typing to select a sim/timetable via keyboard only partially works (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012446: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Trains to occasionally be delayed further, beyond their original estimate (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014842: [Standalone loader] Check For Updates - Opens Second Instance (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014883: [Standalone loader] Interface Gateway - TRTS Message (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014885: [Standalone loader] Interface Gateway - ULC Messages - Overlaps and Locked Tracks (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014788: [Standalone loader] Demo Mode Times (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014824: [Timetabling] Dynamic train descriptions aren't supported everywhere (clive) - resolved.
0015018: [Standalone loader] Simplifier 'Description' column (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015062: [Common] Implement stop board (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0015063: [Common] G onto FY is valid (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Aspect sequence check corrected

Version 4.5.8 (8th January 2016)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0014827: [Standalone loader] Interface Gateway - ULC Messages (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014829: [Standalone loader] Interface Gateway - Signal Messages (rset) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014626: [Standalone loader] Put input focus on sim selection list when starting a new simulation (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014701: [Common] Saving broken after 23:59:59 sim time (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014826: [Standalone loader] About Screen Copyright Dates (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014697: [Standalone loader] Missing Folders (Wine) - Package Installs (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0014698: [Standalone loader] failed consistency checks - Package Installs (GeoffMayo) - closed.

Version 4.5.7 (16th December 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0010845: [Common] TSRs not showing in the Incident Control Panel after a save (GeoffMayo) - resolved. TSRs were persisting but not editable
0014581: [Common] First line of incident report isn't saved (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014580: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Times in ARS status messages not wrapping around (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014508: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Allowances and time in berth (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Better regulation when engineering/pathing allowances used.
0014563: [Timetabling] Some analyser warnings aren't clickable (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Some reports on the timetable analyser weren't clickable.
0014489: [Common] Phone for ACOA before departure (GeoffMayo) - resolved. ACOA while stopped at a station now phones earlier rather than on departure.
0014488: [Common] ACOA when at station (GeoffMayo) - resolved. ACOAs more than 10 minutes before departure are now ignored.
0014136: [Proposal (request for comments)] Lamp Proving and Approach Locking (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Cheating of failing the aspect and then pulling the route, preventing a time-out. Fixed (and is more correct anyway).
0014447: [Sim bugs (non ARS)] Problems with call-on routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Erroneous prevention of routesetting if a call-on route didn't have any tracks occupied.
0014389: [Timetabling] Make the description field optionally dynamic (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Timetable field templates - see elsewhere.
0014390: [Timetabling] Additional fields for timetable support (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Timetable field templates - see elsewhere.
0012199: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Simulation speed setting saved per sim/savegame, rather than globally? (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Sim speed now saved with a saved simulation.
0014356: [Chaining] Typo when connecting to ones self (GeoffMayo) - resolved. 'cannot connect to ouself'
0014465: [Common] Provide a default file name for saved sims (GeoffMayo) - resolved. When saving a sim, the filename (which can be changed) defaults to real date/time plus sim time.
0014161: [Overlaps] Overlap Swinging (clive) - resolved. Couldn't swing points behind a partially released overlap.
0014010: [Timetabling] tt-analysis file recent changes 2 24 hour change in tt analysis (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Shouldn't have been wrapping 24-hour times.
0014018: [Common] 3-line timetable out of alignment (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Columns out of alignment since the time change.
0014024: [Common] Expand alternate platforms (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Can now treat "1", "1A", "1B" types of codes as the same platform for scoring purposes.
0010514: [Standalone loader] ARS not recognising completion of RR move (GeoffMayo) - resolved.

Version 4.5.4 (2nd October 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0014009: [Timetabling] tt-analysis file recent changes 1 (clive) - resolved. Entry trains have a leading 999999
0009544: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Trains are reversing instantly (clive) - resolved.
0014015: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS not calculating limit of confliction (GeoffMayo)- resolved. Some conflicts between trains in the same direction weren't being calculated properly
0014016: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Add ARS train class priorities (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Developers can now specify train priorities for ARS
0014161: [Overlaps] Overlap Swinging (clive) - resolved. Partially released overlaps weren't able to be set again (overset) with a train going away
0014010: [Timetabling] tt-analysis file recent changes 2 24 hour change in tt analysis (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Resolving some over-midnight reporting issues
0014018: [Common] 3-line timetable out of alignment (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0014023: [Common] Add stopping position to platforms (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Developers can now specify default stopping positions per platform rather than just per location
0014024: [Common] Expand alternate platforms (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Adds ability to treat, for example, platform 10, 10A, 10B as the same platform for scoring/ARS
0014026: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Allow path data to list multiple line/path/platform codes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Similar to above but for ARS routing purposes
0010514: [Standalone loader] ARS not recognising completion of RR move (GeoffMayo) - resolved. ARS was not noticing a loco rejoining its train correctly

Version 4.5.3 (11th August 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0010589: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS & Virtual routes (Peter_Bennet) - resolved. ARS handling of multiple routes
0013051: [Common] Auto warner route overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Problem introduced in 4.5.2 where overlaps were releasing too early
0013019: [Common] Track circuit failure report (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Track circuits are now track sections to cater for axle counters too
0013079: [Timetabling] Disable suffix option on XML Import tab (GeoffMayo) - resolved. XML timetable import default is to not suffix duplicate trains (but can still be re-enabled)
0013599: [Standalone loader] Width of NSC:TYP=C box (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Drop-down combo box on scenario setup now wider
0013770: [Timetabling] Simplifier is sorted wrongly (GeoffMayo) - resolved. >23:59 trains now sorted correctly and shown as hh:mm+1 for the next day
0013041: [Sim Bugs] F8 Simplifier not listing all trains at Exit location (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Not all trains shown when only a departure time specified at an exit location
0013449: [Idea (yet to be accepted)] Train types on simplifier (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Train types are now shown on the simplifier
0013963: [Overlaps] Overlaps dropping out too early (clive) - resolved. Same as 13051

Version 4.5.2 (31st July 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0013795: [Overlaps] Overlaps & Auto buttons (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Step up/down main/warner routes weren't working correctly when set into auto mode while the warner route was set
0013872: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS doesn't get priorities right when there's a non-releasing overlap. (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Waits in vain for the overlap to drop which never does
0013853: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Exceptions in OneSecondLo (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Traced to dodgy data but handled better
0010892: [Overlaps] Inconsistent Point Proving in Overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Swinging an overlap onto a failed point wrongly kept the signal showing proceed
0013947: [Common] Repeater without berth track (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Same as 13853
0013849: [Overlaps] Overlap selection buttons not always working (GeoffMayo) - resolved. As it says. Predominantly on New Street
0013850: [Overlaps] "No overlap available" but no need for one (clive) - resolved. Related to 13849
0013864: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Trains seeding or entering on goods lines (clive) - resolved.
0013834: [Timetabling] Both are alternatives trains enter (clive) - resolved.
0013865: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Better "unexpected aspect" reporting (clive) - resolved.
0013894: [Common] Calling-on routes with separate exit signals (clive) - resolved.
0013930: [Common] Allow CX arrows to be route entrances (clive) - resolved.
0013931: [Common] Calling-on routes require an EXU track circuit occupied (clive) - resolved.

Version 4.5.1 (15th June 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0013720: [Common] Unable to join multiplayer if sim if required access level is 'Free' (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0013765: [Common] Operator formatTime4 returns incorrect format (GeoffMayo) - closed. Should have been returning HHMM not HH:MM
Timetable columns misaligned in ShowTimetable -

Version 4.5 (7th June 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0013611: [Timetabling] Add decisions, conditional entry/seed, and conditional activities (clive) - resolved. See
0010915: [Common] Add information gateway (GeoffMayo) - resolved. More features added to information gateway including snapshots, changes of state, and trains reporting aspects approached and passed
0013117: [Common] Seconds in reports (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Seconds can now be displayed in messages and reports
0012817: [Timetabling] Times after 23:59 (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Times can now be optionally wrapped after 23:59:59
0013560: [Timetabling] 1 second accuracy timetables (clive) - resolved. Timetables can be edited as HH:MM:SS rather than HH:MM½ (user option: doesn't affect existing timetables as internally they were stored as HH:MM:SS anyway)
0013578: [Common] Simulation sort order ignores case (GeoffMayo) - resolved. LTS was wrongly coming before Lancing
0013141: [Common] Selecting different sim after selecting TT (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Clicking back after selecting a timetable yielded odd results if a new TT wasn't subsequently selected after selecting a different sim
0013520: [Standalone loader] Simplifier access violation (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Unresolved associations resulted in AVs
0013576: [Common] Add COS and snapshots to Gateway (GeoffMayo) - resolved. See 10915 above
0013568: [Common] Clock flashes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Some users (but not all) reported the clock flickering. This is an attempt to fix that.
0013557: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Report seeding failures (clive) - resolved. Report when trains were not able to be seeded.
0013140: [Bugs] Variables not loading correctly (GeoffMayo) - resolved. (Internal) some variable properties were not being loaded correctly after saving.

Version 4.4.3 (21st April 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0013037: [Common] signalSetNext (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Warning about attempting to next signal fixed (West Hampstead)
0013038: [Common] TrainListV2 refresh (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Train list refresh was occurring even when the form was closed
0013033: Train UID / GlobalNID Corrupted simulation saves fixed

Version 4.4.2 (18th April 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0012920: [Sim Bugs] TTimetableList.ChooseOrCommitTrain EConvertError (clive) - resolved. An error when editing trains, reported on the forum a couple of times
0012700: [Common] Exception DoMoving STA1 (clive) - resolved. An error when editing trains, reported on the forum a couple of times
0013020: [Common] UIDs in train list F2 (GeoffMayo) - resolved. UIDs were not appearing in the train list correctly
0012971: [Common] XXXX has entered the area (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Shortens the "train entering area" message, and avoids the use of ( )
0012972: [Common] TimetableList form (GeoffMayo) - resolved. The timetable editor wasn't updated if a timetable function elsewhere was used, such as import, clear, analyse (with edits)
0012988: [Common] QTR line codes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. XML timetable import wasn't importing correctly if the line code changed exactly at the entry point
0010870: [Common] Warning Routes & Overlaps (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Overlaps were stepping down to warner length overlaps before the train had arrived (on a main route / full overlap). Now waits until the overlap timeout before dropping back to a warner overlap. Only applied where a warner route was set into auto.
0012675: [Timetabling] Simplifier Window doesn't display UID activities (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012364: [Timetabling] Consistency with UID use (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012681: [Standalone loader] Seconds not displaying on clients (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012696: [Standalone loader] Simplifier showing Delays. (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Simplifier now only shows delays up to ~2 hours ahead
0012727: [Common] ShowTimetable ARS status (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Text was being truncated: now two-line with word wrap
0012699: [Standalone loader] Chaining - time not synchronising unless paused (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Chained sims weren't getting a time update from the server if paused, until the next whole minute

Version 4.4 (25th March 2015)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0010274: [Timetabling] Timetable 'Description' not long enough (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012146: [Standalone loader] Assorted UI issues (GeoffMayo) - resolved. To do with UIDs
0012306: [Chaining] Port reversion (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Startup port selection
0012400: [Standalone loader] Seconds on the clock (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012541: [Chaining] Drop cross-boundary routes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. When chaining, now drops cross boundary routes to reduce issues
0012597: [Common] Client speed when connecting to server (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Client speed slowed down to avoid network issues
0012368: [Timetabling] Train List (GeoffMayo) - resolved. UID now shown on F2
0012631: [Common] Overlap selection buttons (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Add overlap selection buttons to core code instead of (faulty) data
0012518: [Timetabling] Allow wildcard matching of UIDs (clive) - resolved.
0012479: [Common] Double red approach control (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Minor fix to double reds to address timing / race conditions
0012375: [General] List Index Out of Bounds - TT Analysis (clive) - resolved.
0012100: [Standalone loader] Internal error (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Exception in CalculatePriority fixed
0012317: [Standalone loader] Help/About should also list the sim and version currently running (clive) - resolved.
0012097: [Timetabling] Allow explicit setting of class of service (clive) - resolved.

Version 4.3 (2nd December 2014)

Number: [Category] Description - status Notes
0011701: [Common] Train waiting for entry causing blockage on whole sim (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Rules issue
0011706: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] Subareas aren't using VIS fully (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011851: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS Route Exempt From Proving (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Relates to ARS calling half routes (mostly)
0012013: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS incorrectly regulating at Wimbledon LUL platforms (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Related to simple crossing moves with a long delay immediately after the confliction not being calculated correctly
0012018: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS overlap conflicts (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0012020: [Simulation] Need option to mark Class 4/6/7/8/9 trains as passenger trains (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Needs further work but goes part way to solving classes 4/6/7/8/9 which are not freight trains
0011535: [Standalone loader] reminders on LCs (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Changes the colour of level crossing reminders to be more standardised
0011979: [Common] Multi-class overlaps (clive) - resolved. Minor issues with overlap selection
0011886: [Common] Delayed subroute and suboverlap release on a per-subroute basis (clive) - resolved. Improves subroute handling over chains where a train clears multiple tracks in quick succession while traversing a signalbox boundary
0011864: [Chaining] Cross boundary trains still incorrect (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Timetable issues with duplicate TIDs/UIDs
0011863: [Common] Escaping on timetable window (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Stops the character "&" being treated as an escape character
0011696: [Common] Pipe character in berths (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Disallows the use of the pipe character in TD berths (was limited in certain cases but not all)
0011855: [Common] 3-line timetable out of alignment (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Display did not line up with title
0011814: [General] ARS failing to pick correct instance of TT (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Multiple duplicate TIDs and UIDs
0011699: [Chaining] Trains without a UID don't correct traverse a sim to sim boundary. (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Multiple duplicate TIDs and UIDs
0011850: [Common] Disable slot messages with hyphen (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Internal
0011756: [Lever frames] Timeout no longer works (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Broken; wasn't in a public release
0011727: [Sim Bugs] ARS Reminders (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Applied to ARS subareas with the letter S before the roundel
0011736: [Common] XML timetable import missing trains (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Import was incorrectly using time as well as date
0011624: [Timetabling] UID master ticket (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Master ticket for several UID issues below
0011457: [Common] Can't get rules to work when written with UIDs (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011497: [Timetabling] Timetable writing aids (clive) - resolved. Report duplicate UIDs (as an option)
0011496: [Timetabling] UID (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Duplicate UIDs: sim prevents a duplicate entering but a 2nd can enter immediately after the 1st has left
0011662: [Common] Sorting of Rules list by 2nd. train does not work when UIDs used (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0010967: [Timetabling] Self-referential rules when UIDs used (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Sim can now handle "X must not enter until Y minutes after X has exited", ie same train
0011298: [Timetabling] UID and chaining (GeoffMayo) - resolved. UID is now transferred between chained sims
0011111: [Timetabling] Pick from list in timetable editor (activities) (GeoffMayo) - closed. User experience improved
0011110: [Timetabling] Activities by UID (GeoffMayo) - closed. "Referenced by" with UIDs fixed
0011665: [Sim Bugs] Application of rules at Monkton Oil (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0011605: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS - use of UIDs (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011680: [Common] Berth gets initialised with #$0D (clive) - resolved. Queue berth error
0011153: [Standalone loader] Exception when chaining with older exes (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Fencepost error when chaining to older simulations
0011577: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Train won't pass hand-cranked points (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011287: [Bugs] 4.1.2 Via Button Debug Options (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0010941: [Common] Debug click to occupy doesn't work on bits of a TC occupied by a berth (clive) - resolved.
0010363: [Common] Network Control Panel - ability to increase form size (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0010446: [Common] Workstation boundaries (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Bounding boxes should not have included elements with coordinates (0,0)
0011426: [Timetabling] TT rules and add XOR list (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Remembering what you typed earlier
0011304: [Common] Recursive INS causes out of memory (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Relates to incorrect simulation data
0011174: [Common] PointsNorFree and PointsN (clive) - resolved. Confusion over what Points-N-or-Free actually means
0010899: [Common] New Key Request [cancel signal] (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Prevent a user cancelling an off-sim route (plus others)
0011020: [Common] Packages and A Buttons (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011652: [Timetabling] Trains referenced by feature in F4 not working correctly. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011630: [Chaining] Trains passed over a chain don't carry electrification data (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011581: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Debug entering train crashes the sim (clive) - resolved. Incorrect simulation data
0006784: [Lever frames] Multiple releases for ground frames (clive) - resolved. Major imoprovement to allow multiple releases for the same ground frame
0011068: [Simulation] Wembley Ctrl GF points (clive) - resolved. Ground frame controlled points
0011517: [Timetabling] "Referenced By" does not work with UIDs (plus more) (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
0011438: [Standalone loader] Seeding train allows for join at wrong end (GeoffMayo) - resolved. Wasn't being handled for very short timetables (2 locations)
0011237: [ARS (all issues including ACI)] ARS appears not to like common TDs with suffixes (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0011978: [Simulation] Recursive TRTS causes sim crash (GeoffMayo) - closed.
0011724: [Standalone loader] Slot status after saving (GeoffMayo) - closed. Some slot fields weren't being saved correctly
0011352: [Timetabling] Cleanse TT option to be available to all users (GeoffMayo) - closed. No longer required since Loader
0011565: [Standalone loader] Client Command Logging - Various (GeoffMayo) - closed. More logging of client commands

Known Issues

No known issues at present in the current release.

SimSig core code - 4.1.2 (Released 2014-07-11)

  • 0011112: [Standalone loader] Start Simulation Paused Option Alignment (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011402: [Standalone loader] Multiple speed classes in TCE and TCD keys don't work. (clive) - resolved.
  • 0011289: [Timetabling] Non Existent Next Working (clive) - resolved.
  • 0011090: [Timetabling] Rename Location (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011077: [Standalone loader] No "Start Simulation Paused" option available when loading a saved game. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011048: [Timetabling] Train categories (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011086: [Timetabling] QTR option to ignore activities (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011091: [Timetabling] QTR set entry times (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011106: [Bugs] Second Phone Call to a Slotted Exit Generates Wrong Message (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011094: [Simulation] Emergency replacement on context menu as client doesn't go through to host (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011097: [Standalone loader] Interface Gateway - TD Step Messages (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011098: [Timetabling] QTR not matching MRU codes (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010930: [Standalone loader] Anti Virus Conflicts (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0010961: [Standalone loader] "Can use freight lines" not working (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0011079: [Standalone loader] Seed trains dont like arrival times (GeoffMayo) - closed.

[15 issues]

SimSig core code - 4.1.1 (Released 2014-07-04)

  • 0010987: [Timetabling] Rules causing strange analyser warnings (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0011081: [Common] Fixed Block Berths (GeoffMayo) - closed.

[2 issues]

SimSig core code - 4.1 (Released 2014-06-03)

  • 0011034: [Sim bugs (non ARS)] Demo mode (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011010: [Common] Remove isolation from pop-up menu doesn't work (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010929: [Common] New(ish) operator not working correctly [stopsAtOrPasses,nextTrainTowards] (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011007: [Chaining] Subroute locking state (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010969: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Analysis not correct for activities when UID used (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010851: [Train dynamics and behaviour] Train behavior not correct for activities from XML import. (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010938: [Timetabling] Display of Rules when UID used (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010418: [Common] Save train list refresh interval (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010587: [Common] Add delay column to simplifier (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010668: [Standalone loader] Train List Refresh Rate (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010939: [Common] Cancelling route from a station (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0004972: [Timetabling] Route Propagation (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010749: [Standalone loader] F2 no longer includes a train count (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010937: [Common] Add legacy train list option (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010916: [Common] Ability of failing by location.... (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010935: [Common] Slots not drawn correctly with delayed grant (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0010934: [Common] New(ish) operator not working correctly [exception if no TT] (GeoffMayo) - resolved.
  • 0011050: [Common] Train list show " " in WTT column on trainlist (F2) (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0010862: [Timetabling] Timetable validation on close (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0010907: [Standalone loader] Time and status display when Client joining (paused sim) (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0010933: [Common] Slot phone calls (clive) - closed.
  • 0010972: [Timetabling] f2 WTT column (clive) - closed.
  • 0010971: [Common] PCO:EFA (clive) - closed.
  • 0010688: [Chaining] Unlit signals and chaining (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0010443: [Common] f2: WKS reporting for TCs (GeoffMayo) - closed.
  • 0010895: [Common] Starting Paused (GeoffMayo) - closed.

[26 issues]

These bugs will affect all simulations using the Loader. For simulation-specific bugs, check the relevant Simulation manual .

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