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Special Headcodes
London Midland Region 1975

Special Headcodes

Below follows some lists of special headcodes used at various times.

London Midland Region 1975

From the London Midland Region Sectional Appendix for the Southern Section, dated February 1975, and several trip notices.

Headcode Description
-T-- Special passenger trains within the London Midland Region
-L-- Special passenger or freight trains within the London Midland Region
-X-- Royal Trains and Out of Gauge loads.
-Z-- Inter-regional special passenger or freight trains.
1Z01 Officers' Special train (to be signalled as a Class 9 when required to stop in section).
1Z99 Breakdown van train or snow plough going to clear the line, or light locomotive going to assist disabled train.
2Z99 Breakdown van train not going to clear the line. Overhead Line Equiptment train
5Z08 Ultrasonic Test train running to site.
6Z07 Weed Killing train.
7Z06 Matisa Track Recording machine - when not recording.
7Z06 Wickham Laboratory Vehicle.
9Z01 Ballast Cleaning machine.
9Z02 Shoulder Ballast cleaning machine.
9Z03 Tamping machine.
Lining machine.
Tamping/Lining machine.
Combined Tamping machine.
Ballast Consolidating machine.
Ballast Regulating machine.
Rail Joint Strengthening machine.
Hydromower Hedge Trimming machine.
9Z05 Trolley requiring to go into or pass through tunnels.
9Z06 Matisa Track Recording machine - when recording.
9Z08 Ultrasonic Test train - testing.
Light locomotive to Depot or not to work a train:-
0Z00 Local to L.M.R.
0†00 Inter-regional. († - Regional Letter)

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