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F3 Options

F3 Options

Note: These pages are based on Loader simulations. Non-Loader simulations may not have all features shown here.

The options box can be brought up by:

  • Using function button F3 on the keyboard
  • Clicking MNU on paged simulations, then selecting Options from the menu
  • Clicking on the Show menu of scrolly simulations, then selecting the Options menu item

There are a number of tabs available in this dialog box:

General Sets simulation speed and other general options
Display Various controls for the display of the Simsig window, track circuits, shunt signals etc
Control A couple of options for what the mouse does
Messages Controls how you receive messages from the system (pop-ups, alert noises etc)
ARS Controls options for the Automatic Route Setting system (not available on all sims)
Failures Sets options relating to frequency/length of failures
CSS Setup custom styling of your simplifier, tranlist, and timetable popup

NB. On simulations without ARS, the ARS tab will not appear in the F3 options box.

Debug is a developer tool and is not available on released Sims.

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