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ARS Display Options

ARS Display Options

With ARS in "ARS State" mode the TDs will be shown as either cyan (blue) or magenta (pink). Cyan means the ARS (if on) will route the train but magenta means it will NOT. Note that this may seem opposite to what you might expect, but is nevertheless authentic. A berth with a magenta background means the train is being MANUALLY routed by YOU, NOT by ARS, even though the ARS line labels and buttons are also magenta!

With ARS in "Delay" mode the TDs will be highlighted with a colour depending on how early or late the train is. Between reference locations the colour can sometimes flicker between colours.

The colours used are:

Blue early
Green on time or up to 2 mins late
Yellow between 2 and 5 minutes late
Red 5 or more minutes late
Grey ARS delay unknown/non-ARS

(From the Swindon A and B sim)


See also ARS symbols in Signalling Display

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