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ARS Timetabling

ARS Timetabling

ARS route setting is driven by a set of instructions using Path, line and platform number which you will see in the timetable pop-up. In non ARS simulations this data is optional and a gude to manual route setting but in ARS it is vital to code this correctly.

The Sim will self-propagate the required codes in the majority of cases but will need to be manually inserted in others.

The Path is the code for an arrival and a line is the code for departure the use of platform numbers may or may not drive the ARS depending on how the author has set up the code.

Eg in Swindon A+B an up train approaching Wootton Bassett bound for the Badminton line would have Path ML and line BL wheras one bound for Chippenham would have Path ML line ML this tells the ARS to either set to the line for a train to Badminton (BL) or Chippenham (ML).

In the reverse direction the Paths and lines would be BL/ML or ML/ML respectively.

The choice of codes is normally author set and in this example up and down directions have the same codes. However, it is possible for UL and DL to be used to distinguish the direction. The sim author should refer to the conventions used in the respective sim manual.

Use of a platform number may or may not influence ARS, for instance if a platform is on a loop line it maybe the only distinction between a train looping and no is the insertion of a platform number.

e.g. Swindon Path=ML Plat=1 Line=ML will cause a train to loop but the omission of the Plat will not. Equally the path and or line codes may distinguish the routing without the need for a platform number.

Again how this works is author set.

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