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Options - General

Options - General



Simulation speed allows you to adjust the speed of the passage of game time. At its slowest (with the slider to the left), the simulation runs slower than real time, i.e. one second game time corresponds to two seconds of real time. Moving the slider right speeds the game time up. It maybe be adjusted at any time, either faster or slower. You can use the button provided below the slider to reset the setting to normal speed (real time).

Select the speed depending on the complexity of the simulation being run and the number of trains being controlled. For example, it might be useful to speed up the game when the sim is quiet with few trains, such as at the start of a game, particularly if the Timetable was started at midnight. Of course, it can be slowed down again as things get busier!

Validate Timetable on Close

Tick this box and the timetable will be checked automatically when you click 'OK' to exit the Timetable Editor window. Please see here for more details.

Shortcut keys are available to speed up and slow down the clock.


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