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Options - Messages

Options - Messages

Options - Messages Tab

Train Location Reporting

This determines when a report of a train's location is displayed in the message window . Reports can be produced whenever a train passes a timing point in its schedule, can be restricted to trains which are at least 2, respectively 5 minutes late, or can be turned off entirely.

Event Settings

The rest of this tab is used to control settings for various events. The type of event is selected with the Event dropdown and then the other controls can be used to alter the way reports are displayed for the event.


This selects the type of event to be modified.

Message Colour

This shows the colour that the report will be displayed in. Pressing "Change" pops up a standard Windows colour control.

Popup Message Box

When enabled, this type of event generates a popup message box as well as a report.

Play Sound

When enabled, this type of event generates an audible alarm as well as a report. The "..." button pops up a standard Windows file control to locate the sound file to be used. A selection of extra sound files can be found on the forum under Sound Files .


When enabled (ticked), this type of event will be ignored. Not all types can be disabled in this way.


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