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Timetable List, General Tab

Timetable List, General Tab

Note: These pages are based on Loader simulations. Non-Loader simulations may not have all features shown here.


Timetable name - This will be used as default file name when saving TT (editable at that time).

Timetable Description - Summary of Timetable, may include operational notes.

Train Description Template- The contents of this box determines the format of automatically generated timetable descriptions. Please see this section of the timetable editor page for more details.

Start Time - Default Start time of the Timetable, this can be changed at startup. Note that trains prior to the start time will not enter the simulation, this may result in shuttle services not operating if the initial working is not present. Other start times can be catered for by using Seeding Groups .

Finish Time - Notional end time of sim, you can run the simulation past this but you will run out of trains!

Version - This can be set to any value by the timetable writer. Generally, 'Build' should be incremented for minor tweaks, 'Minor' for slightly larger changes, 'Major' for substantial changes. There is no set convention for this, the only requirement is that each version uploaded to the website has a higher number than the previous version.

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