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F4 TimeTable Editor

F4 TimeTable Editor

Note: These pages are based on Loader simulations. Non-Loader simulations may not have all features shown here.


Timetable List Tab - Duplicate


Timetable Duplicate

Allows any train to be duplicated.

Increment ID by- By how much should the last 2 numbers in the ID be increased by each time?

Increment time by- By how much should the time (inputted as HH:MM) be increased by each time?

Repetitions- How many times should the train be duplicated?

Update Activities- Should the ID of any trains referenced in the TT be increased?

Update Descriptions- If the train's description starts 'HH:MM', tick this box to increase the time by the time stated in 'Increment time by'.

Note- Duplicating a train will not increment the Unique ID- if a Unique ID has been specified in the timetable being duplicated, you must manually enter a new Unique ID for the duplicated train. Also, the contents of the 'misc' panel and associated train descriptions will not be changed.

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