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F5 Performance Analysis

F5 Performance Analysis


Displays your current performance in terms of:

  • Points lost and gained for various events
  • Trains delayed or late trains which have recovered time
  • Other miscellaneous events, including Level Crossing barriers being left down too long.
  • Some trains have the 'Pullman/Bonus scoring train' box ticked. If you handle such a train, the following line will be added on to the bottom of the score: Bonus points:

    x out of a possible y (z%)

The platform score works as follows:

Correct- Number of trains sent to the correct platform

Opposite- The correct platform is one side of an island platform, and the train has been sent to the other side of the island. This is less inconvenient to passengers than-

Incorrect- The train has been sent to a completely different platform, requiring passengers to use the bridge/subway again.

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