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SimSig Multiplayer Etiquette

SimSig Multiplayer Etiquette

Once somebody offers to host a simulation by posting in this forum, it helps to show interest if you reply with your intention to join. If you have limited time, just say so as it can help in rostering.

When joining to the simulation, introduce yourself as people may not be able to relate your 4-character SimSig ID to your forum ID or name. This is best done through the SimSig messaging as everybody sees it. However, other communication can take place by whatever means appropriate - VoIP, Messenger, or whatever. If you're a newbie, don't be afraid to say so as people will be willing to help you.

Do not assume control of anything until your host offers you a workstation/panel. You may have to wait your turn if the session is busy. Be patient! Be observant as well so you know what's going on when it's your turn to take over.

When your host offers you a workstation/panel, go to the Multiplayer->Workstation menu and select the workstation you have been offered, then click Take Control. Phone calls and other relevant information will now be routed to you for your area.

Taking control of a workstation does not stop anybody else from setting routes or doing other things to your area. So don't do it to anyone else! If you are unclear as to exactly where your area starts or finishes, just ask or negotiate with the adjacent operator. Sometimes there are routes which would "stitch up" your colleague if you were to set it: in this case, again, it's worth setting up an agreement or confirming verbally/messaging before setting the route to ensure (s)he is happy with what you're doing (this happens in real life too).

If you need a quick PNB (personal needs break; ie a toilet visit or whatever) then mention this so people know you'll be right back. Ask somebody to watch over your panel if you might be more than a couple of minutes.

If you need to leave before the end of the session, give your host some warning if you can. (S)He can then arrange for somebody to take over.

A polite "cheers" or "thank you" is always appreciated for the host. Some people enjoy reading about your experiences, trials, and tribulations on the forum so feel free to post them. Obviously keep any criticism constructive and take it off-forum if need be. If you are the subject of criticism which you think is a little heated, take a deep breath, re-read what was written, then sleep on it. Only then should you consider replying - but again keep it constructive and bear in mind the poster may not have worded him/herself very well.

One other thing: don't interpose TDs on the approach to other people's workstations/panels to let them know a train is coming. It's unnecessary as (s)he can see the train anyway, plus it messes up the Customer Information Systems on the platforms. On ARS simulations you'll get a "duplicate train" alarm as well.

Finally, have fun! Don't worry if you're a newbie as somebody will always be happy to help. Multiplayers are a great way to learn.

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