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Manually moving and locking points

Manually moving and locking points

Generally, points are operated automatically a route is set. However, there may be times when you want to move a set of points or to lock them, such as to prevent ARS from setting a route, for selecting a non-preferred route, or for engineering purposes. To see the positions that points are in, ensure 'Show point positions' is ticked in Display Options . You also have the option to 'Show locked points'.

Points have two positions: Normal and Reverse. Which direction this refers to varies. Usually, 'Normal' is the 'straight ahead' or fastest direction, but this isn't always the case. Trap points are always 'Normal' in the 'derail' position. All points are in the Normal position when starting a new simulation.

If points are locked, usually because a route is set over them or because of flank locking , the point ends will be white. If points are locked, they cannot be moved.

To move points Normal, left click on the points symbol. If the points are already in the Normal position then a blue line will appear, showing the points are now 'keyed' normal. If the points are Reverse and are free to move Normal, then the point ends will flash until the points are detected in the Normal position, whereupon they will be keyed Normal. If the points are locked Reverse, then the point ends will continue to flash and the points will not be (able to be) moved. The points must be un-keyed and keyed if they later become free to move and you still want them moved.

To key points Reverse, the same principle as above follows, except that the right mouse button should be used instead.

To un-key points, use either the left or the right (it doesn't matter which) mouse button on the points symbol. The blue track will be replaced by the colour of the surrounding track- either grey or white.

Once the points are keyed in either position, a 'Reminder ' collar may be also applied. This is a yellow surround to the points.

Point ends flash when the points are not detected in the position they've been commanded to be in. Obviously, this occurs each time they're moved, as it takes a few seconds for the points to change position. Should the point ends continue to flash after a few seconds, despite the points being free to move, they have failed .

Note that on older sims the yellow surround (flashing if appropriate) rather than the blue track line was used to indicate locked points.

Points locked:


Points keyed Normal:


Points keyed Reverse:


Points keyed Normal with reminder appliance:


See also examples of points locked by another route


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