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Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys

Various options and actions are available via use of the keyboard, as follows:

F1 Help Help (later simulations)
F2 Train List Opens the Train List Window
F3 Options Opens the Options Menu
F4 Timetable Editor Opens the Timetable Editor
F5 Scoring Shows the points scoring
F6 Telephone Calls Allows phone calls to be made and answered
F7 Incident Report Displays details of incidents, failures, and other delays
F8 Simplifier Opens the Simplifier - shows due trains at a particular location
F10 Send Message Allows sending of messages to other players (Multiplay and chained simulations only)
F11 Incident Control Panel Allows control of degraded working (March 2010 onwards)

And the following - in lower case

a Answer the first telephone call
o Make a (Outgoing) phone call telephone call
i TD interpose
n Set to run at normal (real time) speed
+ (on numeric keypad) Increase simulation speed
- (on numeric keypad) Decrease simulation speed
f Run simulation fast for five simulation minutes
p Pause/unpause
Ctrl + s Save simulation
Space bar Open main menu

Shift+Right Click inverts the setting of the 'Right click cancels routes ' option. For example, if the box is ticked, shift+right click will open the signal context menu.

Mnemonics are included in most windows for commonly-used functions. If the function has a mnemonic, a letter of its description will be underlined. To use, hold down the Alt key and press the relevant letter.

Also, holding the shift key down while using the mouse wheel makes the window scroll up/down instead of left/right on scrolling simulations.

In addition to this, any sim may include one or more location hotkeys, invoked by pressing a number from 0 to 9, or Shift+[hotkey letter]. E.g., in the Swindon A and B sim, pressing Shift+D centres the sim on Didcot Station. See Hot keys

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