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Signal Group Replacement Controls (SGRC)

Signal Group Replacement Controls (SGRC)

See the Glossary for the definition of this control.

In its default state, a SGRC is shown as a hollow red circle. All signals in the area are working normally. To replace all signals to their most restrictive aspect in the area, right click on the hollow red circle, whereupon the red circle will turn into a solid red circle. All automatic signals will have their emergency replacement controls operated, returning the signal to danger. All controlled signals will have any routes cancelled, timing out if necessary. In this state it is not possible to set further routes or to return automatic signals to normal working.

To release the control, right-click on the solid red circle. It will turn into a hollow red circle. However, automatic signals will still have their emergency replacement controls applied, which need to be released one-by-one manually (left-click on the red circle next to the E or R). Routes from controlled signals will need to be set again by the user.

A reminder can be applied to a SGRC. Press the "Reminder" button in the control bar, then left-click on the red circle. Yellow blocks either side of the circle will show that a reminder is applied. In this state the control can still be applied (turning signals to their most restrictive aspect) but it cannot be released until the reminder is removed. To remove the reminder, click on the "Reminder" button in the control bar, then right-click on the red circle.

:usertrack:ssrun:sgrc_normal.gif SGRC in its normal state
:usertrack:ssrun:sgrc_applied.gif SGRC applied (signals replaced to their most restrictive aspects)
:usertrack:ssrun:sgrc_reminder.gif SGRC with reminder

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