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Saving a simulation
Loading a (saved) Simulation

Saving a simulation

A simulation can be saved at any time.

Click on (MNU)/File/Save as... or Ctrl+S, enter a file name for the save and click on 'Save'.

The file (name.SSG) is saved by default in that simulation's named folder (ie with the timetable files).

It can be useful, and good practice, to include the timetable name and the time of the save in the file name eg KX1985-0800, particularly if you are going to send the save to someone else.

The timetable in use - including any changes you have made - is saved within the SSG file, and will be used when the game is reloaded.

Loading a (saved) Simulation

Start the simulation, selecting 'Load Game' and choosing the required save (name.SSG).

Not that as the Timetable and Simulation options are saved, you can't change these when resuming a game, although the Failure setting and Train delays can be adjusted after loading the save.

SimSig makes various checks to ensure that the save matches the specific release of the simulation you are using. If these checks fail you will get an error message and need to either exit, load a different save, or start a new game.


A saved game does not record whether the game was multi-player, how many or which clients were connected, or whether the simulation is chained to other simulations. Therefore a single player save may be loaded into a multi-player game and vice-versa.


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