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Scrolly Display
Control Window

Scrolly Display

Control Window


(Clock shown with dark red border, indicating sim has been paused.)

The control window contains all the menus for the simulation, as well as the clock.

The control window cannot be resized. However, it can be set to Stay on top by checking this option in the Show menu.

Along the top there are drop-down menus, as follows:

File Show Timetable Train Describer Multiplayer3 Help4
New Simulation New View1 Edit F4 Interpose I Send message F10 Help F1
Save as....Ctrl+S Overview Clear Cancel Control Panel Simulation manuals online
Exit Messages Open (merge with current) Connect to External signalbox About
Telephone Calls F6 Save as... Workstation control
Incidents F7 Export/Import Network Control
Train List F2 Simplifier F8
Options F3
Performance Analysis F5
Incident Control Panel F11
Lever Frames
List permissions given2
Stay on Top

Below this are the control buttons:

  • Time Display - clicking Pauses/Unpauses the simulation; the window backgound turns dark red when paused;

  • Reminder Override - clicking enables a one-off route setting to/from a collared signal;

  • Reminder - clicking sets/cancels General Isolation Reminders ;

  • Isolation - clicking sets/cancels Traction Isolation Reminders.

  • TD Interpose - clicking opens the TD Interpose/cancel window for Train Descriptions (TDs);

  • Simplifier - Directly opens the Train List

  • Train List - Directly opens the Simplifier

  • Telephone - clicking opens the Telephone Calls window;

  • Teleprinter - clicking opens the Incident Report window.



1. See Show...New View lets you fit more on a single screen

2. Clicking this option pops up a list of trains which have permission to enter sidings.

3. Please see the Multiplayer documentation for details of control functionality.

4. The main Help and Simulation manuals online options open this Wiki. The About displays the current Loader and simulation version.

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