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Wait For Overlap
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Wait For Overlap

In some locations it's not possible to set an onward route, as there is insufficient distance available for a normal overlap to be set, eg into the reversing siding at Bedwyn (Westbury Simulation).

See also Overlap for an explanation.

In this situation, the train has to stop at the signal and you have to wait for the overlap to 'drop out', then set the onward route.

Examples of such locations

Simulation Location(s)
Bristol CL into CWM
Cambridge Ely P1 to Reception Sdgs
Royston Platforms into sidings
Foxton Stn into cement Sdg (BLR)
Carlisle Oxenholme P1 to Up Goods Loop
Kings Cross Entry to Hitchin Up Sidings N
Alexandra Palace US to UG
Sheffield Entry Dn line into New ES
Westbury Entry to Bedwyn Siding
Frome into Frome Sdgs
Entry into UR (Up Reception)


Step 1


We have 5K05 approaching Bedwyn (it's not actually timetabled to stop at Bedwyn, but will have to), note that the route is set from R862 to R864 but not beyond; the interlocking won't allow us to set the route directly into the reversing siding.

Step 2


5K05 has now arrived and stopped at the red signal R864, I've cancelled the route behind at R862. As you can see, the overlap is still set (white), preventing the points being moved in front of 5K05 if the train was to overrun the signal.

Step 3


About a minute later, the overlap has 'timed out', and we can now set the route into the siding.

Step 4


The route has now been set, and the train is moving (slowly) into the siding.

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