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Timetable Import-Export

Timetable Import-Export

This is an interface with Convdata which allows you to convert .WTT timetables to .TXT files and vice versa and is a feature of Sims and versions of Sims released from late 2007 onward (roughly).

To use this you can have the Convdata .exe file installed in your root directory. It can also be installed in other locations as listed on the Convdata page.

To convert first browse for the .WTT or .TXT file you wish to use as your source document, then browse for the folder you wish to send the converted file to. The name will default to the same name as the source file so you need to change the .TXT to .WTT or vice versa. If the file already exists then simply select that file.

If there are rules to be converted select the 'include rules' flag.

In certain circumstances extraneous data is saved in .wtt files and selecting 'ignore extra info' will render it inactive. See Convdata guidance for further details on this point.

This feature can be used for Timetable Cleansing by converting the WTT to TXT and straight back with the 'ignore extra info' ticked.

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