25 - 10 - 2014

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Roadrunner: Night all.
Roadrunner: Cheers, colliea. Don't you mean, Edna !
colliea: Aron - Great host yet again. Andy :)
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: Saltley session has been reloaded. You may reconnect now using the same IP and port number.
Roadrunner: Saltley session will be reloaded in a few moments.
Roadrunner: Log-in NOW and join this multiplay session.
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Mikehax: Well what do you exoect me to do?
Roadrunner: Um, this one seems to be putting up a fight (strokes white cat, evilly).
Mikehax: Is songs of Praise still on TV?
Roadrunner: You might get my special attention, Mike (loud organ music and evil laugh).
Mikehax: :P
colliea: Some failures - surely!
Roadrunner: Normal? Boring ! :)
Mikehax: Is that a normal Saltley or one that's been Aroned?
Mikehax: Nice one
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
Roadrunner: I think something can be arranged.
Mikehax: Anything happening this evening?
arabianights: burp
Exp232: Brighton is up for anyone interested. Message for details... again
DaveHarries: seems not: I can't get into it either
peterb: Is WH actually still open?!
John 23: aNY ROOM?
Jay_G: WH is back online (hopefully!)))
Jay_G: rebooting it now with the correct one (50505
Jay_G: for someone reason i had the wrong port selected
Jay_G: nope!
flyingpigs123456: Has anyone connected?
Jay_G: not sure why mate, gimme a moment
flyingpigs123456: I can't connect
Jay_G: WH is up
flyingpigs123456: I know but there's ANOTHER sim also open
Temple Meads: I'd probably be up for WH in about 30 minutes.
Jay_G: I dont have Marylebone, and to be fair TIN most people are not on at 4PM
flyingpigs123456: Is the really any point in me hosting sims anymore? :(
Jay_G: I'm gonna host WH shortly if anyone fancies it
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone?
flyingpigs123456: You still up for Marylebone?
Exp232: Roger doger. :D
flyingpigs123456: I will put it up after the program I'm watching finishes :)
Exp232: Marylebone still up?
Steamer: Please could a Moderator approve my timetable?
flyingpigs123456: Would anyone be up for Marylebone?
Exp232: Darn! Sorry about that... Next time then. ;)
John 23: Disconnected again. Running out of time. Try again some other time. Tks
Exp232: Oops! Wasn't watching the Control panel. Try once more and I'll see if that's the issue...
John 23: Confirm the same. Second attempt again disconnected.
Exp232: Updated Loader. All good. Brighton 4.0. Confirm you have the same?
Exp232: Try it now?
John 23: Disconnected
Exp232: If anyone is interested, Brighton is up and running. Message for details.
HST125Scorton: Stafford Closed Contiuation will be Sunday 26th
HST125Scorton: Stafford closing in 30-35mins , no more connectioms please
Exp232: I'll queue. Not a problem. :3
Northern Line: @ExP yes it is however there all panels are taken
Exp232: Stafford still up?
HST125Scorton: no panels left no one in queue
HST125Scorton: 1 panel left for Stafford :D
HST125Scorton: 3 Panels left for Stafford, game starting now
HST125Scorton: ok Stafford open for connections details in forum at bottom of Stafford..
DaveHarries: headshot, I know I am English but "Diolch yn fawr am y wers yn y Gymraeg!" (I take it you are fluent in Welsh then, or did you do that online?)
Mikehax: Diolch yn fawr
peterb: hope to join after lord sugar's fired me
HST125Scorton: don't worry its still going ahead i will post when i'm ready for connections :D , also dont be shocked on entry haha
headshot119: Come on HST bilingual announcements please, we don't want to upset any more Welsh MPs ;)
headshot119: Noswaith dda . Mae'r sesiwn Stafford ei oedi gan tua 15 munud , mae hyn o ganlyniad i nam ar y rhyngrwyd. Os gwelwch yn dda gwrando am gyhoeddiadau pellach .
headshot119: Good evening. The Stafford session is delayed by approximately 15 minutes, this is due to an internet fault. Please listen for further announcements.
HST125Scorton: Evening all Stafford Session is been delayed by and extra 15mins due to ISP Internet Fault, please way for further annoucement....
DaveHarries: Fear not, Steamer. I think there is a Stafford session tonight: see forum for details.
Steamer: Session was last night, closed now.
Mikey: can I join Trent please?
Mikey: ooo
Guts: It's up
svrdan: Trent
peterb: voting trent
DaveHarries: May not get enough for the triple but Trent would be good: I am playing KX so much I am getting bored with it (no insult intended to the developer!)
Guts: We'll go for the Triple. The more the merrier
DaveHarries: I will be in for something.
Guts: Cool. Trent or the Triple?
Mikehax: I'm in
peterb: I can join for a bit.
Guts: I don't mind hosting Trent, or if we have enough, we can do the Gloucester/Bristol/Swiindid Chain
Guts: Anyone still on waiting for a host?
Temple Meads: I'm not sure to be honest. If anyone wants to host in my place please feel free..
Mikehax: Is anything happening this evening?
peterb: always up for trent.
John 23: Loader sims only for me. I got confused as to which was which...
Temple Meads: I haven't played Trent for a while..
peterb: don't mind. can't join victoria though.
John 23: Could be up for that.
Temple Meads: Chain cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.. however I can still put on a single sim , or smaller chain. Any requests?
Temple Meads: Victoria SE + West Hampstead Chain from around 20:15 GMT, sorry to those not owning these sims!
georgerb: I always fancy KX
D3L74: Keep us updated, I'm up for a nice and cosy evening session
Temple Meads: May end hosting a freeware yet, need *some* expressions of interest for the chain.
D3L74: I'm not ready to get payware sims yet but I'm sure they are worth it !
D3L74: Too bad :(
Temple Meads: No, neither of them. West Hampstead in particular is well worth it, though ;)
D3L74: Are these two sims free ?
Temple Meads: Considering hosting a West Hampstead + Victoria SE chain soon, anyone up for it?
HST125Scorton: Stafford Closing in a few mins Thanks to all that Joined and Played along or watched
HST125Scorton: all panels taken... absoule mayhem tho... noone in queue
chrisdmadd: anymore connections to stafford available?
HST125Scorton: 1 panel left in Stafford
HST125Scorton: 3 Panels still free on Stafford and slowly getting near to Rush Hour
HST125Scorton: Stafford has started... 4Panels stil free welcome to join anyone
HST125Scorton: 4 panels left on Stafford
HST125Scorton: 5 panels left on Stafford hoping to start soon
HST125Scorton: Evening all, Stafford is open for connections now start time 21:00
chrisdmadd: looking forward to Stafford might be on after 22:00 BST though
Exp232: Liverpool Street up and running!
DaveHarries: I was going to say.....!
chrisdmadd: haha
chrisdmadd: wrong day
chrisdmadd: oops
chrisdmadd: Stafford in 7 minutes!
DaveHarries: Just about to grab a sarnie: will be up for anotehr session after if one is hosted
tjfrancis: kings cross is cloused
tjfrancis: yes
D3L74: Is KX still going ?
tjfrancis: they are free panles on kings cross
tjfrancis: dave are you going to try and reconet
tjfrancis: wewyn is only free
tjfrancis: who just try coneting try again as you got discon by sim
tjfrancis: wewyn and hictin are free
tjfrancis: are panles are free but cross and finsbury
tjfrancis: roll up roll up for loads of fun fun fun on kings cross
tjfrancis: can now take conxsions
DaveHarries: Tony back: all open earlier than planned
DaveHarries: Tony AFK for a minute or two though
DaveHarries: KX open!
DaveHarries: Have abandoned creation of my KX Xmas 2014 TT. Requires single-line working from Finsbury P5 to KX which you can't do without a lot of phonecalls and hassle.
tjfrancis: At 5:45 kings cross wll be up and with some platfroms not in use
svrdan: it*
svrdan: Id be up for ut
jadamson2704: anyone else up for central scotland?
peterb: I'd be up for Cent Scot
jadamson2704: central scotland? not everyone will have it though
flyingpigs123456: Carlisle get's boring in my opinion (not many different routes)
jadamson2704: carlisle?
flyingpigs123456: Anyone got an idea on what to host?
jadamson2704: depends what sim
flyingpigs123456: Depends what people are up for
peterb: Depends what was on offer but yes potentially
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for a sim right now?
Exp232: anyone up for a late night Brighton session?
Roadrunner: You are welcome, Colliea. A good team. tonight.
colliea: Another late one but great host again Aaron
Roadrunner: LCC-I want a full report of goings-on outside :)
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed. 12 people were connected earlier in the evening.
Roadrunner: Cheers, LCC.
LucasLCC: Thank you Roadrunner for the host!
Roadrunner: *Saltley
Roadrunner: Slayley on break until 10:40 PM.
headshot119: That would fit as G&W have four 117 vehicles from memory, including a TCL
Peter Bennet: Yes that looks like it - a 117 then. Thanks.
Temple Meads: Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway apparently.
Peter Bennet: Probably should have been paying more attention.
headshot119: Doubt that was filmed at Barry, I don't seem to remember them having a long tunnel, and they certainly don't have any 115s / 117s
Peter Bennet: Very smartly presented working unit.
Peter Bennet: That was in the shed earlier on but later they were charging through a tunnel in what looked like a Class 115 (or very similar).
headshot119: This ... «link»
headshot119: *Vehicles even
headshot119: A class 101 ? Barry Island have three vehciles
Peter Bennet: Looks like Barry Island station area from Googlemaps. Now they are playing with DMUs possibly a class 115
Noisynoel: Probably as Headshot suggests, Barry, as it's filmed by BBC Wales and they tend to stay fairly local
headshot119: Peter I thought it was Barry it was being filmed at
Roadrunner: LCC-also close down any other programs that may be using your internet. Every little helps.
Peter Bennet: Anyone know which Railway sidings tonight's Dr Who is filmed at? Is it somewhere in Bristol as purported?
Roadrunner: *evening
Roadrunner: Bad luck, LCC. That's a pity. Hope to see you next time. But try to connect again anytime. It gets quieter on the internet later in the vening.
LucasLCC: Yep, that's all correct. The issue is that my bandwidth is very limited here, so it's failing to load all the data and is timing out.
Roadrunner: Sorry to hear that, LCC. Are you using the right version ( with port number 50509 ?
LucasLCC: Would join, but my bandwidth seems to be having issues
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
jc92: (on New St.)
jc92: also disconnected
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
DaveHarries: Got d/c
Temple Meads: Could definitely use the sim name in the title.
Northern Line: also your post of the session is too little, there's not much information about the session which is currently running
Northern Line: BHM might be a payware sim, I haven't bought it
madaboutrains: Would you like to join?
Northern Line: nice to see you on here sir :P
madaboutrains: Birmingham New Street Host see in forum of IP address etc
Northern Line: Any sessions this evening anyone?
colliea: Great host yet again Aron. Now time for some shut eye! [AJC]
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed. Thanks to AJC for holding out! Goodnight all.
Roadrunner: Saltley continues.
Temple Meads: Any room on Saltley?
Roadrunner: Saltley on break until 10:45 PM.
CTCThiago: KGX Closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley has started without platform 2 at Snow Hill.
Roadrunner: If you haven't played Saltley before or joined a multiplayer session, Log-in NOW to join this game.
Roadrunner: See you soon! Just like mine, then!
colliea: On my way Aron. Having to re-download onto an old laptop - as other is playing up :(
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Roadrunner: *Saltley
Roadrunner: Saltlet starting soon.
CTCThiago: Welwyn ML, Palace ML and Loop Free atm, we start in some minutes, awaiting for staff
CTCThiago: KGX Open for connections, 4 Workstations Available, Hertford Loop, Palace ML, Welwyn ML, and Hitchin
CTCThiago: KGX 1977 Multiplayer in some minutes
DaveHarries: I am in
chrisdmadd: check the post for new IP
DaveHarries: ojk
chrisdmadd: new ip coming up
Mikehax: Can't reconnect
arabianights: CM fyi I (DAVJ) won't be returning tonight as I could only stay on another few minutes anyway, but thanks for the host, I love the creativity :D
chrisdmadd: Mike I wondered why you weren't sending trains after we reopened DN FL
chrisdmadd: It's paused all ok I'll restart in 1 minute
chrisdmadd: Tech issues I'll brb
arabianights: maybe simsig does interpolation or something
arabianights: it was strange cause it slowed before going, at least for me
arabianights: yeah looks like CM has lost internet
Mikehax: KX disco'd me
arabianights: anyone else?
arabianights: REALLY bad lag I'm getting on kgx
chrisdmadd: not enough interest sorry. not tonight
Roadrunner: The one by CM.
Roadrunner: The second KX session has been called off.
DaveHarries: I will join in a short while Chris.
chrisdmadd: see post for details running now
chrisdmadd: KGX OPEN
CTCThiago: KGX CLOSED, Thanks all for join
DaveHarries: ah ok thanks. When are we sheduled to resume? I thought the connection was mucking about.
chrisdmadd: host is away we are on a break
DaveHarries: I got d/c, then tried to r/c. But I am finding I cannot reconnect.
CTCThiago: yep, will resume in 5 minutes
DaveHarries: I am in. I guess there is a break?
CTCThiago: Still running chris, you can try to connect
chrisdmadd: cant connect (i presume its still running?)
CTCThiago: Anyone interested is welcome to join, check the ip at session details...
CTCThiago: needing staff
CTCThiago: Kings Cross 1977 Multiplayer Session Planned to 16:30 GMT, connections from 16:15 GMT. Check Session Details.
tjfrancis: night all
Peter Bennet: To be honest I'm not a great fan of fancy vinyls.
tjfrancis: last
tjfrancis: well 1s23 is it kast run for the day
tjfrancis: it may change though but ask on east coast trains twitter page or ask at kings cross
Peter Bennet: 1S23 is about an hour too early for me.
Peter Bennet: It was just out of the corner of my eye. 1A06 should be 5 mins behind my train tomorrow - maybe I'll hang around.
tjfrancis: did you like it peter
Peter Bennet: Yes: passed it at Holloway this afternoon.
tjfrancis: it working 1A06, 1D08, 1A29 and 1S23 tomowl but it may change
tjfrancis: it was name today in newcasle
DaveHarries: no tj. Where did you see that?
tjfrancis: did any one see the east cost new name loco 91111 For the Fallen
DaveHarries: Nice little one-player jobk, even if ti does have 2 panels.
tjfrancis: i doing that as well so you not the only one dave
DaveHarries: No sessions tonight - not atm anyway - so taking time to familiarise myself with seeing Portsmouth area from another angle. Not been there on a train for a couple of years.
Sacro: London end / country end
kaiwhara: Geoff, just quickly, could a better explanation of the Fratton Slots be written into the Manual? It's not immediately clear what Fratton Yard (L/E) and C/E) are...
GeoffM: Portchester and Bedhampton, both semi exclusive.
chrisdmadd: KGX open need two signallers
kaiwhara: Absolutely Geoff!
arabianights: where's the up extremity (I have a pretty good idea of the down one...)
arabianights: go on then
GeoffM: New sim alert! How about a Portsmouth sim (before the resignalling fiasco)?
chrisdmadd: KGX open.... limited time tonight though sorry.
chrisdmadd: ive posted mine from last night
Temple Meads: Sim's been postponed. May try again at 22:00.
arabianights: oh
arabianights: ip doesn't work
Temple Meads: KX postponed.
chrisdmadd: roll up roll up!!
Temple Meads: KX open.
Peter Bennet: You can also do a search under the "Downloads" tab at the head of the forum
Temple Meads: Hosting KX from 20:30. Details up soon.
Bailey875: Thanks
headshot119: Downloads - Official Software - Simulations (donationware)

Gloucester is at the bottom of page 1 and is a .exe sim

Westbury is on page 4 and is a loader sim.

Once you've installed westbury use the check for updates button on the loader to ensure you get the latest version
Bailey875: Is Westbury or Gloucester panels on here, I cant seem to find them to download and play ...
Muzer: Actually looking at the time I only have about an hour and three quarters before I have to go. If that's OK with you, we can play.
Muzer: @RelentlessTurd: I don't see why not, but I've played it single player without ARS before, so if someone else would rather try then I'm happy to let them.
RelentlessTurd: Anyone online fancy a two-player game on Waterloo without ARS?
DSeaWall: sorry I had to go suddenly.
chrisdmadd: People in the queue at KGX please respond, you are needed
CTCThiago: The sim is up? disconnected 2 times
CTCThiago: oh BST Thanks.
chrisdmadd: Sorry that would be BST
CTCThiago: on the session details, a few details...
CTCThiago: The KGX Session planned is GMT, BST or UTC 1930?
Trainfan344: Hi Rasmus, I don't know you :P
Rasmus: hi
Trainfan344: Hello again, It's been a while, I might be able to come back on simsig by the end of the month/beginning of next month.
chrisdmadd: Ok so that went well thanks for the test host. I have saved session and I'll continue it at 19:30 tonight. Many earlier problems have caused some major delays. Let's try get things back on track.
chrisdmadd: 50505
John 23: Do you have panels free on KX?
tjfrancis: re joining now
chrisdmadd: looks like your there, just no messages from you
chrisdmadd: now it is
chrisdmadd: ah no its not, 2 secs
chrisdmadd: game is up now
tjfrancis: ok
chrisdmadd: ill send you ip in PM
tjfrancis: yes i wll test it

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