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Vortexhaha: should be folder options when u first load simsig loader
Vortexhaha: u need to also check the simsig loader is locating the correct simsig folder
Vortexhaha: that could be the problem
jb2339: got it sorted now, i had two exeter folders
Vortexhaha: Which timetable is it that u are trying to find
Vortexhaha: thats correct
jb2339: i load the simsig loader and select exeter, but only the orginal timetables are there, there is now timetable folder just exeter
Vortexhaha: have u installed the timetable in: Timetables>Exeter
Vortexhaha: thats correct
jb2339: v.4.5.8
Vortexhaha: Most sims now a days is simsig loader
jb2339: yes i believe so
Vortexhaha: This means that this version is SimSig Loader
Vortexhaha: When u install Exeter - It says V4 - Launcher Sim
Vortexhaha: «link»
jb2339: ?
Vortexhaha: is yours simsig loader
Vortexhaha: just wait for a sec...
jb2339: its in the simsig> exeter
jb2339: i believe so, its next to the other timetables
Vortexhaha: have u installed in the timetables folder
jb2339: one last question, ive just downloaded a new timetable for exeter but its not appearing in the menu
Vortexhaha: Always here to help
jb2339: thank you
Vortexhaha: hope all works out on exeter
Vortexhaha: Its ok jb2339
jb2339: thanks for your help though
jb2339: ignore me, its working now :)
Vortexhaha: Exeter link
Vortexhaha: «link»
jb2339: cant as the download link isnt working
Vortexhaha: have u tried reinstalling it
jb2339: rtl60.bpl is missing
jb2339: since i did the upgrade it gets an error when i try to start it. Says a file is missing.
Vortexhaha: I have Windows 10 and exeter works for me whats the problem with it
jb2339: Hello, ive just updated to w10 and now simsig exeter wont load. The download link is not working either
Vortexhaha: Yeah Im having a bit of a storm
TheBVE2010: Some epic storm is happening down here.
6691donn: ooosh
TheBVE2010: Stafford closed. Thanks to MAC, CM01, DAVE, DAVJ, TPD and LAMA for joining! Night all!
TheBVE2010: No more connections to Stafford please. Closing in 15 mins.
TheBVE2010: Cool
DaveHarries: Will be in shortly TB
TheBVE2010: Feel free to join now if you can remember the I.P. The post will be up shortly.
TheBVE2010: Ok, I'll fire up the saved Stafford sim.
TheBVE2010: Unless someone else wants to host.
TheBVE2010: I'll continue the Stafford session.
DaveHarries: Wouldn't mind a session on Lime Street to Runcorn
TheBVE2010: I would happily join a session for an hour or two.
arabianights: anyone fancy hosting someothing?
jimbolimbo9: Thanks Steamer (he was asking on behalf of me :P )
Steamer: Siding labelled "C&W" works
Dhassell: Morning, Does anyone know where Derby Litchurch Lane is on Map?
TheBVE2010: Stafford closed. Thanks to 08WR, ANDG, DAVJ, BN, MADA, MAC, TJB and JADA for joining. See you all in the next session.
TheBVE2010: Stafford closing soon. No more connections please!
TheBVE2010: Wolverhampton chained to Stafford.
TheBVE2010: Stafford open for connections!
TheBVE2010: Cool
arabianights: see you in about 2 hours hopefully
arabianights: given I have basically no bargaining position here, fair enough
arabianights: it's free, but no olonger in the download centre
TheBVE2010: I'm not really used to the old sims. So it will have to be Stafford. Sorry DAVJ.
jadamson2704: is it a free one?
arabianights: it's the only sane choice :P
arabianights: pm me your email address quickly I will send you it
arabianights: do north london line
arabianights: ok well I will be back at around 10ish and join whatever you have come up with but please please not stafford
TheBVE2010: We haven't had a Stafford session for a while.
TheBVE2010: 02:00 GMT the latest.
Entimix: I would be up for such a thing.
arabianights: how late are you running until
TheBVE2010: I would do Derby but there are only 4 panels. (I think).
TheBVE2010: I think you have misunderstood me DAVJ.
jadamson2704: wouldnt mind a Derby
jadamson2704: as long as its free
arabianights: cause if so edge hill is the one to do fairly obvious ly I would have though. or have I misunderstood?
arabianights: are you saying from one of the ones newly released
TheBVE2010: This is why the loader should have a random feature.
TheBVE2010: Hosting a session today. New tt, new sim. Any suggestions?
headshot119: @Barrow099 only developers can create new simulations.
jimbolimbo9: The system files are installed
Barrow099: How can I create a new map?
Tomiexpress: «link»
Tomiexpress: jimbo, install the sysytem files first
jimbolimbo9: Anybody know why I can't run simsig due to a file named rtl60.bpl not being found? Not sure whether I should raise this in the forums or not
TheBVE2010: Not today unfortunately. Got a lot of homework to catch up on. Maybe tomorrow though.
lama77: Good thing LEON! So hosting anything tonight? I can just join for a few hours so not hosting myself.
TheBVE2010: Guess what people! I just got a 1600x1280 screen! Now I can hosts sessions properly!
Banners88: Yes I am trainmad091
Trainmad091: Anyone free to help with Euston-Watford,3x Rugby sims timetable test please?
Tempest Malice: Host of the new sims closed, thanks to those who joined
Tempest Malice: Ok, now the issue with the speed of 6j54 has been resolved I'm opening up a host for the new sims, IP and port in the forums
DaveHarries: If anyone decides to host the Lime Street one I will join for an hour.
DaveHarries: lol. Deffo Liverpool (or parts thereof) then. :)
jc92: train 2F20 delayed at Liverpool lime St for 40 mins due to wheels having been replaced with bricks
ozrail: It's great getting up at 0700 hours and finding new sims. Time to put the kettle on.
DaveHarries: Yay! New stuff!!
GeoffM: Ah, timetable file has wrong version information so the updater correctly thinks this is newer.
primedetective: an updater bug, every time i check for updates it wants to download the Lime Street 0000 start TT even though I've updated 4 times
primedetective: New Sims!!!
GeoffM: Two new simulations, Edge Hill & Liverpool Lime Street and Huyton & St. Helen's!
tjfrancis: I wll be on from 9:00pm ask trainmad091 to send me the details via Skype
ipswich: good evening all, myself and Trainmad091 are looking for 1 or 2 people to help with a Wembley, Watford, Rugby South, Rugby Centre and Rugby North timetable test tonight starting somewhere between 9pm and 930pm uk time anyone interested please drop myself a PM and get back to you when we are ready to start
stighetl: That makes sense. Thank you!
Finger: FreightLiner Terminal I believe
stighetl: I have been looking through the Wiki for some time now, and I still don't know what FLT is, or stands for. Can someone please tell me?
KymriskaDraken: Sims don't run natively on Macs but there are ways to make them work. See «link» for some help.
pgboswell: Do these simulations run on MAC & if so which is the easiest sim to learn preferably using only one screen
08wrighta: Exeter now closed, thanks to JP, RACH, ANDG AND NZAJ for joining :)
08wrighta: ok back again
Finger: Exeter running with plenty of space!
08wrighta: changed timetable to exeter 2015, still running if anyone want to test/join
08wrighta: ok that now works on my computer and no longer disconnects
08wrighta: ok I think that should work now, anybody want to try
08wrighta: is it 50505 and 51515?
08wrighta: what are the start and end port for simsig
08wrighta: i even getting disconnected from my self
WinsfordSaltMine: No problem
08wrighta: ok, thanks thought I try
WinsfordSaltMine: Cant Connect
WinsfordSaltMine: 08, I've just tried to connect
08wrighta: details in session details
arabianights: ok
08wrighta: just testing to see if my port settings are correct, anyone want to try and connect to test?
arabianights: sorry I can't host the connection I'm on won't even let me connect to server
arabianights: nothing stopping you hosting now ;)
jadamson2704: I'll be unavailable by that time, maybe another night.
arabianights: I think I'm going to have to install cygwin on the server to acheive this, will be more like 9:15 or 9:30 as I am doing something else at the moment too
arabianights: but I have some other stuff to do first
arabianights: if I figure that out then wembley mainline otherwise something freeware
arabianights: depends if I can find out if there's a quick n simple way for me to connect to the server and forward a port on it to my local machine (on anything else you can do this using ssh easily)
jadamson2704: what sim do you have in mind arab?
arabianights: Will be hosting something tonight off no other offers by 2045ish
arabianights: Morsey you have to force yourself to join as an administrator (stick /admin on command line arguments) its cause its been running more than 180 days without a terminal service licence, I am going to do something about it when I have hte time
DaveHarries: Sorry to miss Bristol. Would have joined it but had guests. Will hope that someone hosts later instead.
Banners88: Bristol now closed, thanks to TONY, 08WR, BEN, JP, RACH and RFD for a highly enjoyable session.
headshot119: @Banners88 It's good etiquette to post any games you are hosting in the session details section of the forum «link»
More people are likely to join your game that way
Banners88: BEN we are back from a break. Please rejoin.
Banners88: Anyone like to come help me out on Bristol for a few hours?
Trainfan344: *facepalm*
tjfrancis: do not have drain JamesN
JamesN: Drain, Xmas Day 2012 TT
tjfrancis: if i host a sim tonight whart will you like me to host and whart timetable
Morsey: People are still installing SimSig onto XP?! ;)
Morsey: I was trying to conn to server, throws up an error for me
arabianights: but cannot really properly host it
arabianights: if anyone is absolutely desperate I can kick a host of something off on the server
headshot119: Not according to the Session Details forum «link»
Vortexhaha: Anyone Hosting online?
Steamer: Hi, have you followed the instructions here: «link» ?
Maidenhead2015: cant download bought sims seems complicated
primedetective: ah too bad, anything happen after I had to go?
arabianights: it's just stopped
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Now Closed
primedetective: I'll be back in a few minutes for Trent if it's still going
arabianights: I will join Trent
WinsfordSaltMine: AJRO, Are you replying on Trent
WinsfordSaltMine: need at least 1 more person on Trent
nasher: sorry WSM am having router issues keeps cutting out! aplogies
WinsfordSaltMine: Plenty of panels free on Trent
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Open for connections, details in forum
MJD: Going for a shower back later.
MJD: Still Discon
MJD: Is your port forwarding been conpromised?
MJD: No go on 50507
BarryM: Mike try Port 50507 pls
MJD: Are others in?
BarryM: Thanks Mike very strange
MJD: Getting discon barry. Mike.
BarryM: Kings Cross is up and running
Trainmad091: Anyone free to help with Wembley-Rugby North timetable test?
DJTrainZz: lol
lama77: KX full, one in queue.
lama77: KX open for connections, details in forum.
DaveHarries: Will join Paisley in a bit: just finishing off some TT work.
BarryM: Danny252 have u read your emails?
Jamesh1492: any one hosting tonight?
lama77: KX
lama77: Two panels left on KZ
sdr100: No, just done it, connectly now!
nasher: sdr you done update check?
sdr100: very odd, never mind
lama77: strange, I have other joining successfully.
sdr100: Can't connect?
lama77: ok, a KX session should be open now with details in forum. Let's hope I got the router config right.
nasher: i'd be interested!
lama77: Anyone with plans to host. Otherwise I will try to get my router sorted and host a KX save in abt 30 min.
sollevix67: hello
robputt796: Evening chaps, anyone hosting any sessions this evening?
Sacro: Yes
D3L74: Does SimSig work on Windows 10 ?
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Closed thanks to all who joined
primedetective: finally got Nottingham sorted after that points failure
primedetective: fun host
sollevix67: See «link»
sollevix67: My Liverpool Street server is still running
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent closing in 10 mins, No More connections
jc92: nvm. second I posted that i was accepted!
jc92: cant connect. or my connections not being accepted
WinsfordSaltMine: 5 Panels left on Trent, starting in 3 mins
WinsfordSaltMine: *Details on forum post
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent is open for Connections, details here
Banners88: Bristol closed for regulation practice.
Banners88: Try agian
Banners88: Hmm
tjfrancis: getting discon
tjfrancis: joining
Banners88: Only running until 2100 ish
Banners88: 50505
tjfrancis: yeah i up for that
Banners88: Any one about if i host Bristol for an hour or so?
sollevix67: someone here (?)
sollevix67: hello
Vortexhaha: Hahah
TheBVE2010: Actually, forget that. I'm not gonna finish my H/W until about 23:30.
TheBVE2010: I might be able to chain something to you at 22:00 if that's not too late VORX
Vortexhaha: Anyone opening session tonight?
nasher: draken is it the same ip as last time?
TheBVE2010: Maybe tomorrow VORX
Trainfan344: Working for me
D3L74: I have a problem with SimSig - the loader doesn't launch :(
Vortexhaha: Is it KingX
KymriskaDraken: Make that 1800 GMT
KymriskaDraken: KX tt session from 1900. Please pm for details if you don't already have them
Vortexhaha: Anyone want to chain tonight
WinsfordSaltMine: Never mind
WinsfordSaltMine: LEON, Is Bristol Still up I cant connect
stighetl: That's the one! Thank you so much!
Ron_J: That'll be Exeter.
stighetl: I also remember there were a depot just to the right, so every time a train had to enter or exit the depot, I had to secure the crossing
stighetl: I don't remember much of it, that's why I was looking for it under products in the first place, hehe.
I remember there were a huge station in the center. There were also a road just right to the station, so you had to secure the crossing every time a train approached the station
MJD: What are you looking for?
stighetl: Why isn't every simulator listed under the products? I'm looking for a simulator, but I can't find it.
lama77: Anyone planning to host anything else? I have a new router and need to play more with port forwarding, so cannot host tonight.
08wrighta: I will take my crap elsewhere, dont worry, thanks for having me
08wrighta: yeaaaahhh greeeaaaattttt session
lama77: Intresting & good session WSM.
TheBVE2010: Great session WSM!
primedetective: good game everyone, interesting timetabling going on
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Closed thanks to all who joined
peterb: Thanks for the game Wins
WinsfordSaltMine: Still plenty of room on Trent
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Open for connections, Details in forum
TheBVE2010: Cool. I'll be there at about 20:15
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok, I will put details in forum
TheBVE2010: I'm up for that. I can stay until 22:30 like last night.
WinsfordSaltMine: If you've got no plans LEON, I could put Trent Up agian
TheBVE2010: Any sessions tonight?
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Closed, Thanks to all who joined
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent Closing in 15 Mins, No More connections
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok MAC
mackeral1234: WSM - server dumped me and will not reconnect sorry
WinsfordSaltMine: need 1 more for trent, a couple would be nice
RainbowNines: Sorry chaps my Internet has dropped out. Probably won't reconnect. Ta for hosting WSM
Banners88: Spaces on Trent now open.
08wrighta: never mind spelt ddns worng
WinsfordSaltMine: simsigserver.ddns.net
WinsfordSaltMine: *done
WinsfordSaltMine: it does work, has don't many times before
08wrighta: not sure that would work?
08wrighta: Ip adress is simsigserver.dnns.net
WinsfordSaltMine: *now
WinsfordSaltMine: 08Wright please check nos
WinsfordSaltMine: Trent now open for connections
WinsfordSaltMine: Connect again Banners
08wrighta: Just found the trent details although I am signed in there are no Ip adress or port details, is this right?
Banners88: Trent is quite labour intensive so just that I recon.
WinsfordSaltMine: Just trent or Sheffield Too?
WinsfordSaltMine: I next5 mins
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok setting up now, details in forum
Banners88: Trent would get my vote!
WinsfordSaltMine: However I can host Sheffield/Trent or something else smaller if people want
WinsfordSaltMine: I'll do my chain tomorrow DAVJ, I'll put it in the forum tomorrow too.
RainbowNines: there was a queue when i popped in earlier - so i popped back out
arabianights: I cannot commit to anything like enough time tonight so bear in mind most players who join the chain are not going to have much time to commit either
arabianights: a lot of players would be in KEVM/PASC's game
arabianights: dont foget
arabianights: but do your twisty thing I can join for an hour or 90 mins
WinsfordSaltMine: I don't have that one DAVJ, :(
arabianights: I would like west hampstead cause I am right next to it at the moment (the midland main line) and loving noise of constant trains going past
WinsfordSaltMine: if there is enough people I have a western chain, with a twist in mind, but need a lot of people :) , maybe when I give people more notice.
Banners88: But I would up for Trent / Sheffield for sure.
Banners88: Bristol / Gloucester?
WinsfordSaltMine: Anyone fancy a Trent/Sheffield chain?, or any other suggestions
AndyB: Kev, do you still need help?
Banners88: PM'd Kev
DaveHarries: I have also sent a PM
Vortexhaha: I've PM'd u Kev
KymriskaDraken: Could do with a couple more people for KX tt test. Please pm me for details
KymriskaDraken: Make that from 1800 GMT. Thinking in the wrong time zone
KymriskaDraken: KX tt test session from 1900 GMT. Details in forum. PM me for IP and port info.
6691donn: Cheers Chef
TheBVE2010: Thanks to all the joiners. Night guys.
08wrighta: Thanks all had a good time
Roadrunner: Bristol has closed. Thanks to BVE for tonight's session. Good to see new people on multi-play too. Goodnight all.
TheBVE2010: No more connections to Bristol please. Closing very shortly
Roadrunner: Vortex-Filton calling.

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