17 - 09 - 2014

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D3L74: So what's up ?
Entimix: Nope, one of the last pre-loaders I think
D3L74: Ah it's not a Loader
D3L74: I'll be having dinner first, tho
D3L74: Let me download it
Entimix: yes :)
D3L74: Is Carlisle freeware ?
Entimix: Mm, I could possibly go for some too
fsxfaulder: I could continue with one of my old Carlisle multiplayer save games if anyone's interested?
D3L74: Same
fsxfaulder: I do fancy a bit of SimSig tonight actually, been a while...
fsxfaulder: I forgot the SimSig teamspeak even existed!
DaveHarries: Hopefully something...
D3L74: So who's hosting what ?
DSeaWall: aand banned from ts...
CTCThiago: I'll be on TS in 2 ½ hours
BarryM: CTC TS?
CTCThiago: I'll host WH in about 1 hour
Temple Meads: Anyone else planning to host?
larsht: nice session tonight :)
flyingpigs123456: KX Closing at 21:00, no new connections please
flyingpigs123456: KX Is still open and going strong :)
flyingpigs123456: I'm still open for connections
flyingpigs123456: Wasn't keeping an eye on sim, try connecting now (I know I missed a few people)
flyingpigs123456: Yes,
peterb: is KX still up?
flyingpigs123456: KX Still up and running :)
D3L74: :)
flyingpigs123456: Yup I guessed
D3L74: I'm DELT
flyingpigs123456: :)
D3L74: Now yes, it's solved
flyingpigs123456: Are you running on the lastest version of the loader?
D3L74: Solved
D3L74: It says the server doesn't run the same sim as me, tho I launched KX
D3L74: Hi there
flyingpigs123456: KX Already full, 1 in queue
flyingpigs123456: KX OPEN and accepting connections
flyingpigs123456: Going to do KX because not everyone has payware
peterb: don't mind really. got any WH saves?
flyingpigs123456: KX?
peterb: would be up for a sim
flyingpigs123456: Anyone want to play a sim?
flyingpigs123456: Probs
svrdan: Maybe an evening host perhaps
flyingpigs123456: The needs to be a fair few people online
svrdan: Id be up for it
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for a NewStreet, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Aston chain?
flyingpigs123456: When I see a fair amouth of people online, I want to try and host a chain again, not been many BIG chains in a while
colin1059: anybody wants player for pane
belly buster: Carlisle closed
belly buster: Carlisle open «link»
DSeaWall: anyone planning to host?
flyingpigs123456: Due to a lack of interest, I'm closing Stafford
flyingpigs123456: Stafford is running, Lots of panels free
flyingpigs123456: Still waiting on the first connection ...........
flyingpigs123456: Stafford accepting connections :)
flyingpigs123456: Okay, heres the thing I'm bored today so I've put up a Stafford host, I will start accepting connections at midday (in 11 minutes) :)
Finger: South Humberside closed
DaveHarries: SH now playing. Plenty of panels free.
Finger: Okay. South Humberside is open
mackeral1234: 930 is good for me
DaveHarries: 9:15 or 9:30
DaveHarries: Sounds good. Hope we get a few players in. Set up with a 9:15 start tho: just grabbing a bite atm
Finger: How about South Humberside?
DaveHarries: Hoping for a sesh later. Don't mind what it is though.
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: Saltley has restarted. Reconnect now.
Roadrunner: Night, Nell.
304033: Im going as well (NELL) have a good night.
Roadrunner: *Gonz
Roadrunner: OK Donz. See you next time.
Roadrunner: Saltley will restart soon.
Gonzo75: Thanks for the host, I'm gonna drop out now.
Roadrunner: I will restart shortly.
Roadrunner: *stepping up!
Roadrunner: Saltley stopped-automatic connection with port numbers tepping up!
Roadrunner: TR66 reconnect to Saltley.
Roadrunner: Saltley session under way.
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Roadrunner: See you there soon, Gonz.
Gonzo75: Enjoyed Saltley last night, not a sim I am familiar with so will look forward to another session!
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
DaveHarries: 2 panels free. COme on you lot
tjfrancis: «link» that link dave
DaveHarries: ah ok goit ot
DaveHarries: Which was.....?
tjfrancis: it up as well
tjfrancis: no it the wm ip dave
DaveHarries: The original post has gone from the forum
DaveHarries: Can't be same IP as VC
tjfrancis: it is same as before on same ip and same port as wm
tjfrancis: give me two mits
DaveHarries: What is the IP for WM?
flyingpigs123456: VC Closed due to personal resons, WM will continue
flyingpigs123456: I am giving it to 21:00 if VC has no new connections, tony will continue the host as WM ONLY
flyingpigs123456: 1 Panel Free on Wembley Mainline
2 or 3 Panels Free on Victoria Central
tjfrancis: have you installed the System files
Loch Long: how do I get my Simsig to run, my computer keeps asking me for an App? :_(
flyingpigs123456: VC/WM (Victoria Central/Wembley Mainline) about to start

Please stand clear of the doors
flyingpigs123456: Ahh, just updating, didn't relise the was an update
DaveHarries: Can't connect on VC: host needs to update VC apparently.
flyingpigs123456: VC & WM now open
marquel41494: I Can Host Freeware for people that dont have it
DaveHarries: Could always add WM if demand is there
DaveHarries: VC for sure
flyingpigs123456: Anyone up for VC + WM?
flyingpigs123456: I'm home after being on a train which went through a lever crossing NOT lowered
flyingpigs123456: Which Victoria?
DaveHarries: A Victoria session would be fun.
DaveHarries: Anyone hosting this evening?
Steamer: Please could a mod approve my upload?
GeoffM: Thanks RR - deleted.
Roadrunner: The links below are spam. Do NOT click on them.
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Hi, Supernova. Yes, it is.
supernova: saltley still open??
Roadrunner: ArabianNights-see PM.
tjfrancis: joining in now
Roadrunner: Hello, TJF. Saltley is open now.
Roadrunner: Saltley is open for connections. Log-in NOW to join this multiplay. New players are welcome.
tjfrancis: is saltley open or wll it open at 20:10
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
Roadrunner: Are you free, Mr.Humpries? I'm free!
DaveHarries: Still hoping for a sesh at some point this evening. I guess not everyone is home from work / college, etc. yet...
flyingpigs123456: Dosn't look like my ports want to play ball (I'm checking it with Tony)
flyingpigs123456: I don't know if my ports are working atm
DaveHarries: Sounds fine to me. Would stay until dinner, then probably return after. Haven't played Victoria for a while but I don't mind WH.
tjfrancis: i do not have WH so for that reason I out
flyingpigs123456: OKay, is anyone up for WH? (I've made my mind up on WH
tjfrancis: yes i wll be up for that
DSeaWall: anyway I'm afraid i can't join tonight. :(
DSeaWall: i suppose...
flyingpigs123456: That was hour ago, you know how if my mind isn't used much I get distracted
DSeaWall: thomas I thought you said you weren't up for a sim...
flyingpigs123456: Anyone interested in doing New Street?
DaveHarries: I would be up for something
Insulfrog3: depends on what sim you are planning to host
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for a host? I'm willing to host a sim if anyone is interested in playing :)
mfcooper: Early turn tomorrow - off to bed rather than hosting.
DaveHarries: I can't host either as my TT files are all on my old PC.
peterb: Can't host but would be a willing participate. Can't do victoria though.
JamesN: I concur, just waiting for the train home!
DaveHarries: Any hosting tonight? A Victoria one would be fun.
belly buster: Carlisle closed
belly buster: Carlisle open «link»
DaveHarries: Damnitski. Got off work late or I would have been in sooner.
headshot119: That session is over Dave
DaveHarries: Just going to have dinner, then I will join the VC session
mfcooper: (Oh, and James, thanks for having a look. Found one now)
mfcooper: Victoria Central host now open - Also on teamspeak
mfcooper: Thanks Steamer :-)
Steamer: Loader 4.1.2, Vic C 1.3
mfcooper: I have public & Tester Loaders and sims - what's public versions for current Loader and VicC?
Underwood: Nope, got 4 timetables but only one save at 0011!

Thought I had one for the early 2005 TT but I can't see it
Underwood: Might have, I'll have a look
mfcooper: Anyone got a good Vic Central save?
marquel41494: :)
Finger: Stafford closed. Thanks PAN, MARQ, NZAJ for playing
panpantom: hectic stafford is on. help.
Finger: Stafford is open. Hope others join, too.
panpantom: Finger STA yes until 2200BST but hope others can join
Finger: Does anybody fancy a hectic game of Stafford?
belly buster: Carlisle Closed. Many hours ago actually!
belly buster: Carlisle open «link»
Roadrunner: Thanks, Colliea. Great players too! Glad you enjoyed it.
colliea: Great host again Aron :D
Roadrunner: Waterloo has closed.
Roadrunner: Waterloo open for connections.
Roadrunner: Waterloo Loader session starting soon.
nyoung590: Tony, Dave and Albert are you still availible to play again at 2020?
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
Albert: Panels free @ KX
tjfrancis: 2 free panles
tjfrancis: hitchin stll free
tjfrancis: thats wll be fine
lelo4851: ill join and take hitchin if you would like
tjfrancis: yes hitchin free
lelo4851: any space on kings cross
DaveHarries: only 2 players in so far. The more the merrier!
tjfrancis: now up and runing
tjfrancis: and ts wll be in use as well
tjfrancis: ok i wll set it up now
nyoung590: please tjfrancis that would be awesome if you could
tjfrancis: i can set up a kings cross if you got no luck myoung590
nyoung590: sorry - still no joy
belly buster: 3rd you might need to open the ports in your firewall or anti-virus
belly buster: 2nd make sure your router is forwarding to the right internal IP
nyoung590: it is
belly buster: 1st make sure simsig is running and in server mode :)
nyoung590: it confirms the IP etc but i cant seem to open the port
belly buster: Also if you go to that link it will confirm your external IP address too
nyoung590: sorry guys no clue what the problem is
Finger: Still nothing. Are you sure the IP address is correct? Can you successfully ping yourself using some of the online tools?
belly buster: nyoung go to «link» put in your IP and 50505 for the port. You need this to be reporting "Open"
tjfrancis: got the same as dave harries
nyoung590: try now
nyoung590: it seems to be open in my hub manager?
georgerb: Just tried once more. Same result. A ping on your port 50505 is reporting CLOSED.
DaveHarries: still no success here
nyoung590: have checked port forwarding and it seems to be open. have restarted the sim with same settings
georgerb: Tried again. Still rejecting my connection.
nyoung590: i think so Finger - barewith
Finger: nyoung, the port is not open. Have you set up port forwarding?
DaveHarries: I can't connect either
nyoung590: georgerb - try again, i will attempt to accept you
georgerb: Has anyone managed to connect to KX ?
georgerb: On KX that is
georgerb: Server is not accepting me.
nyoung590: *open for connections (Sorry!)
nyoung590: *know
nyoung590: KGX OPEN (i kow im early)
DaveHarries: I hadn't but that worked. ta.
headshot119: Dave you done CTRL + F5?
DaveHarries: Shoutbox still opens wide for me. Tried typing the javascript line given in the forums but no success.
nyoung590: Thanks, will update the forum post
Finger: Yes, it is OK when you run it from 0000.
nyoung590: Finger - thanks, is the normal 1985 timetable with 0000 start ok?
Finger: nyoung590 - as you write you are a beginner, I strongly advise you NOT to use the 1985 timetable with 0600 start. This timetable doesn't work well with the Loader sim, there are missing locos, trains that should have left long ago and such. Either run it form midnight, or try a different timetable.
nyoung590: will be accepting connections from 1745 as per forum post
nyoung590: Anyone up for a bit of KGX?
DSeaWall: No more talk of Llanfair PG then!
DSeaWall: Only goes back to normal If you refresh the page.
John 23: Shout box opened wide for me just now, but cured by pressing F5
Finger: Stafford closed
colliea: Yes all seems fixed :) Phew
officer dibble: Seems to be in order here now...
Lardybiker: It didn't work for me till a refresh either
mfcooper: Hmmm. It requires a "Refresh" of the SimSig site. But it's working now
mfcooper: That's not fixed in my version of Chrome...
KymriskaDraken: Looks OK in Mac Safari as well.
Peter Bennet: That's looks fixed for me in both Firefox and Chrome. Don't know who fixed or how.
Finger: Stafford reopened
Finger: Sorry, corrected the forum post. Now, it does contain the IP address :)
Finger: Stafford open
Finger: On it...
panpantom: STA yes
Finger: Would there be interest for a quick game of Stafford?
TimTamToe: ta dah :)
y10g9: and all fixed
y10g9: window
y10g9: viewing
y10g9: this
y10g9: form
y10g9: it)
y10g9: in
y10g9: spaces
y10g9: no
y10g9: has
y10g9: which
y10g9: text
y10g9: (the
y10g9: text
y10g9: bad
y10g9: the
y10g9: remove
y10g9: to
y10g9: is
y10g9: box
y10g9: shout
y10g9: the
y10g9: fix
y10g9: to
y10g9: way
y10g9: the
y10g9: the shout box goes like this when there are messages with no spaces in the text. The softwares doesn't know where to put line drops in so it puts it all on one line
colliea: Ah ha - random but when I typed that message it's now fixed :-*
colliea: Done that and still got the widescreen version. I'm on firefox - don't know if that might add to the issue!?
DSeaWall: Thanks to whoever fixed it
DSeaWall: fine for me :)
Prof Jolly: not now ive refreshed the page
colliea: Is it still broken for you Prof?
Prof Jolly: *whos
Prof Jolly: hows broke it now? :P
colliea: Morning - still broken for me :(
Peter Bennet: Looks like it.
Peter Bennet: qwertyuiopoeteterwrrdrgdgdgdfvxdvxvsrgeargergagawgergrgergargargargaregaergaregae
DSeaWall: Good news! The shoutbox is fixed!
colliea: Night
Prof Jolly: night all
Roadrunner: Goodnight, Chaps. Toodle-oo. Until next time.
Roadrunner: You must use the standard regulation font size-otherwise that's cheating.
Prof Jolly: javascript: document.getElementById('KIDE_div').style.width = "200px";
colliea: Depends how big the letters are :)
Roadrunner: Is the platform long enough to fit the station sign?
Prof Jolly: i typed no hypens in either name
Roadrunner: I could try typing the German Federal Environment Minister-that is quite long too.
Roadrunner: I suspect sabotage!
colliea: hyphen
Prof Jolly: it didnt break first time i typed it tho :(
Roadrunner: It broke again. Now Widescreen!
colliea: Thats Profs fault
Prof Jolly: hmm shout box has broke again :(
colliea: Yes - checked in it's in the NW one. - Bangor panel
Roadrunner: #And now, the end is near...#
colliea: Cheers Aron
Roadrunner: It is. North Wales Coast, I think.

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