22 - 07 - 2014

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flyingpigs123456: KX full, 2 in queue atm
belly buster: Wembley Mainline open «link»
flyingpigs123456: KX now full :)
flyingpigs123456: Only Welwyn if up for grabs, starting very soon :)
flyingpigs123456: Only 1 panel up for grabs on KX
flyingpigs123456: KX now up
flyingpigs123456: Hmmm Marylebone closed, give me a few mins to put Kings Cross up
arabianights: course, if you wanted a compromise solution, euston is roughly half way between kings cross and marylebone...
arabianights: *waits til 21:10*
flyingpigs123456: If no one joins by 21:10 UK Time, I will be closing Marylebone and opening Kings Cross
flyingpigs123456: Marylebone is up in the form if anyone wants to join, accepting connections now :)
arabianights: wot up
Bagnall2067: Exeter closed
Bagnall2067: Exeter closing in 10 mins
Bagnall2067: Exeter full at the moment, no-one in queue
Bagnall2067: Gonna continue the Exeter session from Sunday from 1715. Details on forum.
Roadrunner: KX has closed.
Roadrunner: KX closing soon.
Roadrunner: Cross panel is taken. You were too slow. Other panels still available. Join NOW.
Roadrunner: Cross panel available. If you have never run it, NOW is your chance.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections. Log-in NOW to join the game.
Roadrunner: I need two players for KX. Shout now if you are interested.
belly buster: Downloads are here «link»
belly buster: bbkaya download and install the system files first, then download the games
bbkaya: Should I the game download?
bbkaya: How could I play this dispatcher game?
bbkaya: Hello Guys ! I'm new bee
Bagnall2067: Anyone up for spot of Exeter?
flyingpigs123456: Well 2nd day I hosted it in a row so I'll host it again soon
RL1180: Hope to see it hosted again in the future!
DSeaWall: Sorry RL
RL1180: Really enjoyed trying out the new sim.
RL1180: No worries. Thanks for the host!
RL1180: It appears I have disconnected...
flyingpigs123456: Sorry guys, Wembley Mainline crashed on me (forgot to put auto save on aswell :( )
flyingpigs123456: Wembley Mainline will be closing at 19:00 UK Time

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Any donations you make will go mostly to the developer of that simulation but a small amount will be retained to help pay for the website and our own costs associated with SimSig such as purchasing of development software. We accept payment via PayPal, through which donations will initially go to SimSig Ltd. From there I distribute the donations to the appropriate parties. Those parties will have full visibility of funds to ensure fair play.

I hate to ask for donations but advertising alone does not always pay for the bandwidth of the website, let alone research trips and materials for the creation of new simulations.

People who donate £10 or more, or who have donated £10 or more in the past, may be offered exclusive previews or other exciting things that non-donors will be ineligable for, so make a donation now!

With that over with, I hope you are able to support future development of SimSig. Remember that other products on the market can cost £20-£30 or more just for the simulation - often only part of a signalbox, and then you might need to pay to buy a timetable editor or even pay to buy additional timetables.



If you would like to make a donation to the developers, please visit the Shop and choose which simulations to donate to. Note that a PayPal account is not required - you can pay by credit or debit card without logging in.

Please do not send cheques or use any other payment method.

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