23 - 11 - 2014

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tjfrancis: exeter now cloused thanks to all who joined
tjfrancis: clouseing in 10 mits
DaveHarries: got d/c here
tjfrancis: yes
BarryM: Is IP still the same?
BarryM: No connection
tjfrancis: try and come in now
tjfrancis: reseting sim and internet port
tjfrancis: stll got 2 pepoule in sim
BarryM: Tony still being disconnected!
mackeral1234: still disconnecting
tjfrancis: try again mark
mackeral1234: exeter disconnectin me
DaveHarries: I am in.
tjfrancis: it is comeing up that you are trying to come in
BarryM: no connection
tjfrancis: who just try to come in to exeter try again
tjfrancis: it up with same ip and port
tjfrancis: it comeing back up in 2 mits
HST125Scorton: CTC I have the emails you send thank you
Gapiro: Will exeter be up in around 30mins still?
BarryM: CTC TS?
CTCThiago: HST (Aaron, check your e-mail)
tjfrancis: exeter cloused may try later
tjfrancis: can some one try and come in i just changed some settings
tjfrancis: try now
tjfrancis: give me 2 mits i wll look at it
AndyG: Exeter not connecting
HST125Scorton: i've re-timed it 0M44 to enter 0005
tjfrancis: exeter now up
CTCThiago: Fixed 0M44.
CTCThiago: ok
HST125Scorton: no sorry
CTCThiago: Do you have Skype mate?
HST125Scorton: i think i will have to get 0M44 re-timed thats only problem that will araise
HST125Scorton: no problem
CTCThiago: Received too, Thanks.
peterb: received with thanks.]
HST125Scorton: email sent, should be from a scorton125
CTCThiago: Okay, Thanks mate.
TimTamToe: agrre peter as also helps iron out anything that slips thru the net
peterb: check your PMs
HST125Scorton: Peter can i send it to you?
HST125Scorton: email on its way to you in a sec CTC thanks for emailing
peterb: It's quicker to send it to people willing to test, you'll be waiting a few days for the website upload to be approved
peterb: I don't mind testing.
CTCThiago: HST, check PM
HST125Scorton: 402 trains
HST125Scorton: ok thanks to both im currenlty testing as im typing here
CTCThiago: User-contributed/Timetables/Carlisle
TimTamToe: if you're not sure who to test it pop a note on the forum for people to PM you if interested then you can get their emails to test..i'll PM you with some info
CTCThiago: You will be at Simsig repository, fill the forms and make sure you choose the right location for your TT File
CTCThiago: If you not gonna test it, you can upload it directly by clicking on Downloads tab, then Submit File
HST125Scorton: ah right thanks, so where what do i do now its written?
TimTamToe: it doesn't get uploaded for testing...writers email it across to people to test hth
HST125Scorton: i have a complete 2014 Nov Carlisle TT ready where do i go now? where do i upload for testing then release
jadamson2704: thanks for hosting
CTCThiago: Thanks all for joining!
CTCThiago: at least was fun lol
CTCThiago: Finally closed, My head is blowing what a mess
Trainfan344: Just closed.
Aaron86: "was" because is no longer running?
Trainfan344: The answer was yes
Trainfan344: KX still running?
CTCThiago: KX up, connections from 1730 UK (in 5 minutes)
Finger: I would be there :)
CTCThiago: 1977 1500hs A bit busy with delays on
Finger: Which TT, CTC?
Trainfan344: I would be, but can't access internet at home yet.
CTCThiago: Anyone up for a KX session in some minutes?
HST125Scorton: ok thanks Steaner
Steamer: S863 is the last required timing point, you can add Lockerbie if you want and the TT will still validate.
HST125Scorton: little help, when trains leave the carlisle area going north Kirkpatrick S863 is the last sig do i need to put Lockerbie on the TT ?
robputt796: Closing Kings Cross at 22:30
Trainfan344: Hello All
robputt796: Kings Cross Started, still panels available
chrisptinney: tjfrancis you there? Lost connection and cant seem to get back onto the server?
tjfrancis: exeter is now cloused due to my internt has crashed
robputt796: Server restarted with new timetable
robputt796: Let me restart with the updates version
robputt796: ohhh, I didnt realise the timetable was broken :(
Finger: robputt796: another hosting of the broken 1985 (0600 start) timetable?
robputt796: Kings Cross starting in 12 minutes
robputt796: Kings cross open :-)
robputt796: anyone for some kings x?
tjfrancis: exter now open
mackeral1234: im up for till 0000
mackeral1234: plz
CTCThiago: Please connections from 2240 UK, I'll be AFK for 10 minutes, Trent is up in the session details.
mackeral1234: yes
DaveHarries: Sounds great to me
CTCThiago: I'll try Trent, in some minutes, if you guys up for?
tjfrancis: i was going to host today but new internet card did not come
DaveHarries: (if anyone hosts one: no pressure!)
DaveHarries: A session of some sort this evening would be great.
tjfrancis: i wll put a host up but not today it wll be on friday after 5:30 pm ish
chrisptinney: Anyone likely to host a session this eve??
HST125Scorton: Ok that's great I will crack on, but take a look at the others to get a understanding
TimTamToe: maybe have a look at some of the released ones and see how they have done it hth
TimTamToe: haven't written for Carlisle personally but I would think that having two trains and rules would be the best way
HST125Scorton: Brilliant thanks again, will be adding again.. A lot go into Carlisle Yard and come out ages later do I need to make 2 separate trains with rules
TimTamToe: yes that's right train types can be for anything
HST125Scorton: Ah thanks, so where I've added the Passenger train types I also add the freights there? Some trains are mixed as far as I know
TimTamToe: great minds eh steamer :)
TimTamToe: then if you select the train type first whatever you have named your train type eg Cl 66 +xxxx will be in the description field of the tt then just need to add in start & destination
TimTamToe: If so use train types to create them rather than a custom train type...
TimTamToe: HST are there a lot of your freights that have same amount of loco & wagons?
Steamer: You can create a train type to use the same properties again and again
HST125Scorton: Can anyone suggest and easier way to do freights on a TT? I've used length calculator and go me fright meters.. But what would I need to input in the TT to show e.g. 66/4 + 18 IDAs 4S45 Dav - Coat?
Finger: Brighton now closed, thanks to all that joined
Finger: Brighton closing soon
Finger: Brighton is open «link»
Steamer: KX is one of the hardest sims, and Cambridge isn't far behind.
Steamer: dashdota- take a look at the 'Beginner' section of this page for some inspiration: «link»
dashdotat: Yeah if there's a session going I'll join :)
DaveHarries: I will join a session if someone hosts one.
dashdotat: I've not tried Waterloo yet - I've stuck to Royston/KingsX/Cambridge/Peterborough as they're areas I know reasonably well already :)
chrisptinney: Ive only been doing Waterloo, Find it just about right on my own with that one, but pretty much on the limit!
dashdotat: I'm new to SimSig - been playing Royston (and get on well) but the bigger routes/boards are too much for me to get to grips with on my own at the moment :(
chrisptinney: Anyone doing a session this eve?? Not done a Multiplayer yet
Finger: Would anybody play a little of Brighton?
KymriskaDraken: Wembley ML from 1330. Details in forum
Temple Meads: South Humberside session - and timetable - finished, despite a points failure blocking the last two trains! Thanks to BAZZ, TONY, JP, DAVE, MIKE, ANDG, MICK, RYAN, and AURO for playing!
Temple Meads: SH now open.
Temple Meads: Anyway, South Humberside session from 20:45 GMT. Details up soon.
Temple Meads: I'm on 8.1 too, it's working fine, apart from the random reset. Think Finger might be right about cookies causing my issue.
BarryM: I have done all that. Maybe its W8.1. I had no problem with XP!
Finger: TM maybe you're just losing cookies every so often?
Finger: Barry, in that case, watch for the leftmost icon. It has to be green, not orange. You have to hover over the shoutbox everytime you load the page to engage it and get live messages.
BarryM: Something strange happening as I do not get messages straight away. Need to F5!
Temple Meads: It seems to turn itself off for me, every so often!
BarryM: Is now!
Finger: I've never encountered that it genuinely didn't work
Finger: Barry, is the loudspeaker having a green plus beside it, and the leftmost icon also green?
BarryM: am not getting the "beep"!
Temple Meads: Finger just got there before me! Yes, I do get a sound, but it seems to frequently reset to 'off'.
Finger: (so eg. I get the sound if and only if I turn it on)
Finger: Barry, it is controlled by the loudspeaker icon just above the shoutbox
BarryM: TIM, Do you get a sound when a message is placed in this Box?
Temple Meads: So, who wants a session?
Trainfan344: Hello again!
Finger: Brighton, anyone?
DaveHarries: lol.
canis: Think I'll go to bed instead.
canis: After 27 mins of play: TOTAL SCORE -106 IS NEGATIVE!
canis: Haha! Someone said "try Kings Cross" ... What the ... ?
HHeming: West Hampstead has now closed, thanks for playing
HHeming: no panels available at west hampstead
HHeming: one panel left at West Hampstead
HHeming: West Hampstead will be accepting connections at 2030GMT
Roadrunner: KX has closed.
tjfrancis: cross now clouse
tjfrancis: only one palnle is left
Roadrunner: TJF is back-feel free to connect to KX.
tjfrancis: i an now back
Roadrunner: No connections to KX please-host is away. Will let you know when he returns.
tjfrancis: i wll say when i am back
tjfrancis: going afk for 30 mits so i wll be able to take any conexions
tjfrancis: only 1 panle is left on sim
Temple Meads: West Hampstead closing soon.
tjfrancis: cross now going with 3 panles going all are wecome
tjfrancis: dave try now
tjfrancis: only just came thouth
DaveHarries: I am not in either
robputt796: Damn, I can't connect :-( Think it's this damn firewall again
Roadrunner: Waiting for TJF to accept connections.
robputt796: I have a version mismatch, just updating and will join shortly.
robputt796: :D
robputt796: Thanks
tjfrancis: it in post
robputt796: Any idea of IP / Port?
tjfrancis: kings cross is up and takeing connexsions
Roadrunner: Thanks, TJF. See you later.
tjfrancis: i wll put post in in 10 mits
tjfrancis: hi aron
robputt796: Ok, I'll search the forum
Roadrunner: Hello, TJF.
tjfrancis: ok i wll set one up for a 6:pm start
Roadrunner: I am not an expert, but I am sure there are a few out there.
robputt796: :-D
robputt796: its the only thing I have Windows on my Mac for... would be nice to ditch the Windows partition
robputt796: On another note, anyone had any luck getting V4 Launcher sims to work under WINE?
Roadrunner: All those are very popular.
robputt796: South west area
robputt796: I tend to play areas I know, Exeter, Bristol, Gloucester
robputt796: I don't have WH :-( .
Roadrunner: West Hampstead is on now, if you have that one (payware).
robputt796: Yep
Roadrunner: Hi, Rob. Do you mean multiplayer?
robputt796: Any serevrs with free slots tonight?
Temple Meads: AndyG - please reconnect to WH - I was on the phone
Roadrunner: Hello, TJF. Count me in.
tjfrancis: i can open a kings cross for the ones that do not have west hampstead if they is a enough people
Temple Meads: WH open.
Temple Meads: West Hampstead from 16:15 GMT, details up soon.
flyingpigs123456: Somethings came up, Exeter closed
flyingpigs123456: More people on Exeter would come in handy
flyingpigs123456: Exeter running, only small panels free
DSeaWall: Exeter Project X, P1 closed. Could be fun. In OH1 on teamspeak.
flyingpigs123456: Hello people, I've set up a Exeter host (because why not) I will be playing it with or without connections :)
Roadrunner: Sheffield has closed. That shook some rust off. Good effort by all involved. Goodnight.
Roadrunner: BAZZ-rejoin if you can.
Roadrunner: Sheffield 1983 is open for connections. Back to the Future!
Roadrunner: Get your thinking hats on! Sheffield starting soon.
Roadrunner: I will look-in again later, as I need to eat (something healthy!) BFN.
Roadrunner: Not D-Day, but PC-Day !
Trainfan344: T-minus 6 days (not counting I swear)
Roadrunner: Hello, Trainfan.
Trainfan344: Hello all.
DaveHarries: Any games tonight?
Temple Meads: South Humberside closed. Thanks to AURO, AJRO, ANDG, AJP, DE, JP, MIKE, MICK, ARON and NJB for playing!
HST125Scorton: ah thanks will be there :D
Temple Meads: I don't do requests for panels, but if you get the sim ready and connect as 2100 comes around, I'm sure you stand a great chance! :)
HST125Scorton: Ta can i reserve Barnetby panel?
Temple Meads: I'll put South Humberside on from 21:00 GMT. Details up soon.
HST125Scorton: hoping Roadrunner hosts this evening,
Trainfan344: nowt for me.
Temple Meads: Happy to host or play tonight :)
HST125Scorton: Whats on the hosting list this evening?
Roadrunner: Me too, catch you later. BFN.
Trainfan344: Right, I'm off for a bit, i'll probably be back a little bit later.
Roadrunner: Excellent-gathering converts to the cause while partaking of the local hospitality. I find that a really strong brew and SimSig go well together.
Trainfan344: Went to visit a large theme park in staffordshire with a group of theme park people and may have ended up sat in a bar area having a discussions about trains and signalling :P
Roadrunner: Hello, Entimix. Good to hear from you too.
Roadrunner: haha - I hope it is just the thing for your essays, papers and research (where is the nearest pub?), not to mention a certain railway signalling simulation.
Trainfan344: They'll find a way
Roadrunner: Hasn't XP been withdrawn?
Trainfan344: Waiting for it to be complete with windows XP.
Roadrunner: I want one WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trainfan344: My old one got to the point at which half the keyboard broke, and was slow as well :P Not expecting much from this new one as student finance have funded it, but it get delivers next week. :P
Roadrunner: And I am mad jealous that you have a new PC and I don't! :)
Roadrunner: The less hosting that takes place, the less likely that people will show up. That is my theory, anyway.
Roadrunner: Pleased to hear that - the more hosting the better and get some shout box activity going too.
Trainfan344: How did it get so dead on here?
Roadrunner: I am glad you broke the silence, but sad that it occurred.
Trainfan344: Hi RoadRunner, I shall be back on multiplayers in about a week (if the new laptop will run simsig alright)
Roadrunner: Hello, Trainfan. You just broke a shout box "radio silence" of 43 hours!
Trainfan344: Nearly two days without a post.
Entimix: Somebody breaks the silence!
Trainfan344: Hello, how are we all?
Roadrunner: Canis-see PM.
canis: Yes, that's what i've been doing. Although the link you've provided sheds some light on it. Something about "at the first signal" which I haven't properly understood yet. Reading it again.
Steamer: Are you interposing descriptions at the signal before the trains leave?
Steamer: As I said below- for the headcode to leave the station, it must be at the London end of the station
canis: They always spawn without a headcode. It must be provided manually. But the effect seems to be temporary.
canis: Any of the trains which spawn in sidings (e.g. Lovers Walk, Hove, Wall Sidings) by telehpone. The telephone message does contain the headcode, and it'll last until it reaches a station, and until it leaves. Shortly after leaving, they revert back to *X**.
Steamer: Can you name a specific train, and list the actions that you take?
canis: It tells me how to interpose trains. Doesn't say why they lose them though, hence my question. Nevermind.
canis: YES I've read the manual (!)
Steamer: TDs at the buffers will not be carried out
canis: Not all trains do it, only the ones with no headcodes as they appear out of sidings. They have no identity until one is given to them manually, and are prone to losing their identities - well, practically all the time actually.
Steamer: For a description to be taken out by the train, it must be at the London end of the station
Steamer: There's a special note about the train describer at Brighton
Steamer: Have you read the manual? «link»
canis: Brighton, but all of 'em on the Brighton map.
Steamer: Which station?
canis: Nope, they do it all by themselves. I give em a headcode, they leave the station, i scroll across to take care fo something else, scroll back and *X**. Keeps on happening.
Steamer: Pressing F2 will open the Train List and should help you narrow down the possibilities
Steamer: Have you been routing trains via Shunt signals instead of main signals?
Steamer: It shouldn't spontaneously lose the description- you've done something wrong
canis: Hi chaps. Question for ya: How do you find out what a train is when, despite interposing it correctly, it sneakily renames itself to *X** whilst off-screen?
shane252: Thanks all
shane252: Hi there, the problem was not being able to find the root directory. Have now done it after reinstalling and manually placing files into the directory for simsig.
mfcooper: hold on...
Shane, have you managed to download and/or install anything yet? If so, what?
mfcooper: There is a link to the system files on the page JamesN linked to...
shane252: Yes I have but am stuck when it says "download the installer from the downloads area, :-/
JamesN: «link» Follow this tutorial
shane252: where is the file installer anyone please?
Roadrunner: Canis-go to Show-Options-Failures, move sliders to the left side, change Max Failures to 0, click OK. No more failures will be generated, but you will have to wait for the curent ones to expire (or simply start from scratch (File-New Simulation). Make sure you pick an easy scenario that doesn't have a lot of failures.
canis: I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong to keep getting all these red areas. And I can't find a fix for it. Forcing trains to procede doesn't seem to help, either, and is impossible if the points are set unfavourably. I can't find a fix for this.
Temple Meads: VC closed, thanks to NZAJ, BAZZ, ANDG, JOHN and DAVE for playing :)
Roadrunner: Last word-The option to type-in the headcode is called "interpose". There endeth tonight's lecture. I hope to see you when I next host a multi-play internet session, usually on Friday or Saturday evening, from 9 PM-ish.
Roadrunner: Good Luck, Canis. (Go to Menu-Options-General and untick the box "right-click cancels route", then click OK, if you find that you don't have the option to type-in the headcode.)
canis: Thanks RR, I'll give it a try.
Roadrunner: Note the headcode of the train before it passes the failure, as it is often lost as it passes through. On the other side of the failure, right-click on the track to type-in the headcode of the train.
Roadrunner: Red track that is not a train is a Track Circuit Failure (this equipment detects the presence of a train). The preceding signal will stay on red. Trains will phone you for permission to pass the red signal. Select the option "examine the track" when they phone. Go to Menu-Options-Failures to increase or reduce the number of failures that occur.
canis: I keep getting areas of red track which become unuseable. Seems to have something to do with unnamed trains. Can someone tell me how do I deal with these?
Temple Meads: VC open
Temple Meads: Victoria central from 20:45 GMT, details up soon.
HST125Scorton: There won't be a host by me this evening as i'm nipping to Preston to get 68011
HST125Scorton: good length calculator thanks Steamer.. With my freights in no time
HST125Scorton: i know the freighlliner coal hoppers are between 19 and 21
Steamer: Failing that, stick a request in the main bit of the Forum where more people can see it and someone might be able to supply more detailed information
Steamer: I'd suggest You-Tubing some trains to find a typical number of wagons
Steamer: There's a Length Calculator available here: «link»
HST125Scorton: Anyone know where i could find the Freight characteristics Lengths as there needed for my Carlisle TT
mackeral1234: I was looking at update the timetables for next year and needed Corwen :)
Steamer: As references to Corwen have been struck through in the manual, I'm guessing the update hasn't been released yet.
mackeral1234: How do we update Sims - ie: Llangollen with the extension to Corwen
HST125Scorton: i'm not hosting this evening but will be tomorrow..
mackeral1234: any sim this evening
HST125Scorton: Would anyone know where i could find the Freight characteristics Lengths as there needed for my Carlisle TT
tjfrancis: is any one up for a sim
HST125Scorton: Exeter Closed, thanks to all that joined :D
HST125Scorton: Exeter closing up now
HST125Scorton: Exeter Closing in 30mins, no more connections
HST125Scorton: Exeter now open starting in 3min
DaveHarries: Good. I will join. See you there.

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