28 - 11 - 2015

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TheBVE2010: The last session had to be cut short
TheBVE2010: Anyone up for a bit of Exeter?
KymriskaDraken: Nope. NLL scrolly was a beta and they are not available any more.
Giantray: I miss the scrolly version of the North London Line, cannot seem to get into the paged version. Maybe I need more screens on my PC.
EddyHarris: Is there somewhere I can download the North London Line scrolly version?
TheBVE2010: Sorry WSM. My router was playing up.
WinsfordSaltMine: No More connections, thanks to all who joined
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford closed
WinsfordSaltMine: Leon, you still there, you panels are still free if you want to come back
WinsfordSaltMine: that's a Saturday, a weekday is busier
Trainfan344: Link for RTT showing Frieght at Stafford today. «link»
Trainfan344: Plenty of panels free on Stafford
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford Up
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok, I set it up for a 16:00 start we will run till 18:00, may continue later
Trainfan344: I'm up for it
TheBVE2010: I'll join!
WinsfordSaltMine: If anyone is free, I could set up a test session for Stafford TT, let me know if you want to join and I'll out it up in forum
TheBVE2010: Sounds good. Not sure if I'll be able to buy all 3 of them though
class_456_rocks: Rugby!
TheBVE2010: Great news guys! My mum's going to buy me a sim. But which one should it be?
TheBVE2010: I'm in
Entimix: Open.
Entimix: Can be run in windowed mode too, but yes, it's one of the older paged sims
jeffh16: yes, it's one of the full screen sims
TheBVE2010: Cool, I'll be joining you guys then :)
Entimix: It is, yes
TheBVE2010: Is Cambridge donationware?
jeffh16: I can do cambridge
arabianights: haven't done Cam for a while, go for it
arabianights: but actually
arabianights: lol I was trying to head off Cambridge cause I bet that was what you were going to go for
TheBVE2010: If you do a payware sim, could it be LTS, VicC or VicS please. They're all I have
Entimix: Not a loader, but how does Cambridge sound for people? If not I can keep looking...
arabianights: a loader sim!
Entimix: Cool, any preferences? I'll see what I have saves for...
arabianights: I would join something
TheBVE2010: I'm up for it
jeffh16: Im interested, nights start tomorrow so need to stay awake
Entimix: I could host instead if there's still interest...
arabianights: too tired to host never mind
arabianights: Just leaving swimming pool now so will be another 30
Finger: I think it will rather be swimwear ;)
TheBVE2010: Can it be a donationware sim plz
arabianights: going swimming if no one else hostin anything by 9:30 I will
arabianights: no probs
DaveHarries: Thanks arabian. Hadn't realised that.
DaveHarries: Yes
arabianights: do that and the banner will change
DaveHarries: ok thanks.
arabianights: not to the banner, to the signal the banner is for I mean
DaveHarries: No.
arabianights: banner doesn't change unless there's a train that woudl see it
arabianights: did you set a route from RN3355 to the banner?
DaveHarries: Ah well that is interesting. I set a route from RN3357 and the BR didn't change. Have reported it as a bug. The same goers for the BR for TK5227 on Rugby SOuth.
arabianights: it also does this, by the way, in the WCML Rugby Trent Valley route on train simulator
arabianights: you will have to set a route from RN3355 as well to activate the banner
arabianights: RN3357
arabianights: its on the fast I will find it
DaveHarries: Which sigs on Rugby? I set all the routes with repeaters that I could see.
Splodge: It does it on Rugby, I think there are a couple of others as well.
DaveHarries: Just a thought. I seem to recall seeing on one sim where one of the banner repeater signals went Green if the signal ahead was also green. Am I right (in which case, which sim?) or am I wrong on this one?
arabianights: shame I'd quite like a marylebone game
arabianights: Doesn't look like the Marylebone one is up either
TheBVE2010: Any freeware sessions today?
Guts: Done for the night Guys. Knackered
BarryM: AndyG Guts has decided to continue
arabianights: WH is closed now
Guts: SwinDid, Bristol and Gloucester up
Entimix: Sadly I don't have WH
arabianights: sim is intense so assistance would be lovely :)
arabianights: panel is about to come free on WH
Tomiexpress: pm send
Guts: Send me your IP as well please
Guts: I sent a new email. did you get it??
Tomiexpress: im ready now
Guts: Message sent Tomi
arabianights: (and it is restarted)
arabianights: WH will restart in 2
Tomiexpress: Guts, nothing incoming yet
HST125Scorton: Any other hosts tonight?
Tomiexpress: reply send
Tomiexpress: ok
Guts: Two sec Tomi
Tomiexpress: Guts, give me save of Swin and ip then ill try connect to U :)
arabianights: West Hampstead closed for 90 minutes, 1 in queue at that time, I expect it to reopen with 1 panel free
Guts: I've got the saved files that I can send to anyone who wants to host and connect to me.
Guts: I don't even mind someone hosting one of the other and connecting to mine
Guts: I was thinking of 3 types

WH and VSE


Guts: Anyone want a big Chain?
arabianights: WH open for connections: «link»
jeffh16: looking for someone to play brighton with as a 2p sim, message me for details (you'll be working the haywards heath end)
arabianights: closed w.h.
arabianights: panel free on WH
arabianights: west hampstead game open for connections
jeffh16: Birmingham closing at 2200
class_456_rocks: Good evening everyone :)
TheBVE2010: WAIT a second! Matt Peddlesden's here!!!
TheBVE2010: Anyone fancy a bit of Exeter?
headshot119: And if you don't yet own New Street why not buy it and get 15% off «link»
jeffh16: just setting up a New Street host, details in forum shortly
HST125Scorton: Just bought Motherwell :P
GeoffM: Thanksgiving Day sale now on! «link»
TheBVE2010: Thanks for the host Jeff. Night all!
HST125Scorton: Any other hosts tonight?
jeffh16: Victoria Host continuation «link»
KymriskaDraken: WH closing soon - no new connections please
KymriskaDraken: Need two more Signalmaen for WH
KymriskaDraken: WH open for connections
KymriskaDraken: West Hampstead continuation in just over an hour. Details in forum.
TheBVE2010: Hi everyone!
Gonzo75: anyone still around and up for an hour of KX... until 0130 perhaps?
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford Closed
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford Shutting in 15 misn
Giantray: Nice Host from Jeff. Best do a busy panel like that during the day though, working a morning peak this time of night is gruelling.
WinsfordSaltMine: still plenty of room left on Stafford
HST125Scorton: I'm coming along if I can get in lol
WinsfordSaltMine: All panels still free on Stafford
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford OPen
RainbowNines: Wow. Monster session - props to Jeff!
arabianights: no but just pointing out victoria is still open and Jeff saying keeping open for 11-12ish
Jamesh1492: Any donationwear sims tonight?
jeffh16: Victoria host starting at 1800 «link»
Bof: Thank's GeoffM for the link.
GeoffM: Note that it's unsupported but many people get on ok with it.
GeoffM: Bof - «link»
Bof: Does anybody know how to run SimSig using Crossover on a mac.
Entimix: Essentially, either wait for someone to host a game, or dive in and host one yourself :)
paulb82: hey, rather new to this. looking to take part in a multiplayer, gone through documentation, but, how do i get started in one?
JamesN: New Street Disconn?
belly buster: New St closing - no more connections.
belly buster: Saltley closed. New St open - panels full.
belly buster: Panels free on New St (see Saltley post)
belly buster: Saltley open «link»
belly buster: Will open a Saltley shortly.
arrivatw: i am back now
DazrahT: Ah, wondered by I couldn't connect!
tjfrancis: sim cloused due to no conexsions
tjfrancis: no conexions as of yet on sim
arrivatw: i will be back in an hr
tjfrancis: kings cross is open
tjfrancis: I can host in around 30 mins
arrivatw: afternoon all,
any free were sim's today
NewBuildmini432: Closed due to nobody joining
NewBuildmini432: Host: NEWB
NewBuildmini432: Check forum
NewBuildmini432: Launched a simulation
NewBuildmini432: Can anyone launch a server for me to play, any donationware
Morsey: deets in forum
RainbowNines: More than a few sheets to the wind now but would drop in for a bit!
Ben86: I'd be up for Trent for a while
Morsey: Enough people around to carry on trent?
Roadrunner: KX has closed. Thanks to all who took part.
Roadrunner: KX closing soon.
Roadrunner: Yes, Rainbow. Join if you are free.
RainbowNines: KX still going Roadrunner?
Roadrunner: Come back if you can, TJF.
tjfrancis: got discon from cross
arabianights: connections open again to WH anyway, currently 1 in the queue
arabianights: you know me too well!
Roadrunner: Must be time to walk the dog! Yo, Arabian.
arabianights: West Hampstead is going on a 20 minute break, connections until 20:50 will just sit there until I am back
Roadrunner: KX session has started.
Roadrunner: Cross panel taken - room available.
Roadrunner: Hello Finger - yes, but we can add some closures to spice it up.
Finger: Another host of 1985 timetable from 0600?
Roadrunner: Cross panel still available.
Roadrunner: LOG-in NOW to join the KX session. First time players are welcome.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
Roadrunner: King's Cross (1985 timetable) opening soon.
arabianights: West Hampstead open for connections: «link»
Gonzo75: I'm going to load up a KX session. Check the forum shortly, hopefully start at 12pm UK time
arabianights: success
Morsey: Just updated it, didnt realise there was one sorry
Morsey: Try connecting to derby now
arabianights: don't get anything
arabianights: I can't connect either
Morsey: Does it throw up the check for updates error?
mackeral1234: Morsey - ive updated and can not play
Morsey: Running Derby for a bit, deets in forum
lama77: KX closed now.
lama77: KX open for connections
headshot119: You'll get more attendance if you post it on the forum!
Banners88: 50505
arabianights: I would join new st
Banners88: Anyone?
Banners88: Right back for New St now if anyone is still interested.
GeoffM: LTS as well now.
Andrew G: Noted - I just checked and I did get Derby as well
GeoffM: I was updating it, realised that version had already been released, got distracted by the cat bringing a live bird into the house, and by the time I dealt with that I forgot what I was doing!
GeoffM: Oops - not Coventry, sorry.
DaveHarries: Same here, Andrew.
Andrew G: I didn't get a Coventry one - Rugby x2 & West Hampstead
GeoffM: Updates to Coventry, Derby, Rugby Centre, and Rugby South are available. Click "Check for updates" in the Loader.
DaveHarries: Just tried to get in to New Street: got d/c
Entimix: As a side-note, I recommend posting if you're running a session, even if it's a more ad-hoc one :)
Banners88: ok.
Giantray: new street sounds fun, not done it in a while
Banners88: Saltley?
Banners88: New St?
Banners88: Carlisie?
Giantray: can be
Banners88: Any around for another little afternoon session?
Tomiexpress: closed, working
Tomiexpress: derby still open for quick test, this a continuation of issue yesterday
Tomiexpress: pls reconnect , new settings assigned
Tomiexpress: Thank you Barry..
BarryM: Not connecting!
Tomiexpress: hello, i`ll port check at primary router, Derby loader ip :50505 , pls someone try connect
Tomiexpress: nobody*
Tomiexpress: hmm,,, no one here, ill try later
Tomiexpress: im back
Tomiexpress: afk a whaile
Tomiexpress: it still open if any wish connect for quick test
Tomiexpress: hello, port check at primary router, Derby loader ip :50505 , pls try connect
NewBuildmini432: wtf
NewBuildmini432: DONATIONWARE
NewBuildmini432: anybody wants to start a server? I can connect toSouth Humberside, every shareware sim.
Tomiexpress: thx working :)
Tomiexpress: or some else
Tomiexpress: arabian, pls chek again a secondary router, derby loader ip :50505
arabianights: I would join not in position to host
WinsfordSaltMine: Anyone else hosting?
lama77: Still a few panels left @ KX.
lama77: An hour of two of KX open now for connections.
Tomiexpress: ok thx...
jimbolimbo9: Still wont connect
Tomiexpress: try again pls
jimbolimbo9: 00:00:01 Attempting connection to server - please wait...
00:00:07 Server has disconnected you
00:00:07 Client at has disconnected
jimbolimbo9: connecting
Tomiexpress: router*
Tomiexpress: jimbo try for quick roter test derby loader, ip : 50505
jimbolimbo9: Anybody hosting tonight?
arabianights: if you just want to host and are not fussed about hosting on your pc specifically, I can pm you password to the server: «link»
Tomiexpress: ok thx
arabianights: nope
Tomiexpress: arabian, ill add a except in win fire wall (xp) maby now working
arabianights: is the port open on your pc as well
Tomiexpress: i have issue with pentagram router... all is set, rbotinig and not working... wrrr...
arabianights: not working for me either
Tomiexpress: thx
Steamer: Still not working. You'll need to ask someone else if you want to try again, I'm busy at the moment, sorry.
Tomiexpress: :50505
Tomiexpress: ip and port the same
Tomiexpress: Steamer ,pls try reconnect ,
Tomiexpress: oki, thx try another setting
Steamer: Not working
Tomiexpress: thx :)
Tomiexpress: oh, 50505
Steamer: You need to tell us the port before anyone can test your port forwarding ;)
Tomiexpress: pls anyone to try connect.. quick test
Tomiexpress: hello, pls someone to test my port forwarding, at derby loader ip
Entimix: (do have Carlisle though, or others)
Banners88: Ok not to worry.
Entimix: don't have new st though
Entimix: I'd be up for something
Banners88: Or a Carlisie?
Banners88: Anyone about for a quick New St?
GeoffM: Try deallocating and reallocating.
mackeral1234: Thanks to which ever person unlock me..... came up stating that it was already allocated to my machine. unli
mackeral1234: played the paid sims since Ive upgrade to W10
LucasLCC: Windows 10 update perhaps?
mackeral1234: How come all my access to my brought sims now say allocated to another machine...
Gonzo75: I'm just setting up a KX session, details in forum soon...
Sacro: Evening manadude2!
manadude2: Long time no see!
manadude2: /me pops up
TheBVE2010: Sacro is right. If it was a UK map, then it would include Northern Ireland.
Sacro: Steamer - your map is missing the whole of Northern Ireland
DaveHarries: I will be in for Victoria ASC after dinner.
DaveHarries: In view of Steamer's link it looks as if some good stuff is coming up.
jc92: sorry Jeff. my internets having none of that tonight
jeffh16: Victoria Host «link»
Steamer: Map of entire UK showing areas simulated: «link»
grahame1951: thank you steamer
Steamer: Signal number plans here: «link»
Steamer: Variety of geographical/schematic maps here: «link»
grahame1951: hi is there a map/plan of the sections anywhere? thanks
arrivatw: evening all,
could we have a WESTERN Chain again soon please, i missed it last night
marquel41494: I wondered what happenned
marquel41494: Aww
WinsfordSaltMine: WESTERN Chain closed
WinsfordSaltMine: Sorry guys Westbury Crashed, Closing and trying again next week, I'm So sorry :(
WinsfordSaltMine: People are leaving on Brisrol soon
JamesN: and I guess there's a Q on other sims...
WinsfordSaltMine: Game wasn't saved, Glocuester out of session
WinsfordSaltMine: It crashed after JAH try to connect 3 times
JamesN: disconn from GCR?
WinsfordSaltMine: Problem it wasn't saved
WinsfordSaltMine: Sorry Guys we lost Glocuester
WinsfordSaltMine: Sorry MJD, don't whats wrong
grahame1951: thanks peter will have a look
Peter Bennet: Grahame, Have you read through the guidance here «link» under Installing Simsig. It'll probably be quicker than trying to explain in the shout box.
Forest Pines: grahame1951 You need to download the "System Files" installer and then the individual simulation installers
MJD: All full see mesage now LOL..
MJD: Rejected twice on Gloucester!
WinsfordSaltMine: ALL SIMS FULL

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