28 - 01 - 2015

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peterb: Means one of you needs to run an update
Morsey: Im getting wrong version again like I did last night
BarryM: Tony not working?
DaveHarries: I am indeed in.
tjfrancis: dave on so it may be your end
peterb: Instant dcon
tjfrancis: try again as you did come in and went
peterb: dcon?
tjfrancis: it up in froum same ip and port as useal
DaveHarries: COOL. i WILL BE IN.
tjfrancis: ok i wll set new steet up now
peterb: Yeah new street?
tjfrancis: i can set up a new street or Gloucester for a bit if any intersed
DaveHarries: Hoping for a session later
Steamer: Right-click the signal to cancel the route
ajm: hi.. I am new to this simulation and have Victoria central... if I have a train on a wrong route how can I redirect it??? thanks :_(
canis: Maybe I should do something else for a while.
canis: Last night, no people populated my dreams, instead just headcodes.
Morsey: Indeed Aurora
Aurora: BNS closed. Thanks to PETE, DAVE, BAZZ and CLV for joining in.
Aurora: Hopefully next time Morsey?
Aurora: New St about to close. No more connections please.
Morsey: Shame my NS doesnt want to update if youre still playing
Aurora: 64 trains in sim! No shortage of action.
DaveHarries: Coming
Aurora: Up.
Aurora: Okay, just to get forum post up.
Aurora: I'll see if I can now get New St up and running for maybe an hour.
Aurora: Sorry guys, had modem issues. Back now.
Morsey: I miss being able to host games
DaveHarries: Evidently not.
DaveHarries: You there, Aurora?
DaveHarries: Neither did I, Morsey. Not played it for a whil.e
DaveHarries: New Street sounds fine to me.
Morsey: Didnt give in to buying it to not play it!
Morsey: Id be interested
tjfrancis: i be up for that as well
peterb: Yes aurora
BarryM: Hello
Aurora: Would there be any interest in a 2 hour game on New Street mayhem?
DaveHarries: Any games on tonight?
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
tjfrancis: kings cross now going again panles all taken by new signers
handle: nope, just done it now :P
handle: its ok now
tjfrancis: have you updated your loader as i do have users in game
handle: I keep getting disconnected
tjfrancis: kings cross is back up and runinng
handle: hi
Trainfan344: KX closed atm, Tony has to reset his computer.
DaveHarries: I may join KX for a while when I have finished the work I am doing on my KX TT
tjfrancis: one panle left
tjfrancis: roll up roll up loads of panles are free so come and join the fun kings cross
tjfrancis: kings cross now up
tjfrancis: kings cross from last nite wll be open in 10 mits
Finger: What's complicated about port forwarding?
Trainfan344: Nope, need portg forwarding set up and it looks far too complicated.
Temple Meads: Can't you host it yourself? :P
Trainfan344: I'd like to see Trent being hosted at some point :P
Temple Meads: Exeter closed, thanks to everyone who joined in.
Temple Meads: Exeter closing soon.
BarryM: Read the Wiki!
Hampson: Hello, How do I get started here?
benp: I'll come on :)
benp: Ah I see
Temple Meads: Exeter from 21:45 GMT. Details up in forum.
Temple Meads: Me I think :P
benp: Whos tim?
Temple Meads: I could!
BarryM: TIM may be?
benp: Anyone looking at hosting?
tjfrancis: sim cloused thanks for all who joined
Temple Meads: I will hold fire for today, as there is already another session up
arabianights: will be back at 8:45ish to see whether it has happened or not
arabianights: I am very interested Mr. Meads
tjfrancis: one panle is left in host
tjfrancis: ok all is up now
tjfrancis: give me 2 mits ports have gone again
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
Trainfan344: Ohh yes please Tony!
tjfrancis: well i can put up a free sim if they is demand for it
benp: Well im a college student so...
Trainfan344: Where are you a student at?
benp: Haha. Im a student too. driving lessons are a priority for me
Trainfan344: I'm a student, I have no money.
benp: id love the feltham sim, but dont really have money to spend at rhethe mo
Trainfan344: The only sims I'm looking at buying is the west midland ones.
benp: In my opinion
benp: Wimbledon is quite expensive
peterb: Nope cant afford it sorry!
Trainfan344: Nope, paid sim :(
Temple Meads: Potentially hosting Wimbledon later, from about 20:45 GMT. Shout if interested.
Trainfan344: Satley now closed all of a sudden :P
benp: Ah done
Trainfan344: Benp, try closing the sim and try again.
benp: Still attempting to join on 50505
Banners88: Try 50505 then if that isnt working 50507.
Banners88: All working my end.
benp: Disconnected by server again
benp: I got disconnected too
Banners88: Try 50507
Trainfan344: Disconnected by server?
Banners88: Details Up
Trainfan344: Thanks Banners
Banners88: |Right im on it.
Trainfan344: :P Sombody host!
Trainfan344: Just making sure!
Finger: Banners88 - just to quench some false hopes, I'm not going to host anything. I was just asking
benp: Yeah I read it before. Just never played multiplayer before
Trainfan344: Sounds good
Trainfan344: «link» read this link before you join benp
peterb: The 1500 timetable is arguably the biggest, best and most exciting timetable you'll ever play on Simsig!
Trainfan344: Wait for the details to be put up first.
Banners88: Finger will put the details up and its easy from there!
benp: Ok, and um, how do I connect?
Trainfan344: Trent BenP.
Trainfan344: What is the 1500 timetable? First I've heard of it
benp: SO what sim?
Banners88: Trent is brillaint!
Banners88: I'll be keen.
peterb: absolutely!
Finger: Trent/1500, peterb?
Trainfan344: Not played on trent before.
peterb: trent?!
Trainfan344: Saltley is a great multiplayer sim, Waterloo and Vic LUL not so
benp: Im use to Waterloo and Victoria LUL, but Im happy to try out others
Trainfan344: Has to be a free sim :L
peterb: west hamp?
benp: I dont mind, what are you thinking of doing?
Trainfan344: What sim?
Trainfan344: I'd be up for a host,.
benp: Im keen
Banners88: I can do I people are keen?
benp: Anyone hosting?
peterb: You're not hosting then?
Banners88: No probs. Maybe another time.
peterb: Sorry Banners I will be joining but not until about half two
peterb: Yep give me ten mins
Banners88: Ive got a Sheffield running now, could do it with 2?
Banners88: Mysterious!
peterb: potentially
Banners88: Anyone around if i run a Sheffield or Saltley/
Temple Meads: Or use the time to sort out your hosting set-up's! :)
Trainfan344: You can always do a bit of single player simsigging.
Trainfan344: maybe, it's a shame really :(
handle: Maybe its too late for someone to host. :(
handle: Up for a round of golf? :D lol
Trainfan344: I'm up for a game if someone is willing to host.
handle: Cheers, I'll read it, in the mean time, is anyone else going to host? O.O
Trainfan344: «link» follow the instructions here to set up port forwarding.
handle: I clicked the button "Whats my IP"
Trainfan344: No luck here either.
handle: Damn :(
DaveHarries: No luck here
handle: I've edited the post, try now
handle: ok
Sacro: You need to post your external IP before anyone can test anything
handle: No idea :P I just allowed the firewall message when it came up
BarryM: Have u got your Port Forwarding setup correctly>
handle: forget it, I'll try some other time
handle: I don't know what I'm doing wrong
handle: oh
BarryM: I tried to connect. Got disconnected!
handle: disconnected?
handle: hm?
handle: Temple Meads?
DaveHarries: got d/c
handle: opened one
handle: Isn't it unsafe opening your firewall?
handle: I'll set one up
handle: ok
Temple Meads: I'm happy to test your connection!
handle: I'm also inexperienced in hosting :D
handle: I need perhaps one person to check weather they can connect
handle: I kinda want to try and host one, but I just need to make sure I can link to everyone.
Temple Meads: ..
handle: .
DaveHarries: I will be in for a session if one is hosted.
handle: test
handle: .
Temple Meads: I can play for a couple of hours :)
handle: Any sims going off?
handle: Imagine if they made traditional block signal box sims here :)
Steamer: Please could a Moderator approve my timetables?
handle: hi
handle: yay :D
KymriskaDraken: I'll carry on at the weekend. Maybe even Friday afternoon/evening.
handle: Damn, too late xD
KymriskaDraken: Saltley closing soon. No new connections please
KymriskaDraken: Saltley open for connections.
KymriskaDraken: You can't connect yet as I am making a brew!
KymriskaDraken: Someone seems to have a fast clock...
KymriskaDraken: Saltley details in forum now.
DaveHarries: Sounds fab
KymriskaDraken: I'll fire it up, write a forum post and so on. Start at 2030-ish.
peterb: aye
Temple Meads: I'm in
KymriskaDraken: I could continue my Saltley one if there are enough people about.
DaveHarries: Hope someone is hosting something. Haven't played for a couple of nights.
Trainfan344: Anyone hosting a free sim tonight?
handle: No worry, found something on wiki :D good ol' wiki
handle: Is there somewhere here that tells you what each first digit number means on train codes? Like 1 is express 2 is stopping passenger, what else is there?
Steamer: Which bit was causing the problem? It looks correct to me, but I could well have missed something.
Steamer: Thanks Chrismadd.
handle: Well goodnight always seems like a goodbye thing to say :P
chrisdmadd: Steamer that's what may need updating regarding the license manager.
chrisdmadd: «link»
Colourlight: More night than evening,lol!
handle: Evening :)
bubblegut: I'm running the commuter TT.
Steamer: Also, it might be better if you put this in a Forum post. That way more people (including the developer) can see it and you can attach images, saves etc. if necessary.
Steamer: Odd. Which TC is it, and how long has it been out for?
bubblegut: I have failures turn on but it's not reported or fixed.
Steamer: Works fine for me. Do you have failures turned on?
bubblegut: Westbury.Has anyone had a problem with the the track circuit not clearing after trains enter Whatley Quarry?
kaiwhara: Thanks Geoff
GeoffM: Vic Eastern and Loader fixes uploaded. Click "Check for updates" in your Loader.
GeoffM: Chris, try unallocaing-reallocating. If that doesn't work, try deleting common.cfg in Public Documents -> SimSig and then go into License Manager again.
Steamer: Which page was it (will take a look and fix if necessary)?
chrisdmadd: sorted, ha the wiki page i was reading was out of date
chrisdmadd: aaarrghh bought wembley ML but cant get rid of no licence message
Sacro: I'm from Hull myself, now live in Leeds, have a keen interest in SimSig
LloydJackson: I'm a student
LloydJackson: What do you mean?
Sacro: What is it you do Lloyd?
Sacro: I can't see VTEC investing in Hull
LloydJackson: but unfortunately, saying and doing are two different things!
Sacro: Yeah, if First get their way then hopefully they'll get wired to Selby
LloydJackson: they say they want to invest millions into it
LloydJackson: hopefully with virgin trains taking over east coast might get something better
handle: simcig
LloydJackson: could do with electrification sometime soon though
Sacro: Hull is pretty awesome
LloydJackson: aye, i live in hull and it's alright
arabianights: the sign of a good joke is you have to explain it, but even then it's very unclear
DaveHarries: Hull would be great but sadly not. Nearest simulation is South Humberside but that covers at least some of the opposite side of the river from Hull.
handle: simsig, could be the place where you simulate having a cigarette (That... didn't really work as a joke because of the spelling difference. but hey :P )
LloydJackson: is there any simulations for hull?
Trainfan344: Welcome. This place is usually dead but Arabianights has livened it up for once.
handle: Welcome to simsig new guy :D we hope you like your stay here :)
handle: I see.
LloydJackson: hi guys im new
arabianights: I'm a mongrel, currently mostly in south west scotland
handle: Are you a northerner? Scotsman?
handle: No one saw it. ;)
handle: lol
arabianights: everything south of York is... not as good as everything north of York
Trainfan344: ?
arabianights: I mean
handle: xD
arabianights: .
handle: :O
arabianights: .
arabianights: .
arabianights: .
arabianights: oops
arabianights: all you need to know is everything south of york is shit
handle: I need to learn some geography I think. O.O
arabianights: that would be watford or wembley, not wimbeldon
Trainfan344: It's got Overground and Underground...
LloydJackson: waddup
arabianights: strawberry and cream
Steamer: Lots of track and lots of trains, presumably.
handle: The wombles? :P
handle: I know I may get some haters for this, I mean no offence at all. ^^; But I'm curious, whats so good about Wimbledon? Is it cos its busy and challenging? The football? :P
arabianights: and so it should be :)
handle: Wimbledon seems to be popular.
arabianights: especially if it's wimbeldon
arabianights: I hope so
DaveHarries: Good ta. Anyone hosting?
handle: Hows everyone tonight?
Trainmad091: ta
Steamer: 380m
Trainmad091: Hi all , does anyone know the length of Lichfield UP Goods loop on stafford sim? thanks
Trainfan344: Sheffield closed.
Banners88: Sheffeild closing in 15 mins.
Banners88: Two panels open on Sheffield
Trainfan344: Sheffield still going.
arrivatw: hi all
Banners88: Details up.
Trainfan344: Ohh a free sim host how exciting!
DaveHarries: Cool. I will look forward to sheffield.
Banners88: Will be doing a Sheffield later on today.
jem771: yes, anyone hosting today?
lelo4851: anybody around
handle: Ah right, cheers :P
AndyG: handle:- see «link»
handle: Whats TORR?
Temple Meads: Won't be able to host tonight, sorry. Hopefully will next week.
arabianights: it will be a surprise :)
Temple Meads: arabian, maybe later for an hour or two, but can't guarantee anything yet.
tjfrancis: exeter now cloused
arabianights: anyone planning wimbeldone 2nite?
tjfrancis: ok dave
DaveHarries: Just doing some work on my KX TT. I will join Exeter in a short while.
tjfrancis: exeter now going with 4 panles stll free
tjfrancis: exeter is up
Temple Meads: Wombledon closed
JamesN: Incoming
Temple Meads: One to two panels now free on Wimbledon.

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