05 - 10 - 2015

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TheBVE2010: Full house on Stafford already. Thanks guys
marquel41494: affternoon.
arrivatw: evening all
TheBVE2010: Open for connections on stafford!
WinsfordSaltMine: Is it ready now
marquel41494: Np
marquel41494: Let us know when ur open BVE
TheBVE2010: Thanks. Sorry about the confusion guys
morris: thats fine
marquel41494: Ok guys BVE can take this back then
TheBVE2010: Yes, sorry. I got held up
marquel41494: Well BVE u see..i was gonna host bacause we thought u wasnt gonna show
WinsfordSaltMine: We didn't know if your was still on or not as we wenrt connecting
TheBVE2010: Thanks :)
morris: might aswell join bve2010
marquel41494: BVE
TheBVE2010: Wait, I'm confused...
morris: ok
marquel41494: WAIT !!HOLD UP
morris: fine by me
TheBVE2010: Hi guys! Sorry I'm late. Just setting up Stafford now :)
marquel41494: ok stafford it is since some dont have any payware
morris: i got rugby stafford saltley marleybone
marquel41494: the came thig ?
WinsfordSaltMine: Any freeware lol, cant afford payware
marquel41494: okwhat do u guys wanna play ?
morris: if you want to
marquel41494: well guys, i can host if you like ?
WinsfordSaltMine: same but it says 1950 Coneections from
marquel41494: i cant connect
morris: found it cant connect yet
WinsfordSaltMine: Its on session details
morris: i cant see anything in forum
WinsfordSaltMine: *is
WinsfordSaltMine: I Stafford open for connections?
morris: i am up for rugby stafford or saltly
WinsfordSaltMine: I meant what are you going to host
WinsfordSaltMine: What do you think of hosting?,
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford I mean lol
marquel41494: but idk
marquel41494: i was gonna host something
marquel41494: there is no saltly in the form
WinsfordSaltMine: Saltley starts in 20 Mins according to forum
marquel41494: of a free sim
marquel41494: Anyone care for Rugby
arabianights: I would join a west hampstead session if someone hosted it (quite specific 8) )
arabianights: depends what you wanna host..
TheBVE2010: Hosting, Stafford at 8pm BST
marquel41494: Cause i can host if theres intrest !?
marquel41494: Anyone up for a session ?
TheBVE2010: Stafford now closed. Thanks to everyone who joined. Continuing tomorrow.
TheBVE2010: Sorry, you'll have to try again tomorrow. Ask for help in the forum. I doubt the problem was at my end because other people have joined
mackeral1234: BVE - yes i had
TheBVE2010: No more connections to Stafford now please. Ending in 15 minutes.
TheBVE2010: Stafford about to close to connections. Last Call!!
TheBVE2010: Have you clicked check for updates?
mackeral1234: i keep getting disconnected
TheBVE2010: Yep
mackeral1234: stafford still open
headshot119: Options - ARS - Clicking on a train description shows... "ARS Popup Information"
headshot119: yes
Harryjames94: The way the timetable is displayed
Steamer: Change it in what way? The Messages box can be dragged and re-sized like any other window
Harryjames94: Is there any way of changing the "Messages" panel display on Rugby?
TheBVE2010: Stafford Extended to 22:00 (BST). Details at «link» . Come on....stop by and have a go
TheBVE2010: Someone should be happy to answer your question there
TheBVE2010: Please use the forum for questions like that :)
0causton0: Any idea if/how to close lines manually on the new Rugby South? With other simulations I can put BLOK in the first berth but trains are ignoring it and I don't want to change the timetable for the whole evening!
Harryjames94: It's just been confirmed, thanks guys! :D
Harryjames94: That's all It's saying
Harryjames94: J1S0X6X280 2015-10-04 18:42 created
Harryjames94: Yeahh, I've refreshed it - re downloaded it and still nothing
Noisynoel: Have you checked and refreshed your license manager?
Harryjames94: I got the email from PayPal saying it was confirmed
Harryjames94: Yeahh the payment was confirmed :/
Sacro: It should all be fairly automated, did it go through fine via PayPal?
Harryjames94: So I've paid for Huddersfield & Rugby, sale hasn't confirmed so I can't play either :(
DaveHarries: Will join Stafford shortly.
TheBVE2010: For those wondering how to get into the Stafford session, the details are at «link»
TheBVE2010: No rush, I'm ending at 9pm
TheBVE2010: «link»
arrivatw: where can i get the loader from please
headshot119: (Also no need to restart your router)
headshot119: ArrivaTW are you on Windows 10?
If so you need to redownload the system files and install the loader from there, once you've done that updates work again
arrivatw: could you help me please
TheBVE2010: Also, make sure you have entered the correct details
TheBVE2010: Try restarting your PC and router
arrivatw: ok i will try to fix it
TheBVE2010: problem*
TheBVE2010: I am able to connect to myself so the broblem must be at your end
TheBVE2010: Ok, let me try to connect to myself
arrivatw: yip
TheBVE2010: Have you clicked check for updates in the loader
arrivatw: --:-- Attempting connection to server - please wait...
--:-- The host at has rejected your connection attempt.
--:-- Server is not running the same simulation or the same version
--:-- Server reports 3.1.0/
--:-- Client reports 3.0.11/
--:-- Click "Check for updates" in the SimSigLoader
TheBVE2010: It says you have connected and then it says you have disconnected instantly after
TheBVE2010: Click check for updates
TheBVE2010: no
arrivatw: BVE am i in sim ?
TheBVE2010: Yep
jimbolimbo9: I guess if it was available to all there would be too many sims lol
TheBVE2010: Please ensure you click check for updates before you join guys
TheBVE2010: Unfortunately not. Only the developers
jimbolimbo9: Is there a way for people (like me) to create our own SimSig sims? Just curious
TheBVE2010: Stafford now open for connections. Please use details at «link»
arrivatw: ok cool
TheBVE2010: Just having my tea now. We should be up by 6:15 the latest
arrivatw: back now
TheBVE2010: Nah. Need to have my dinner as well. 6 is alright :)
arrivatw: ok tea read so be back about 6ish
arrivatw: if you want start now then when i go for tea someone can cover untill i come back
arrivatw: ok loads of time then
TheBVE2010: Got school tomorrow and I need to have a shower and back my bags so probably 9 or 9:30
arrivatw: what time will we be finishing tonight
TheBVE2010: I don't mind
arrivatw: or would you rather wait till i had my tea, be going in a bit, be back about 6
arrivatw: yer
TheBVE2010: Sound good?
TheBVE2010: Ok, maybe I'll do Stafford now and continue it on Monday
arrivatw: let me know if you or anyone is going to host a freeware sessions today please
TheBVE2010: Ok :)
arrivatw: i am will to join in BVE
TheBVE2010: k
tjfrancis: i may be doing one or may be doing rugby but i still thinking
TheBVE2010: Are there any, you know, freeware sessions today?
DaveHarries: If anyone does a Rugby SCC session later I will join it.
TheBVE2010: Damn :(
KymriskaDraken: Yes. £15 (and I just bought it)
TheBVE2010: Is that payware?
KymriskaDraken: I'm about to do Shrewsbury for my own amusement, but I can run it as a server if other people want to join in
TheBVE2010: Anyone planning on hosting later today?
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central now closed. Thanks for joining guys!
headshot119: £44.90
Temple Meads: Best off looking in here... «link»
arrivatw: and both Victoria Central & South Eastern
headshot119: Rugby £40
Salsibury £10
Shrewsbury £15 (Buy with Leamington Spa for £20 and save £5)
arrivatw: Rugby SCC
TheBVE2010: It depends
arrivatw: how much is the payware please
TheBVE2010: No more connections to Victoria Central/S.E please. Closing in 15
TheBVE2010: Click check for updates and then join
arrivatw: anyone willing ot host a MP please
arrivatw: it keeps disconnecting me all the time
arrivatw: i am up for a multe play
TheBVE2010: Last call for connections to Victoria Central and S.E!!!
rodney30: I got disconnected again
TheBVE2010: Panels still available on Victoria Central and S.E. All is good so far, so please don't be afraid to stop by :)
TheBVE2010: Not sure what happened there
TheBVE2010: Ok, everyone's back
TheBVE2010: So the problem must be at your end
TheBVE2010: Wait, someone else has just connected
TheBVE2010: BAZZ got disconnected as well
TheBVE2010: Don't know. Try to reconnect
rodney30: TheBVE2010 what happened you disconnected me
TheBVE2010: Please read the rules before joining
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central and S.E now open for connections. Details at: «link» .
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/South Eastern is about to open for connections. Stand by...
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E from 10:15 (BST). Maybe things would be better if I tried hosting in the morning.
TheBVE2010: The new F2 is much better
alex17595: Im so bad at this :|
TheBVE2010: Well I think I should get some solo practice. Very sorry about tonight guys.
KymriskaDraken: KX closing soon. No new connections please
bri2808: Waiting patiently thats how busy it is :-)
KymriskaDraken: Kings X still going
colliea: Any hosts still running?
TheBVE2010: Change of plan. Victoria C/S.E moved to tomorrow.
TheBVE2010: Sorry, missed a connection or two there. Try again please
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E now open. «link»
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E Chain About to open. Stand by...
DaveHarries: Yay! Saltley updated to allow chaining to Rugby North. See forum.
RainbowNines: Could I drop in and watch?
KymriskaDraken: Room for a few more on KX
KymriskaDraken: Kings Cross (with a twist) open for connections
TheBVE2010: Thanks for the host Kymriska. See you all in KGX
CTCThiago: :)
KymriskaDraken: Trent closing soon so no new connections please. But fill the time reading all about the Kings Cross that I will start later.
coxey: ok will try that,,,thanks
headshot119: Have you pressed check for updates in the loader ?
coxey: In Swindon A+B IECC,down from Melksham says 'at buffer stop' will not proceed to Bradford Jn,am I not doing something?(windows 7) coxey
panpantom: Thank you for Rugby. Just purchased it too.
TheBVE2010: Omw
KymriskaDraken: Trent open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Trent from 1100BST. Details in forum.
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E Now closed. Thanks for joining all. That session lasted for about 7 hours.
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E still open for connections «link»
TheBVE2010: I might be up until morning. Who knows...
rodney30: thanks for host tbve. I might be back later depends on how long your planning on going.
TheBVE2010: I might be the first ever nocturnal host on simsig.
TheBVE2010: Victoria central still open guys
arabianights: which panels free on each
TheBVE2010: In case anyone was wondering, Victoria Central/S.E will be open until 02:00 BST. «link»
Sidestick Priority: They must have been cheating somehow! Good game/sim
headshot119: And simulation 2 wins by a tiny margin of 1%!
headshot119: Scores on the doors will be posted shortly
headshot119: Rugby closed. Massive thank you to everyone who joined, and I hope I managed to fit everyone in. First time I've ever hosted 6 simulations!
HST125Scorton: ;)
headshot119: I'd have welcomed you joining up if not
HST125Scorton: Ah right never mind..
headshot119: Not until Saltley gets an update unfortunately
HST125Scorton: Seems like your having a great time Headshot lol.. Was wondering could Saltley join up at Nuneaton?
headshot119: Doesn't look like it :(
mackeral1234: is there a signal plan to Oxted yet
headshot119: Rugby is spilling players out the seams, opened a second paralel game I can get a third open if demand permits
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E Chain now open. «link»
JamesN: Thanks Karl for the Rugby host
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/S.E about to open. Stand by everyone!!
northroad: My mistake....a translation problem
mackeral1234: forgot that - sorted
mackeral1234: im struggling to upgrade my installer
northroad: OOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
headshot119: Northroad - As someone involved in the testing of Rugby and Saltley trust me it won't work until Saltley is updated
northroad: Extract at the bottom of the Rugby North manual states Abbey Jn - Whitacre Jn - Saltley PSB - Enabled
headshot119: Saltley needs an update.
Guts: Eh, does it or doesn't it?
northroad: The manual says yes and it's enabled
JamesN: Will do very soon, just needs update of Saltley releasing
Guts: Saltley is my favourite Sim
Guts: Oh boo. :'(
headshot119: Not yet Guts
TheBVE2010: Meal*
Guts: Does Rugby chain to Saltley??
TheBVE2010: Ok, just having a mean and then I'll open up
headshot119: If demand stays high I'll get a second copy of Rugby open for people
DaveHarries: I may jin when I get back from the pub, TB.
HST125Scorton: Think I'll have a quiet session of Saltley on me own :) ...
TheBVE2010: 2am*
TheBVE2010: Might even take it to 2pm
headshot119: Well I'm in night shift mode so you never know!
TheBVE2010: Well mine ends at 1am so I should get a few people
DaveHarries: (in more ways than one!)
DaveHarries: If you are lucky, TB. Rugby is on!
TheBVE2010: Heading home to set up victoria central/s.e. Checking my ports and all of that. see you guys in half an hour
bri2808: small steps Headshot, let me take a full look at it first otherwise i will be a hinderance not a help, but thanks for the offer
headshot119: You're most welcome @Bri2808 to join us on the Rugby Multiplayer :)
bri2808: Thanks Geoff, I can see myself breaking my virginity on joining an online game :O Looks just superb thanks again
GeoffM: bri - each comes with 2 versions of the 2009 timetable (midnight and 0445 starts), for compatibility with adjacent sims.
bri2808: Oh and thanks to all involved in producing something that looks so awesome
bri2808: Never used the shoutbox, but a quick question... How many timetables do the Rugby Sims come with? Am about to part with hard earnt pennies for all three but curious to know :-)
arrivatw: i am working tonight on rail - replacement,
but i am not sunday so will there be a sim on sunday please
arrivatw: evening all, long time no see,
TheBVE2010: Mann..I can't imagine how everyone will act when Three Bridges is available
rodney30: thanks to all involved looks very good. will have to wait for a few months till I can afford to buy them but something to look forward to.
headshot119: Rugby Multiplayer open for connections from 17:45. Roll up roll up
HST125Scorton: Ah right well that answers my question..
GeoffM: Stafford is not so simple as it covers areas taken over by Rugby SCC like Lichfield TV.
AndyG: Geoff, All 3 bought, installed ,licensed OK without issues
HST125Scorton: Would Stafford be getting a update to work with Rugby at a later date?
GeoffM: Thanks, but thanks to Noel (for North), and Paul Biddle (for the TTs) too!
HST125Scorton: Thank you Geoff for you hard work on this big release. Cannot wait to let myself loose on it :)
GeoffM: Some of you are too fast! However, Rugby should now be fully up in the various bits of the website. Enjoy!
HST125Scorton: Ta very, Indeed the pack might be a better off well I'll have too wait till end of month until next payday. But looking at them they are briliant
headshot119: Priced @£19.99 each so a big saving if you buy the pack
headshot119: They are already there mate
HST125Scorton: Would Rugby SCC be in the individual buying area? Let's say I want to buy North 1st then Centre and South another day?
HST125Scorton: Wow a lot of work in getting this developed well done :D .. Money waiting
HST125Scorton: Expect a update for the loader... as Rugby Centre is in red in my loader
HST125Scorton: :D
jc92: Rugby appears to available to download.
TheBVE2010: Anyway, hosting Victoria Central/S.E today if anyone wants to join :)
TheBVE2010: on*
TheBVE2010: In case anyone was wondering, I can spell doesn't and Oxted. My spell correct ox my phone changed them.
jc92: Simsig runs on windows not android. Spose it might work if you ran an emulator?
Trainfan344: *facedesk*
kaiwhara: *facepalm*
TheBVE2010: Need to download opted ASAP. Don't know what I'm waiting for
TheBVE2010: Does 't seem to be in the App Store so I guess that's a no
TheBVE2010: Can you play this on mobile?
signaller1: I can join...
Guts: I can host a KingX
jimbolimbo9: i think we're all playing Oxted lol
TheBVE2010: Anyone planning on hosting today? Misses KGX last night
jesson: m
DaveHarries: Done. THanks to all involved. Good to have a sim out which was, last time I saw it, a beta one.
DaveHarries: Indeedy! Now downloading.
Trainfan344: We have a new sim!
scottlowes: Kingsx Closed
TheBVE2010: Got to do some H/W but I should be able to join before it ends
scottlowes: 2 in que on kings cross
scottlowes: KIngsX FULL
scottlowes: 2 free on the cross
scottlowes: KIngsx online
scottlowes: Might be a bit earlier but I'll let you all know
TheBVE2010: Well that's good news. I'll be attending
rodney30: I will be there
HST125Scorton: I'll be there
scottlowes: Sorry all KingsX will be on tonight! 8pm start details in forum
TheBVE2010: That's a shame :(
scottlowes: Tonights Kingsx CANCELLED
HST125Scorton: Stafford Closing up in 10mins no more connections
rodney30: DriverCurran I am unable to connect to your test session I am upto date with both the sim and loader
HST125Scorton: Me having moment forgot to open me port lol all working now lol
signaller1: my bad...sorted now
TheBVE2010: Wait, I'm in
TheBVE2010: Same here
signaller1: unable to connect to staff?
HST125Scorton: Stafford Now Open for connections
DriverCurran: For those that want something slightly different there will be a Victoria C timetable test at 21:00 BST See the hosting forum for details
DaveHarries: Pity Trent is about to close: was going to use it as a warm up for Stafford but had to have dinner first.
KymriskaDraken: Trent closing soon. No new connections please
KymriskaDraken: Trent open for connections
TheBVE2010: K thx

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