02 - 08 - 2015

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TUT: I've had that problem, stigheti; I fixed it quite simply by modifying the Train Types section of the timetable and checking the 'can use freight lines' box for 1972 TS. Not sure if this is the best solution, but the timetable works like a charm after that - played right the way through it. Mind you, chat may not be the best place for this question?
stighetl: I didn't mean to hit enter on the last post.

I just started dispatching on Wembley Sub. I play on the standard scenario, and the time is currently 5:12. Train S201 want's to depart from the LUL Depot. It's supposed to go via STONEBR. SIGNAL 34, and then over to STONEBRIDGE PARK at the Down Line.

Since it's going through Signal 34, I thought it would be reasonably to set the route from signal 38 to 34.
I get a warning message telling me that I've set the wrong route for the train. I even tried to set the route from signal 36 to 32, but that didn't work at all. I also tried to set the signal from 34 to 318, but that didn't work either.

I am currently reading through the wiki, but I can't find anything about this. What am I doing wrong here?
stighetl: I just started dispatching on Wembley Sub.
arabianights: If ne1 is around at about 1am I will play up to an hour of almost anything, assuming I am around
Northern Line: Chain closed
chrisdmadd: Chain closing soon. No more connections please thanks
Morsey: Try the other port. I was just about to ask that before I realised
Northern Line: sorry chris what version of worksop is being run?
chrisdmadd: lots of panels free woksop, south humber nearly full
chrisdmadd: Post up
chrisdmadd: DONE
peterb: I;d join in a worksop!
chrisdmadd: id chain it with worksop but i dont think we have the numbers
Badger1208: s. humber seems exciting, not done it before
chrisdmadd: what about south humber for something different? i dont mind salt or BNS though
Badger1208: BNS if you have it? Salteley otherwise?
DaveHarries: Doing TT work until dinner but no preferences. Will join any sessions after dinner.
chrisdmadd: any preferences for a sim?
chrisdmadd: Ah shame, I May end up hosting one for tonight then
tjfrancis: i may not be able to host it tonight but it may be tomowll
tjfrancis: As soon I get back in
chrisdmadd: Yeah will be fun trying to get things back to RT. Good call on 'Mr remove trains' too. Any idea what time? I'm free from 1800 BST
tjfrancis: and the persion that got kick from sim wll not be allowed to join
tjfrancis: delays and failtures wll be trund off
chrisdmadd: What do you mean Without the issues?
tjfrancis: ok i wll see what i need to do today and bring it back up with out the issues
chrisdmadd: TJ hope you can get last nights KGX on again tonight. I'd be the first in the Queue, that's going to get fun at Moorgate!
Banners88: Yes for Trent!
arabianights: I may be in about half an hour
Morsey: Running Trent again for anyone whos interested
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
tjfrancis: weyln is now free
tjfrancis: hitchin is now taken but no one is in q
tjfrancis: got hitchin free on kings cross
GIN24GER: i have sorted it now i got the system files
Sacro: Have you installed the System files?
GIN24GER: Does anyone know what that is?
GIN24GER: I need help i downloaded the trent map but i cannot open because i'm apparently missing rtl60.bpl
jimbolimbo9: Oooo ok coming on; btw my username is now 1W00
DSeaWall: I'm on Tony's KX.
jimbolimbo9: Yeah from either of you don't mind
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
DSeaWall: James, you up for something still?
tjfrancis: ok comeing up in 5 mints
jimbolimbo9: Please do tjfrancis!
tjfrancis: i can host a game if any one up for it
jimbolimbo9: Back yet?
jimbolimbo9: Yay
DSeaWall: I'm going out shortly, but once I'm back I'll put a sim up.
jimbolimbo9: I'm up DSeaWall
DSeaWall: Anyone up for some multiplayer?
Peter Bennet: Shuttle is currently affected by The Swarm.....
headshot119: But did you take a shuttle because triaxulating plasma atmosphere prevented use of the transporter
Roadrunner: Jim. Affirmative. Life forms detected in Trent simulation.
Roadrunner: Is there life in SimSig land on a weekday? (Switches on Tricorder) Probably not, Jim.
Roadrunner: Morsey - are you running Trent?
Steamer: The Wiki is your friend: «link» ;)
monkshood: I’m returning to simsig after some time away. My question is what files I need to start Simsig and will it rum on a Mac.
monkshood: Hi Guys,
Tomiexpress: ok
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok back to the drawing board lol
Tomiexpress: nope, diconnecting..
Tomiexpress: comming
WinsfordSaltMine: Nothing coming through on my end weird, try again
Tomiexpress: disconnect recivied, u accetp me?
WinsfordSaltMine: IP is and port is 50505, please let me know if it works, if not back to the drawing board lol
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok westbury it is
Tomiexpress: westbury loader
WinsfordSaltMine: Tell what sims you have and i'll set one up on one, its only a test :)
Tomiexpress: what sim and ip?
WinsfordSaltMine: Guys, I think i have got my Ports working, if I set up a test sim could someone try and join and tell me the outcome :)
Dhassell: HE went for his Dinner, But its still on afterwards :)
Ben86: I'd be up for Bristol, jimbo, if still on offer
jimbolimbo9: Anyone willing to do a Bristol session? will run depending on interest
Morsey: Trent now closed. Will be continuing some point tomorrow
DaveHarries: GOing to do some TT work first: will join Trent after if it is still open.
Morsey: Big sim, but always fun. Opened Trent as this weeks sim «link»
Tomiexpress: Stafford closed, thx for joing
Morsey: Might open up KX again at 2300. Would anyone be interested?
Tomiexpress: y still o[pen
DaveHarries: CHeers Jim.
jimbolimbo9: is stafford still open?
jimbolimbo9: Yes I'm pretty sure it is Dave
DaveHarries: Probably a stupid question but is Westbury Down Yard the same as Westbury Down TC?
Tomiexpress: Hello, Stafford open, continuation of my game , ip :)
AndyG: not connecting here either
jimbolimbo9: If i'm right bristol session is off now due to lack of connections
Dhassell: Ive not even joined a session by you?
DSeaWall: Not really. If you're going to be like you are on my sessions.
jimbolimbo9: Yeah
Dhassell: Anyone up for a Bristol session? ;)
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused thanks to all who joined
tjfrancis: no new connexsions on kgx cloueing in 10 mints
tjfrancis: got 2 in q with all panel taken
tjfrancis: sim now running with all panel taken with no one in q
tjfrancis: kings cross is up
mackeral1234: anything
Badger1208: I'm up for a kgx tonight
DaveHarries: I am going out briefly but will join on return
tjfrancis: i can do if they are some singers around
arabianights: tony mentioned he may be hosting kgx aroundnow
DaveHarries: Anyone planning to host later?
JamesN: Yes there are some NR test trains in the default TT for Wembley ML
Jamesh1492: The nr ones
tjfrancis: any one up for a host
Sacro: It depends what you mean by "test train"
Jamesh1492: I've got the one that comes with the sim
JamesN: Depends on the timetable
Jamesh1492: Does Wembley have any?
Sacro: Depends on the timetable
Jamesh1492: Does anyone know if test trains run in the sims?
JamesN: Wembley closing in 20 minutes
JamesN: Wembley Mainline open. «link»
Jamesh1492: Is anyone hosting.
DaveHarries: Nor do I. I am back now.
tjfrancis: i do not mide joining on somethink
DaveHarries: I am just going to get some dinner and will be back soon.
arabianights: I'd host something if there's another player as well as Dave (i.e. at least 3 including me)
DaveHarries: Will be around until about 9:30
DaveHarries: Anyone planning on a session later?
Temple Meads: VSE closed. Cheers to ROD, DAVJ, ANDG, CM01 and NZAJ for playing :)
Temple Meads: VSE is open for connections.
arabianights: righty ho, in the meantime I will be regisstereing my dogs as labour party supporters so they can vote for jeremey corbyn
Temple Meads: Yep I have it. Will open at 2200 BST.
arabianights: if not I can dig out the "initial state" I would thik
Temple Meads: Oooh yes I remember it. Will see if I still have it.
arabianights: TM may I suggest continuation of that vicky se session from a while back if you have the save still
DaveHarries: IIRC there was a plan last night for an Exeter (and / or Westbury) session this evening. I am only around until about 2130 though.
Temple Meads: I'm available to host from 2100. Just need to work out what sim(s).
DaveHarries: Exeter session now open. / 50505
arabianights: I would donate if it were genuine free software, or at least open source with non commercial modification permitted. As it is I am happy to pay for sims but wouldn't consider donating, on principle
DaveHarries: Trying to join on Westbury but not getting very far. Trying second time as data from session took too long to update.
ajax103: exeter/westbury now live, need 2 more on exeter and 3 on westbury
DaveHarries: Exeter and Westbury chain now pending
Morsey: I know it costed money to build sims and run the site, hence I have just gone ahead and bought some sims. Like most things I would donate if I had the spare money lying around
Morsey: I've always knows as and referred to SimSig as freeware as everything was free to download. I have also paid for a few sims though
arabianights: it's arguable whether it's donationware because it's not free software, although I am not inclined to argue about it too much (today)
headshot119: *donationware
Morsey: Anyone that fancies a freeware sim, ive opened up KX again
arabianights: cancelled the Wimbeldon as well idea doesn't work
arabianights: Feltenham is on the IP in his thread, Wibeldon on
arabianights: ok ajax and I have come to an arrangement, chain will go ahead one of us serving a half of it
arabianights: areyou only running feltham then?
arabianights: can connect to feltenham fine
arabianights: I can test for connectivity, but I am not buying feltham as it doesn't apeal to me at all
ajax103: try just the Feltham sim fella
arabianights: is it sitll on?
arabianights: cannot connect using provided details
ajax103: It's a Wimbledon and Feltham chain however if lack of interest may just host something smaller like Westbury or Exeter
ajax103: DaveHarries, there's a session tonight I'm hosting
DaveHarries: Anyone planning on hosting tonight? If not I will carry on my TT writing.
Jamesh1492: From dn to up but figured it now need let overlap clear.
Tomiexpress: thaat all :)
Tomiexpress: ah and the r862 must be red for overlap 864
Tomiexpress: for down dir , strat sig 864 to siding, for up the 496 shunt signal, work with no problem
Tomiexpress: Jamesm from what signal (up/down dir? )
Weir69: Wait, found it! A big "Download here" button wouldn't go amiss on the homepage! Now lets see how many trains I crash :S
Weir69: I can't seem to find the download fo the system files. Can somebody help? Thanks.
Weir69: Hi,
Jamesh1492: On Westbury how do you get a train to enter bedwyn sidings
headshot119: Though it's not just "The Junction" simulated on it, but all the way from Saltney Junction to Holyhead + the Conwy Valley + Llandudno
Meld: and its free ;)
Meld: 365 take a look at North Wales Coast - last time i looked LLan Jcn was in it
365ShaneEyoho: *Simulation
365ShaneEyoho: is there a Llandudno Junction Simulator
Guts: Sorry for all the memory issues. Till next time.
DaveHarries: Aston packed up.
HST125Scorton: Saltley is still up and working
LucasLCC: I think Guts is having sim issues. BNS is still up, not sure about the rest..
DaveHarries: Still not back in. Could be a power cut at host's end, or a server / ISP failure
DaveHarries: Dropped here as well.
HST125Scorton: Connection dropped out cannot get back.. -_-
DaveHarries: Sim crashed on me: trying to r/c
Sacro: Dropped?
DaveHarries: And me on Aston
Guts: Saltley full
Guts: Saltley two
Guts: Bham full
fdlbc: Hi everybody, any panels free?
Guts: Try again.
Steamer: Ditto
HST125Scorton: Cannot get connected at Saltley
Guts: :D oh
Guts: The ports were wrong
Guts: I've sorted the ports now. they were wrong. I'm using Ver 4.5.1
HST125Scorton: O.O need to read properly
HST125Scorton: are your ports mixed up? 50506 reports as BNS
LucasLCC: Not using a tester loader or something are you Guts?
HST125Scorton: Cannot get on says check for updates done that but non :(
Guts: Multi Sim up and running
DaveHarries: True. I was in need of a pnb. I meant to say anyone planning to host tionight? lol
Sacro: Come on Dave, you know your way around - «link»
DaveHarries: ANy games tonight?
headshot119: @Harwich90 If you have a question please post it in the forum, not everyone sees the shotbox and your shout may get lost as time goes by.
kbarber: What is it you're after? Not sure what help I can be (especially as I have limited time to be on here) but I'll do what I can.
harwich90: hello
harwich90: Can someone help me
Morsey: Just for the record if anyone is bored, opened up KX. Was going to play on own but may aswell open up
WinsfordSaltMine: any else able too
WinsfordSaltMine: ok no prob
joebradleymanor: gtg im afraid, sorry mate
WinsfordSaltMine: try now
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford it is then
joebradleymanor: er lots of the free ones like stafford, saltely
WinsfordSaltMine: which do you have :0
WinsfordSaltMine: 1 min I do a diff sim
joebradleymanor: sorry aint got brighton :(
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok its on Brighton and the ip is and the port is 50505
joebradleymanor: ok
joebradleymanor: ok
WinsfordSaltMine: I've just attempt lol to set up port forwarding cool you possibly try to connect to the test sim I have set up, see if it works lol
joebradleymanor: what?
WinsfordSaltMine: Guys, can someone do we a favour
DaveHarries: Damn. Too much TT writing.
Tomiexpress: stafford*
Tomiexpress: stafforg closed, thx
Tomiexpress: stafford still open
DaveHarries: I will be in shortly
Tomiexpress: Safford , for hour or two, ip
jimbolimbo9: OK joe, i don't mind any
joebradleymanor: now full
arabianights: ok see you in amo
joebradleymanor: ip is
joebradleymanor: sorry i ment waterloo
joebradleymanor: how about liverpool street?
joebradleymanor: ok
joebradleymanor: ok
arabianights: and it's not trent
arabianights: if you're quick
joebradleymanor: anyone wanna join?
joebradleymanor: for an hour
joebradleymanor: i can host
jimbolimbo9: is anyone willing to host a free sim tonight?
DaveHarries: Anyone hosting later?
arabianights: Paisley closed
arabianights: Paisley open for connections on same details as LTS thread
arabianights: and MIKE didn't mean to close that!
arabianights: sampe ip as in thread
arabianights: we are now switching to paisley as it is easier to run with 2, but you are welcome to join
Banners88: Dont have LTS sorry chaps!
arabianights: MIKE and I would appreciate another signaller if one be avalable...
arabianights: LTS open for connection «link»
arabianights: will be 15 min delayed
arabianights: (especially given realisticlly an LTS game may be hard to get going)
arabianights: I will host something at 10 pm, probably LTS which is the thread I will create, but will take requests and evaluate them at 10
welwyn: closed
welwyn: ok, fun time, multi player posted start in 15 mins
DaveHarries: Got a bit of shopping to do: will join a multiplayer on return if any aare still going.
Trainmad091: cant find the details in fourum
joebradleymanor: now try
joebradleymanor: ops hang on
Tomiexpress: loader
Tomiexpress: u have not uptade ver.
joebradleymanor: port 50505
joebradleymanor: ok hang on
Tomiexpress: send me a ip for sim if u still have time
joebradleymanor: you there?
joebradleymanor: yeah
Tomiexpress: hi all :)
Tomiexpress: joe u re on line?
joebradleymanor: anyone wanna do stafford with me?
58050: Kev - contact me on Skype plz
KymriskaDraken: West Hampatead tt test continuation from about 1400BST. Details in forum in a little while.
AndyG: for Lime Street
AndyG: pcpc See «link»
pcpc: Hi people, does anyone on here have pics of the following boxes? Tweedmouth, Speke, Allerton and Lime Street?
arabianights: anyone from the WH game that just ended fancy something cosy and intimate?
DaveHarries: Will jopin shortly.
tjfrancis: andy try rejoin
tjfrancis: west hampsead now open
tjfrancis: West hampstead is now closed
tjfrancis: West Hampstead West Hampstead Summer 1991 now open
tjfrancis: SEMCMILLAN «link»
SEMCMILLAN: any sims opening??
Morsey: Cambridge/Peterborough open again «link»
MJD: Ajax need you on sim
ajax103: West Hampstead 1991 TT session tonight, feel free to join
rodney30: nath sorry I left I got internet issues but thanks for the hosty very enjoyable
y10g9: London Chain now closed
Morsey: Continuing cambridge/peterborough again: «link»
ajax103: Cheers
y10g9: done
ajax103: Y10g9 sorry, can you pm me as want ask you something off the forums
ajax103: Y10gp can you pm me please?
fdlbc: Thx, i`m online ;)
y10g9: Yes, 1 on each sim
fdlbc: Panels...
fdlbc: Any Panely avaiable?
y10g9: Plenty of panels available on both sims
y10g9: London Chain now Open
welwyn: good idea ;-)
y10g9: have you checked the forum ;)
welwyn: If no, I could host something
welwyn: is there a plan for multi player tonight ?
Morsey: Yea sorry will continue tomorrow, cheers for playing. Off for a cuppa
Morsey: Chaining old aims is a lot of work!
DaveHarries: If no continuation then many thanks for hosting.
Finger: Okay - thanks for the session. Bye!

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