30 - 05 - 2016

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Aurora: Closing soon. My thanks to AJRO, JADA, BAZZ, ANDG, DAVE, GUTS and DAVJ for joining.
WinsfordSaltMine: Now Closed
Aurora: Moherwell reopening in 5. Details in forum.
WinsfordSaltMine: S&D Clossing in 5 mins no more connections please
Aurora: Motherwell will reopen following the Saltley/Derby session.
DaveHarries: I may join S&D in a while.
Aurora: No interest, host may reopen later.
Aurora: Motherwell open.
WinsfordSaltMine: 1 more person needed for each sim
WinsfordSaltMine: 2 Panels free on DY
WinsfordSaltMine: 2 Panels free on SY
y10g9: and as no one had put a hosting topic up, then no one is hosting a public session
WinsfordSaltMine: I was asking, as I was going to host if no-one wasnt
y10g9: WSM, if you don't want people to post the link to the hosting page, don't ask the question of is anyone hosting. Simplez
WinsfordSaltMine: Satley and Derby open for connections
Aurora: Any interest in a Motherwell host game?
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok It will be ready by 2000
Gambo211: I'm up for Saltley
WinsfordSaltMine: I'll host Saltley/Derby if anyone intrested
WinsfordSaltMine: you don't need to post the link,
headshot119: Doesn't look like it «link»
WinsfordSaltMine: Aynone hosting this evening?
belly buster: Saltley closing soon - no more connections
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting BUST. Night all :)
belly buster: Saltley open «link»
arabianights: York will be finishing in eight minutes if no one joins, if anyone comes along later today and wants to continue say in shoutbox or PM and I will likely be around to reopen
arabianights: expecting south on york to become available at about 9:30-9.45, currently no one in queu
arabianights: try now, dunno what went wrong
tjfrancis: tried saying discon
arabianights: try reconnecting
arabianights: tunnel's still up
tjfrancis: it gone again
TheBVE2010: Let's hope it lasts
Vortexhaha: It's a nice bank holiday weekend since the weather is finally behaving properly
tjfrancis: i am in
arabianights: you should be able to connect now
arabianights: dammit tunnel I was using timed out
TheBVE2010: No wonder no one has joined
arabianights: hmmm
tjfrancis: getting discon from york
arabianights: No one joined York yet, I assume nice weather + bank holiday may have something to do with this... so if anyone's not joined because they're asuming it's full up, you know what to do...
TheBVE2010: Exeter closed! Thanks for joining guys!
TheBVE2010: Exeter closing at 19:00 (BST). No more connections please
TheBVE2010: Np WSM. Thanks for joining
arabianights: York open for connections
WinsfordSaltMine: *leon
WinsfordSaltMine: sorry wsm got to go
Tankie: Yes I have a few times but having issues - goes to a dos prompt! Will try again!
TheBVE2010: Please remember to click check for updates before joining.
TheBVE2010: Yes, Paignton and Crediton are free
Tankie: Is Exeter still going? Any panels free?
TheBVE2010: Well done VORX
WinsfordSaltMine: gratz
Vortexhaha: Yeah! I'm now on Half Term and finished half of my GCSEs. I think its time to join some sessions or make one
TheBVE2010: Exeter open for connections! Details at «link»
TheBVE2010: I'm gonna fire up an Exeter session. Details will be up shortly.
HST125Scorton: Thanks all for joining the Saltley
TheBVE2010: But if not, then night all :)
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting AJRO. May be back in the early hours of the morning if there are any late night sessions,
MJD: In as well
TheBVE2010: Connected now
HST125Scorton: Retry pls..
MJD: Me to
TheBVE2010: Having a bit of trouble connecting
HST125Scorton: Saltley now open for connections, details in the hosting fourm
HST125Scorton: Will be open in sec
flherne: You also need msxml3 (via winetricks), or saving timetables fails
Sacro: Probably just need wine and wine-gecko
Sacro: It should work via Wine
Vortexhaha: Hey everyone, is simsig available on ubuntu (linux)
NewBuildmini432: it has barriers and it is an user worked crossing. From ABCRailwayGuide
NewBuildmini432: Is the Ambulance crossing in South Humberside at Immingham a emergency crossing like Shotwick Emergency?
WinsfordSaltMine: It'll be nice if someone hosts :P
DaveHarries: Anyone likely to host tonight? Late dinner first but if there is a session I will join afterwards.
Aurora: Motherwell closed. My thanks to AJRO and ANDG for coming in.
HST125Scorton: Lovely
Aurora: Great, coming up in 2 mins.
HST125Scorton: ME
Aurora: Any interest in a Motherwall host??
HST125Scorton: ah ok no worries
arabianights: no point in me hosting I'll be gone in 50 minutes and won't be attentive enough to host now due to personal cirucmstances
HST125Scorton: Arab if you host I will join.. but I only have 2 items out the payware as mentioned :)
stighetl: Will do that, Steamer :)
Steamer: Stighetl- put a post in the main Forum. The chatbox is not suitable for sorting out that kind of problem.
arabianights: c'est la vie...
HST125Scorton: Not got anything set up for hosting this time... But planning to host tomorrow.
arabianights: If you host anything I will join it if I have it (which rules out lime street *I think* - might have bought it and foroggten - but anything else fine)
HST125Scorton: I'm knocking about.. But only have donationware sims and motherwell/lime st edge hill
arabianights: are 2 people around for game?
stighetl: Well. SimSig stopped working, again. It's the sixth time in a very short time period. I thought there were something wrong with Bristol, but it's happening with York as well. What's wrong?
stighetl: I see. Thank you! I haven't seen "PLT" used in a bert before, on any other simulations. So I wasn't quite sure what it was.
GeoffM: The Wiki is for the simulation rather than the timetable. "Trains" PLT6 etc are simply seed trains planted at the beginning of the simulation that would otherwise have berthed there overnight.
stighetl: I just bought York North and South, and I'm wondering about the train PLT6, PLT7, PLT8. I couldn't find anything about it on the Wiki.

First I thought it ment station, but it just said that "PLT7 has finished dividing"
arabianights: Once I am home yeah but a shorty
mackeral1234: anything on this evening
stighetl: I actually found a solution further down in the chat :)
stighetl: It says "Failed to copy C:\Users\myuser~1\AppData\Local\Temp\sim9A75.tmp to C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig\simsigloader.exe"
stighetl: I'm unable to update to the latest version of the SimSig Loader. What should I do?
DaveHarries: YOur would be fin arabian but I can't be on too late tonight.
Sacro: Waterloo should be in your start menu under SimSig
Lardybiker: Hav you downloaded and installed the system files too?
JakeStreet: How do i run the game/simulation downloaded waterloo went throungh the install what do i do next?
Hugh Jampton: West Hampstead cancelled, shortage of players.
Hugh Jampton: 3 panels free on West Hampstead
Hugh Jampton: West Hampstead open
arabianights: I may host york if no one else does, would be a short + late session
Northern Line: Hey, Any Open multi sessions tonight?
WinsfordSaltMine: Now closed, thanks too all who joined
WinsfordSaltMine: No more connections to chain, closing at 0030
WinsfordSaltMine: OK LEon
TheBVE2010: Sorry WSM, my internet is playing up
WinsfordSaltMine: Need 1 more for New Street and 1 more for Saltley to star
WinsfordSaltMine: Need people for New Street, if anyone around
WinsfordSaltMine: BNS is empty
WinsfordSaltMine: Saltley has 3 panels left (including stratford)
WinsfordSaltMine: All yours when your ready mac
WinsfordSaltMine: Aston back up
mackeral1234: ill do Aston uf you want
WinsfordSaltMine: OK need to Aston back, please bear with me
WinsfordSaltMine: Chain open for connections
HST125Scorton: I'll pop by Saltley then
WinsfordSaltMine: Chain details are now up, will start session at 2230 BST
WinsfordSaltMine: I will host, details later
DWeb: I may host an LTS
TheBVE2010: Anyone hosting tonight?
madaboutrains: MW closing soon
madaboutrains: Who would like a late evening motherwell host?
Jamesh1492: Any hosts on tonight? I would host but I'm on call tonight and don't wanna set one up knowing my luck
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Kev!
KymriskaDraken: Bristol closing soon. No new connections please
KymriskaDraken: no prob
AndyB: Kev, back when Windows unfreezes. Grr.
arabianights: just heading over too
AndyB: Right, soon as I get the VM started up I'll be over
KymriskaDraken: It's free. An ond EXE style sim
AndyB: Excuse my bad memory as to whether Bristol is free...!
KymriskaDraken: Anyone?
KymriskaDraken: Make that 2 Signalmen!
KymriskaDraken: I could do with an extra Signalman on Bristol
KymriskaDraken: ... and open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Bristol continuation from 1300 BSt. Details in forum
Hugh Jampton: And...relax. Derby closed. Thanks to LEON, JP, BUST, ANDG & SHWM for playing.
Hugh Jampton: Derby closing in 15 mins, no new connections please.
Hugh Jampton: Derby full,1 in queue.
KymriskaDraken: Bristol closing soon. No new connections please
Hugh Jampton: 1 more needed for Derby
Hugh Jampton: Derby Maxand Save open
KymriskaDraken: I could do with an extra Signalman on Bristol
KymriskaDraken: Bristol open for connections
KymriskaDraken: I'll do a 1992 Bristol. Details are in the forum
DaveHarries: ok cool. York or something perhaps. See what happens.
KymriskaDraken: I'll fire up something in a bit. Just trying to decide what :)
DaveHarries: ANyone likely to host this afternoon?
Aurora: Paisley closed. Many thanks Andy for joining.
P*Funk: This is a useful link because the description says if its free or payware. «link»
Aurora: Starting up a Paisley shortly. It is payware.
firefreak911: whitch games are free
Steamer: Full installation instructions, which cover this, are given here: «link»
Steamer: Any simulation with a demo mode is Payware, and you need to buy a license from the shop: «link»
Northern Line: have you purchased?
firefreak911: how can i play full games and not the demo's for 5 minutes
firefreak911: can anyone tell me how i can play full games and not demo's only
KymriskaDraken: Should I host Chicago?
Danny252: But how are we then going to have the daily discussion/argument/monologue about which sim should be hosted, before finally agreeing on KX?
KymriskaDraken: This has to be a record. Nobody has asked "Is anyone hosting?" yet and it's well past eight o'clock.
stighetl: Well, this is embarrassing. I've been looking at the "map" for over 10 minutes. "HLS" is clearly written at the top above platform 1, as you wrote. Thank you very much!
AndyG: It's the track at the top above platform 1 I recall
stighetl: Where can I find track "HLS" at Bristol Temple Meads?
Jamesh1492: or a Rugby chain?
TheBVE2010: Any donationware sessions today?
tjfrancis: they is a york on tonight «link» it from 9pm
arabianights: no one planning on hosting York then? I will if necessary
arabianights: do it
Insulfrog3: I'll have to get back into simsig at some point
Insulfrog3: I have not been on here for months
arabianights: eh up
Insulfrog3: hi all, long time no see
arabianights: anyone york'in today/tonight?
stighetl: Thank you!
KymriskaDraken: If the train has Bradford Jn in the tt then you send it towards Trowbridge. Chippenham trains will have Thingley Jn as a timing point.
stighetl: Trains going to Bradford JN on Bristol. How do I know if I should send the train towards Chippenham or Trowbridge?
P*Funk: I figured out my issue. You can only interpose on the scratch pad by right clicking on it. Can't interpose from using the 'I' shortcut key.
P*Funk: Well when I try to use them and input a train it tells me it can't find the timetable
GeoffM: Scratch pads had their origins before sticky notes. They're simply there for you to make whatever notes you want. You don't have to use them, or if you do use them, there is no "wrong way".
P*Funk: can't find anything on the forums or wiki on it
P*Funk: don't suppose anyone can explain the scratch pads in some sims
peterb: Thanks for hosting Guts!
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting GUTS. Night everyone!
TheBVE2010: Ok
WinsfordSaltMine: Yes, LEON, but not got time to host tonight
TheBVE2010: Have you resolved your technical issues?
TheBVE2010: Maybe tomorrow WSM
WinsfordSaltMine: why don't you host LEON :P
TheBVE2010: Any other donationware sessions tonight? I just missed Saltley
chrisdmadd: arabian ILL PM you
arabianights: Anyone feel like hosting York
Banners88: Saltley flash now closed. Thanks to all who joined.
Banners88: If I was planning a big chain or needed a full house I would stick it in the forum.
Banners88: Only running it for a short while, don't need 100% commitment or people to plan ahead.
headshot119: Banners why don't you post these games in the hosting section of the forum!?
Few hours at least.
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting MJB. Very calm and relaxing. Night all :)
Banners88: Saltley now closed, thanks to all who joined.
Banners88: It is indeed.
WinsfordSaltMine: will try to run the chain at later date
WinsfordSaltMine: Chain Cancelled, tecnicel problems
WinsfordSaltMine: SY/BNS/AN Open for connections
WinsfordSaltMine: Oh, I just set up a chain lol
Banners88: SALTLEY
Banners88: FLASH GAME:
WinsfordSaltMine: I'll start with SY & BNS and see if we need Derby
TheBVE2010: Quite a lot of people online
WinsfordSaltMine: How many people would join if I put a DY,SY,BNS,AN chain up?
WinsfordSaltMine: What freeware do people fancy?
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok, I'm gonna put a host up , but something different from Sheffield for a change :)
TheBVE2010: Ok WSM
WinsfordSaltMine: I would host but AJRO said yesterday he was, he, if nothing up by 2030, i'll put Sheffield up
TheBVE2010: Any sessions today?
Sacro: Usually by the first TC being occupied, then the second occupied, then the first unoccupied
WinsfordSaltMine: Ajro, are you still hosting tonight?
Steamer: If you didn't do this when you started the simulation, you'll have to start again. It can't be changed mid-game.
Steamer: When starting a new simulation, tick the box labelled 'TORR' in the start-up options
Northernboy67: How do routes cancel auto matically when trains have passed signal on Worksop Sim
jc92: Milford Junction controls that area and would chain at Sherburn and GW. It controls two yard complexes and a CCTV crossing all on a panel. That on its own wouldnt be a bad sim. It fringes to Castleford and Ferrybridge boxes. Who knows if they are included.
DaveHarries: I look forward to see what the simulation being developed (see the "Version History" bit for the York North / South sim) is.
GeoffM: Yes, but you need to solve (a) and (b) together, not independently!
jc92: Ah fair enough. If Milford isnt a million miles away its no biggy. I was going off the main page of the manual.
KymriskaDraken: a) is easy to solve by having "chained" and "unchained" versions of the tt. b) is a bit of a poser
GeoffM: Possibly by having a duplicate enter at Sherburn towards Hambleton, but at the moment I'm not sure how to prevent the 2nd duplicate from entering when (a) not chained; (b) chained and still in the Leeds area.
KymriskaDraken: Geoff, would edits to the timetables get round the problem when the sims are chained?
GeoffM: The issue is only when chained to Leeds. Standalone York is fine as it has an off-screen area simulating the stretch between Church Fenton and Sherburn Junction.
KymriskaDraken: I just tired it with a couple of trains and they don't reappear after dropping off York towards Leeds. The "Version History" manual page contradicts the main manual page by saying "Trains that go via Colton Junction, Church Fenton, Sherburn Junction, Gascoigne Wood, and Hambleton (and vice versa) do not re-appear on York when chained to Leeds. This is because York assumes a continuous connection which is “broken” when Leeds is connected (Sherburn Junction is missing). We have a simulation in development which will resolve this but in the meantime other options will be explored. "
jc92: Kev the manual confirms what I said. Trains dont disapear but can run early when entering leeds sim
jc92: Strange. I would have thought as the two sims dont chain at sherburn/GW that trains would still enter on leeds Sims timetable.
chrisdmadd: will full line speeds be released for york? i cant see it
chrisdmadd: hmm doesnt sound great then
KymriskaDraken: The manual says that trains on that stretch won't re-enter the sim, so there will be a lot of missing trains
jc92: You can still chain it, there might just be a late train entering early very occasionally.
Sacro: Ooh, the Sherburn gap, forgot about that one
KymriskaDraken: There is an unsimulated hole when the sims are chained. See manual: «link»
Sacro: Why not Kymriska?
KymriskaDraken: Remember that the chain won't work correctly for trains via Colton Junction, Church Fenton, Sherburn Junction, Gascoigne Wood, and Hambleton (and back).
chrisdmadd: Awesome I'll be chaining them two tomorrow night then if there's no others planned
Danny252: I suspect so - I think Geoff had simply forgotten to release the compatible update for Leeds!
chrisdmadd: Does Leeds York chain work now? Literally can't wait to play that chain :D
WinsfordSaltMine: goodie lol
HST125Scorton: I'll be hosting tomorrow evening
WinsfordSaltMine: and agree LEON
WinsfordSaltMine: it didn't at first
TheBVE2010: Its actually quite annoying when people do that. We aren't new to simsig!
TheBVE2010: As I've said before, no details being in the forum, doesn't mean that no one is hosting today.
KymriskaDraken: It links to the "Session Details" page here.
WinsfordSaltMine: about bugs
WinsfordSaltMine: nope Kym It leads to the York post
KymriskaDraken: I think it means that were someone hosting there would be a message in that section of the forum.
WinsfordSaltMine: what does that have to do with a host?
Sacro: WSM - «link»
WinsfordSaltMine: Any Hosts tonight?
DaveHarries: Sorry: was unable to join York as work beckoned. Will join next time if I can.
tjfrancis: York now closed thanks to all who joined
tjfrancis: york is up if any one wants to join
Aurora: Host closed.
Aurora: Paisley back open. Loader has been updated.
Aurora: Starting up a Paisley host shortly.
DaveHarries: Ah ok
jc92: Nothing else chains on to york or leeds yet
DaveHarries: Hehehe. ok then.
KymriskaDraken: I could tell you Dave but then I would have to kill you :)
DaveHarries: What were you going to chain, KD? York plus Leeds (I presume) plus....?
KymriskaDraken: I think that's probably down to the "technical issues" that Geoff was having
Danny252: Curious that it hasn't been released, given that v1.2 has a release date!
KymriskaDraken: I'll have to postpone my mega ECML chain session then ;)
headshot119: I don't think it slipped past the testers, the newer version of Leeds just hasn't been released yet :)
KymriskaDraken: interesting how that one managed to slip past the testers :
Danny252: Is it not the bug fixed in Leeds v1.2? "Micklefield chaining Chaining data added to Gascoigne Wood line "
headshot119: Mantis 15312 applies Danny
Danny252: Oh dear, someone's forgotten to set up the correct chaining arrangements for Leeds and York...
Lardybiker: Karl beat me to it....The screenshot showed 3 simsig windows. The loader was still open
headshot119: You've still got the SimSig Loader open in the background, I can see it in the screenshots you've just posted
Trainmad091: worked now :)
Trainmad091: ive tried that :(
headshot119: «link»
headshot119: See my detailed guide here
Lardybiker: Once you activate the update window, close the main loader window before actually starting the updates
Trainmad091: Hi all,
I'm trying to update my loader from V4.5.8.1 to V4.5.11.0 and it is just saying failed to copy and will not update.

Any ideas?
007JamesBond: Take your time Geoff. As long as they are high quality, take your time. Quality not quantity.
GeoffM: Sorry folks, I planned to release a couple of updates today but am having some technical issues. Early next week now. BTW fantastic response to York -seems v popular. Many thanks everyone.
jc92: Welcome to barnsley Junction Yard.....you'll never leave
TomOF: I'm sure the reference could be added into a potential Woodhead sim. Shunter Brown anyone? 8)
DaveHarries: Apologies: it was only a suggestion.
320322: I give up , this is turning childish too quickly
TheBVE2010: Maybe that's why he asked for a chain with Leeds
320322: And that's another thing, not everyone can afford new Sims straight away when they are released. Surely you took that into consideration before you posted?
Forest Pines: I wouldn't mind a Royston Vasey sim...given that the filming location was actually on the Woodhead line!
DaveHarries: I wasn't sayin' that everything had to be chained: it was more out of hope. Could be that not enough people have got The York North / South yet though.
320322: Fair enough , but we must remember that it's free time that the host is giving up
jc92: I think kev was replying to dave
320322: I'm only planning to chain if demand is high. After all, I'm giving up a Saturday night for it, less of the lip if you don't mind
jc92: I dont know in all seriousness. I wont be chaining
jc92: Check the late notices board ;)

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