04 - 05 - 2015

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lama77: Thanks for hosting the Birmingham sim. Got disconnected in the end.
304033: have a good night tho
304033: You all got disconnected 1 by 1
304033: Sorry, its having a momenet again.
belly buster: Thanks again for the game.
belly buster: Sorry NELL got disco'd and couldn't reconnect
DaveHarries: Sorry: Birmingham sim crashed at my end. Thanks for hosting it.
304033: New Street closing in 10, no new connections pls
304033: re-connect, think its sorted now
304033: I know...
Mikehax: I'm not getting any TTs
304033: Bear with me... Taking 30 secs for a TT to appear
304033: New Street *frozen*
flyingpigs123456: Wimbledon/Feltham chain close due to girlfriend needing me
304033: New Street OPEN
WinsfordSaltMine: Can someone do a free sim one :)
304033: New Street opening at 21:00
DaveHarries: All panels on Feltham taken
flyingpigs123456: 1 Panel free on Wimbledon, a fair few panels free on Feltham
flyingpigs123456: Chain starting
flyingpigs123456: Going to attempt to start with only 1 connection on each sim
DaveHarries: COme on you lot
flyingpigs123456: Panels free on BOTH sims :)
flyingpigs123456: Host in forum and accepting connections
flyingpigs123456: Will be my last host on my current computer (get a new one Tuesday)
DaveHarries: OK post it and we will see how many people turn up. Pity more people don't buy the paid stuff. I am going out for about 10mins so set up for 1800 start or something like that.
flyingpigs123456: Wimbledon would be able to run itself pretty much so would just need enough people for Feltham
DaveHarries: Hope you can get enough players for it to happen.
DaveHarries: Sounds good to me.
flyingpigs123456: Would anyone be up for a Wimbledon/Feltham chain?
DaveHarries: ok I will think about it. Maybe later.
Temple Meads: Maybe you should host one Dave, I'm not in a position to, unfortunately.
DaveHarries: Any sessions this afternoon?
DaveHarries: Have worked out what my next TT project will be. Hope I get it finished on time.
DaveHarries: I would also play a Motherwell session if the times were right. Sunday afternoons & evenings usually good as are Tuesday & Thursday evenings. I will see what happens but if you can't fit MW in on the above timings then don't worry!
ajax103: Am looking at Motherwell, will post details on forum closer to date
arabianights: motherwell would be good
ajax103: DaveHarries > depends on interest, could be 7pm could be 8pm am tempted to do a Scottish sim, maybe North East or Motherwell
DaveHarries: >ajax103: regarding Wednesday - depends on the start time
CTCThiago: West Hamps Closed
304033: New Street closed :)
ajax103: anyone around on Wednesday night for a session?
arabianights: anyone else lost west hampstead connection?
DaveHarries: May join one or the other when I get back but that won't be until after 12 m/n
DaveHarries: Maybe another time.
DaveHarries: Damn. A 2130 start which is after I have gone out. Nm.
304033: Ready now :D
304033: try now
304033: My fault... i didnt update the PROGRAM file
304033: kk 2 ticks
Banners88: Same again.
304033: Hmmm, try now. Updater says up to date.
304033: up to date?!
304033: 2 ticks
304033: jaysus. let me update.
Banners88: Same noted here.
AndyG: reports wrong loader version on New St
304033: New Street OPEN
304033: sim clock is on 6:20am i think
304033: How about Birmingham New Street new timetable? Ive just started the rush hour
arabianights: ok will be ready then
arabianights: (who would have thought they would make a consumer webcam where you have to incrementally update the firmware?!)
CTCThiago: In 10 minutes
arabianights: ok when roughly are you starting
CTCThiago: I'll do WH, then someone can do a freeware sim
tjfrancis: i do not have west hamstead so i can not join in if it picked
DaveHarries: West Hampstead would be fun: not played that one for a while.
tjfrancis: i up for a kings cross
arabianights: cause I not free atm
arabianights: btw when did you write "in an hour time"
arabianights: I'd be up for either, woud prefer west hampstead but also recognise it's unlikely that it will happen....
jonni91: I'd be up for KX
CTCThiago: Anyone up for KX or WH sims?
CTCThiago: Thanks Rick.
Steamer: No, Waterloo doesn't chain to anything.
CTCThiago: The Waterloo Freeware can chain with Feltham Payware?
CTCThiago: Planning a KX or West. Hamps this evening, maybe in an hour time.
DaveHarries: Any games this evening? Or has everyone gone on holiday now that I have got back? :)
jimbolimbo9: anyone willing to host a sim this morning?
Roadrunner: Trent session closed. Thanks to all who took part. Except, Tim, who is banned!
Roadrunner: Thanks, Prime Directive! (Oops wrong show!)
primedetective: great hosts tonight :)
Roadrunner: For info-Trent closing at midnight UK time.
Temple Meads: I'll pop in shortly (if I remember) ;)
Roadrunner: But I am prepared to have a show trial.
Roadrunner: Banned!
Roadrunner: Definitely.
Roadrunner: Absolutely.
Roadrunner: Totally!
Temple Meads: What kind of dictatorship is this!! :P
Temple Meads: No right to appeal?! :(
Roadrunner: TIM-you're banned!
Temple Meads: Apologies to Tony and anyone else on the Kings Cross session, I was busy elsewhere and forgot about the sim :/ Whoops.
Roadrunner: Trent session is under way.
Roadrunner: Trent is open with connections. Join now.
Aurora: Success.
Roadrunner: Try again on 50529 please. Same IP address.
Roadrunner: OK-I will restart Trent. Wait one.
primedetective: 50505 also doesn't work
Aurora: Disconnecting?
primedetective: couldn't connect with that port, trying again
Roadrunner: Trent is open for connections.
Roadrunner: Trent starting soon.
tjfrancis: ok try now
tjfrancis: do not join yet had to restart sim
tjfrancis: kings cross is the sim and it is open had to update my keybord
fsxfaulder: What are you planning?
tjfrancis: dave give me 5 mints then
DaveHarries: Hope something gets hosted tonight: just come back from holiday and could do with a session.
WinsfordSaltMine: Any Sessions open
Frankley Junction: Panels will become free on Saltley in 10 minutes
Frankley Junction: One more player, please, for Saltley Centre and North
Frankley Junction: Need 2-3 more on Saltley to get going. Come on, roll up now
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby now up and awaiting your connectivity
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby chain from 21.00 BST for those brave souls willing to risk another of my mutlis. Connections shortly before, after I've done the washing up.
belly buster: NWC closed
belly buster: arrivatw is there any error message?
arrivatw: yer i got that sim now
belly buster: arrivatw it is North Wales Coast (different to NE Wales!)
arrivatw: i am trying to join but nothing
Stanyon: sorry net playing up @new
Roadrunner: Leanne Wood is lovely. The nicest politician.
Roadrunner: arrivatw you need to downlaod North Wales Coast sim. See belly buster's link to join the session.
headshot119: Everyone is being very Welsh today!
arrivatw: north east wales ?
Stanyon: will join in a min
belly buster: Need one more on NWC to make a start. Plenty of free panels
belly buster: arrivatw sure you can join, connection details in the thread
arrivatw: can i join in please
belly buster: NWC Open «link»
peterb: hurrrrrr
arabianights: I never say no to mary
belly buster: OK coming up
peterb: aye?
belly buster: NWC Project X?
peterb: I don't often say no to mary.
peterb: no to mary, yes to NWC
arabianights: I think I bought it but not actually played it
primedetective: Do people have Marylebone
tjfrancis: thats ok with me
primedetective: I'd be willing as well, though NWC isn't usually that interesting
belly buster: Looks like we have plenty of punters
belly buster: North Wales Coast?
Roadrunner: When I say mine, I mean Daddy's.
Roadrunner: Shameful boasting: Mine is BIGGER than yours. Virgin Media 146 Mbits.
peterb: chicago loop.
arabianights: chicago lop
tjfrancis: not all have NE scot peterb
peterb: or [shameful plug]NE Scotland with my winter TT?!
Roadrunner: My brain is mush, so I cannot host without wanting to kill everyone in the local area.
peterb: trent or edinburgh?
tjfrancis: some think that has not been hosted in a long time belly buster
arabianights: (well, I say too... trent is the stuff of tram fanciers)
arabianights: carlisle is nice too.
Banners88: Do like a Trent
belly buster: Any requests?
arabianights: I am no longer hosting
arabianights: phew!
belly buster: If someone is hosting I'll play; If someone isn't hosting, I'll host.
Roadrunner: * .. will have to force some..
Roadrunner: I will have to place force some children into slavery. It is payware.
peterb: I'm sure I'll get motherwell one day just not today!
arabianights: yes, but not just because I would have hosted it ;)
Banners88: Worth getting?
Banners88: I dont im afraid...
peterb: i don't sorry
arabianights: you two both got Motherwell?
arabianights: *new loader
arabianights: I'm just going to see what the implications of new uploader are for various saves before I start something
Banners88: Yep
arabianights: if anyone
peterb: yep
arabianights: whose around for a game
HST125Scorton: quiet evening then
HST125Scorton: ok tony
tjfrancis: somethink has come up so i can not host tonite
HST125Scorton: Derby, Saltley, Exeter, Stafford... be nice to join on.. I would host but internet bad
peterb: Derby?
HST125Scorton: Saltley?
tjfrancis: i wll host a sim any ideas of sim
HST125Scorton: any hosts?
TimTamToe: Cold and wet outside, so time for a bit more tt writing me thinks :D
MANSpotter99: Hello :P :P :P :P :P :P
LucasLCC: Cheers Steamer :)
Steamer: Lucas, both 137m
Steamer: Ajax, click the 'Minimise' button on the F10 window and your messages go to the message box as well.
LucasLCC: Anyone happen to know the lengths of Newton platforms>
ajax103: host?
ajax103: okay but thought they were meant to show up next to messages - saltley? or is that only when you hist?
madaboutrains: I am recieving you test messages.
ajax103: how do I message as F10 is selected but the messages are NOT going to you guys
ajax103: I wold like to play with you guys
madaboutrains: ok.
ajax103: I can't message as simsig isn't allowing me
ajax103: hang 5 I'm going to try to connect
madaboutrains: one panel is free now on Saltley
madaboutrains: Satley still open
madaboutrains: Lots of Panels FREE on Satley
madaboutrains: Someone appears to be having problems connecting
madaboutrains: 3 panels free on Satley now!
madaboutrains: Saltley sim running now
Roadrunner: Trent closed. Thanks to all who took part and waited patiently on the quiet panels.
Roadrunner: Trent closing soon.
Roadrunner: Trent session has started.
Roadrunner: Trent open for connections.
HST125Scorton: 8)
Roadrunner: Will get Trent started soon. Get your supplies in and wait for the hosty notice thingy.
Roadrunner: Programming rates need to go up by much larger than the rate of inflation. That should be your policy.
arabianights: anyway, back later
DazrahT: :)
Roadrunner: Yo PeterB.
Roadrunner: DazraT-you just melted a glacier.
arabianights: their businees model needs rethinking, the bastards
DazrahT: I just cooking up a chilli, but I'll keep my eye on the Session page for anything that crops up
peterb: evening all
peterb: shouting re: trent
Roadrunner: I think that business model needs rethinking.
DazrahT: So do my farts :)
Roadrunner: DazrahT-good move! Cars only pollute the planet.
arabianights: if I have to give tehm £60 then they are jolly well going to lose at least £60 000
DazrahT: In the words of an ex Coventry Signalman - "I'm here to control trains, not cars" - so I'd leave the barriers down! Permanentely
arabianights: strictly personal
arabianights: but for the next couple of hours I need to create a website about welcome break parking tickets
Roadrunner: No have WCML.
Roadrunner: I am gonna put an ASBO on you!
arabianights: was getting it mixed up with the WCML one
arabianights: nah I not interested in trent then, hate that layout
arabianights: oh crud THAT is trent?
Roadrunner: Hi, DazrahT. Not a problem as long as you know how to raise the level crossing for the NET Tram.
Roadrunner: I learnt this today $(selector).method()
DazrahT: I'm interested - but rusty on Trent, lol
Roadrunner: Awesome! Steak and Kidney?
arabianights: I would be interested, but not immediately
arabianights: I got some free pie the other day if that counts
Roadrunner: Possible Trent session on the cards with 1330 start time on sim. Shout if you are interested.
Roadrunner: Yo Arabian. Have you made your next million yet?
arabianights: greetz
Roadrunner: Evening all.
chrisdmadd: cross would be good too though
chrisdmadd: love south humberside
arabianights: quite possibly
HST125Scorton: hello Tony, i won't joining but later either Saltley or SHumber for me :)
tjfrancis: Any one up for a sim of Exeter ,cross or south Humberside
Frankley Junction: Tried to Skype you Barry, no joy your end. Will try again in 5 but then going to bed.
BarryM: FJ can u give me a call?
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby now closed, to be resumed. Thanks for epic chained multi and for all who participated
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby will be closing at 01.00 BST real
Frankley Junction: Ditto to next person
Frankley Junction: Whoever just tried to connect to Saltley, you need LATEST LOADER
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby now up. See forum
Horgy: Any sessions?
mackeral1234: I can not believe nothing yesterday or today
Charlytos: When is updated Loader from 4.0.28 to 4.4 from same Loader installation is made correctly
Charlytos: Loader 4.4 direct download, when open instalation error message.
Cannot install, because cannot open the apliation. Had you that problem?
WinsfordSaltMine: Never any sessions when I am on lol, just missed one again :(
DSeaWall: Exeter closed as something came up.
DSeaWall: Channel OH1 in use on Teamspeak.
DSeaWall: Exeter now open for connections. Please ensure you update your loader to version 4.4.3
DSeaWall: Exeter now closed. Thanks to all who joind.
DSeaWall: Exeter Closing soon. No new connections please.
WinsfordSaltMine: Yes done it now
Muzer: Stick the .WTT in C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig\Timetables\SimName (where SimName is the name of the sim). Replace C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig if you installed it somewhere else.
WinsfordSaltMine: how do I install a new timetable on the loader
WinsfordSaltMine: is Exeter still open?
DSeaWall: No queue.
DSeaWall: Exeter open again. Full and one in queue.
DSeaWall: Exeter currently PAUSED. Also FULL.
DSeaWall: MJB, what happened?
DSeaWall: Exeter FULL.
DSeaWall: Exeter Open.
DSeaWall: SimSig Exeter will be open for connections in ten minutes.
DaveHarries: Damn. Hadn't realised there was an open session. Hope for one tomorrow as I am away thereafter.
mackeral1234: thanks TjFrancis for hosting
tjfrancis: exeter now clouesd
tjfrancis: all panels are taken but no one in q
arabianights: I may be able to join exeter briefly at 10:15ish, but do not count on this
DSeaWall: Exeter host tomorrow. See forum for details,
tjfrancis: 1 person in sim with panel c
tjfrancis: exeter is stll open with no one on panles nor q
tjfrancis: exeter is now up
tjfrancis: bring up a host now it wll be a carry on from last nite
D3L74: ok
tjfrancis: if no one host come on by the time i had my shower i wll bring up a host
D3L74: Would be cool
tjfrancis: arabianights i may be interested in doing one or joining one
arabianights: is a game going on?
tjfrancis: CTCThiago you may need to take a stab in the dark for that one if he is or not
CTCThiago: You're hosting later Winsford?
jadamson2704: im available for that
D3L74: I'll be up
WinsfordSaltMine: I would like to start a Saltley or KX session if anyone interested.
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions going on any sim? :)
tjfrancis: Exeter is clused
tjfrancis: exeter clouseding soon no new conexsions
mackeral1234: no mp games for a while for me. May just run my own
tjfrancis: hi mac you can re join the persion that was missing about has gone
mackeral1234: thanks tjfrancis for host - enjoying until I was booted
tjfrancis: exeter now up
tjfrancis: bring a host up now

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