25 - 04 - 2014

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Steamer: Will hopefully continue tomorrow at the same time
Steamer: VS closed, thanks to all who played
Steamer: No new connections to VS please, closing soon.
Steamer: Victoria SE open, details in Forum
Steamer: OK, I'll set it up
DaveHarries: sounds good.
Steamer: Anyone want Victoria SE for a bit?
Marijn: anyone going to host something tonight (a freeware map)?
jadamson2704: evening all, any new sessions waiting at the moment?
tjfrancis: sim has kicked evelone out of sim sorry about that the sim wll not be restarting as well
jimgos2005: ive been able to join people
TimB2010: Looks like it's working.
TimB2010: Trying now
tjfrancis: plisse try now as I have got one person in the host
tjfrancis: I am reseting the sim now
TimB2010: I've tried three times.
tjfrancis: no think came up so try again
TimB2010: Just been disconnected for the third time.
TimB2010: I got disconnected again
TimB2010: Tony I just tried to join Saltley, but I got disconnected. Will check IP and try again.
tjfrancis: if no one joins saltley in 15 mits I wll be clouseing the host
flyingpigs123456: Last call for WH, about to start
flyingpigs123456: 3 Panels free on WH :)
tjfrancis: saltley is open
flyingpigs123456: WH Open
belly buster: jack - thanks for the host
flyingpigs123456: I'm going to open a WH (Tony's opening Saltley)
TimB2010: Excellent. Thank you.
Bagnall2067: New street closed, thanks Tin, Bust and Tony for playing
tjfrancis: setting up saltley now
TimB2010: Fair enough. I quite fancy Saltley?
tjfrancis: do not know that's why I was ask for ideas
TimB2010: which one then?
tjfrancis: I can host a free sim but not kings cross
jimgos2005: new street it is then I cant join
Bagnall2067: Last call for New Street before we start, three panels still up for grabs

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