22 - 05 - 2015

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tjfrancis: exeter now closed thanks to all who joined in the madness
tjfrancis: ok thanks for joining then
svrdan: tjfrancis, sorry, had to restart laptop. Wont be rejoining, give a chance for someone in the que to have a go lol. Thanks for the game
tjfrancis: sim now full with no q
tjfrancis: credtion is left
tjfrancis: 2 panles left on sim
tjfrancis: exeter now up
tjfrancis: posting up now
tjfrancis: give me 2 mints then i wll bring post up
Temple Meads: I am
tjfrancis: ok any one elise up
DaveHarries: I will be up for something but will work on my new TT meanhile.
tjfrancis: any one up for a host or a sim payware or freeware
qwertyasdfg: <u>h</u>
Trainmad091: Banners88 sent you a PM
Trainmad091: Banners88 , do you have skype?
Trainmad091: anyone for a private derby+saltley chain? PM me :)
WinsfordSaltMine: If I could work out my ports I Would host lol, but I cant
mackeral1234: anything tonigt
belly buster: Motherwell closed
arrivatw: i can't join in sorry
belly buster: yes Motherwell is a pay sim
arrivatw: you got to pay for motherwell ??
belly buster: Motherwell open «link»
arrivatw: what is that ?
ajax103: I've got a idea for tonight...
DaveHarries: Would hope so.
arrivatw: evening all, any sim's tonight please
GeoffM: Salisbury, Leamington, and Shrewsbury now all at V1.1 and available through "Check for updates" in the Loader.
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions on tonight?
Roadrunner: Stafford has closed. Managed to fit everyone on after the stampede leaving KX ! See you all next time.
Roadrunner: Stafford closing soon.
Roadrunner: Stafford is still running, Dave. You are welcome to join.
DaveHarries: Reinstalling Stafford as it is not on my Loader list. 2mins.
DaveHarries: If Stafford is going I might join.
Banners88: Great host KEVM brilliant stuff.
Roadrunner: Arabian-I am devastated. See you next time.
arabianights: KX is now over but I not got time for Stafford (or anything else) tonight...
KymriskaDraken: KX closed now. Time for bed!
Roadrunner: Hello KD. Have fun over there. I didn't realise KX was still running.
KymriskaDraken: They are all being tied in knots at KX :)
Roadrunner: Is there life in SimSig land? Apparently not!
Roadrunner: Anyone for Stafford continuation? Two Signal-person-types required.
JamesN: bit late but on my way in now
jimgos2005: cant see full text reminders were put on all but onew sig in the area in real life this would be done by either CSR or by telephone call from TOC
KymriskaDraken: I gave you an emergency message three times and you did not respond.
jimgos2005: bit rude to do that without an explanation we are all human havent pled mp fora longtime
jimgos2005: thanks I enjoyed playing no need to disconnect me
jimgos2005: sorry that was me
KymriskaDraken: Just refused a connection as the client didn't have a name
jimgos2005: I tried to join kx but the server diliberately disconnected me no wonder you havent got enough people to join
KymriskaDraken: Still a bit short-staffed on KX!
JamesN: I'll join for an hour or two then then
KymriskaDraken: Very probably
JamesN: An hour from now being ~1715BST
JamesN: Plan to still be going in ~1hr Kev?
KymriskaDraken: So far on this shift PC McGary (number 452) has arrested a train Driver for being drunk on duty, and Windy Miller dropped his flour sacks on the line at Baldock. Not to mention flooding and the juice being off on the main line out of Kings Cross.
KymriskaDraken: Although I didn't see any connect/disconnect messages
KymriskaDraken: Maybe you need to do an update
AC6000: Well, if I can connect.
AC6000: I can cover for an hour or two.
KymriskaDraken: Need another Signalman for KX soon!
KymriskaDraken: We need a few more Signalmen for Kings Cross. Don't be shy!
KymriskaDraken: And we're rolling. Let the mayhem commence
KymriskaDraken: Plenty of space on KX.
KymriskaDraken: KX open for connections.
KymriskaDraken: Hosting notice posted for KX. Start at 1200 BST
TimB2010: I'm around for that, KymriskaDraken
KymriskaDraken: Putting the hosting post together for a continuation of yesterday's Kings Cross session.
WinsfordSaltMine: The length for a Class 221 Inst on length calculator
CTCThiago: Excellent host
KymriskaDraken: KX closing soon. No news connections please. The mayhem will continue tomorrow
KymriskaDraken: You're welcome.
WinsfordSaltMine: having connection troules
WinsfordSaltMine: One min click wrong butto
whitetigger: Thanks for the mayhem Kev!
KymriskaDraken: KX still going strong, and it's a session with a difference!
KymriskaDraken: Kings Cross open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Ah
tjfrancis: it was the 1998 tt i was thinking of
KymriskaDraken: There are 1370 trains so that should be enough ;)
KymriskaDraken: I wasn't aware that there were any add-ons, so I suspect that the answer is "no" :)
tjfrancis: is the 1977 the one with all the add ones or not
DaveHarries: Cheers
CTCThiago: thx
KymriskaDraken: Kings Cross at 1700BST. Details in the forum.
tjfrancis: i not but i can host
DaveHarries: No sessions this afternoon I see: guess you are all out enjoying the sunshine.
Guts: Sorry for the abrupt end. Family stuff.
Roadrunner: Stafford has closed. Thanks to those who took part. See you next time.
Guts: andG and MJB in and ready
Guts: All up and ready. 4.4.3
Banners88: Still getting disconnected?
Guts: Let me update 2secs
Banners88: No good Guts... :( .
Banners88: Im on 4.4.3. Do i need to do anything?
Guts: 4.4.2
Guts: Sorry. I'm on 4.4. Latest update. I'll put it in the link page
Banners88: Same again for Saltley
Guts: Apologies. Derby should be working now
Banners88: Getting a check for update message GUTS?
Roadrunner: Stafford is open for connections.
tjfrancis: got discon from derby
arabianights: (stafford, obv, not s/d/a)
arabianights: I will be there from about 21:45
Guts: Saltley, Derby and Aston up
Roadrunner: Get ready while I type the hosting notice.
Roadrunner: We might be in business.
arabianights: do you have a save game?
Roadrunner: I now have a port. Do I have a timetable?
arabianights: and await the fun hack bots
arabianights: use 23
arabianights: much better idea
arabianights: actually
arabianights: or
arabianights: heck use 456
arabianights: no need to use these silly high ports
arabianights: be a rebel
arabianights: use 1234
Roadrunner: I have Stafford, but must find a port number.
Roadrunner: Goodbye, cruel world!
arabianights: besides I have to reheat my smoked sausage supper and also do something I will not relate in shout box, therefore the game can start quicker if I am only a player...
tjfrancis: it depends on whart area roadrunner
arabianights: when the other two chaps talking are both experienced hosts I am quite happy to be lazy :)
Roadrunner: Thanks, Tony. Free sims good, payware bad.
Roadrunner: Don't you need some hosting practice, Arabian? You might be getting rusty.
tjfrancis: «link»
tjfrancis: yes arabianights stafford is free
arabianights: that's up to whoever hosts ;)
tjfrancis: on the loader or exe
arabianights: isn't all stafford free?
tjfrancis: stafford is allways free
Roadrunner: Provided it is free Stafford.
Roadrunner: Stafford sounds good. If I don't do something soon, I might just end it all!
arabianights: that sounds like philosophy to me
Roadrunner: Are there trains? Do they move?
Roadrunner: Hello, TJF.
arabianights: I've been busy :)
arabianights: fancy a game of something unusual, e.g. stafford
tjfrancis: i stil around trying to get some stuff done stll
Roadrunner: Do I know you?
arabianights: good chap
Roadrunner: Now.
arabianights: anyone around now
WinsfordSaltMine: ok
tjfrancis: i may bring one up if i get change
WinsfordSaltMine: Any session planned for tonight
DaveHarries: I am in.
tjfrancis: got discon from mouthwell may be a issue your end
DaveHarries: But I WILL be in.
DaveHarries: I will be in for Motherwell after dinner.
Steamer: Hope you enjoy playing!
Steamer: The page also contains a link to instructions for starting a simulation, which itself links to other pages with instructions on how to operate the simulations
Steamer: See the Installation Guide on the Wiki: «link»
Allan6758: hi guys ive been away for a long time where do i download the main progeamme again for the simulkations to work
Guts: I can give an hour. Derby and Saltley
Guts: Any one want a late night host?
Gonzo75: Anyone hosting tonight?
headshot119: Dave see my reply
DaveHarries: WOuld join but I can't access it. See forum post.
welshdragon: Closing soon, as no takers, may run another sim
headshot119: Salisbury tutorial session is running according to the forum
Jamesh1492: any sims runnin tonight?
arrivatw: evening all
Steamer: If that doesn't help, stick a post in the main forum- that way everyone will see it and the forum is much better for writing detailed replies.
Steamer: Have you read this Wiki page? There's a section about how to install on Mac «link»
jon: I have downloaded Leamington and Fenny, also the system and the licence. I am trying to get it to work on my Mac. Have loaded Crossover but having no joy. Is there a simple way to get it to work?
DaveHarries: Would appreciate some help on this ASAP please as the problem given is becoming a very real pain in the a**e. Cheers. «link»
BarryM: Any pros on hand that could give me a call n TS
mackeral1234: Thank you for hosting
WinsfordSaltMine: If so Thanks to the host for a good session
WinsfordSaltMine: Is chain closed now
WinsfordSaltMine: Please hold my panel on Saltley having connection problems
AndyG: Connection to saltley hanging
headshot119: Lots of other people in, check your ports and versions
WinsfordSaltMine: It doesn't seem to want to connect :(
WinsfordSaltMine: or at least trying to
WinsfordSaltMine: connecting now
headshot119: Leamington + Coventry + Saltley Chain now up and open. Lots of panels up for grabs with a mix of payware and donationware
arabianights: make that I will be on motherwell in half an hour from now
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok Thanks Steamer.
arabianights: I will be on Motherwell in around 15 minutes
ajax103: Motherwell session now up and awaiting custom
Steamer: In this case, LJ63
Steamer: You use the seed point that corresponds to the signal number you want the train to enter at
WinsfordSaltMine: Guys im making a timetable on NWC what seed point is Plat 2 at Llandudno Junction.
Trainmad091: Submitted a derby timetable today, when it gets authorised, any who download and play it (May 10th 2015 timetable) , feedback would be appreciated via PM
Jamesh1492: any one doinmg sims during the day?
DaveHarries: I reinstalled it into the same folder and that still didn't do the job. In the end I reinstalled it a second time into a different folder and that then worked. But I dunno why the Saltley.sim file was missing.
Noisynoel: It's not the folder that's missing Dave, it's the Saltley.sim file that's missing
DazrahT: Hmm, I'll cover you til your back then
DaveHarries: Sorry guys but having problems with Saltley. ity has vanished from my list of loader sims. No idea why, and re-adding the folder to the list doesn't bring it back up. :(
tjfrancis: nwc cloused
tjfrancis: nwc is clouseding in 10 mits
arrivatw: i did try chatting in the chat-box but nothing
arrivatw: i think i am in now
DaveHarries: You got the right version?
arrivatw: yip
WinsfordSaltMine: Have you entered IP and port numbers
arrivatw: any help please
arrivatw: i can't get in,
arrivatw: i been disconnected
DaveHarries: Trying to get into NWC
arrivatw: i think i an in
tjfrancis: it now up
WinsfordSaltMine: ok
tjfrancis: nwc comeing up
arrivatw: ok
WinsfordSaltMine: Put it in forum, host what ever you want as long as it donationware as I cant afford payware lol
arrivatw: Kings X, please
Banners88: Would love to get a chain going and happy to host something if thats possible?
WinsfordSaltMine: I'll join if one starts up
arrivatw: Exeter, Kings X,
tjfrancis: any others for loader only if possible
arrivatw: Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester, Kings X,
tjfrancis: any sims you perfie
tjfrancis: At home give me 30 to 45 mintsvto set up then I wll post it
DaveHarries: But if there is a session I will certainly join in.
DaveHarries: Westbury & Salisbury could be worth a go.
arrivatw: evening all, any live sim's please
tjfrancis: So if I not one line do not worry because I do not have any dater so I useing some WiFi
tjfrancis: I wll bring up a host but I do not know what time yet because I on a coach on the m6 on the way home it wll be a new sim ish I stll thinking on that one
y10g9: arrivatw, if there are sims being hosted, they will be in the relevant section of the forum as you were told yesterday by Sacro
arrivatw: any live sim's please
arrivatw: morning all,
headshot119: cheers to all who played tonight, nice to see some new faces in multiplayer
headshot119: Shrewsbury & North East Wales closed
WinsfordSaltMine: Any room On NE Wales
headshot119: £15 if you buy Shrewsbury on it's own, £20 if you buy it and Leamington Spa together
arrivatw: nope, how much is that
headshot119: Have you bought a license from the shop and applied it through the license manager?
arrivatw: disconcerting me
and asking for a suitable license,
can anyone help please
arrivatw: o yer please
headshot119: Still a little bit of room if anyone wants to have a go on Shrewsbury multiplayer
arrivatw: yer, Shrewsbury ??
WinsfordSaltMine: I would be Ajax
arrivatw: * open
ajax103: Sounds fun, on the theme of Welsh sessions anyone interested in a North Wales Coast session sometime?
arrivatw: any opne sim's please
arrivatw: evening all
WinsfordSaltMine: ?
pedroathome: Just be aware, connections aren't being accepted until the connections from time
WinsfordSaltMine: As I can join at 21:30
WinsfordSaltMine: How long will it be open for
DazrahT: I should be around to join
headshot119: Shrewsbury and North East Wales chain game in about half an hour
WinsfordSaltMine: ok
y10g9: I'm at work until 0400 so can't do one here
WinsfordSaltMine: Someone set one up please, I don't think mine wants to work :(
WinsfordSaltMine: Has it worked?
WinsfordSaltMine: if it doesn't someone please host a donation ware Sim
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok does it work now
WinsfordSaltMine: I don't have Shrewsbury
arrivatw: Shrewsbury please
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok lets try just one sim
WinsfordSaltMine: do they have to set up on different computers
headshot119: «link»
WinsfordSaltMine: How do I do port forwarding please, I did read it but hard to understand
headshot119: You haven't set up your port forwarding correctly
headshot119: No the original IP address was right NO ONE will be able to conect on a 192.168 address
WinsfordSaltMine: try it with this IP address
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok its proberley coz I done something wrong with the IP thing
arrivatw: to saltley
arrivatw: i can't connect
WinsfordSaltMine: Please say if no one can connect
WinsfordSaltMine: I just have the three then
WinsfordSaltMine: I don't have New Street as its payware
Sacro: Also you'd be better having New Street rather than Stafford
WinsfordSaltMine: ok
Sacro: The TITLE of each thread must contain the DATE, TIME and SIMULATION of the session.
WinsfordSaltMine: just put it in forum
arrivatw: what sim would it be please to see if i have it or need to get it
Sacro: We have a section of the forum where people can post if they're hosting - «link»
WinsfordSaltMine: They may be in a min Arrivatw
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok so they are all connected nw
arrivatw: afternoon all, any sim's open please?
y10g9: See here for help on port forwarding «link»
WinsfordSaltMine: How do I tell my router that?
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok I think I get it lol
y10g9: The IP address that the loader spits out is the local area ip, normally in the range of 192.168. This is a valid ip and is what your loader sees. To host you need to give out your routers external ip using the method describe by headshot. You also need to tell your router to forward the port to your internal ip (stated by the loader)
WinsfordSaltMine: How do I do that
headshot119: but you advertise the game using the external IP address given by google
headshot119: You need to setup port forwarding to the IP address shown in the loader
WinsfordSaltMine: Grr I cant change the IP on loader, and it says I shouldn't use the one that loader states when hosting
WinsfordSaltMine: ok got it, how do I make the loader accept that as my IP addresses coz that states something different
headshot119: It'll return it as the first result
headshot119: google "Whats my ip"
WinsfordSaltMine: Im trying to work out what my IP Addresses' is the loader gives one, but when I click what is my IP it gives a different one, some help please
WinsfordSaltMine: I'm going to try and set it up again. Starting at 4 most likely,
WinsfordSaltMine: It can do, was having problems with it lol
LucasLCC: Is the host no longer happening?
arrivatw: morning all
Steamer: Have you installed the System Files?
365ShaneEyoho: *rtl60.btp
365ShaneEyoho: whats rtl.btp
Banners88: Worked now.
Banners88: Steamer you are a top person.
365ShaneEyoho: i have put my cambridge simsig into window mode how do i get it back to full screen
Stephen Fulcher: No more connections for multiplayer please, about to close
Steamer: Try: «link»

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