01 - 07 - 2016

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HST125Scorton: KX Closed will host again tomorrow.
HST125Scorton: Ok
Jamesh1492: AJRO comp just dropped out be bqck asap
HST125Scorton: KX now open
Jamesh1492: now in
Jamesh1492: trying to connect to KX but no luck
Tomiexpress: do u use team viever ( ver 10 ) ?
Banners88: Still no luck with getting my portforwarding. Last time someone remotely accessed my computer and help me set it up. If it was you or you know someone who can help please PM me.
Jamesh1492: would anyone be will to host any of the wes tcountry sims if I do another and chain them?
nezza: a saltley sim is running
nezza: banners read latest pm i have sent
Banners88: ???
nezza: ok no prob just i know that i have and could use as a tester to see if i had remembered what to do
Banners88: Thanks Nezza, I dont have West Hampstead.
nezza: banners have sent ou a pm
nezza: sorry not that but think i may have soloution but wishing to do a very quick test
Sacro: nezza - in answer to your hosting question «link»
Banners88: Ive tried the 533 steps but it doesnt like it. All the screen shots are completely unrecognisable :(
nezza: what sim you trying to host?
AndyG: try «link»
nezza: i have had the same issue in the past
Banners88: I would! Someone had to remote access my computer last time...
nezza: anyone hosting anything?
Banners88: I cannot find anything that mentions Huawei HG633 router which seems to be the sticking point here.
headshot119: and here «link»
headshot119: Have a look here «link»
Banners88: Please DM me if you are able to help.
Banners88: Guys, still struggling with port forwarding. Has tried using Simple Port Forwarding but my router HG633 is not an available option. Can anyone help?
headshot119: Rhardiment You'd be better off posting this in the Westbury TT forum, you also need to say what TT it is you are using
Rhardiment: Timetable buffs, 5K05-0 at Newbury arr 05:27 what does this train do, simplifier is no use, and at Woodborough 7C23 rings to depart for Westbury, does this train come from Up sidings or Down Sidings, but never appears
Rhardiment: Hi, any timetable buffs out there.
Woodhead Signalman: ok
WinsfordSaltMine: Saltley and New St closed
Woodhead Signalman: ahh i see the addy now
Woodhead Signalman: got the ports not the ip
Woodhead Signalman: and the ip?
WinsfordSaltMine: just gave you addy
WinsfordSaltMine: new st
WinsfordSaltMine: 50509
WinsfordSaltMine: 50507 saltey
Woodhead Signalman: hmm well i cant join as i can't see the addy at all :(
WinsfordSaltMine: ip
Woodhead Signalman: no idea it's just screwed up
WinsfordSaltMine: its fine my end and other people have connected
WinsfordSaltMine: it must be on your end
Woodhead Signalman: when i look at the post the letters are all widely seperated and there is no sign og any IP address or port!
WinsfordSaltMine: *IP
WinsfordSaltMine: ID is correct
Woodhead Signalman: winsford the post has the ip addy all scrambled up
WinsfordSaltMine: still plently of panels left
WinsfordSaltMine: okie day
DaveHarries: I will join but not until after dinner, which shouldn't be long.
WinsfordSaltMine: Come on people, need more signallers lol
WinsfordSaltMine: Saltley & New st now open for connections
WinsfordSaltMine: can it please be cancelled
WinsfordSaltMine: I pressed lincence unlock by mistake
SmudgerRNLI: im not new to simsig tho did take year or so break but im tottaly new to muity player etc
Jamesh1492: okay cool.
WinsfordSaltMine: will bout details up at 2020 for a 2030 start
WinsfordSaltMine: My session will most likely be New St & Satley guys, the snow hill closure, starting at 0445 I'm time as o lost previous save
WinsfordSaltMine: Multiplayer has its own chat
SmudgerRNLI: theBVE2010 no i mean to stay in commiuncation on muit play do you all use skype or a chat room or somthing ?
tjfrancis: Maguire «link» that what most of use
Banners88: «link»
Banners88: Thats as close i can get but the link is missing.
Banners88: «link»
TheBVE2010: >Maguire: My phone got confiscated so I can't use Skype today. I'm getting it back tomorrow though.
Banners88: Im sure its in an FAQ somewhere but cant put my finger on it!
Banners88: Its not working... Thanks TalkTalk. I cant find the link to the YouTube video about how to set it all up. Any ideas SimSiggers?
Maguire: how do you communicate skype or anytihng
TheBVE2010: I think I'm gonna take a nap
TheBVE2010: Lol, did I seriously spell new like that?
TheBVE2010: Stephen is right. Just let everyone on the session know you're knew and most of the players will happily help you.
Stephen Fulcher: Maguire, I wouldn't worry too much about that, people on multiplayer games can always help you
Maguire: i got saltley but i be guesting to wear trains go and would slow up every one else i think
TheBVE2010: I think it's Saltley again
Maguire: hi winsford what sim ?
WinsfordSaltMine: I may host later, details will be up later
Maguire: hi i am around what sim and how doi join
Banners88: Anyone around to test if my port forwarding has worked?
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Aaron
HST125Scorton: Saltley now open details in Fourm
TheBVE2010: Cool, I'll be there
HST125Scorton: Saltley for later on
HST125Scorton: Find out in a few mins ;)
TheBVE2010: Great, have you thought of the sim?
HST125Scorton: Might do later Leon
TheBVE2010: Anyone thinking of hosting tonight?
arabianights: ok
Jamesh1492: DAVJ just on way back
arabianights: still one or two panels free on wimbeldon depending on definition
arabianights: sorry connection problem please rejoin
arabianights: Wimbeldon re-open
HST125Scorton: Most panels still free on Stafford
HST125Scorton: IP now in the details..
HST125Scorton: Stafford now open for connection details in fourm «link»
DWeb: Ok
arabianights: will edit thread to that effect
arabianights: 8.30 now I think as I have to go swimming in a few minutes
DWeb: When are you going to start again?
arabianights: Wimbeldon closed, hopefully temporarily, due to lack of demand
arabianights: wimbledon is open, btw
arabianights: no worries
TheBVE2010: Sorry DAVJ. I just found out I'm going somewhere. I won't be able to join
arabianights: Thanks, open for connections, probably be another 10 minutes before kick off I need to mark the posessions etc
TheBVE2010: Timetables/Wimbledon
TheBVE2010: My Computer/D:/Documents And Settings/All Users/Shared Documents/SimSig/Timetables/Wimbledon
arabianights: also on second thoughts that smiley isn't quite conveying what I thought it did
arabianights: where do you put timtables again, I've forgotten :-*
TheBVE2010: Ok, thanks
arabianights: in about 15 mins - details «link»
TheBVE2010: When is the session starting DAVJ
HST125Scorton: Ah well enjoy
TheBVE2010: That'll be good DAVJ
arabianights: I was thinking wimbeldon or one of the victorias actually
HST125Scorton: So long's It's freeware I'm good
TheBVE2010: I'll join
HST125Scorton: Little busy at moment Arab
arabianights: if I host smoething now any interest
HST125Scorton: Rhardiment, Open Carlisle and set up new game without timetbale. Once up Press F3 click Control tab and untick Public Docs Folder the press ok. Hit File at top and hit new game Timetables should load.
Rhardiment: Hi, Thanks to Headshot 119 for your help, does not work, tried as you sugguested still no joy getting a timetable for Carlisle
NewBuildmini432: S
HST125Scorton: Thanks all who joined Saltley will continue next week when I find a spare few hours
HST125Scorton: No worry Leon.
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Aaron. Night all :)
HST125Scorton: Hello Corbra
Cobra Railways: hello??
Cobra Railways: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
HST125Scorton: 3 panels still free in Saltley
HST125Scorton: Saltley now up for connections details in forum.
TheBVE2010: Lol
DWeb: Might host oxted in a few :P
sollevix67: Thanks everyone
sollevix67: KingX has just closed
TheBVE2010: Great session Sollevix. Keep hosting!
TheBVE2010: «link»
sollevix67: additionnal timetables can be downloaded from the website
headshot119: Yes it does ! As has been said every sim comes with at least one timetable
Cobra Railways: Carlisle doesnt
KymriskaDraken: All sims come with at least one timetable
Cobra Railways: does liverpool street come with a timetable
Cobra Railways: cool
TheBVE2010: Yep
Cobra Railways: anyone here
Cobra Railways: now its likeing it thank the lord
TheBVE2010: What OS?
Cobra Railways: grr my computer doesnt like kingsX
Cobra Railways: thanks coz i need some that have timetables
sollevix67: see Seesin Details forum
sollevix67: yes
Cobra Railways: ????
Cobra Railways: does kingsX come with a timetable
sollevix67: hi
Cobra Railways: hi
sollevix67: 1 slot available on KingX
Guts: Sorry to leave guys. Thanks for the session
HST125Scorton: Any hosts this evening been planned?
tjfrancis: westbury now cloused due to my internt just kick all off thanks to all who joined
sollevix67: All panels are in use in KingX
tjfrancis: westbury is the only sim running exeter has been cut due to no one on sim
tjfrancis: westbury and exeter has got free panels
sollevix67: KingX now Live !
WinsfordSaltMine: tony is Exeter back up yet
tjfrancis: exeter and westbury are now back up
sollevix67: now accepting connections
sollevix67: so KingX open at
sollevix67: I'm waiting for my "session" post to be reviewed
sollevix67: ok
TheBVE2010: No moderators are online at the moment
sollevix67: Is there a moderator?
MJD: Have joined Westbury.
sollevix67: hello
WinsfordSaltMine: never mind lol
WinsfordSaltMine: Can't connect
tjfrancis: exeter and westbury are up
DaveHarries: ok
tjfrancis: look below
tjfrancis: it wll be Exeter and westbury.
DaveHarries: What qwill you be hosting TJ?
tjfrancis: i wll be hosting in 20 mints
arabianights: If no one is in an hour's time I will
TheBVE2010: That would be nice
WinsfordSaltMine: Someone (GUTS) gonna host an afternoon session :P
HST125Scorton: Hello Guts
Guts: Afternoon
Banners88: Hmm, had to reset my router a few weeks ago. Will try to fix,.
tjfrancis: getting discon from Marylebone
Banners88: If anyone wants to join me I'm in Marylebone mode.
KymriskaDraken: Can you take the politics somewhere else please?
Gambo211: The vote was just advisory. It could take two years to actually leave
Vortexhaha: Now everything is going to be more expensive
Vortexhaha: Wow, we have now left the EU
arabianights: looks like it's gonna be a long night
arabianights: referudum game anyone?
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Tony! Night all :)
headshot119: Someone else beat me to it !
mackeral1234: thank you - sorting
headshot119: @Mackeral1234 just go into your license manager and request the license unlock, if you let me know when you've requested it I can unlock it for you
mackeral1234: Would if my license wasnt locked to laptop when it was Win8 since upgrade HardDrive and OS not Marylebone :(
JamesN: Not connecting for me Tony
JamesN: Anybody home?
tjfrancis: Marylebone is up
TheBVE2010: I will be joining shortly
tjfrancis: looks like i need to re instell Motherwell so Marylebone is in use
DaveHarries: Awaiting IP for Motherwell...
DaveHarries: Cool.
tjfrancis: motherwell coming up in 5 mints
TheBVE2010: I'm just gonna end this conversation by kindly asking the people of SimSig not to respond to me asking if anyone is hosting with a link to the forum. Thanks
TheBVE2010: And I have previously spoken about the same thing, so doing it again seems pretty deliberate.
TheBVE2010: That's your opinion. But rather than trying to make me look like a SimSig freshie and giving me a link to the forum, why not just keep quiet.
KymriskaDraken: I'm with Karl here. The "is anyone hosting" comments are extremely annoying.
TheBVE2010: And it really get's annoying when people respond to that question with a link to the forum. I've been playing SimSig for nearly 2 years
TheBVE2010: Firstly, the person may not put up the post until the last minute (for whatever reason), and secondly, I was not asking someone to host (if that's what you're implying). I was simply asking if anyone was thinking of hosting.
headshot119: Nope, if someone has planned a host then there'll be a post, filling the shoutbox with "is someone hosting" doesn't get anyone anywhere
TheBVE2010: No response? I must be right
TheBVE2010: Someone may be hosting tonight but may not put up the post until the last minute
TheBVE2010: I never meant it like that
KymriskaDraken: And cue the "not everyone posts when they are hosting" thing
TheBVE2010: That doesn't mean no one is hosting tonight
headshot119: Doesn't look like it «link»
TheBVE2010: Anyone hosting tonight?
headshot119: All simulations ship with at least one timetable, as I said yesterday...
You need to go "Show - Options - Control - Tick Use Public Documents Fodler" then relaunch the sim
Rhardiment: Hi, when you have downloaded Carlisle how come no timetable with simulation, bit strange?
Rhardiment: Hi, can someone explain why Carlise and Cambridge will not open as security say it is a corrupt file, any thoughts please
HST125Scorton: Thanks to all who joined Saltley/Derby. Hopefully resume at weekend
HST125Scorton: No more connections to Saltley closing in 10-12mins time
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Aaron and James. Night all :)
Jamesh1492: *derby
Jamesh1492: No more connections on Drby
TheBVE2010: In now
Jamesh1492: try port 50505
TheBVE2010: James?
HST125Scorton: Derby also open too
TheBVE2010: Can't connect to Derby
HST125Scorton: Saltley back open for connection
Jamesh1492: Derby posted
HST125Scorton: Saltley back open for connections as wellas Derby once IP is posted
HST125Scorton: James add you details to the forum below mine
HST125Scorton: Session paused.
TheBVE2010: In
HST125Scorton: Everyone try again
HST125Scorton: Let me have a look
AndyG: discon
Jamesh1492: wont let me connect
HST125Scorton: North panel under Host control
HST125Scorton: Saltley no open
TheBVE2010: Yes please! 0445 start would be appreciated as well :)
HST125Scorton: Can change the TT to default if wanted?
TheBVE2010: I'm sure the 1995-6 timetable was hosted last night
TheBVE2010: I agree with James
killakanz: Saltley tonight? I'm up for that if there's room
Jamesh1492: should do a more up to date TT HST
DWeb: Ok, that's cool, i'll be sure to join.
HST125Scorton: Dweb I'm hosting Saltley this evening 7.30pm to Midnight
DWeb: May host Worksop later tonight, any interest?
headshot119: @Rhardiment I suspect you need to tick your use public documents setting in the settings menu. All sims ship with at least one default TT
Rhardiment: Thanks for Carlisle timetable link
Trainfan344: Not sure why Cambridge is corrupted.
Trainfan344: timetables for Carlisle: «link»
Trainfan344: timetables for trent: «link»
Rhardiment: Hi, Why no timetable available for Trent, also no timetable for Carlisle and Cambridge is corrupted WHY? anyone got answers
Vortexhaha: No worries Tim, we are looking forward to the next session
Temple Meads: Saltley closed - many thanks to everyone who joined in!
TheBVE2010: Thanks again for hosting Tim. Night all :)
arabianights: it would take me at least five minutes to sort, wouldn't be fair of me to keep panel
arabianights: sorry tim something went up with my simsig too
Temple Meads: Thanks for letting me know :)
Jamesh1492: Tim you can give my pannel away. I wont be rejoining PC playing up to much. Cheers for host
Temple Meads: Ta for info mate :)
Jamesh1492: Sorry tim pc crashed will be back in 2
Temple Meads: Saltley is open.
TheBVE2010: Safe!
Jamesh1492: woop woop
HST125Scorton: Lovely
Temple Meads: Saltley from 21:00 then - writing forum post now.
TheBVE2010: Thanks in advance Temple Meads
TheBVE2010: Looks like we've got ourselves a session :P
HST125Scorton: That would be great this you can :)
Jamesh1492: I would host but I wanna play tonight.
Temple Meads: I could host Saltley, but will be a new start game I think.
Jamesh1492: evening
HST125Scorton: Evening James
Jamesh1492: do a midlands chain
Temple Meads: Hmm I do have a save of that
HST125Scorton: I've tried to host but my ports keep going wrong, what about a Saltley host where everyone can join
TheBVE2010: We haven't had a VSE session for a while
TheBVE2010: Same
Temple Meads: Would be happy to play if anyone else is looking to host as well.
Temple Meads: Hmm okay
HST125Scorton: Don't have that one
Temple Meads: Anyone want a game of Wembley ML at 21:00?
HST125Scorton: Wondering myself Leon :P , Tried to get my ports working on my router, it worked for a while then stopped
TheBVE2010: Anyone hosting tonight?
KymriskaDraken: The Euroterminal is centre-bottom of the sim, on the Willesden Relief lines between Willesden No 7 Jn and Willesden West London Jn
headshot119: @Rhardiment you are probably best asking this in the Wembley Mainline section of the forum
Rhardiment: Hi folks, anyone used Wembley Mainline recently, 4B58 ex Kensington, where does this train run to, timetable shows Euroterminal, can anyone help please
DWeb: Session ended, thanks for joining.
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting DWeb. Night all :)

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