31 - 07 - 2014

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Marijn: ok
jeffh16: ill call that it for now
jeffh16: sorry guys simsig has crashed!
Marijn: JEFF is wembley closed?
Marijn: oh ok
Jay_G: ditto
Marijn: seems like i lost connection on wembley?
JamesN: Jeff any room on the Wembley?
jeffh16: hosting Wembley starting in 20 minutes details here «link»
AwkwardHail: Anyone up for a KX?
DSeaWall: Anyone thinking of a host?
Roadrunner: KX has closed.
Roadrunner: KX closing soon.
Roadrunner: KX on break until midnight 10, UK time.
304033: Wembley closed.
Roadrunner: New to multi-play. Try King's Cross. Log-in NOW to join the session.
Roadrunner: You were too slow. Cross is now taken, but plenty of room for some more! Log-in NOW!
Roadrunner: Log-in NOW to join the session and run Cross panel. You know you can do it! New players to multi-play especially welcome.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
Roadrunner: KX starting soon.
DSeaWall: JC92-It would be whatever year I write it (Earliest 2014/15) plus ES plus another little surprise...
tjfrancis: 304033 my internet droped i got it back but wll not be able to carry on
jeffh16: aha im through!
304033: Wembley = OPEN!
jeffh16: Unable to connect 304033?
304033: Wembley opening @ 20:30
jc92: or are you writing a 2014ish timetable with Eurostars in as well?
jc92: i dont understand? if you want to portray a Eurostar timetable, would you not then need a pre 2007 WTT?
DSeaWall: JC92- Eurostars haven't been to Waterloo since 2007!
jc92: dseawall: I mean if you are intending on writing a waterloo timetable, you would have the relevant WTT (section WG for instance) and this would include the timings for eurostar movements.
Underwood: West Hampstead v1.2 has finally been sent for approval. Includes fixes and compatible to work with the Vic SE August 2012 TT, though Eastern has a patch to come for that, but the original has not yet been approved so I can't update it just yet
Underwood: jc92 is correct, there is a 2003 or 2004 TT for Waterloo Sim I think, might be default one but it does have Eurostars in. Timetables wouldn't have changed much apart from maybe the Winter schedule excluded (if it's a Summer TT)
DSeaWall: Jc92-I'm not sure I understand
jc92: are the Eurostar workings not included in the WTT for waterloo itself? thats strange
marquel41494: KX is now Closed. ty 2 all that joined
DSeaWall: Underwood-is there any chance you'd be able to send me a copy? I'm planning to write a TT when (if) Waterloo is re-released. Thanks.

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