04 - 09 - 2015

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Morsey: Closing soon, nbo more connections please
Morsey: Derby and Saltley open
DaveHarries: Damn./ I said I would be in!
KymriskaDraken: Victoria cancelled due to lack of interest-
KymriskaDraken: Need two more Signalmen so we can make a start on Victoria C
KymriskaDraken: Plenty of room on Victoria
KymriskaDraken: Victoria open for connections
DaveHarries: Will look forward to the VC session: will join after dinner but I WILL be in.
KymriskaDraken: Victoria Central from 1900 BST. Details in forum.
Sacro: SEMCMILLAN - «link»
SEMCMILLAN: Any sims tonight?
DaveHarries: Welcome Stevie.
stevieboy: As a 71 yr old newbie, I must say I am well impressed with Royston - the recommended beginners' one.
AndyG: Thanks for host Kev
tjfrancis: i may host tomorrow if not Friday i wll post it in the forum
DaveHarries: Will be along after dinner but I WILL be in.
KymriskaDraken: Victoria C open for connections
DaveHarries: Good stuff. Not played that for a while so I will be along at some point.
KymriskaDraken: I will probably do some more Victoria Central this evening. From 1900 or so.
trains_R_us: Hi just got the sim a week ago and I am very impressed, whould love to do a mulitplay some time.
arabianights: ok see you shortly then :)
KymriskaDraken: I'll be going for at least another hour
arabianights: How late are you planning on playing, I am prepared to buy it but not if it's to join a game that is ending in 5 minutes!
JamesN: incoming!
KymriskaDraken: Plenty of space on Vic C if anyone else wants to join.
KymriskaDraken: Victoria Central from 1900BST. Details in forum.
stighetl: Steamer: Thank you, found it!
DaveHarries: Thanks to EMY, ANDG, JPP, BDGR, ROD & GB for joining.
DaveHarries: SwinDid cancelled: error which was preventing TT working properly
Steamer: Stighetl, the License Manager is included in the system files. You should be able to find it in All Programs> SimSig.
AndyG: 10 sec discon here
DaveHarries: JPP is now IN so all is well.
AndyG: DH, I can see the IP on your posts, confirm it's correct
DaveHarries: Have reconfigred it again.
DaveHarries: I used the "Whats my IP" thing and that is what it told me.
AndyG: DH you posted IP matches your posting IP
DaveHarries: Sorry: still wasn't right as I hadn't assigned it to my PC.
Lifeboatjohn: Still disconnecting me
DaveHarries: Try now. Think my PF wasn't correct
Lifeboatjohn: ok
DaveHarries: Hang fire> will see if I can do anything.
stighetl: I got a new computer just a few days ago. I have downloaded the SimSig Loader, but I'm not quite sure where I can find the License Manager. Do I have to download that as well, or is it hiding somewhere on my computer?
Lifeboatjohn: The same with me
Emmy: It keeps disconnecting me
DaveHarries: Have hopefully set up SwinDid: open for connections and I hope it works.
DaveHarries: Guess not. OK John: two secs to set it up.
DaveHarries: Anyone else?
Lifeboatjohn: Ok by me
DaveHarries: .... would only run it until KX came back up, if it does.
DaveHarries: Would anyone be in for SwinDid if I can get it up and running as an interim measuire? Would be playing an unreleased & untested TT that I only finished this afternoon....
Finger: OK Thanks for the session anyway.
simon.vale : its really annoying
DaveHarries: Unlucky Si. Hope you get it back soon.
Lifeboatjohn: Thanks for the session so far hope you geet it back on soon
lama77: Ouch you're out of luck SV.
simon.vale : Posting this on my phone
simon.vale : Uh I have a powercut guys..
stighetl: Ah, I didn't know there were an demo available. Will try it out now.
Steamer: It has ARS as well, so you can turn that on if it gets a bit much. Have a play with the Demo and see what you think.
stighetl: Sounds great! I will buy it.
Steamer: Plenty of passenger, with some freight
stighetl: Sounds great for me. I like calmer simulators more than I like the simulators with a lot of traffic. There is both passenger and cargo trains on Paisley?
DaveHarries: Paisley is a good sim to have but it can be rather quiet at times.
stighetl: So what do people here think about Paisley? Should I get it?
simon.vale : Server back up - sorry about before
simon.vale : It is definitely working. Lifeboat - try again
simon.vale : I have the latest one working
simon.vale : It's working
simon.vale : That was my bad
AndyG: got rejected to wrong ver, so ports are open
simon.vale : I saw someone -
Lifeboatjohn: Still unable to connect
simon.vale : Is it working?
simon.vale : Can someone try for me?
simon.vale : Touch wood - we should be up
simon.vale : Give me a few minutes and I'll let you know when it's back up
simon.vale : My router seems to have lost its port forwarding settings :@
simon.vale : My firewall is down.. let me look at port forwarding
Lifeboatjohn: Also unable to connect same mesage as AndyG
simon.vale : Andy - try now
simon.vale : Port Forwarding shouldn't be an issue - will have a look at my firewall
AndyG: port forward not set;
firewall blocking;
internal IP changed
AndyG: server has discon you
prob 1 of 3 things...
simon.vale : What's it saying?
AndyG: still the same
simon.vale : ???
simon.vale : Is it working now?
AndyG: rather, not connecting
simon.vale : Try now
simon.vale : Hang on Andy - had to close it and restart for a second
simon.vale : ok :)
Ben86: I might be up for KX later
simon.vale : Gonna join in GW?
GW43125: Sounds fun!
simon.vale : Start at 8:15
simon.vale : Details about a KX Sim up
zecoconutbrains: Rightio, sorry. Cheers.
Lardybiker: The shoutbox isn't the best place to ask that as it may be lost by later posts. Suggest you post your issue in the forum.
zecoconutbrains: No matter what I do, I can't get a train to leave Stonebridge Park Depot
zecoconutbrains: Could anyone possibly help me with a question about TRTS on the Wembley Sub sim?
simon.vale : Anyone up for a KX sim?
stighetl: I want to buy a new simulator. I don't want anything too advanced (Something I can controll myself, without the help of other people). I want both goods and people transport.

What do you think aobut Paisley?
Badger1208: KGX & PBO closed. Thanks to all for joining
simon.vale : Such defiance Barry?
BarryM: No! Not W 10
simon.vale : Never had this problem before... Might be windows 10 on my end?
Ben86: I've had the same
simon.vale : Keep dropping
simon.vale : Just said Server disconnected me :(
Badger1208: are you up to date?
Ben86: I have managed to connect
georgerb: Server is rejectring me KX
Badger1208: King's Cross open
Guts: Saltley, Bham and Aston CLOSED. Thanks for those who joined
Guts: Saltley, Birmingham New Street, and Aston is up
Morsey: Got work again tomorrow but sod it, ill throw up Derby and Saltley again?
alexxis: how can i register at wiki?
alexxis: hi there!
metrobus: all sorted now ;)
metrobus: ok
Steamer: Please post in the main forum, that way the admin folks will definitely see it. The shout box isn't the place to deal with these kind of problems, as conversations get buried very quickly.
metrobus: hi all im still having trouble running horsham out of demo mode,i have purchased the licence but it will not show up in licence manager can someone please help as i really want to play this
metrobus: hi again its still not showing in licence manager
madaboutrains: lighting fast discon lol
AndyG: getting discon
markodonat:, 50505
markodonat: Westbury starts at 16.00 DST, connections from 15.30 DST
AndyG: so 'should' show in licence manager
AndyG: @mcoston licence shown as issued OK
mcoston: just purchased license for horsham but it only runs in demo mode and it doesnt appear in license manager ?
Badger1208: KGX full with queue
Badger1208: King's Cross now open
Badger1208: Will host a continuation of Tuesday night's KGX from about 2115 ish
steveclarke1958: aaaa
GW43125: Kings Cross now closed. Thank you to all who joined.
GW43125: KX closing soon, no new connections please.
GW43125: Kings Cross now reopened.
GW43125: Session suspended temporarily due to food.
KneeOn: is KGX still open?
KneeOn: I did send him a PM but if anyone had it and could send it saving him the trouble and letting me at it a bit sooner :)
GW43125: Whoever disconnected, please rejoin. We cannot continue with only two signallers.
Steamer: You need to send Roadrunner a private message if you want a copy, see this post: «link»
KneeOn: I mean the one which is being shared around now as a continuation of the unofficial layout designer :)
nasher: ohh I'm up for some KX
GW43125: King's Cross continuation open.
GW43125: Actually, KX continuation going up.
GW43125: Do you have Wembley, banners?
Banners88: Im keen!
GW43125: SimSig, anyone?
GW43125: Thank you, Andy.
AndyG: Jamie - Don't try to run a minature rly in the rain! ;)
GW43125: Remind me never to try to run a miniature railway in the driving rain.
JamesN: The sim developers do yes
KneeOn: Does anyone have the track/signal editor program?
Banners88: Anyone about if i host something?
D3L74: 1 panel free
D3L74: King's Cross started and hiring
Trainfan344: 1 more person needed to start Kings Cross.
D3L74: 3 panels free
D3L74: King's Cross is hiring again
Badger1208: Kings cross details up
Trainfan344: I'm up for it.
Badger1208: Kings cross anyone?
Trainfan344: I'm around if anyone wants to host a free sim.
D3L74: Oh well I was coming back
DaveHarries: Sorry: been doing TT work. Will join a session later if there is one.
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
D3L74: BN ?
D3L74: 1 panel is free
tjfrancis: 2 panles are free
D3L74: KX on a break until 1830 UK Time
tjfrancis: got 2 panels left
tjfrancis: kings cross is back up
D3L74: Works
tjfrancis: pc crashed try rejoining
AndyG: got discon too
D3L74: Yup, there are some issues
D3L74: Just disconnected me
Banners88: Having trouble getting on?
D3L74: *ahem*
D3L74: See terms and conditions for more details
D3L74: Conditions apply
D3L74: Join the best team around now
D3L74: Seize this unique opportunity
tjfrancis: 2 panles are taken
D3L74: And hiring
tjfrancis: kings cross is up
Banners88: I'll leave it then if someone else is.
tjfrancis: yes
D3L74: Accepting connections from 1445 UK Time ?
D3L74: nice
D3L74: Ah that will be neice
tjfrancis: i am going to host a kings cross at 3pm
D3L74: Me
Banners88: Anyone about if I host something?
Trainfan344: Dave, what timetable are you using? Have you posted in the forum?
djdave73: it will not move
djdave73: what about getting out the loco shed
djdave73: thanks what about getting loco shed
Steamer: You need to use the Ground Frame. Basics of Ground Frames covered here: «link»
djdave73: hi i can`t get the train out of pentrefelin yard on llangollen railway. can anyone help me?
DaveHarries: Will be in West Hampstead in a while.
Trainfan344: Any free sims being hosted tonight at all?
Badger1208: West Hampstead up for a few hours
D3L74: I'll see another time
Morsey: Reinstall maybe?
D3L74: And i got it all right
D3L74: It said all was up to date
Morsey: All I can think of is the IP Address/Port is wrong, or youre still using the old old saltley
D3L74: It just says it attempts to connect
Morsey: What happens when you try? Im getting no attempts at connections my end
D3L74: Still can't connect
Morsey: Saltley and Derby running til Midnight, still plenty of space
D3L74: Hope something is planned for this evening
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused due to a issue on my router i wll have to stop the sim and i wll carry on tuesday from 2 pm
tjfrancis: king cross stll going with no one in q but loads of fun can and will happen :) :) :)
D3L74: So what's up
D3L74: Huh ?
CTCThiago: Something
D3L74: It depends on the number of signallers on your session tjf
Banners88: Spoke to soon!
Banners88: Morsey struggling to connect?
tjfrancis: they is one game runing why do we need anouther 2 games going
CTCThiago: I can host if you guys up for, i need at least 4-5 sigs
D3L74: CTC I'd like to follow on yesterday's save
CTCThiago: Gonzo do you want the save game from yesterday? or do you have other plans for another timetable? I'll be up for that session.
Gonzo75: Its the connection between laptoop and router is the problem... internet working fine.
tjfrancis: ok gonzo i do not know then i know bt are haveing some issues but they are not talk talk
Gonzo75: I'll join shortly - still trying to fix this
Gonzo75: talk talk
tjfrancis: kings cross now up
tjfrancis: who is your ip with gonzo75
Gonzo75: any ideas why I'm being denied access to the router? I have the correct IP but it keeps saying access denied without asking for a password grrr
tjfrancis: i wll host kings cross then give me 5 mints
Gonzo75: I cant gain access to my router. Ports are not open but until i can access my router I cant open them grrrrrr. I'll keep trying.
tjfrancis: Gonzo75 if you want i can host the sim if you are haveing issues
Gonzo75: HMMM OK... new laptop will take a look and brb
SEMCMILLAN: whats the details?
AndyG: failing to conn
tjfrancis: got discon for kings cross
Gonzo75: I'll load up a KX session shortly... if enough we can start at 6pm UK time
SEMCMILLAN: any sims open??
D3L74: Pleasure, thanks for hosting
CTCThiago: We'll continue tomorrow from about 1200 UK
CTCThiago: Thanks all whom joined!
CTCThiago: KX Closed
D3L74: I'm TRAX
CTCThiago: were*
CTCThiago: D3L74 are you able for connect?
CTCThiago: Please update your simsig loader before connect
D3L74: Found it
D3L74: Does anyone know I can change the forum time settings ?
D3L74: Nice :)
CTCThiago: Connections 15 before the start time (21:45 UK)
D3L74: 33 mins to go
WinsfordSaltMine: I'd be up for it
nasher: up for that too
Ben86: I'd also be interested
D3L74: I certainly am
CTCThiago: I'm planning a KX Host for 22:00 UK TIME, anyone interested?
DaveHarries: Dunno. I won't be around after about 7pm so something this afternoon would be fun.
D3L74: Is anything big planned for tonight ?
tjfrancis: westbury now cloused thanks to all who joined
Badger1208: My IP was incorrect. I'll adjust it now (hopefully)
BarryM: Unable to connect to WH
Badger1208: I'll pop on WH
DaveHarries: I will only be around until about 9:30 and intend to join Westbury. Would be up for WH tomorrow afternoon though.
Morsey: Id be interested in WH
Badger1208: Anyone interested in a West Hampstead this evening?
tjfrancis: westbury is up
magictoad1234: How do I add routes?
tjfrancis: sim now closed into 7pm
tjfrancis: now on break got 2 panel free
tjfrancis: 2 panles are free in 2 mints
tjfrancis: all panle are taken but no q
tjfrancis: as that whart i did on my laptop
tjfrancis: when you download the new system files you may need to update stll
D3L74: I'm downloading the new system files
D3L74: yes
tjfrancis: are you on windows 10
D3L74: I'd join but I'm having problems updating the Loader
D3L74: Hi :)
tjfrancis: stll going with one panel free
tjfrancis: i have open a westbury up that you can join in if you want and it wll be open for a couple of hours
belly buster: will resume but won't be til week after next
belly buster: Saltley / New Street / Derby chain closed
belly buster: Saltley / New Street / Derby is now just Saltley / Derby
belly buster: 3 free panels on new street, 2 on saltley, 1 on derby
belly buster: Saltley / New Street / Derby chain 20/08/2015 21:00 BST Open for connections «link»
belly buster: handle: «link»
handle: Hey, Belly Buster, I love your icon of all the signals on the gantry xD it looks like the gantry likes collecting signals as a hobby xD
belly buster: Saltley / New Street / Derby chain 20/08/2015 21:00 BST Planned «link»
GW43125: Afraid I can't join as I don't own either of those sims :(
Guts: Apologies for the delays
Guts: Installed checking
Guts: 2secs
Guts: Sorry Guys. Firewall issue. Keep blocking the update.
AndyG: Installed?
Guts: Installing

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