18 - 04 - 2014

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CTCThiago: Connections from 1900,Please hit the Check for updates on the main menu on the Loader
Jay_G: i am CTC?
CTCThiago: Anyone up for a KX host?
CTCThiago: Thank you very much Geoff and Simsig Team, Cuffley GF does not take autos of anymore :)
marquel41494: ?
CTCThiago: :D
GeoffM: New versions of KingsX, VictoricC, and VictoriaSE now available! Click "Check for updates" in the Loader.
marquel41494: there is intrest here if someone hosts..?
DSeaWall: anyone thinking of hosting?
marquel41494: np
Finger: Trent and sheffield closed thanks to all who paricipated
jishmondo: haha! I've done it before :P
Finger: Oh sorry - forgot to press the submit button! O.O
jishmondo: Where's the details? I can't find them
Finger: Trent open now
jishmondo: I am interested too, but won't be about for long
Finger: I will start the hosting after a while
svrdan: Im here
marquel41494: im here
Finger: Would there be enough people (at least 6) for a Trent+Sheffield MP?
tjfrancis: I can do with one more person on Westbury plisle
AJMCMILLAN: tjfrancis - PM me please
tjfrancis: stll the same on exter
AJMCMILLAN: i have downloaded SWINDID so can I set up that area on the sim
AJMCMILLAN: i dont have swin did. i only have exter and westbury
AJMCMILLAN: im joining exeter could you please give me the updates details please
tjfrancis: got no one on swindid one but got one person on other Sims
Aurora: Ah, ports switched now. Thanks.
Aurora: Nah, not working.
tjfrancis: auro check the post had to update the ports
Aurora: Okay.
Aurora: Except Swindon but I have two versions on Loader old and new.
tjfrancis: try again as I did get some think
Aurora: I'm getting disconnected now. Tried 4 times. Says check for updates but I don't have any updates to make.
tjfrancis: you can now rejoin
tjfrancis: ajmcmillan «link»

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