27 - 04 - 2015

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HST125Scorton: quiet evening then
HST125Scorton: ok tony
tjfrancis: somethink has come up so i can not host tonite
HST125Scorton: Derby, Saltley, Exeter, Stafford... be nice to join on.. I would host but internet bad
peterb: Derby?
HST125Scorton: Saltley?
tjfrancis: i wll host a sim any ideas of sim
HST125Scorton: any hosts?
TimTamToe: Cold and wet outside, so time for a bit more tt writing me thinks :D
MANSpotter99: Hello :P :P :P :P :P :P
LucasLCC: Cheers Steamer :)
Steamer: Lucas, both 137m
Steamer: Ajax, click the 'Minimise' button on the F10 window and your messages go to the message box as well.
LucasLCC: Anyone happen to know the lengths of Newton platforms>
ajax103: host?
ajax103: okay but thought they were meant to show up next to messages - saltley? or is that only when you hist?
madaboutrains: I am recieving you test messages.
ajax103: how do I message as F10 is selected but the messages are NOT going to you guys
ajax103: I wold like to play with you guys
madaboutrains: ok.
ajax103: I can't message as simsig isn't allowing me
ajax103: hang 5 I'm going to try to connect
madaboutrains: one panel is free now on Saltley
madaboutrains: Satley still open
madaboutrains: Lots of Panels FREE on Satley
madaboutrains: Someone appears to be having problems connecting
madaboutrains: 3 panels free on Satley now!
madaboutrains: Saltley sim running now
Roadrunner: Trent closed. Thanks to all who took part and waited patiently on the quiet panels.
Roadrunner: Trent closing soon.
Roadrunner: Trent session has started.
Roadrunner: Trent open for connections.
HST125Scorton: 8)
Roadrunner: Will get Trent started soon. Get your supplies in and wait for the hosty notice thingy.
Roadrunner: Programming rates need to go up by much larger than the rate of inflation. That should be your policy.
arabianights: anyway, back later
DazrahT: :)
Roadrunner: Yo PeterB.
Roadrunner: DazraT-you just melted a glacier.
arabianights: their businees model needs rethinking, the bastards
DazrahT: I just cooking up a chilli, but I'll keep my eye on the Session page for anything that crops up
peterb: evening all
peterb: shouting re: trent
Roadrunner: I think that business model needs rethinking.
DazrahT: So do my farts :)
Roadrunner: DazrahT-good move! Cars only pollute the planet.
arabianights: if I have to give tehm £60 then they are jolly well going to lose at least £60 000
DazrahT: In the words of an ex Coventry Signalman - "I'm here to control trains, not cars" - so I'd leave the barriers down! Permanentely
arabianights: strictly personal
arabianights: but for the next couple of hours I need to create a website about welcome break parking tickets
Roadrunner: No have WCML.
Roadrunner: I am gonna put an ASBO on you!
arabianights: was getting it mixed up with the WCML one
arabianights: nah I not interested in trent then, hate that layout
arabianights: oh crud THAT is trent?
Roadrunner: Hi, DazrahT. Not a problem as long as you know how to raise the level crossing for the NET Tram.
Roadrunner: I learnt this today $(selector).method()
DazrahT: I'm interested - but rusty on Trent, lol
Roadrunner: Awesome! Steak and Kidney?
arabianights: I would be interested, but not immediately
arabianights: I got some free pie the other day if that counts
Roadrunner: Possible Trent session on the cards with 1330 start time on sim. Shout if you are interested.
Roadrunner: Yo Arabian. Have you made your next million yet?
arabianights: greetz
Roadrunner: Evening all.
chrisdmadd: cross would be good too though
chrisdmadd: love south humberside
arabianights: quite possibly
HST125Scorton: hello Tony, i won't joining but later either Saltley or SHumber for me :)
tjfrancis: Any one up for a sim of Exeter ,cross or south Humberside
Frankley Junction: Tried to Skype you Barry, no joy your end. Will try again in 5 but then going to bed.
BarryM: FJ can u give me a call?
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby now closed, to be resumed. Thanks for epic chained multi and for all who participated
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby will be closing at 01.00 BST real
Frankley Junction: Ditto to next person
Frankley Junction: Whoever just tried to connect to Saltley, you need LATEST LOADER
Frankley Junction: Saltley + Derby now up. See forum
Horgy: Any sessions?
mackeral1234: I can not believe nothing yesterday or today
Charlytos: When is updated Loader from 4.0.28 to 4.4 from same Loader installation is made correctly
Charlytos: Loader 4.4 direct download, when open instalation error message.
Cannot install, because cannot open the apliation. Had you that problem?
WinsfordSaltMine: Never any sessions when I am on lol, just missed one again :(
DSeaWall: Exeter closed as something came up.
DSeaWall: Channel OH1 in use on Teamspeak.
DSeaWall: Exeter now open for connections. Please ensure you update your loader to version 4.4.3
DSeaWall: Exeter now closed. Thanks to all who joind.
DSeaWall: Exeter Closing soon. No new connections please.
WinsfordSaltMine: Yes done it now
Muzer: Stick the .WTT in C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig\Timetables\SimName (where SimName is the name of the sim). Replace C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig if you installed it somewhere else.
WinsfordSaltMine: how do I install a new timetable on the loader
WinsfordSaltMine: is Exeter still open?
DSeaWall: No queue.
DSeaWall: Exeter open again. Full and one in queue.
DSeaWall: Exeter currently PAUSED. Also FULL.
DSeaWall: MJB, what happened?
DSeaWall: Exeter FULL.
DSeaWall: Exeter Open.
DSeaWall: SimSig Exeter will be open for connections in ten minutes.
DaveHarries: Damn. Hadn't realised there was an open session. Hope for one tomorrow as I am away thereafter.
mackeral1234: thanks TjFrancis for hosting
tjfrancis: exeter now clouesd
tjfrancis: all panels are taken but no one in q
arabianights: I may be able to join exeter briefly at 10:15ish, but do not count on this
DSeaWall: Exeter host tomorrow. See forum for details,
tjfrancis: 1 person in sim with panel c
tjfrancis: exeter is stll open with no one on panles nor q
tjfrancis: exeter is now up
tjfrancis: bring up a host now it wll be a carry on from last nite
D3L74: ok
tjfrancis: if no one host come on by the time i had my shower i wll bring up a host
D3L74: Would be cool
tjfrancis: arabianights i may be interested in doing one or joining one
arabianights: is a game going on?
tjfrancis: CTCThiago you may need to take a stab in the dark for that one if he is or not
CTCThiago: You're hosting later Winsford?
jadamson2704: im available for that
D3L74: I'll be up
WinsfordSaltMine: I would like to start a Saltley or KX session if anyone interested.
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions going on any sim? :)
tjfrancis: Exeter is clused
tjfrancis: exeter clouseding soon no new conexsions
mackeral1234: no mp games for a while for me. May just run my own
tjfrancis: hi mac you can re join the persion that was missing about has gone
mackeral1234: thanks tjfrancis for host - enjoying until I was booted
tjfrancis: exeter now up
tjfrancis: bring a host up now
edwardzzzz9: I guess that's a no
tjfrancis: anyone up for a host
Aurora: Wonder what happened there, got disconnected.
Aurora: disc
Aurora: connected
arabianights: forgot my modem has firewall as well as my router
arabianights: ok try now
arabianights: one mo
arabianights: am back now but it should not have been disconnecting, that means I have something setup wrong
Aurora: It's disconnecting. Say when you are back.
arabianights: details here: «link» and you can join queue but I not attending computer to accept connections for a few minutes
Aurora: ok
arabianights: (need 10 mins)
arabianights: ok dokey will have one up shortly
Aurora: Yes
arabianights: (if it's not clear, I am offering to host a game...)
arabianights: any interest in a paisley (or other potentially) game or am I too late to the party?
DanC: No more connections for KX please - closing shortly
lelo4851: any room on kx
jonni91: ahh
DanC: Fixed...router had randomly changed the internal IP it routed to...
jonni91: ditto here, got to love port forwarding...
DanC: One sec let me check my port forwarding...
edwardzzzz9: I don't seem to be able to join for some reason
DanC: Details for KX now up - accepting connections for a start at 21:00 (To give people time to get a brew and use the facilities!)
tjfrancis: derby now cloused
edwardzzzz9: well, 2 now
tjfrancis: all panles are taken with 1 in q
edwardzzzz9: Joining derby if there are slots free!
HST125Scorton: this chrisdmadd is doing Saltley tonight, but unsure if will go ahead :)
tjfrancis: it up
DanC: Either sounds good to me :)
tjfrancis: i thinking
tjfrancis: kings cross or derby
DanC: What you going for tj?
tjfrancis: setting up now
DanC: Oh right didn't realise (never tried)
Steamer: Dan- Trent and Derby won't chain at the moment, Trent needs an update.
DanC: Haha
tjfrancis: not that big
DanC: Trent-Derby-Saltley chain ? :P
tjfrancis: some think big i think
DanC: What you going to host tj?
tjfrancis: i wll be hosting later on tonite around about 6pm ish
WinsfordSaltMine: Any Sessions?
chrisdmadd: Chain closing at 23:15 BST
primedetective: I'm coming back, internet is a bit spotty but I should be okay
chrisdmadd: Evan where are you?
DaveHarries: Come on you lot....
DaveHarries: COming....
adam93: numb nuts had installed the routes but not the system!
chrisdmadd: still need lots of signallers come on
chrisdmadd: «link»
adam93: OK... can anyone confirm why everything is drawn using the alphabet?
chrisdmadd: post up, derby saltley chain
adam93: just done a cheeky copy from my other PC; for those interested the file location should be : C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rtl60.bpl
adam93: and where do I install it guys?
adam93: rtl60.bpl error - any gen?
DSeaWall: Yes, you will need to redownload and reinstall the system files to fix it.
adam93: can anyone help with a "rtl60.pbl is missing" error
DaveHarries: Anyone hosting tonight? Hope so as I will be offline over the weekend.
Frankley Junction: Anybody still here? Think I've FINALLY fixed my port forwarding and would like to test.
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok
WinsfordSaltMine: Hi im new here. been wanting to try a multiplayer mode but don't know how
BarryM: All sessions are displayed in the Forum
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions
BarryM: Have replied
Frankley Junction: Barry, I've sent you a PM, please try and connect to Derby
Frankley Junction: Barry, I will PM you
BarryM: Yes
Morsey: «link»
Frankley Junction: Anybody there could help me test revised port forward setup?
DaveHarries: Going out for about an hour: will see what is going when I return.
jonni91: Ahh, no worries. I took one look at sorting out port forwarding so I could host but I couldn't figure it out at all
Frankley Junction: Got some router/port forwarding issues, despite having recently tested them. Will hopefuly be operational shortly
jonni91: ok no problem
Frankley Junction: I'll check my settings. Stick around
jonni91: Just the usual server has disconnected you
Frankley Junction: No, what message are you getting?
jonni91: Just tried joining your Derby sim and its not letting me connect, is it full already? :O
Frankley Junction: Quick and dirty Derby up now
jonni91: Not yet pal, there might be a Saltley/New St chain later though
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions open
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions going? :D
Frankley Junction: I'll put a small one up now, then
DaveHarries: Session advertised below didn't start: lack of interest.
Frankley Junction: What time is this session starting? I am available for multi until about 22.30
DaveHarries: I would be interested in a session of some sort.
jonni91: Same here, would be interested in Saltley in particular as I'm too much of a cheap git to buy New Street
Sacro: I'd be interested dependant on times
DaveHarries: oh. Pity! Never mind - I will hope someone hosts this evening as I am not around over the weekend. Still awaiting dinner.
chrisdmadd: sorry minus yourself dave
chrisdmadd: Looks like a non starter due to zero interest
DaveHarries: But I WILL be in.
DaveHarries: I will be up for joining the chain btu I think dinner is imminent so I will join after dinner.
chrisdmadd: POST UP
chrisdmadd: Saltley or Derby also
chrisdmadd: need to know what interest we have
chrisdmadd: shall i do 3 or 2 chain?
chrisdmadd: oh yeah i see, derby saltley and new st have the same anyway
Steamer: Yes, or you might get trains crossing the boundary and having no timetable on the other side.
chrisdmadd: when chaining i take it you need the same timetable?
georgerb: I can help with New Street if it helps
derbybest: May need a couple of testers shortly for a Derby 1992 tt
chrisdmadd: thinking of doing a chain tonight, not done one before so may need help, saltley and new street, maybe derby too?
DaveHarries: Damn. Was AFK. Maybe tomorrow.
georgerb: Victoria Host CANCELLED
georgerb: Victoria Host just published.
HST125Scorton: I would do a host but my net if broken and my upload speed is at a stupid 0.10mbps... You fancy hosting ?
DaveHarries: I was hoping for a session but it doesn't look like it.
HST125Scorton: Any hosts going this evening?
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions going
Temple Meads: SwinDid closed. Thank you to all who joined, and apologies to those who didn't get a panel in the early rush.
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone going to be around tomorrow?
Temple Meads: SwinDid still running. A temporary glitch.
BlackWolf: connection lost?
Temple Meads: SwinDid session open. See forum for details.
BlackWolf: something happend tonight?
BlackWolf: hello
warbear13: Hello
DaveHarries: KX session to close at 00:25. No new connectons please./
DaveHarries: 3 panels free on KX
DaveHarries: ok Jon. Will wait for you
jonni91: one sec, update needed gah...
DaveHarries: ok
jonni91: I'm joining now
DaveHarries: calling SimSiggers!
BlackWolf: yeah im inside. :) '
DaveHarries: BW now in. KX taking connections finally!
DaveHarries: (ie. now)
DaveHarries: Think I forgot to enable the "Run SimSig server". Have enabled that: try another time.
BlackWolf: still discon on that Ip and port
DaveHarries: Try now.
BlackWolf: ta
DaveHarries: hang fire: will try sort it.
DaveHarries: oh
DaveHarries: Open for connections
BlackWolf: got only discon
BlackWolf: yes
DaveHarries: Any interest?
DaveHarries: Kings Cross open for connections. Will only start if interest is sufficient (minimum 3 players).
BlackWolf: :)
DaveHarries: just doing forum post
BlackWolf: ta
peterb: thanks for the hsot
DaveHarries: ok I will host a quickie KX session for an hour orr so. Give me 2 minutes to set up
BlackWolf: ok
DaveHarries: drat.
BlackWolf: will rejoin
DaveHarries: ah ok. Was wondering what had happened
BlackWolf: aha ta
tjfrancis: wll have to carry on some ohter time
tjfrancis: sorry about the quick stop to the host my loader has crashed
tjfrancis: south 2 is free
tjfrancis: dave north is free if you want it
tjfrancis: but no one in q
tjfrancis: dave it in froum all panles are full
DaveHarries: What is the session info please? I will join in a while if it is still open.
peterb: decon again
AndyG: BW - 'Check for Updates' on the loader front page
tjfrancis: they it is you need to update your sim
BlackWolf: hmm i have 1.0
tjfrancis: loader 4.4 sim 1.2
BlackWolf: 4.4 right?
BlackWolf: hmm now im dissconnected
AndyG: BW & tjf - you can check sim ver via help > about
tjfrancis: download the sim from the down loads area then replace the old sim with that one
BlackWolf: how to do that?
tjfrancis: update sim not loader
BlackWolf: Im only got message to update, but my loader is upadated
tjfrancis: black wolf you need to update your sim and center is revsred for you
BlackWolf: got message to update, is upadated
BlackWolf: hmm
peterb: no it's not

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