28 - 08 - 2016

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tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
Ben86: Impromptu Tyneside coming up if anyone fancies joining
Ben86: After connecting, use F10 to open the chat window and speak to the host
Ben86: SEJ, to join follow instructions here: «link»
SEJ: I'm rather new to this: can I join, and how
tjfrancis: 2 panles are now free on cross again
Steamer: Mackeral- I've got a 2016 one written, but it won't run yet because of sim issues.
tjfrancis: palace is the only panel left
headshot119: @Mackeral1234 no
doublyepic: Hey all
mackeral1234: is there any other timetimes for liverpool/edge hill out there apart from the default
tjfrancis: loads of panels are stll free so come and join the fun
tjfrancis: King cross back open
tjfrancis: kings cross postoboned into19:30pm
tjfrancis: i know kymriska draken they is not just one sim i can host but i am in the mode to host somethink
KymriskaDraken: I know, but it's a nice easy way to say that it's not a quick job :)
tjfrancis: can do Tyneside and york or can carry on with kings cross
redleaderwright: Where?
tjfrancis: Is any one about for a sim i wll be hosting
Bigbigcheese: Hmm, so it would appear making our own maps and scenarios is not made easy
headshot119: @KymriskaDraken - It very much depends on the sim, but it's not as bad as needing to start from scratch
KymriskaDraken: Updating a sim from exe to Loader format isn't as easy as it sounds. I think the developer has to pretty much rebuild the sim from scratch.
JamesN: This «link» will shed a bit more light on the subject.
Bigbigcheese: On the subject of Sheffield, is there any scope for making it scrolly? As in is there a part of the forum that tells you how to make simulations such that I could do it myself? (I prefer scrolly, easier to visualise and fit onto my screens)
Roadrunner: Thanks to Ben for running Sheffield. Good to see the old sims going strong.
Ben86: Sheffield now closed. Thanks to all that joined.
Ben86: Sheffield closing in 30 mins. All panels taken, connections welcome for watching.
Ben86: Sheffield now open and all panels taken
doublyepic: sorry just loading now
Roadrunner: It is a separate stand-alone program - NOT part of the loader.
Roadrunner: Owen-Sheffield is a free download.
HST125Scorton: I'm in
Roadrunner: Owen-Sheffield open for connections.
Finger: *Ben
Finger: It's open BEn
Ben86: Could someone do one last try to my connection, please?
doublyepic: I wish i could but i dont know how to do it
HST125Scorton: I cannot host at moment
doublyepic: Anyone else gonna host one? derby would be nice but its to small.
doublyepic: Well i was disconnected
HST125Scorton: Don't thinks it's running at moment
doublyepic: Hey any room for me?
Ben86: Sounds like not, and probably not a quick fix for me, I'm afraid
peterb: D'conned
HST125Scorton: Are your ports set correctly?
HST125Scorton: Nope still diconnection
Ben86: can you try again, please?
Ben86: ok, give me a minute
HST125Scorton: No Connection
peterb: Dconned ben.
Ben86: Open for connections
HST125Scorton: Excellent :)
Ben86: I'll set up a Sheffield
peterb: or anything except tyneside
peterb: Would partake in a sheffie
HST125Scorton: I have that
Ben86: Ok. I might have a Sheffield save I could set up?
HST125Scorton: Erm nope not that either :(
Ben86: How about New Street?
HST125Scorton: Ah I don't have them just yet
Ben86: I was thinking of one of the newer sims, Leeds, York or Tyneside?
HST125Scorton: Hmm Dunno, maybe a bit of KX
Ben86: What sort of thing did you have in mind?
HST125Scorton: I'm about
Ben86: I might do if there's interest
HST125Scorton: Anyone plaaning a host?
HST125Scorton: I'm AJRO :P
HST125Scorton: Im in
Morsey: Nobvody to accept connections for the moment so bare with
HST125Scorton: No one there to accept my connection?
Morsey: Derby open for connections, check forum
Steamer: I'm going to write one when it gets updated.
mackeral1234: anyone have the signal plan for EdgeHill
mark265: thanks for a great host headshot
headshot119: Tyneside now closed - thanks to all who joined !
JamesN: On my way Karl!
headshot119: Hey Up - To all the lovely people who have purchased Tyneside so far, how about you come and join in on the multiplayer fun this evening?

To anyone who hasn't bought it yet the shop is open 24/7, why not take advantage of the limited time £5 off loyalty discount if you purchased York!!
Bigbigcheese: How did that situation get resolved then?
KymriskaDraken: I've had a driver call in asking me which train he was. I stopped him to ask him the very same question.
Bigbigcheese: Delays cost a lot of money though, so there would be a monetary incentive if losing a train happened often, though it probably doesn't
AndyG: and the driver doesn't know his TD and asks the sigger?
kbarber: Losing a description is no big deal from a safety point of view (though it can, in certain circumstances, lead to an awful lot of delay). The red section between signals is an indication of track circuit (or axle counter section) occupation and is failsafe; if that's red you assume there's something there (train or blockage) and examine the line before you let anything over it. If there's a red with no description and an irate driver comes on the phone, you find out his description and interpose it; apart from the delay, no harm done. Simple really.
Bigbigcheese: Pause button in real life would be really handy! I imagine they have lots of systems in place in case they lose a train though. If they didn't I don't think i'd be happy to ride on a train anymore.. :P
Lardybiker: There are limitations to SimSig realism....The real thing doesn't have an "F2" function per-se (though they have other systems that may do similar things). They also don't have a pause button either!!
Bigbigcheese: Shall potentially give that a go at some point
Lardybiker: As for the real thing, there are far more qualified folks than me. Suggest you post in the forum and ask.
Bigbigcheese: That's what I do currently, what do they do in real life?
Lardybiker: SimSig you can check in F2 which lists all the trains in the sim and you should be able to work it out
Bigbigcheese: I don't know how the real thing works, my only experience is SimSig, but assuming it's real to life then both
Lardybiker: Are you talking SimSig or the real thing?
Bigbigcheese: Other than dead reckoning
Bigbigcheese: The current system means you can easily have no way of identifying the red line between two signals
Lardybiker: two questions 1) What benefit does doing something like that give you the current system does not 2) Who pays for it all?
Lardybiker: Just cconsider what you are suggesting. That's a lot of infrastructure to add. 1) A way to indicate in the train what the train ID is. 2) A transponder on every unit and locomotive 3) A receiver unit at every signal. 4) UInfrassuturre to pass the data tot he signalling system and finally software to integrate it int to panels.
Bigbigcheese: So... Why don't trains have transponders or something that means they can automatically 'interpose' themselves onto signals...?
KymriskaDraken: Tyneside will have to wait a bit. Spent too much money on cricket stuff this week!
casey jones: quality being a northern lad been waiting for Tyneside for years its very good indeed :D
DaveHarries: Lucky you: it is nice.
08wrighta: does look very good, may get it know, since today was payday for me
DaveHarries: How long you got to wait Jezz?
Jezzabusdriver: Will have to wait until next payday to get it :-(
DaveHarries: Now you need to put that on FB and you will be up half the night issuing licences!
DaveHarries: * £30 paid
DaveHarries: £10 paid!
DaveHarries: Blimey that's huge.
DaveHarries: Downloaded!!! Thanks
DaveHarries: Yay!!!!!
DaveHarries: Yes please
GeoffM: Anybody interested in a Tyneside IECC (Newcastle) sim? :D
DaveHarries: Nah no preference but there are quite a few I haven't played for a goodd while.
08wrighta: anything in particular?
doublyepic: Yes same
DaveHarries: Hope someone might host this evening.
tjfrancis: All panels are taken
tjfrancis: 2 panels left
DaveHarries: Dinner is coming shortly for me but I will join KX afterwards.
georgerb: OK Now ??
georgerb: I can not log in
tjfrancis: only 1 panel taken so far so come and join in the fun !!!!!
tjfrancis: Kings cross now up
tjfrancis: give me 10 mints then i wll bring a KX up
Sacro: Might have some dinner, write some code, yourself?
doublyepic: Anyone Doing anything Tonight?
DaveHarries: WOuldn'#t mind a game of something.
doublyepic: Hello All, Anyone Hosting tonight?
08wrighta: Good night all
08wrighta: West Hampstead now closed, thanks to Andg, CM01, Lama and 9z99 for joing and special mention for davj for visiting.
and a very very special mention to "304033" who without him/her we would not of had a session, thanks for everyone's help and understanding
08wrighta: no more connections closing soon
08wrighta: ok, no worries
mackeral1234: sorry - laptop is dropped all the ime
08wrighta: davj are you there, panel 2 free
08wrighta: full with 2 in queue
08wrighta: ok all done finally, will be starting in 3mins
08wrighta: 1 connected
08wrighta: ok can connect, thanks for all your help,
08wrighta: yes sorry who connected i had to close it for 2 secs
304033: Hurrah: Port 50505 is open on
08wrighta: ok ip adress is apparently still the same
08wrighta: ok all applied, just getting new ip adress now
304033: Once done, click APPLY and should be good to go. Update the forum posting with the IP (that has now probably changed). On simsig.co.uk click USER > WHATS MY IP.
304033: Outbound is easy, inbound you need choose Simsig as the SERVICE then where it says SEND TO LAN SERVER put in the IP your PC is using 192.168.0.X. Leave WAN USERS on ANY.
304033: Ok, so you need to put them back in again for IPv4 for INBOUND & OUTBOUND. When you click service, scroll to the bottom and SIMSIG will be there.
08wrighta: there was but deleted them when we started again
304033: Lovely.
08wrighta: ok, got it restarting router
304033: You need add a service for it first. Do this through SECURITY > SERVICES.
304033: ?
08wrighta: what service?
304033: Click APPLY. It will probably want to re-start the router. Say yes etc and let it re-start
08wrighta: ok
304033: Once that comes up, give it a name like this:
304033: Yes, lets start from scratch
304033: Click pink Button that says ADD SERVICE
08wrighta: yes, should i delete previous rules
304033: sorry, login and go SECURITY > SERVICES
304033: ok, login and SECURITY > FIREWALL RULES
08wrighta: yes, indeed
304033: your with SKY yes?
304033: I am testing via yougetsignal.com
304033: Port 50505 is closed on
08wrighta: yes i made them 2 rules but 1 (the TCP fails) and the UPD succeds)
could you try connecting back to port 50505
304033: Yes, you should be able to set it for both UDP&TCP at the same time.
08wrighta: ok well i am not very techy but the UDP port is open but not TCP, could that be causing the issue?
08wrighta: ok, thanks, working through the router
304033: 50505,50507 & 50509 are all closed on the IP given...
08wrighta: ok, just lookign in router, firewall is off and still no luck
mackeral1234: port 50507. Nope
08wrighta: try again but port is 07
08wrighta: ok, hmm trying something
mackeral1234: nope
08wrighta: ok, try now
08wrighta: ok thanks, 2 secs
mackeral1234: cannt connect to WH
08wrighta: Connections now open for west hampstead, details in forum
08wrighta: apologies just found out for some reason my router got rid of my firewall rules which deleted the port forwarding rule hence why no one could connect, all fixed and working
08wrighta: sorry about the chain westbury and exeter chain, waiting till 1530 but not no connections so just deleted to save time will try it again some other time
WinsfordSaltMine: Chain now closed
DaveHarries: Just grabbing a sarnie then will join Westbury session
WinsfordSaltMine: *start
WinsfordSaltMine: Need couple of people on Westbury and we can staret
WinsfordSaltMine: Now open for connections
doublyepic: What should i do
doublyepic: oh okay
WinsfordSaltMine: I'm on all of them Doublyepic
WinsfordSaltMine: due not join to time stated, you may try but wont accepted
doublyepic: which are you gonna be on?
WinsfordSaltMine: Details up in forum
doublyepic: I can do derby i really enjoy doing that one. i did 3 days work experience in the actual PSB in derby
doublyepic: Ahahaha fair enough, Im fairly new so something that is easy to learn would be nice
WinsfordSaltMine: well that would be telling :)
doublyepic: well whcih map would it be?
WinsfordSaltMine: for the chain I have ready
WinsfordSaltMine: I need at least 5
doublyepic: i dont mind taking up a panel
WinsfordSaltMine: how many people are up for a chai
doublyepic: Hello All, Anyone thinking of hosting tonight?
arabianights: If you're interested I could host Westbury (not full chain) for 90 minutes or so?
Sacro: I tried to join 5 minutes before it was due to start, didn't connect and then the post got deleted
arabianights: take it chain's been cancelled?
Sacro: Unable to connect to Exeter
08wrighta: afternoon Guts
08wrighta: connections now up
Guts: Afternoon all
Roadrunner: KX session has closed. Thanks to newcomer Owen. Good to see Bazz and Auro at a very early time in their day. Until next time.
Roadrunner: KX closing soon.
Roadrunner: KX has resumed after the break.
Roadrunner: KX is on a short break.
Roadrunner: KX session under way.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
doublyepic: brb gonna get my dinner out of the oven before it turns charcoal
doublyepic: ahahaha
Roadrunner: Derbyepic-Welwyn panel is a nice one to do. You should be called DerbyEpic!
doublyepic: i can do derby because ive done work experience for 3 days at the power signal box in real life ahaha
doublyepic: thats true
WinsfordSaltMine: you learn best by challenging youreself
doublyepic: is there an easy area to work?
doublyepic: oh thats alright then
WinsfordSaltMine: roadrunner=legend :)
doublyepic: im really sorry if i cock it up
doublyepic: im new around here. ive done satley once and thats the only multiplayer ive done
Roadrunner: No worries, derbyepic, I need you! Wait a few mins, I am setting up.
doublyepic: ive never done it before
Roadrunner: Well, nothing in the jolly old Hosting-Session Details so it don't count.
headshot119: So not 3 posts down from yours is discussing hosting. And if a session was in progress the details would be «link»
Roadrunner: Hello, derbyepic. I am looking into that right now. Looks like KX (yes, I know we have done that a 1000 times already...)
doublyepic: Hello all, Anyone hosting?
Roadrunner: Have we won the Gold Medal for Olympic SimSig yet? Hitchin to King's Cross in 9 seconds?
AndyG: could be tempted
WinsfordSaltMine: I'll join a host Guts
Guts: Anybody want a Host??
doublyepic: well im kinda new to this ahaha
Finger: I could host a bit of Stafford Intensive timetable if there's demand
doublyepic: I was just woundering is there anyone hosting tonight. so that i know whether to host one or not?
Morsey: Derby closing soon, no more connections please
Sacro: It obviously is otherwise it wouldn't be telling you so
DaveHarries: Got d/c from Derby: trying to rejoin as DCH because game says someone already in as DAVE which is not so.
DaveHarries: Will join Derby shortly as have not played it for a good while.
JamesN: There's a shoutbox and forum post posted not 5 minutes before you said it....
mackeral1234: any hosting this evening
Morsey: Will do Derby at 2145
doublyepic: Hello anyone out there?
doublyepic: Anyone doing a multiplayer tonight?
JamesN: Getting disconnected on Saltley?
doublyepic: sorry for caps
HST125Scorton: Update it then try again
doublyepic: oh it needed updating
doublyepic: well thats what it says here anyway
doublyepic: oh i havnt connected as u rejected my connection????
HST125Scorton: Doublyepic your not connecvted to my host
doublyepic: am i just watching then?
Kione_UK: Looking forward to downloading and getting involved when i get home.
HST125Scorton: Nothing shows you connectons
doublyepic: Hey ive connected what am i doing which section?
HST125Scorton: yep
doublyepic: Could i join?
doublyepic: Hey
HST125Scorton: Now
HST125Scorton: Saltley no open for connections details in fourm
doublyepic: Hey all anyone got a multiplayer going? want to learn what its like in multiplayer never done one before. im not that good at the momment so a basic layout would be good ahahaha
Sacro: arabianights - «link»
HST125Scorton: Non
arabianights: any games going on atm?
lionel87: «link»
jonnrobb: Go to Home/Official TomandMo: Go to Home and Official Software and install the basic files. When you've restarted your PC go back and download one file then launch the loader (it's in the start pane) and run the sim.
TomandMo15: Am a complete novice at this ..haven't a clue. Have logged in and bought a licence, what do I do now..please advise
TomandMo15: Am a complete novice at this..haven't a clue.
KymriskaDraken: KX closing soon. No new connections please
DWeb: Not sure what's up with my internet, thanks for hosting
HST125Scorton: Will be around from 8pm.
KymriskaDraken: Two panels free on KX
KymriskaDraken: I could do with another couple of people on KX
KymriskaDraken: Kings Cross open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Kings cross from 1800 BST. Details in forum
Guts: No sweat
headshot119: Nothing wrong with two people hosting two different games
Morsey: I didnt see your post until I put mine up as well, apologies
Guts: I'm hosting
voicey: Thank you will do. :)
headshot119: Voicey please make a post in the forum so that more people will see it
voicey: Has anyone had problems trying to install Wolverhampton
Jamesh1492: any one hosting tonight
voicey: Is anyone on?
KymriskaDraken: Should be 50505
georgerb: Port 5055 ??
georgerb: Is the port number correct on the announcement?
KymriskaDraken: Wimbledon open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Wimbledon from 1600 BST. Details in forum
08wrighta: quick poll, west hampstead or exter chained to westbury?
tjfrancis: South humberside is now shut thanks all who joined
HST125Scorton: ??
HST125Scorton: Disconnection
tjfrancis: South humberside is now open
HST125Scorton: Will be there
HST125Scorton: :)
tjfrancis: South humberside wll be up in about 20 mints
HST125Scorton: I'm about Tony
tjfrancis: Any one about for a sim

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