20 - 08 - 2014

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43009thomas: right ok thanks geoff, i will put this as a topic incase of anyone else.
Steamer: It might also be better if you started a topic in the Forum. It's easier to give detailed advice, more people will see it and the conversation won't be lost.
GeoffM: Start the sim, go to «link» , enter your IP address and the port number, see what that says. BTW Dynamic IP address means "it is liable to change".
43009thomas: also it is a dynamic IP address
43009thomas: nope my ip address is always the same as i gave it to my friend that is on my status page for my router
mfcooper: 43009thomas - possibly something else was altered randomly at the same time, like your IP address changing?
whitetigger: Oh right, that's fair enough then Geoff! It all looks good so far - I know what I'm going to be doing all night!
GeoffM: If you mean "were" then obviously not - we use scheme plans, control tables, visits, etc.
mfcooper: It helps if questions actually make sense....
Hpotter: ??
madaboutrains: where the platform TD berths at the approach signals originate from my picture?
GeoffM: So the 680 or 682 slot is first requested, then the sim passes it on to the combined slot that you actually see. Unfortunately that means 2 messages at present.
43009thomas: hello there, I'm trying to do a multi player with my mate and for some reason it is not working it worked before the loader update any help at all?
GeoffM: Yes to the slots - needs a core code fix but essentially the slots are chained in pairs (two requests per line from VicC; Wimbledon see just one per line).
whitetigger: Just out of question, is there a reason why whenever a slot is requested from VC at Kensington, the message appears in the message box twice?
madaboutrains: Nice to see my picture of the panel used in the new waterloo sim :)
whitetigger: Thanks to both of you!
kaiwhara: Okay, Cheers Peter Bennet :)
GeoffM: Peter Bennet should take the credit!
kaiwhara: I like the Platform Number popping up on Waterloo. Cheers Geoff :)
GeoffM: Remember Waterloo? It's been refreshed and is now Loader-compatible! Also Motherwell has been updated.
Aurora: Trent closed. Thanks to BUST, ARON, JP, ZP, MIKE and DAVE for playing.
Aurora: Trent closing shortly.
Aurora: Panels available, 1st come 1st serve basis.
Aurora: Trent MP open.
tjfrancis: host supended due to internet issouns
tjfrancis: got one conexsion allwayed and two panles left
tjfrancis: westbuy is up
Temple Meads: I could be tempted too.
DaveHarries: I wouldn't mind a game of some sort.
tjfrancis: are any up for westbury
belly buster: New street closed
DaveHarries: Nice. I will be along in a short while but have to go out first.
belly buster: New Street open resumption from yesterday «link»
Aurora: Trent closed, thanks to ARON, CTC, CS, ZZZZ, JAS, JP for joining.
Aurora: Trent closing shortly.

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