02 - 10 - 2014

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CTCThiago: kgx open
CTCThiago: ok, it is now 2120 GMT, i'll open in 10 minutes
DaveHarries: * 2315 BST
DaveHarries: OK cool. I plan on being in at about 11:156 BST.
CTCThiago: KGX Available at 2130 GMT
CTCThiago: Alright
DaveHarries: Cool. I may join you.
CTCThiago: I'll probably do KX later
DaveHarries: Any hosting this evening?
peterb: thanks for the host
tjfrancis: thanks for all who joined
tjfrancis: saltly is cloused
DaveHarries: Soz: false call. Session closing shortly
DaveHarries: 2 or 3 panels likely to become available on Saltley shortly
tjfrancis: peterb try and reconet
tjfrancis: try 50505 agsin
peterb: 50505 yes?
tjfrancis: try now
tjfrancis: tru noe
tjfrancis: ports has swaped with out me knowing give me 2 mits to solt it out
peterb: d/con which version of saltley are you using?
tjfrancis: it up
DaveHarries: Saltley is good for me
peterb: yep
tjfrancis: is saltley fine
peterb: would be willing to play
tjfrancis: may put a sim up if more people will join
DaveHarries: Any sessions tonight?
Finger: Saltley closed
Finger: Saltley open
peterb: yeh?
Finger: Would anybody like a complicated Saltley session?
Trainmad091: nearly finished an add on timetable, i think im officially mad
jadamson2704: hi folks, is the marylebone session still going?
Trainmad091: thanks, trying to add some tamper route learners but cant get them to validate
Finger: «link»
Finger: Trainmad091 - this has been raised on the forum already. Not much has been answered though
Trainmad091: ' No paths found between Stafford and Stafford Up Yard' , or tamper siding , or arr 1+2 siding.... why is this? im trying to add a train to a timetable and thats the error i get
DaveHarries: aye
D3L74: Wud be nice
DaveHarries: Hoping for a session this evening: am around until about 10:30
DaveHarries: Muzer: check your email
DSeaWall: pedro- no hosting details...
MJD: No details in the host channel?
pedroathome: For anyone interested, Marylebone is up and runnign
Temple Meads: Might join in with KX in a bit Thiago.
CTCThiago: KNGX OPEN DYNA#3 in use at Teamspeak
RyanBond: okay :P
CTCThiago: If you connect in time to get one lol
RyanBond: cool if i jump in on a panel?
CTCThiago: Will start 2100
CTCThiago: Yes
RyanBond: any room in the 22:00 KGX Game?
CTCThiago: Ok
DaveHarries: KX tonight at 2200 will be fine. There may be a new player in who is a Facebook mate of mine. That is TBC though.
CTCThiago: Sorry Guys for the planned game of KGX 22:00 UK yesterday, maybe will do in some minutes if anyone has interest
tjfrancis: game called off due to a port erron may retry again at 6:30 pm
tjfrancis: game supendined for 10 mits
tjfrancis: if no one joins i wll put up a free sim insed
tjfrancis: wembley now open
arabianights: I conclude from that it won't be :)
Trainmad091: yeah am on there
georgerb: HST - TS?
arabianights: as will I... if any details about it appear in the forum...
Trainmad091: as shall i (HST)
georgerb: KGX - I will be there @ 2200 UK
CTCThiago: KGX Planned 2200 UK TIME
MJD: Ok ts
Trainmad091: yes pleasd
CTCThiago: I can do KX if you guys up for, i have a mess save here needing some people to help me run...
MJD: Yes please
pedroathome: Was just considering a host there.
Trainmad091: anyone for a game?
DSeaWall: south humberside, trent
CTCThiago: Anyone up for KX 2010 + Extras WTT in some minutes?, if yes, give a reply, Cheers
madboy316: im AG ;)
Roadrunner: You're mad, Madboy! Glad you enjoyed it. See you next time.
madboy316: :P Been great fun playing the sim for the first time :)
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: Cheers, Lars.
larsht: thanks for the host roadrunner :)
Roadrunner: Hope to see you soon!
HST125Scorton: thanks Roadrunner will take a look may pop on too :)
Roadrunner: HST125-Worksop and S.Humberside have mixed pax and freight. Both freeware. Also, Saltley (a larger sim). Join the game now, to try it out! (also free!)
Roadrunner: Room on Saltley, Trainmad.
HST125Scorton: anyone advise me on a good sim.. good amount of freight and passenger working possible freeware for now
Trainmad091: room on saltley?
tjfrancis: wembley has closed thanks to all who joined
Roadrunner: Saltley has started with 31 trains!
Trainmad091: this really isn't a competition ...
tjfrancis: hi aron we got 19 trains 4 of then are fright
Roadrunner: Hello, TJF. We have those too!
tjfrancis: or you can join wembley and join in the fun with passenger trains and freight trains
Roadrunner: Saltley multiplay open NOW. Don't miss it!
Roadrunner: *Saltley
Roadrunner: Salyley open for connection. Log-in NOW to join the session. If you haven't tried multiplay before, join NOW!
tjfrancis: the best panles on wembley mainline are stll free
Roadrunner: Hello, Dave. I have opened Saltley for those players without payware sims.
DaveHarries: Comeon you lot. Wembley open: 2 panels free
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
Trainmad091: connected
Trainmad091: i keep getting 'server has disconected you'
tjfrancis: wembley now going with no one in sim
tjfrancis: wembley now open
DaveHarries: Something I haven't played for a while is always nice though]
DaveHarries: Yeah I will play whatever is hosted
jadamson2704: haven't got wembley mainline
jadamson2704: I'd be interested in joining Carlisle, CScot, Motherwell, Bristol
DaveHarries: I would be up for Wembley for a while, albeit with a break for dinner when it comes.
DSeaWall: yes
Trainmad091: Dseawall , you have teamspeak or something?
tjfrancis: is any one up for wembley maneline
DSeaWall: i'll try but can't guarantee it'll work
Trainmad091: anybody got a virgin media SUPER HUB router , and willing to help me with setting port forward up, please inbox me
pedroathome: If you are having problems Thiago, and there is demand, anyone want me to host something?
CTCThiago: I'll close the topic, thanks for joining COPP, LP, BARRY and HST
CTCThiago: Guys, Sorry, The sim frozed and i need to close, i'll check the timetable
CTCThiago: West Hampstead back again
CTCThiago: I'll put the details shortly
Trainmad091: Can do
CTCThiago: Morning all, Anyone up for W. Hampstead Session in some minutes?
DaveHarries: same here after the failure of the earlier one.
Mikehax: I'm hoping someone does one!
DaveHarries: Any more games tonight?
peterb: mods...
headshot119: Isn't even
DaveHarries: I don't mind what though
DaveHarries: ok. np. Next host later this evening I hope.
peterb: *isn't
headshot119: Guty my humblest apologise but what's gone wrong is a quick fix. Game will be cancelled and resumed at another point
agilchrist: he is in wales what do you expect !
DaveHarries: still nothing.
DaveHarries: got d/c again
agilchrist: Try reconnecting now......
DaveHarries: not 'arf. Nice try tho
headshot119: Try reconnecting guys sorry about that
svrdan: Same on Bristol
maddrummer: same with Westbury
jc92: same here
agilchrist: Headshots internet connection has collapsed in a heap......
DaveHarries: Exeter not working. Got d/c, tried to r/c, then got d/c again.
headshot119: Just Westbury and Bristol with free panels
peterb: damnit wrong port
headshot119: Plenty of room on Bristol for anyone waiting to connect
headshot119: Make sure you haven't added any spaces to the IP and it's definately 25561 you are trying
peterb: it's what's on the forum
headshot119: I have had connections onto EXD
headshot119: Just double check your connection details?
peterb: Can't connect to Exeter, not running same sim? I'm running most updated version.
tjfrancis: no
flyingpigs123456: Hang on let me get this right, there's a Exeter+Westbury and a Western Chain?
headshot119: Western Mega Chain ready to accept connections from 18:30 onwards. Roll up roll up get your panels here.

17 up for grabs!
tjfrancis: westbury and exter are now open
flyingpigs123456: Tony you clearly forgot what you said last night on skype
tjfrancis: It wll start from 5.30 ish
tjfrancis: In 45 mits I wll put a sim up as a am on my phone on the train back. From bristol
flyingpigs123456: Closed the game after it crashed, thanks for joining to those who did
DSeaWall: Game is down unfortunately.
flyingpigs123456: The game has crashed (And I forgot to put auto save on) :( Hopfully it will respond rather than closing)
fdlbc: I´m sorry, its my first multiplayer session. What should i do to connect to your game?
flyingpigs123456: «link»
flyingpigs123456: In form
fdlbc: IP-Adress?
flyingpigs123456: Yes
fdlbc: Panel still open?
flyingpigs123456: 1 Panel still up for grabs :)
flyingpigs123456: More panels free :)
flyingpigs123456: Wembley Mainline still open (Time on sim: 04:05)
flyingpigs123456: Camden/Euston free now :)
flyingpigs123456: Last call before Wembley Mainline starts :)
flyingpigs123456: Euston, Camden and Willesden are still up for grabs
flyingpigs123456: Hosting Wembley Mainline then, up in form
Trainmad091: watford, wembley, west hampstead , the only 3 paywares i have
flyingpigs123456: Motherwell?
Trainmad091: yeah a couple
flyingpigs123456: Do you have any payware?
flyingpigs123456: OKay, will have one up in around 30mins
Trainmad091: yes please
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone online? (I can do a host) :)
flyingpigs123456: NWC Closing shortly, thanks to all who joined
flyingpigs123456: Back, accepting connections on NWC again
flyingpigs123456: Plenty of panels free on NWC (Host AFK, will be back in 2 mins)
flyingpigs123456: NWC in form, now open (starting in 12 minutes)
maddrummer: im up for that
flyingpigs123456: Nice relaxing sim of NWC I think
maddrummer: im up for anything :)
flyingpigs123456: :| If anyone wants a sim I can host (this time one I know, not doing a repeat of last time)
flyingpigs123456: Anyone still waiting for a sim?
DaveHarries: Still hoping...
peterb: ditto
DaveHarries: I will be up for a session later
DSeaWall: anyone up to host?
DaveHarries: bit late now. maybe 2mnoz
D3L74: Mmh
DaveHarries: But I will probably join whatever runs.
DaveHarries: I would go for another sim. Preferably something I haven't played for a while.
mackeral1234: playing stafford atm - how do you send a train from US at Rugeley to P1 for Hednessford service
D3L74: Anyone for another host ?
flyingpigs123456: Sim Closed
flyingpigs123456: Rob, please read the messages on the top message screen in sim, we are waiting for you to take the S&S panel to start
D3L74: Trent open
D3L74: Yup
flyingpigs123456: Up in form
flyingpigs123456: Well the is a few of us so we should be okay
DaveHarries: sounds good FP. Will look forward to it.
D3L74: Paradoxal for a host haha - you'll do alright I'm sure :)
flyingpigs123456: Will host Trent (but I'm usless at Trent lol)
D3L74: Otherwise KX or else
flyingpigs123456: I havn't played either of them in a LONG time
D3L74: Pity Saltley and Trent aren't loaders
D3L74: Anything free and complex
flyingpigs123456: Who's up for what?
svrdan: Yep
DaveHarries: Just had dinner so ready & waiting
DaveHarries: Yup
D3L74: Yup
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone still up for a host?
flyingpigs123456: Host will start a little later than planned
DSeaWall: he's not a dev!
DaveHarries: @flyingpigs: Yes it would be good if Shrewsbury came out! Are you telling us something in advance? :D
DSeaWall: playing Marylebone HELL right now!
D3L74: Two blocked LCs
D3L74: Two unlit signals, one TCF, two delayed trains for more than 15 mns
D3L74: Haha
flyingpigs123456: Would be good if Shewsbury was relised within the next hour then ;)
D3L74: But on Lancing, it's not Difficult...you just have to wait xD
D3L74: And delayed trains...I did ask for Difficult x)
svrdan: Wouldnt Mind, NE Wales or NW Wales, havent played on them for a while. lol
D3L74: TCF on a level crossing, and two sig lamp failures
D3L74: Havoc
D3L74: I'm playing a Lancing session right now
flyingpigs123456: Okay
DaveHarries: I will be up for a game some point this evening.
D3L74: I'm up for any free sim :)
flyingpigs123456: Depends if anyone else wants a different, I'm willing to host one of the following: KX, NE Wales, North Wales Coast or Stafford
D3L74: KX then
flyingpigs123456: (I prefer to host loader)
D3L74: Other players, I mean
D3L74: I'll spread my voice for KX, Saltley, or Trent. We'll see about others :)
flyingpigs123456: Undecided yet (I'll let the people speak) :)
D3L74: Which ?
flyingpigs123456: I will be hosting a sim at 8pm
D3L74: Neat, keep us updated :)
tjfrancis: I may put a sim up it wll be a summer 2014 tt chain with Westbury and exter
D3L74: Any hosting news ?
flyingpigs123456: So heres the thing, been a long time since I done a planned host so would anyone be up for VC, VSE & WH on Saturday and again on Sunday?
DaveHarries: OK cool. C u tomorrow then.
flyingpigs123456: Got Hulk on now :)
Temple Meads: I may put on Bristol or Saltley, shortly.
flyingpigs123456: DOubt I got time now :| But tomorrow I should be free from 8pm :)
DaveHarries: I would be up for a short session of about an hour.
flyingpigs123456: Does anyone fancy playing a sim for an hour (or 2)? I know it would be a short host
larsht: thanks for having us :)
Aurora: Trent now closed, thanks to JP, ARON, BUST, DELT, DAVE, CS, BAZZ, LARS, PETE for joining in.
DaveHarries: DELT and I will join Trent shortly
Aurora: Some panels still available, starting shortly...
Finger: peterb: That speed would be sufficient for simsig
Aurora: See forum.
peterb: yip
Aurora: That's Broadband???
peterb: no idea
peterb: super slow :(
D3L74: What's the problem with it?
peterb: also i don't think i have the bandwidth «link»
D3L74: You're free to join us on Brighton
peterb: also re: me hosting, i don't think my ports are set up
DaveHarries: ah ok
D3L74: So you can easily dl it
D3L74: It's free
peterb: Wasn't me, I don't have brighton. sorry!
DaveHarries: I think someone connected but immediately D/C. Please retry
DaveHarries: Pete: did you get my PM?
DaveHarries: I had the request DELT and I accepted it
D3L74: Nope, works
DaveHarries: DELT is in
D3L74: Nope, same
DaveHarries: Any success, D3?
DaveHarries: Pete: I have sent you a PM. If this fail;s can you host a 3-player?
D3L74: My router settings are buzzed up too
D3L74: I think Pete can host
DaveHarries: Having problems with settings though. Will PM you Pete
DaveHarries: Was going to do a Brighton. but if you two wish to do it jointly I will host
peterb: room for one more?
DaveHarries: OK give it another go. If this doesn't work I don't know what will. May have been my router settings.
D3L74: Tell me on the chat when you send the second PM
DaveHarries: PM sent. See what happens if you wire in on the loader version of Brighton
D3L74: Right
DaveHarries: OK hang on: I will set up the sim, then PM you.
D3L74: Why not ?
DaveHarries: D3L74: if you fancy a 2-player I will try and setup Brighton?
DaveHarries: Aye it would
D3L74: Would be nice
DaveHarries: Damn. Pity about the KX session: any more hosting tonite?
DaveHarries: >M.A.T: There is a North London Line sim but it isn't a scrolly.
D3L74: Found them
D3L74: Where can I download timetables ?

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