23 - 12 - 2014

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Harbon 1: Hi joe, is saltly going to continue at all? I was out :(
tjfrancis: exter now cloused thanks to all who joined
joebradleymanor: np, sorry it wasn't longer
CAP.: thanks for hosting joe
DaveHarries: Dinner pending but will join for a while afterwards if I can.
joebradleymanor: we need more people on saltley
joebradleymanor: anyone gonna join?
joebradleymanor: saltley now ready, it is port 50507 this time
tjfrancis: credtion is left
joebradleymanor: Saltley game ready
tjfrancis: credtion and pagtion are left
joebradleymanor: hi i will be hosting saltely continuation at 20.30 tonight
tjfrancis: a,b,c and exmouth jn are taken
tjfrancis: panle b take all free
tjfrancis: some one tryed to come in try again
tjfrancis: fixed it try now
tjfrancis: two sec going to reset ports
RMcE: Still not working
tjfrancis: try now on 50507
SPADmad: still nowt
tjfrancis: try now
SPADmad: having same problem as Trainfan344
Trainfan344: Being disconnected by the server?
tjfrancis: exeter is up
tjfrancis: i am about to host now
CTCThiago: Maybe if someone is hosting something later, I'll be up to join
tjfrancis: ah ok
CTCThiago: KX closed
tjfrancis: thiago is the game stll going
CTCThiago: KX Open for connections
CTCThiago: For sure mate :)
georgerb: I will slao join you if you will have me !!
jonni91: yup, I'd be up for it too
tjfrancis: yes i wll be up for it
CTCThiago: Anyone up for a KX continuation in 1 hour time? (17:00 BST)?
CTCThiago: KX Closed Thanks all for joining
DaveHarries: That was me, CTC. Wasnt aware of update.
DaveHarries: Can't access KX session
CTCThiago: someone connected, but not updated the loader, please update your loader before connecting
CTCThiago: Kings X is open for connections, check session details for more info
CTCThiago: I would host KX, in 30 minutes time
DaveHarries: I would host but my wifi signal is not being 100% reliable at the moment
DaveHarries: Any games on tonight?
Gonzo75: Saltley was chaotic! Thanks to those who joined!
Gonzo75: Apologies for my swift exit yesterday... had an unexpected visitor! Anyways, I'm gonna try and get Saltley up and running again from 11.30am
Roadrunner: KX has closed. Thanks to the late team. Goodnight all.
Roadrunner: Arabian-update the loader. Port number is 50509.
arabianights: nvm
arabianights: cannae connect
Roadrunner: KX has started. Log-in NOW to join the session.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
Roadrunner: Working on it :)
belly buster: Saltley closed
Trainfan344: Details would help :P
Roadrunner: KX starting soon.
belly buster: Saltley closing soon no more connections
Trainfan344: okay
Roadrunner: Hello, Trainfan. Will get KX started soon after Buster's Saltley finishes.
Trainfan344: Sounds good
Roadrunner: KX starting at approx 11 PM UK time.
belly buster: Saltley open «link»
AndyG: same here, looks like PF problem
jadamson2704: it wont let me connect
Gonzo75: gonna load up Saltley for a 1pm ish start, details on the forum soon!
Gonzo75: anyone fancy a game?
rodney30: sorry i had to leave my internet decided to go on holiday
flabberdacks: Thanks!
HST125Scorton: Thanks to BUST, ARON, FLAB, JONO, GB, and other for joing my 1st hosting on Satley will resume on Boxing Day ;)
jonni91: Thanks for hosting, t'was a good session when I wasn't being pulled away from my laptop :D
HST125Scorton: Saltley closing in 20min no more connections
HST125Scorton: Saltley starting still panels free
HST125Scorton: Saltley open a panels avaliable
HST125Scorton: Saltley open for connections now
HST125Scorton: My first time in hosting Saltley this evening at 21:00 and i'm going to life hell lol
joebradleymanor: saltely closed, thanks all for joining and hopefully i will see you all soon
joebradleymanor: 2 in q
joebradleymanor: now ful, no q
joebradleymanor: 1 pannel free
joebradleymanor: saltley ready
joebradleymanor: only half an hour till saltley, see forum for info
joebradleymanor: will resume tonight
joebradleymanor: yeah internet problems im afraid
joebradleymanor: info for tonights game on forum
rodney30: are you having problems joe i have been disconnected
joebradleymanor: saltley closed will resume tonight
joebradleymanor: 2 pannels left
joebradleymanor: info now on forum
joebradleymanor: ok, just writing saltely info on forum, hang on
jonni91: I'd be up for saltley
joebradleymanor: ok will satrt saltley in 10 mins
rodney30: i am up for that
Sacro: Saltley
joebradleymanor: saltely
joebradleymanor: you dont need one for sately
Thomasw2328: how do obtain a licence
joebradleymanor: hi, does anyone wanna play saltely continuation as i will start it if theres enough people
belly buster: Saltley closed. Thanks to GONZ, CRIS, AJRO, DE, MH, ARON, DAVE, JONO, MIKE, MAC, FFLY, NELL for joining
belly buster: Saltley full but no queue. Closing 23:30 GMT
Trainfan344: Saltley full, 5 in queue.
DaveHarries: damn. See you tomorrow, perhaps.
belly buster: Saltley open «link»
Gonzo75: yay
belly buster: I'll put up a substitute Saltley
Harbon 1: see you tomorrow then guys!
Gonzo75: Awww shame... hope you get done what you needed!
Harbon 1: aw dang
joebradleymanor: hi im afraid due to last minuet work problems i wont be able to host tonight, i will definitely be able to tomorrow. sorry and i hoe to see you tomorrow to play continuation of saltely
Harbon 1: Can i shotgun south top? :D
Gonzo75: Can I have a busier panel than Stratford please!!
joebradleymanor: saltely will now start at 20.45, info will be on forum shortly
LucasLCC: Bristol closing at ten. No new connections please.
joebradleymanor: *later
joebradleymanor: ok cheers, see you ater
rodney30: thanks for the host joe. it was good. see you again soon
joebradleymanor: saltely game closing, thanks for joining, game will resume tomorrow evening
joebradleymanor: 1 in saltely q now
LucasLCC: Those on Bristol, Anti-virus has kicked the connection. Please rejoin.
joebradleymanor: 2 in q now
Trainfan344: Saltley full, 1 in q
joebradleymanor: saltlely now full, no q
joebradleymanor: 1 pannel left now
joebradleymanor: saltely game now ready
joebradleymanor: saltely game info on forum, will start at 19.45
LucasLCC: «link» Post on forum.
Jamesh1492: im intrested in Bristol if someone can host?
LucasLCC: Any interest in a Bristol host?
joebradleymanor: keep an eye out for continuation of saltely game tonight, cant confirm time yet but it will be after 18.00
Roadrunner: The 2nd KX has closed. Thanks to TM for allowing me to steal his queue!
Roadrunner: Good luck with that, Fleet C.
Fleet Controller: back to fault finding so
Fleet Controller: cheers tomie
Temple Meads: Original KX closed. Ta to everyone who joined in.
Tomiexpress: Fleet , it`s not working
Roadrunner: Fleet control-Close the sim before you use the port checker.
Fleet Controller: ok will check that now
Fleet Controller: This is just a test to see if I have it set up correctly
Roadrunner: Fleet Controller-I am hosting so can't help right now-try the free port checker tool from portforward.com-it will check for open port for you.
Fleet Controller: and port 50505 for the aston sim
Roadrunner: One panel free. Join KX2 if you want to.
Temple Meads: I'm gonna be down to just me and Andrew shortly.
Fleet Controller: Hi all, anybody available to do a hosting check for me? I'm trying to see if my port forwarding is working
Roadrunner: One panel free here. If you wish to merge Tim, come over.
Roadrunner: I will announce.
Temple Meads: Or Palace/Welwyn.
Roadrunner: (drums fingers, whistles)
Temple Meads: Feel free to send me one of your victims if any of them want Cross with a TCF!
Roadrunner: Would love to join you, TM. I've got nowt!
Temple Meads: I have two free now! :/ :P
Roadrunner: Now comes the tricky part. I am the only person without a panel, TM !
Temple Meads: Panel now free on original KX.
Roadrunner: JAM-if you can make it back, you are most welcome to rejoin KX2.
Roadrunner: 2nd KX has started. Jono where are you?
Roadrunner: 2nd KX game is on port 50509.
georgerb: Come and join us. KX2 now open
Roadrunner: 2nd KX session is open for connections.
Roadrunner: Second KX session starting soon to take the overload.
Temple Meads: KX open - and full
Temple Meads: KX open at 20:30, details up soon.
joebradleymanor: saltely now closed, thanks for joining, gameplay will resume tomorrow evening
joebradleymanor: saltely now full
joebradleymanor: see forum for info
joebradleymanor: 1 pannel now free on saltley
joebradleymanor: now full im afraid
Trainfan344: Any panels free on saltley?
joebradleymanor: 1 pannel left, please join please
joebradleymanor: saltely game ready, info on forum
joebradleymanor: hi yeah sorry i was occupied by work i will host in 10 mins
Trainfan344: Is Saltley being hosted?
joebradleymanor: cross now closed, saltely will be hosted tomorrow at 16.30
joebradleymanor: cross now full
Harbon 1: I'll join hang on
mackeral1234: sorry - my pc dropped out and will not reconnect
joebradleymanor: need one more player please
joebradleymanor: cross now full thanks
Celz: Coming..
joebradleymanor: we really need one more player
joebradleymanor: still a few pannels left
joebradleymanor: kings cross ready, please see forum for info
joebradleymanor: ok im ready port is 50505 and ip is
joebradleymanor: ok hang on
mackeral1234: yes plz
joebradleymanor: hi, if anyone's interested i could host kings cross for an hour?
Jamesh1492: any more sims on tonight
Harbon 1: definitely gonna be around tomorrow
Harbon 1: it was good fun, when there wasn't a load of expresses behind a stopper!!
jonni91: cheers for hosting it, was fun when I wasn't chasing my bloody dog around
joebradleymanor: saltely now closed will resume tomorrow
joebradleymanor: *saltely
joebradleymanor: satlely now full but no q
joebradleymanor: 1 pannel free now
joebradleymanor: still 2 pannels left
joebradleymanor: 2 pannels left on saltely
joebradleymanor: despite official start time of 17.00 anyone who wishes to join saltely can join now and i will start when there's enough people
joebradleymanor: see forum for details
joebradleymanor: saltely will now start at 17.00 so more game time can be had
joebradleymanor: info is on forum
joebradleymanor: saltlely now closing wil resume tomorrow evening
joebradleymanor: 1 in q now
joebradleymanor: saltely now full but no q
joebradleymanor: *pannels
joebradleymanor: 2 pannes left
joebradleymanor: dont think i had it on correct setting, sorry but should work now
joebradleymanor: ok try now
joebradleymanor: ah ok, will try and sort it hang on
Mikehax: Would do but server just discons me
joebradleymanor: anyone gonna join?
joebradleymanor: ok, info on forum for saltlely
joebradleymanor: give me 5mins to set it up
joebradleymanor: hi i will resume saltlely for an hour now, see forum
joebradleymanor: saltely finished, will resume game tomorrow
joebradleymanor: 1 pannel free now
joebradleymanor: saltley ready, had to change ip but will work now
joebradleymanor: can your ip adress change?
joebradleymanor: ok thanks
Trainfan344: Also Joe, quick tip, use this when putting the details up on the board «link»
joebradleymanor: would anyone else like to?
joebradleymanor: ok
Trainfan344: Nah, can't join Saltley, have revision to do, exams very soon
joebradleymanor: ok, just get a bit anoyed because this is the 5th time someones said something about titles when its easy to work out the info you need, anyway would you like to join saltley, the title should be to your likeing
Trainfan344: I didn't think I was being critical, more trying to help?
joebradleymanor: trainfan will you stop being so critical, i hosted a game which you should be grateful of it wasn't exactly hard to work out date time etc
joebradleymanor: saltely game is ready, see forum for details
Trainfan344: So the title should have been: Peterborough, 14/12/14 10:10
joebradleymanor: well i put at 10.10 and people would of seen it was posted today, also on the shout box i put peterbourgh has started
Trainfan344: So what was the day you hosted it? was it the 15th January 1982?
joebradleymanor: im hosting a game in 10 mins by the way
joebradleymanor: this was my title: Peterbourgh 2012 TT, game starts at 10.10
joebradleymanor: yes
Trainfan344: Joe, but did you include it IN THE TITLE?
joebradleymanor: well proof jolly, why dont you host if your so good? and i did include title, simulation date and time on my post so shut the hell up!
Gonzo75: I'm gonna host KX from 1215... hopefully my forum post (to follow) will be the Prof Jolly's standards!!
Prof Jolly: The TITLE of each thread must contain the DATE, TIME and SIMULATION of the session.
Prof Jolly: not everyone uses clicks on everypost they scan thru titles are get emails and scan thru the title of the email
joebradleymanor: if they looked on the forum like i said they would of seen it was at 10.10
Prof Jolly: no wonder noone joined noone knew when it was
joebradleymanor: peterbourgh closed, no one joined
joebradleymanor: peterbourgh game info on forum
joebradleymanor: im hosting peterbough in 10 mins
Roadrunner: *Sheffield
Roadrunner: Sheffied has closed. Thanks to all players, especially Buster on Sheffield Station.
Roadrunner: Good to see you R30. See you again soon.
rodney30: Roadrunner thanks for letting me join had to go for dinner many thanks
Roadrunner: JBM-port number is 50509. Try again.
joebradleymanor: ok
Roadrunner: JBM-use letters or initials, not a number, then re-join.
joebradleymanor: hi i tried to get in game but keep getting disconected
Roadrunner: 7802-please rejoin using letters as a name or initials.
Roadrunner: Sheffield has started. Log-in NOW to join the session. New players to multi-play are welcome.
Roadrunner: Apologies for the short delay. Sheffied now open for connections.
Roadrunner: Sheffield continuation, from 9 PM UK time.
DaveHarries: Would have joined Stafford but was on my way home from Xmas shopping in Bath. Will join for a while later if there is a game.
Trainfan344: might have more luck later mate.
joebradleymanor: stafford closed, no body joined
joebradleymanor: on tt
joebradleymanor: game at 5.25
joebradleymanor: anyone gonna join stafford?
joebradleymanor: any luck?
joebradleymanor: ip is
joebradleymanor: should work, port is 50505
joebradleymanor: hold on
georgerb: Port ??
georgerb: Stafford: I keep being discon.
joebradleymanor: anyone gonna join?
joebradleymanor: stafford now ready, info is on forum
joebradleymanor: Any one up for a free to play sim? i coud host either NWC, stafford, coventry, kings x, saltley, peterbourgh or gloucester
Banners88: Since it's been updated that ground frame problem at Rugeley is sorted.
Banners88: yes i'll have a bit a Stafford
mackeral1234: any one for stafford
jonni91: It was a vain effort to get some simsig in before I disappear to the pub
jonni91: no worries pal :D
Gonzo75: Sorry JONO was closing as you joined!
Gonzo75: I'm gonna run KX for a couple of hours from 10am... details will be on the forum...
Note I may need to break for a bit as I'm waiting for someone to look at the heating!
Roadrunner: Sheffield has closed. Good to see some new players. Goodnight all.
Celz: no King Cross? Ah well...
Roadrunner: Sheffield open for connections.
Finger: Stafford closed
Roadrunner: Sheffield starting soon.
Finger: Stafford will be closing in 10 minutes
manadude2: Checking firewall
manadude2: Attempting to join, YouGetSignal says your port is open, yet I can't connect...
Finger: Stafford now open: «link»
jonni91: righto, I'm just getting some food down my neck, shouldn't be too long
Finger: Okay, I'll start it 1900 GMT
jonni91: I'll be up for Stafford
Finger: Would anybody like a Stafford Intensive session? Now with Stafford bugs being fixed, even MORE TRAINS (!)
Gonzo75: KX now closed, night all!
GeoffM: Mike, I've updated the forum component just in case. I can't reproduce though I know it happens from time to time which is annoying. All Captcha settings are switched off in the forum anyway!
GeoffM: Updates to Feltham, Stafford, Portsmouth, Aston: «link»
Mikehax: Still getting the same message Geoff
GeoffM: Try again Mike please
Mikehax: Trying to post on forum but getting CAPTCHA is not properly configured (public key is missing). Please contact site administrator! Any ideas?
DaveHarries: Keeping my cider in the freezer until 22:30 though.
DaveHarries: good idea
mackeral1234: im glad. Not done MP for ages
Gonzo75: OK I'll get it up by 2225 and start at 2230... time to get snacks and coffee :-)
DaveHarries: I will join
jonni91: yep for KX here
DaveHarries: Go for it GOnzo
Gonzo75: Anyone staying around for 90 mins? I'll host KX if interested.
joebradleymanor: will host again tomorrow or on saturday evening

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