09 - 10 - 2015

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Andrew G: Sorry just closed - I did try to message you when you joined towards the end
Badger1208: Rugby etc still open?
Andrew G: Wembley to Rugby chain full at present - 1 person in q
Andrew G: Wembley ML, Watford Jcn and Rugby South now open for connections - start time 2100 BST
KymriskaDraken: Feltham now closed
bri2808: Hopefully someone will do Rugby over the weekend when I am around longer because I'm definitely be up for some of that looks great
tjfrancis: arrivatw look below in forum latest
arrivatw: any sim's open please
JamesN: Can you make a forum post with a bit more detail as to what the issues with the time are etc
Trainmad091: when chaining all 3 rugby sims, why when centre and north chain, it causes issues with the time and centre doesnt start? Also the signal from the north panel on the UP FAST to centre panel doesnt route/clear?
KymriskaDraken: Feltham open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Feltham from 1700BST. Details in forum.
scottlowes: Thanks all, next weeks session being planned now
RainbowNines: Many thanks to all involved. A filthy timetable and great fun for the hour and a bit I was controlling SLW over the City branch!
RainbowNines: Finished have you :D
lama77: And wow, it was a great session!
scottlowes: Excellent work from everyone on Kingsx tonight! :)
scottlowes: Kingsx CLOSED
RainbowNines: KingsX is cracking. MP really does add a different dimension
TheBVE2010: Joining KGX
scottlowes: Kingsx FULL
DaveHarries: I will be in for Kings Cross after dinner.
scottlowes: 2 free on Kingsx
scottlowes: 4 free on Kingsx
scottlowes: Kingsx ONLINE
TheBVE2010: Make that 19:45
TheBVE2010: Won't be home until around 1915 so Expect me to join then :)
TheBVE2010: k
scottlowes: maybe half past
scottlowes: 11ish
TheBVE2010: Scott, what time do you plan to end (roughly)?
scottlowes: no problem :)
RainbowNines: Would like to come and have a view at some point, maybe take the reins if there's a temporary resource issue...!
scottlowes: haha
RainbowNines: Pretty sure Scott is a sadist haha.
arabianights: ok I can take my time then :D
scottlowes: ah im hosting it off my computer this week Dave :)
arabianights: btw you probably won't be able to connect to server at the moment, I got an email through saying the dynamic dns on it expiered, I will fix this
scottlowes: yeah
TheBVE2010: That's what it's called right. The far left panel?
TheBVE2010: Don't wanna spoil it for everyone, so I'll take a slightly easier panel like Hitchin
scottlowes: i see
TheBVE2010: After what I did on the last KGX session I was on, I don't think I will be doing Finsbury
scottlowes: Finsbury panel is by far the worst tonight
TheBVE2010: Yep
scottlowes: Its going to be a crazy one
scottlowes: Its going to be a wiers
TheBVE2010: Or at all I should say
TheBVE2010: The King's Cross session looks mad. I hope I don't mess up too bad
scottlowes: Popped some notes at the bottom of first post with regards to tonights Kingsx «link»
scottlowes: Morning all
TheBVE2010: Have a good night :)
TheBVE2010: Derby now closed. Thanks for joining guys. Next host will be Victoria S.E on Friday MAYBE.
TheBVE2010: No more connections to Derby please. Closing up soon.
Ben86: Have you tried F10?
Vortexhaha: I just want to know how do u message people into the messages box in a multiplayer sim
TheBVE2010: Of course.
RainbowNines: D/con... I'm coming back if still welcome.
TheBVE2010: Trainzy, do you still want instructions on how to join?
TheBVE2010: Full house at Derby within 18 minutes of opening. Now for me, that is incredible. Thanks guys
TheBVE2010: And yes, if you haven't figured it out by now, the Port is 50505 not 50507
TheBVE2010: Got 3 people so far
TheBVE2010: Click check for updates
Mikehax: Keeps disconnecting me
TheBVE2010: Open!!!
Trainzy: thanks bve
RainbowNines: right, i need to feed the cats, so i'll be back about 10ish. cheers for hosting (in advance...!)
TheBVE2010: Planned end time 00:00
TheBVE2010: Opening at 10, starting at 10:10
RainbowNines: you're starting at 10, are you?
TheBVE2010: Let me. Put it up in the forum
TheBVE2010: Ok, thanks
RainbowNines: aye, i don't really mind.
jadamson2704: Derby's good for me
Trainzy: I don't mind bve, your the host... :)
TheBVE2010: Do we all agree that the sim is going to be Derby?
TheBVE2010: Np dave. Thanks
DaveHarries: Sorry: not long before I go to bed. May not even get round to joining. Have a good session.
Trainzy: Thanks bve!
TheBVE2010: Ok, I'll talk you through it when I open up :)
Trainzy: Thanks.... Stupid question but how would I join bve? I downloaded derby last week and my simsig is all up to date
TheBVE2010: Or if no one is hosting by 10pm BST then I'll start up Derby
TheBVE2010: To avoid too much hassle we could just let dave host it until the end
arabianights: I nominate DaveHarries to host it
arabianights: (derby time tables)
arabianights: it'l take me too long to set it up sorry, but I will pm you the password
arabianights: there doesn't actually seem to be any time tables on server
TheBVE2010: Yes please
arabianights: (I'm assuming you have password if not I can PM you it)
TheBVE2010: Ok. I'll be on at about 10 then :)
RainbowNines: i'll play for an hour or so
Trainzy: I don't mind. I have to go to bed around half eleven because I need to be up early tomorrow... Sorry
arabianights: you would just take over the host because it would be on the server
TheBVE2010: Yes, please but how will I get the saved file?
arabianights: do you want me to start it for you now?
TheBVE2010: Sound good?
TheBVE2010: I will be opening up Derby at 22:15 since it doesn't look like anyone else is hosting.
arabianights: I'm back now
jadamson2704: I can join a session too
DaveHarries: I don't mind either but can't be up too late tonight.
Trainzy: Any news on a host tonight... or doe it look like a no go... I don't mind
RainbowNines: I might pop in if you get something going. never done MP before though
Trainzy: I don't mind what sim... Something a tad easy but still fun for everyone :P
TheBVE2010: Ok, I'll take over at 22:30 and I'll finish at 00:00 BST. But what sim?
arabianights: anyway back around 9ish to see if that would be helpful or not...
arabianights: I don't intend to host as such as I don't have time time but I can probably start a game at 9ish on the server if you would be able to take over hosting it at 10 TBVE?
arabianights: well that's Alan Johnston for you
TheBVE2010: Not for my age group but I love the violence and stuff
TheBVE2010: It's Empire
Trainzy: I don't mind. Ive never played multiplayer but I have watched one and watched how they did things. Im doing my dinner for me and family and I should be ready around quarter past/half past eight
arabianights: (I have concluded it's "Alan Johnson: The Post Office and Me")
arabianights: anyone else sad enough to look at radio times to try to work out what tbve's favourite tv show is or is it just me?
TheBVE2010: So I will oversee until then and I will return to signal at 10
TheBVE2010: Well my favorite TV show is airing at 9...
scottlowes: we will sort something out TBVE are you wanting to signal or help out overseeing?
TheBVE2010: But only if no one else is hosting as I would prefer to join another session
TheBVE2010: I might be hosting Derby
Trainzy: Is anyone holding a session? Free night tonight and I'm a bit bored...
rodney30: scottlowes I should be around at some point tomorrow for your seession
TheBVE2010: Just to make sure things are in order :)
TheBVE2010: Can the people in the queue be like the management?
scottlowes: looking for numbers for tomorrow night need 6 signaller's and one to help oversee things
scottlowes: tomorrows Kingsx on forum «link»
scottlowes: Chaos on Kingsx tomorrow night will put details in the forum soon, but will need someone to help oversee, plenty of closures and failures
TheBVE2010: Planning on doing Derby, ONLY if no one else is hosting tonight :) Anyway, off to school
Temple Meads: LTS closed! Thanks to ROD, DAVE, BUST, LAMA and BAZZ for playing.
TheBVE2010: Stafford now closed. Thanks for joining guys! Continuing next Monday. Goodnight all :)
mackeral1234: sorted.... wasnt me it was Virgin Media - firmware update on SuperHub. remove my forwarding and actiavted a Router Firewall
mackeral1234: checked firewall allows
TheBVE2010: No new connections to Stafford please. Closing up in 15 minutes.
Lardybiker: (as a result of updating to the latest version)
Lardybiker: Nothing changing with your F/W rules may be the problem. Depending on your firewall, its entirely possible it's detected a change to the SimSig loader .exe and is now blocking it
mackeral1234: but still not worked...
mackeral1234: strange a Stafford update has just popped up
mackeral1234: nothing changed with firewall unless upgrad to v4.5.4 did. always connected by last weeks update
Temple Meads: Room for more on LTS.
Lardybiker: @mackeral1234: I am afraid it looks like it's something on your end. Looks like a firewall or internet security issue that's blocking you sending packets
GeoffM: Potter and I did just try to join - I had incorrect version but proves that comms are fine.
Lardybiker: A disconnection while playing is not the same as not being able to connect in the first place. The causes could be completely different
Sacro: No, that's HPotts
TheBVE2010: Are your initials POTT?
TheBVE2010: Actually, it did happen to a few people on my Victoria Central session yesterday. Everyone got disconnected for some reason but were able to rejoin.
Lardybiker: Several MP games have been played using 4.5.4 and no-one else has reported issues thus far that I am aware of so it's down to your PC
TheBVE2010: Check your firewall settings
Lardybiker: If BVE didn't get your request and you are 100% sure the IP and port are correct, the most likely cause is your PC is blocking the outgoing packets.
mackeral1234: Stafford doesnt have a licence
Sacro: Do you have the licence allocated correctly?
mackeral1234: just asked BVE200
Temple Meads: LTS is open.

@mackeral1234, if you have the sim, you're more than welcome to try joining!
Lardybiker: Did the host get any indication you attempted to join?
mackeral1234: BVE2010 are you getting my requests for MP
mackeral1234: States Attemting connectio to server....Server discconnected you..... Client at 8X.1X.1XX.1XX:50505 has disconnected. (takedn away IP address with Xs
Lardybiker: Did the host get any indication you had joined?
mackeral1234: msg reads
mackeral1234: yes IP and port correct
Lardybiker: That assumes you have used the correct IP and port number
Lardybiker: The message should include some further information about why you were diconeected
mackeral1234: server has disconnected you
mackeral1234: not connecting
Lardybiker: What exactly is the issue?
mackeral1234: any help
mackeral1234: Having issue with MP since updating to v4.5.4
Temple Meads: Hosting LTS at 2130 BST. Details in forum.
TheBVE2010: «link»
TheBVE2010: «link»
TheBVE2010: «link»
arrivatw: have you got the link BVE please
TheBVE2010: Full house on Stafford already. Thanks guys
marquel41494: affternoon.
arrivatw: evening all
TheBVE2010: Open for connections on stafford!
WinsfordSaltMine: Is it ready now
marquel41494: Np
marquel41494: Let us know when ur open BVE
TheBVE2010: Thanks. Sorry about the confusion guys
morris: thats fine
marquel41494: Ok guys BVE can take this back then
TheBVE2010: Yes, sorry. I got held up
marquel41494: Well BVE u see..i was gonna host bacause we thought u wasnt gonna show
WinsfordSaltMine: We didn't know if your was still on or not as we wenrt connecting
TheBVE2010: Thanks :)
morris: might aswell join bve2010
marquel41494: BVE
TheBVE2010: Wait, I'm confused...
morris: ok
marquel41494: WAIT !!HOLD UP
morris: fine by me
TheBVE2010: Hi guys! Sorry I'm late. Just setting up Stafford now :)
marquel41494: ok stafford it is since some dont have any payware
morris: i got rugby stafford saltley marleybone
marquel41494: the came thig ?
WinsfordSaltMine: Any freeware lol, cant afford payware
marquel41494: okwhat do u guys wanna play ?
morris: if you want to
marquel41494: well guys, i can host if you like ?
WinsfordSaltMine: same but it says 1950 Coneections from
marquel41494: i cant connect
morris: found it cant connect yet
WinsfordSaltMine: Its on session details
morris: i cant see anything in forum
WinsfordSaltMine: *is
WinsfordSaltMine: I Stafford open for connections?
morris: i am up for rugby stafford or saltly
WinsfordSaltMine: I meant what are you going to host
WinsfordSaltMine: What do you think of hosting?,
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford I mean lol
marquel41494: but idk
marquel41494: i was gonna host something
marquel41494: there is no saltly in the form
WinsfordSaltMine: Saltley starts in 20 Mins according to forum
marquel41494: of a free sim
marquel41494: Anyone care for Rugby
arabianights: I would join a west hampstead session if someone hosted it (quite specific 8) )
arabianights: depends what you wanna host..
TheBVE2010: Hosting, Stafford at 8pm BST
marquel41494: Cause i can host if theres intrest !?
marquel41494: Anyone up for a session ?
TheBVE2010: Stafford now closed. Thanks to everyone who joined. Continuing tomorrow.
TheBVE2010: Sorry, you'll have to try again tomorrow. Ask for help in the forum. I doubt the problem was at my end because other people have joined
mackeral1234: BVE - yes i had
TheBVE2010: No more connections to Stafford now please. Ending in 15 minutes.
TheBVE2010: Stafford about to close to connections. Last Call!!
TheBVE2010: Have you clicked check for updates?
mackeral1234: i keep getting disconnected
TheBVE2010: Yep
mackeral1234: stafford still open
headshot119: Options - ARS - Clicking on a train description shows... "ARS Popup Information"
headshot119: yes
Harryjames94: The way the timetable is displayed
Steamer: Change it in what way? The Messages box can be dragged and re-sized like any other window
Harryjames94: Is there any way of changing the "Messages" panel display on Rugby?
TheBVE2010: Stafford Extended to 22:00 (BST). Details at «link» . Come on....stop by and have a go
TheBVE2010: Someone should be happy to answer your question there
TheBVE2010: Please use the forum for questions like that :)
0causton0: Any idea if/how to close lines manually on the new Rugby South? With other simulations I can put BLOK in the first berth but trains are ignoring it and I don't want to change the timetable for the whole evening!
Harryjames94: It's just been confirmed, thanks guys! :D
Harryjames94: That's all It's saying
Harryjames94: J1S0X6X280 2015-10-04 18:42 created
Harryjames94: Yeahh, I've refreshed it - re downloaded it and still nothing
Noisynoel: Have you checked and refreshed your license manager?
Harryjames94: I got the email from PayPal saying it was confirmed
Harryjames94: Yeahh the payment was confirmed :/
Sacro: It should all be fairly automated, did it go through fine via PayPal?
Harryjames94: So I've paid for Huddersfield & Rugby, sale hasn't confirmed so I can't play either :(
DaveHarries: Will join Stafford shortly.
TheBVE2010: For those wondering how to get into the Stafford session, the details are at «link»
TheBVE2010: No rush, I'm ending at 9pm
TheBVE2010: «link»
arrivatw: where can i get the loader from please
headshot119: (Also no need to restart your router)
headshot119: ArrivaTW are you on Windows 10?
If so you need to redownload the system files and install the loader from there, once you've done that updates work again
arrivatw: could you help me please
TheBVE2010: Also, make sure you have entered the correct details
TheBVE2010: Try restarting your PC and router
arrivatw: ok i will try to fix it
TheBVE2010: problem*
TheBVE2010: I am able to connect to myself so the broblem must be at your end
TheBVE2010: Ok, let me try to connect to myself
arrivatw: yip
TheBVE2010: Have you clicked check for updates in the loader
arrivatw: --:-- Attempting connection to server - please wait...
--:-- The host at has rejected your connection attempt.
--:-- Server is not running the same simulation or the same version
--:-- Server reports 3.1.0/
--:-- Client reports 3.0.11/
--:-- Click "Check for updates" in the SimSigLoader
TheBVE2010: It says you have connected and then it says you have disconnected instantly after
TheBVE2010: Click check for updates
TheBVE2010: no
arrivatw: BVE am i in sim ?
TheBVE2010: Yep
jimbolimbo9: I guess if it was available to all there would be too many sims lol
TheBVE2010: Please ensure you click check for updates before you join guys
TheBVE2010: Unfortunately not. Only the developers
jimbolimbo9: Is there a way for people (like me) to create our own SimSig sims? Just curious
TheBVE2010: Stafford now open for connections. Please use details at «link»
arrivatw: ok cool
TheBVE2010: Just having my tea now. We should be up by 6:15 the latest
arrivatw: back now
TheBVE2010: Nah. Need to have my dinner as well. 6 is alright :)
arrivatw: ok tea read so be back about 6ish
arrivatw: if you want start now then when i go for tea someone can cover untill i come back
arrivatw: ok loads of time then
TheBVE2010: Got school tomorrow and I need to have a shower and back my bags so probably 9 or 9:30
arrivatw: what time will we be finishing tonight
TheBVE2010: I don't mind
arrivatw: or would you rather wait till i had my tea, be going in a bit, be back about 6
arrivatw: yer
TheBVE2010: Sound good?
TheBVE2010: Ok, maybe I'll do Stafford now and continue it on Monday
arrivatw: let me know if you or anyone is going to host a freeware sessions today please
TheBVE2010: Ok :)
arrivatw: i am will to join in BVE
TheBVE2010: k
tjfrancis: i may be doing one or may be doing rugby but i still thinking
TheBVE2010: Are there any, you know, freeware sessions today?
DaveHarries: If anyone does a Rugby SCC session later I will join it.
TheBVE2010: Damn :(
KymriskaDraken: Yes. £15 (and I just bought it)
TheBVE2010: Is that payware?
KymriskaDraken: I'm about to do Shrewsbury for my own amusement, but I can run it as a server if other people want to join in
TheBVE2010: Anyone planning on hosting later today?
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central now closed. Thanks for joining guys!
headshot119: £44.90
Temple Meads: Best off looking in here... «link»

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