01 - 11 - 2014

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Roadrunner: Saltley has closed. Thanks to all who joined.
Roadrunner: Cheers, HST. See you next time.
HST125Scorton: Thanks for the great host on Saltney Roadrunner :D
Roadrunner: Saltley on break until 11:10 PM UK time.
Roadrunner: Saltley is open for connections.
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
HST125Scorton: that would be nice Roadrunner, something a little ghostly during the game ;) loooking forward to it
Roadrunner: Hello, HST. I will be back, before 9 PM, to run Saltley, if that is what you and others would like.
HST125Scorton: would Saltley be running later on Roadrunner? If not then would be happy to host South Humber..
marquel41494: Bns now closed but will continue later, TY for all who joined :)
flyingpigs123456: Panels now free :)
flyingpigs123456: Sim full but connections are still welcome
flyingpigs123456: South 2 is the panel that's free :) It's a nice friendly host :)
marquel41494: Birmingham New St now open :)
marquel41494: BNS now accepting connecions
pedroathome: Buy them via the shop - «link»
marctsmith: Help! How do you get licenses?
Finger: Well that was rather sudden! No surprise why we say in our language "leave like an English(wo)man" :)
Entimix: Apologies for the rather sudden disappearance last night.
HST125Scorton: Stafford now closed
Thanks to Barry, AURO, DE, JAME, BUST,DAT*, MICK, RACH for joining.. :P
HST125Scorton: nope having a rest tomoz night, will host Saturday Daytime at some point
Northern Line: you doing more sims tomorrow?
Northern Line: I'm just using this account :P
Northern Line: xtagx is my bro's account
Northern Line: yup doing other stuff
HST125Scorton: dont see you much in there?
HST125Scorton: oh yes i remeber you now
Northern Line: ?
Northern Line: you know xtagx
Northern Line: AJRO, I might know you from RailCam :P
HST125Scorton: no more connections for Stafford Please closing up at 23:00
HST125Scorton: Many panels still open for all at Stafford please not its back on the 2009 default tt as troubles with other TTs
HST125Scorton: Stafford open and started plenty of Panels free
HST125Scorton: Open fo connections
HST125Scorton: new host below
HST125Scorton: I'm hosting Stafford Intensive Timetable 1990s please look out for my new host details
Aurora: Not hosting anymore?
HST125Scorton: Any MODsa around to delete my 'Stafford 2009 19:00 UK Time. Wednesday 29th Oct 2014' Host?
HST125Scorton: Stafford soon be ready for connections.. Please read the in forum
HST125Scorton: Dont forget Stafford 2009 19:00 UK Time. Wednesday 29th Oct 2014 tonght hope to see many this evening
Temple Meads: South Humberside closed. Thanks to BAZZ, AJRO, RACH, DAVE, CTC, LCC, JP, JC92, JAB, BUST and ANDG for joining :)
Temple Meads: South Humberside will be closing soon, no new connections please.
LucasLCC: Will try and connect. But firewall may be a bit eager to block the connection..
Temple Meads: South Humbs open
Temple Meads: Just grabbing drink n nibbles
HST125Scorton: ok
Temple Meads: Connections from 23:00 GMT :)
HST125Scorton: is it ok for me to join now ready? Temple?
HST125Scorton: might join for 30mins Temple
Temple Meads: Late night South Humberside to follow Exeter - connections from 23:05 GMT. Details up soon.
HST125Scorton: Exeter Closing at 23:00 UK Time no more connections please
DSeaWall: One.
DSeaWall: Make that two.
HST125Scorton: 3 Panels left of Exeter for anyone else joining
HST125Scorton: firewall blockd the port but open now
DSeaWall: Working now :)
DSeaWall: Is your port open?
DSeaWall: Yes, all up to date.
HST125Scorton: try again
DSeaWall: ok
HST125Scorton: is your loader and exeter updated DSeawall?
HST125Scorton: let me check me setting one seck
DSeaWall: Keep getting disconnected.
HST125Scorton: detailed in forum
DSeaWall: connecting
DSeaWall: ok
HST125Scorton: Exeter now open for Connections... TS i don't use sorry
DSeaWall: Is it open yet?
DSeaWall: Will TS be in use?
HST125Scorton: Hello Northern Line slow response on me phone :)
Northern Line: that's great then :P
Northern Line: evening
svrdan: Evening All
Northern Line: Hey AJRO :P
DSeaWall: yay!
HST125Scorton: Panel B all yours once connected ;)
DSeaWall: See you there. I call dibs on panel B :P
HST125Scorton: Looking forward to seeing you in there, I've added the IP/Port in the post Exeter below connect from time show all :)
DSeaWall: Ah OK will be sure to join :)
HST125Scorton: Exeter is still on tonight up from 20:00 UK Time as my PC is having a bad day, see you all soon :)
DSeaWall: In that case, I'll be on Exeter instead.
CTCThiago: 1900 UK Time, in 1 hour, sorry.
CTCThiago: TS in use
DSeaWall: Is tonight's Exeter still on?
tjfrancis: is ts in use for toine thiago
CTCThiago: LNER Chain Up and waiting for connections from 18:00 UK Time. (In 39 minutes)
CTCThiago: Planned KGX-PBO-CBG Chain in 18:00 UK
Roadrunner: I will show you my Sheffield diversions some time, Finger. Night.
Finger: Sheffield closed
Finger: Now open again
Finger: Sheffield host now on a break
peterb: sheffield now full and queueing
Finger: Sheffield is up with many panels free
Finger: Sheffield is up
Emmy: I don't mind which one as long as it isnt a pay sim
Finger: ... or SwnDid 1944, which is probably the easiest
Finger: I've got Sheffield, Stafford (intensive) and South Humberside. Which would you like?
Emmy: I would be interested Finger
Jamesh1492: where abouts
peterb: at about 8.30 possibly
Finger: Is there anybody who'd enjoy a small session?
Steamer: Please could a Moderator approve my TT?
HST125Scorton: Stafford has changed from tonght to Wednesday due me needed at Work hoope all understand thanks :)
DSeaWall: Afraid I can't join tonight as I've got an early start tomorrow but if I have any energy left tomorrow night, I'll be sure to join my fave sim!
HST125Scorton: sorry DSeawall but your welcolme to join Tomorrow night for a early morning start:)
DSeaWall: WHAT! It's tomorrow night? :(
HST125Scorton: Stafford tonight then Exeter Tuesday Night :D
DSeaWall: Ooh, my favourite sim! :)
HST125Scorton: tonight i will be DSeawall
DSeaWall: anyone hosting?
HST125Scorton: Stafford now closed thanks to all that joined continuation will be tomoz :D
CTCThiago: Have all a good night and thanks for joining.
CTCThiago: KX Closed
HST125Scorton: whoever is trying to connect made your using the loader version of Stafford and make sure both are upto date
HST125Scorton: Stafford still open with many panels free, it has started with me and DRE feel free to pop over when readu :)
HST125Scorton: anymore for Stafford only me an DE at the mo plenty of panels
HST125Scorton: Stafford ready detailed in forum
HST125Scorton: Stafford ready for connections from 19:55 UK Time
Jamesh1492: how that rank thing worked
CTCThiago: KX open in the forum, check details, if interested.
CTCThiago: I'll be up for KX in some minutes
Jamesh1492: any one doing kx
colliea: I'm up for SH or KX for a bit :)
jadamson2704: i could take part in a KX
Jamesh1492: im there
flyingpigs123456: I could host KX if the was a decent amount of people
Jamesh1492: any one doing kings x
Jamesh1492: I would say yes but not got it
Temple Meads: I could put South Humberside on for a couple of hours
Jamesh1492: any more servicers going be set up
tjfrancis: exeter is now cloused
tjfrancis: back now and starting in 2 mits
tjfrancis: 4 panles now free and break into 13:50 wll be afk into then
tjfrancis: 2 panles free in exter
tjfrancis: all panle are taken no one in q
colliea: James - you going in through Simsig Loader yes?
Jamesh1492: yes
tjfrancis: and have you done a update to loder
tjfrancis: «link»
Jamesh1492: ive not seen anny ip address or port?
tjfrancis: i did get a conesion but it discon as well so it is working some how
tjfrancis: did you enter the ip and port from then post in to the sim
Jamesh1492: don't seam to be working im prob doing something wrong as ive tried following the wiki
tjfrancis: just reseted exter so try now is you are trying to join
tjfrancis: try again
tjfrancis: nothink came up
Jamesh1492: whn im trying to join I get server disconnected you
tjfrancis: exter is now ongoing all wecome with all panles free
tjfrancis: exeter is now up
tjfrancis: well you can join my host and it up in 2 mits
welshdragon: It's awkward for me to host, as I'm not at home and the family have changed the router admin password!
tjfrancis: i do not mide hosting welshdragon but you can host if you want
welshdragon: If there's more than 3 interested, I can host
tjfrancis: Exeter wll be up shourt
tjfrancis: I wll set a host up but it wll be for 3 players
welshdragon: AFK, back later
HST125Scorton: please ignore the 1330 Stafford host Thanks
HST125Scorton: Everyone Stafford today is been held at a later time "NEW Stafford 2009 20:00 UK Time Sunday 26th Oct"
welshdragon: it explains a lot
welshdragon: you need to read the Wiki
Jamesh1492: okay, how woud I join it when dione im new here
HST125Scorton: ok cheers :)
welshdragon: Scorton: Best bet is to copy & paste into a new thread
welshdragon: Jamesh: Yes, I think one's being set up
Jamesh1492: is there any multi player games?
HST125Scorton: no
welshdragon: is there not an edit button?
HST125Scorton: how to i edit my post in the session details? all i have is Q Reply/Reply/Quote.. need to change info on hosting Stafford?
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley has resumed.
welshdragon: while you wait for Saltley's restart, feel free to read the ghoulish goings on on my solo play of North Wales Coast!
Roadrunner: Saltley on break until 11:45 PM.
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Roadrunner: Looking at a possible start time of 9:30 PM UK time (last few hours of summer time) for the Saltley continuation.
LucasLCC: All complaints should be sent freepost to headshot119
headshot119: Normalish service resumed on Teamspeak, apologise for the outage
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
tjfrancis: got 2 panles free with no one in q
tjfrancis: thats fine thanks for joining
svrdan: Sorry, Connection Dropped. Wont be rejoining. Thanks for the game
tjfrancis: kings cross stll going break at 19:40 too 19:50
HST125Scorton: hi will Saltley Sim be running tonight with Roadrunner (ARON)?
tjfrancis: ok thats fine thanks for trying thouth
McBoo: tj- Sorry, my internet keeps cutting out, won't try rejoin.. EIW
tjfrancis: all panes on sim are taken and 2 in q
tjfrancis: cross and plalice are take rest are free
Insulfrog3: it appears that the teamspeak server is still down, any recent news on this?
tjfrancis: all panels are free all welcome and help can be given
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
tjfrancis: i wll start around 6:00 - 7:00pm
tjfrancis: if you got any ideas for the sim and tt to use just say in hear
tjfrancis: i wll open a sim as soon i a update my gameing pc
DSeaWall: ah thanks meld
jadamson2704: *sims
jadamson2704: any saims open?
Northern Line: flyingpigs are you still open?
flyingpigs123456: Going sim due to shortage of people
flyingpigs123456: KX starting now, plenty of panels free :)
flyingpigs123456: Okay I've put up a KX, accepting connections, info on the host is in the form and look forward to seeing people on the sim :)
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone planning to start a host in the next hour? if not would anyone be up for KX?
Meld: yes server is down
DSeaWall: is there a problem with teamspeak?
Roadrunner: Night all.
Roadrunner: Cheers, colliea. Don't you mean, Edna !
colliea: Aron - Great host yet again. Andy :)
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: Saltley session has been reloaded. You may reconnect now using the same IP and port number.
Roadrunner: Saltley session will be reloaded in a few moments.
Roadrunner: Log-in NOW and join this multiplay session.
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Mikehax: Well what do you exoect me to do?
Roadrunner: Um, this one seems to be putting up a fight (strokes white cat, evilly).
Mikehax: Is songs of Praise still on TV?
Roadrunner: You might get my special attention, Mike (loud organ music and evil laugh).
Mikehax: :P
colliea: Some failures - surely!
Roadrunner: Normal? Boring ! :)
Mikehax: Is that a normal Saltley or one that's been Aroned?
Mikehax: Nice one
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
Roadrunner: I think something can be arranged.
Mikehax: Anything happening this evening?
arabianights: burp
Exp232: Brighton is up for anyone interested. Message for details... again
DaveHarries: seems not: I can't get into it either
peterb: Is WH actually still open?!
John 23: aNY ROOM?
Jay_G: WH is back online (hopefully!)))
Jay_G: rebooting it now with the correct one (50505
Jay_G: for someone reason i had the wrong port selected
Jay_G: nope!
flyingpigs123456: Has anyone connected?
Jay_G: not sure why mate, gimme a moment
flyingpigs123456: I can't connect
Jay_G: WH is up
flyingpigs123456: I know but there's ANOTHER sim also open
Temple Meads: I'd probably be up for WH in about 30 minutes.
Jay_G: I dont have Marylebone, and to be fair TIN most people are not on at 4PM
flyingpigs123456: Is the really any point in me hosting sims anymore? :(
Jay_G: I'm gonna host WH shortly if anyone fancies it
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone?
flyingpigs123456: You still up for Marylebone?
Exp232: Roger doger. :D
flyingpigs123456: I will put it up after the program I'm watching finishes :)
Exp232: Marylebone still up?
Steamer: Please could a Moderator approve my timetable?
flyingpigs123456: Would anyone be up for Marylebone?
Exp232: Darn! Sorry about that... Next time then. ;)
John 23: Disconnected again. Running out of time. Try again some other time. Tks
Exp232: Oops! Wasn't watching the Control panel. Try once more and I'll see if that's the issue...
John 23: Confirm the same. Second attempt again disconnected.
Exp232: Updated Loader. All good. Brighton 4.0. Confirm you have the same?
Exp232: Try it now?
John 23: Disconnected
Exp232: If anyone is interested, Brighton is up and running. Message for details.
HST125Scorton: Stafford Closed Contiuation will be Sunday 26th
HST125Scorton: Stafford closing in 30-35mins , no more connectioms please
Exp232: I'll queue. Not a problem. :3
Northern Line: @ExP yes it is however there all panels are taken
Exp232: Stafford still up?
HST125Scorton: no panels left no one in queue
HST125Scorton: 1 panel left for Stafford :D
HST125Scorton: 3 Panels left for Stafford, game starting now
HST125Scorton: ok Stafford open for connections details in forum at bottom of Stafford..
DaveHarries: headshot, I know I am English but "Diolch yn fawr am y wers yn y Gymraeg!" (I take it you are fluent in Welsh then, or did you do that online?)
Mikehax: Diolch yn fawr
peterb: hope to join after lord sugar's fired me
HST125Scorton: don't worry its still going ahead i will post when i'm ready for connections :D , also dont be shocked on entry haha
headshot119: Come on HST bilingual announcements please, we don't want to upset any more Welsh MPs ;)
headshot119: Noswaith dda . Mae'r sesiwn Stafford ei oedi gan tua 15 munud , mae hyn o ganlyniad i nam ar y rhyngrwyd. Os gwelwch yn dda gwrando am gyhoeddiadau pellach .
headshot119: Good evening. The Stafford session is delayed by approximately 15 minutes, this is due to an internet fault. Please listen for further announcements.
HST125Scorton: Evening all Stafford Session is been delayed by and extra 15mins due to ISP Internet Fault, please way for further annoucement....
DaveHarries: Fear not, Steamer. I think there is a Stafford session tonight: see forum for details.
Steamer: Session was last night, closed now.
Mikey: can I join Trent please?
Mikey: ooo
Guts: It's up
svrdan: Trent
peterb: voting trent
DaveHarries: May not get enough for the triple but Trent would be good: I am playing KX so much I am getting bored with it (no insult intended to the developer!)
Guts: We'll go for the Triple. The more the merrier
DaveHarries: I will be in for something.
Guts: Cool. Trent or the Triple?
Mikehax: I'm in
peterb: I can join for a bit.
Guts: I don't mind hosting Trent, or if we have enough, we can do the Gloucester/Bristol/Swiindid Chain
Guts: Anyone still on waiting for a host?
Temple Meads: I'm not sure to be honest. If anyone wants to host in my place please feel free..
Mikehax: Is anything happening this evening?
peterb: always up for trent.
John 23: Loader sims only for me. I got confused as to which was which...
Temple Meads: I haven't played Trent for a while..
peterb: don't mind. can't join victoria though.
John 23: Could be up for that.
Temple Meads: Chain cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.. however I can still put on a single sim , or smaller chain. Any requests?
Temple Meads: Victoria SE + West Hampstead Chain from around 20:15 GMT, sorry to those not owning these sims!
georgerb: I always fancy KX

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