05 - 07 - 2015

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jimbolimbo9: Ah damn missed it :(
ajax103: Really depends on the number of people how the chain works
mackeral1234: i would have been
ajax103: Evening all, been having fun with Steamer's Western timetables - anyone up for a Western chain tomorrow sometime at all?
duncan89: Closing Trent. No takers.
duncan89: Trent Open...
nasher: I'm up for a free sim, I cant afford LTS right now :(
duncan89: Setting up Trent now ... be about 10 mins.
jimbolimbo9: I'll play Trent if you wanna reopen it later (i should be able to)
DaveHarries: Come on you lot
duncan89: Ok I'll bring something up (missus!) over the next hour (maybe)
arabianights: think of it as providing a public service for those who don't have LTS (or who think I'm the world's worst host)
duncan89: I don't like hijacking SIMs already running - so I'll leave it for a while so LTS can get going ...
arabianights: details of LTS session here: «link»
arabianights: dunc I suspect if you start a Trent game you will find people to join it, it no problem :D
duncan89: £20 for a sim is a bit steep at the moment - need to wait for payday - enjoy :-)
arabianights: open for connections on 50505 while I create the thread
arabianights: fenchurch street, I think I am correct in saying, is the busiest terminus station in the UK in terms of train per platform per hour
arabianights: it's pretty busy but it's about 11am so not rush hour either
arabianights: that is what I propose to use to host
arabianights: of a multiplayer game been going for a while
arabianights: I have a save
duncan89: Is there a good busy TT for LTS?
DaveHarries: Might be easier with 3 players but up to you.
duncan89: Ok I'll take a look. Guess that a no for Trent then :-)
DaveHarries: Ah.
DaveHarries: London, Tilbury & Southend. Paid sim but good size area
duncan89: Oh right - no I haven't got that one./
arabianights: London, TIlbury, Southend
duncan89: What's LTS?
DaveHarries: You tried LTS, Duncan? It has 3 panels
duncan89: I can bring Trent back up from where we left off if the interest is high. We need 3 players minimum tho as it was chaotic last time.
arabianights: if so I will host an LTS
arabianights: nasher have you got LTS, I know Dave does
nasher: same here chips have arrived!
DaveHarries: If anyone does host I will be along shortly: dinner imminent.
DaveHarries: Dunno
nasher: anyone going to be hosting soon?
DaveHarries: Still panels froee on Trent
duncan89: Ok its in the forum now.
DaveHarries: Set up and see what happens, then make it public. You could get a reasonable turnout unless everyone is subathing.....
DaveHarries: ok that's cool. Better than no session at all if it works. Sorry for slow responses: doing TT work.
duncan89: I'll use the Fictional TT ... not done this before ... can only host until 1800 Uk time.
DaveHarries: No preference on TT but if you make iot tough it will be a case of doing the best I can: I am not used to hard challenges.
DaveHarries: GO for it. I not played Trent for a while.
duncan89: Any preference on the TT ... a nice hard challenge?
duncan89: I shall see if I can get Trent Working - its been a while since I hosted ...
DaveHarries: Doing some TT writing at the moment but is anyone likely to host later?
ChelseaDT: hi
DaveHarries: But won't be around for it until about 2:30.
DaveHarries: I would be up for a Trent session a bit later on.
Morsey: Was considering hosting Trent
nasher: anyone considering hosting?
tjfrancis: king cross has been cansould due to not enouth players so i off to the pub
nasher: on my way
tjfrancis: only got 1 panel taken so far
tjfrancis: it up and runing
nasher: surprise us ;)
tjfrancis: kx it is now whart era and tt do you want
nasher: yeah I'm cool with any of them
DanC: I'd say either Saltley, Trent or KX personally but Im easy going :)
nasher: free ones ideally, i enjoy kings cross with different scenarios, see what everyone else thinks!
tjfrancis: well can do any free sim or some of the pay ones
nasher: awesome, any idea what sim?
tjfrancis: ok i wll set one up for a 17:45 start
nasher: I'm up for a free sim :)
DanC: Im up for an MP session
tjfrancis: Any one up for a carry on from last night or a any free sim
mackeral1234: sorry
mackeral1234: sorry - laptop died unable to rconnect for Cross Panel.
markodonat: 2 panels are free :)
markodonat: 4 panels are FREE :)
markodonat: Kings Cross is UP
DaveHarries: KX crashed and is now closed.
markodonat: can i join to kings cross?
DaveHarries: same here.
nsilvo: i must admit i was enjoying that, not at all stressful
nsilvo: luckily i use fail2ban and just block them after a few attempts
DaveHarries: Not around tomorrow. Thanks for hosting though. Anyone else going to host one?
tjfrancis: yes ip was from china
nsilvo: all 3 of my servers (web based) have ben under attack from china today
tjfrancis: nope it was a spam bot
tjfrancis: next host wll be tomowl now
tjfrancis: i found out who it was and fixed it
nsilvo: lol
nsilvo: i did wonder, thought it was me
DaveHarries: ah ok
tjfrancis: sim crashed due to ip atack
DaveHarries: Yes possibly
AndyG: suspect if he' using Skype that's dragged it down
DaveHarries: Ah so it was not a connection issue at my end on KGX. I had some lag but then it seemed to crash on me so I quit, then tried to get back in, and I can't
AndyG: ditto twice
lionel87: I got booted off KGX :(
tjfrancis: sim now going again
tjfrancis: sim now on break for 15 mints
tjfrancis: 1 panel left on sim not welwyn
tjfrancis: can the persion just discon put a name in the box
edwardzzzz9: Nice
nsilvo: nice
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
tjfrancis: any of the free ones
nsilvo: ok, what sim you thinking? just so i make sure i have it installed
tjfrancis: give me 20 mints then i wll set one up
nsilvo: Im feeling a sim session, anybody else?
tjfrancis: Any one up for a free sim not any pay sim today
DaveHarries: Unfortunately have to give someone a lift so I will be late in. But I WILL be in. Should be along around 2300
Jay_G: online!

Jay_G: WH will be online shorlty
LucasLCC: I should be around for WH :)
Ben86: I'd be up for WH
markodonat: i prefer free panels 'cause i dont have any license
DaveHarries: I would join WH or Worksop (the latter preferably without the AB). Not played either for ages.
CTCThiago: I'm up for WH
Jay_G: West hampstead
markodonat: worksop?
Jay_G: I may host WH of others are interested
markodonat: any free host tonight?
mackeral1234: i would be up for hour or so but again not host
nsilvo: I would be up for one but I cant host
markodonat: any free sim multiplayer now?
headshot119: Override the track circuits at a guess...
Steamer: All in the Wiki: «link» ;)
madaboutrains: what do the T/C overrides do on Watford Junction? for P6, P8, P9?
tjfrancis: 1 panel is free
tjfrancis: LTS is up
arabianights: sorry I was away longer than I expected, I will not be able to host LTS tonight for a proper period of time, if one is hosted I can probably drop in at 10:30 for a bit, I can also send the save file of the current session to someone
tjfrancis: lts comeing up
WinsfordSaltMine: cool
DaveHarries: Gdgd
tjfrancis: well i hosting a exeter in 2 days
WinsfordSaltMine: I cant make out if its Derby or LTS lol
tjfrancis: look below WinsfordSaltMine
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions going?
tjfrancis: it not 9:30 yet give arabianights some time to get ready
nsilvo: anybody up for an LTS session,? only problem is I cant host
DaveHarries: I have found that as well.
nsilvo: I think I could do with a 3rd monitor to work on LTS :)
nasher: any free sims open this evening?
nsilvo: ok
DaveHarries: Will work on TT until Derby reopens
DaveHarries: I am back
Tomiexpress: closed for now thx
arabianights: bbs
Tomiexpress: ok thx :)
arabianights: that worked, I not staying tho
Tomiexpress: Hi all, someone pls try connect to derby ( ip :50505) for try my port forwad
arabianights: I am taking dogs for walk shortly then will host it suggest you hurry your dinner up....
DaveHarries: Got dinner coming up though and not sure what time.
DaveHarries: If it is not too late I will join LTS for a bit. Going out at about 9:30.
arabianights: I will host LTS if someone else wants to join it and says so in shoutbox
DaveHarries: Same here but won't be around past about 10:30
nasher: Anyone thinking of hosting this evening? I will be up for joining pretty much any sim :)
DaveHarries: I haven't got any of the TTs but I can't help thinking that a session with a steam timetable would be apt this evening after the passing of Ian Allen.
DSeaWall: Such sad news.
tjfrancis: yes you may mfcooper stll a bit shooke with the news
mfcooper: tjfrancis - Can I edit your thread title to fix the spelling/gramma?
(Passed Away)
Northern Line: any more sessions today?
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
DaveHarries: Therefore if anyone else hosts I will be in ASAP.
DaveHarries: Kings Cross is closing soon.
DaveHarries: I will be around all evening.
ajax103: ANy interest just PM me please
nasher: Ill be up for a session later, won't be able to host at all tonight though.
ajax103: Anyone fancy a session later tonight or tomorrow? Looking at a potential chain with a co-host if possible :)
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
DaveHarries: I have to go out briefly first but will likely join the session.
tjfrancis: a free sim wll be hosted around 6pm by me stll thinking on whart sim thouth
Sacro: benp - «link»
benp: Any Sims open?
lanzecki: Ahh. I have a train on the crossing block.. I'll have to let it clear I guess.
belly buster: Make sure you cancel the route across the crossing, then you should be able to raise it and then lower it
lanzecki: How can I clear a car blocking a crossing? It's been there for long time. I cannot raise the barrier either.
DaveHarries: hadn't realised it was so late tbh. Will be around tomorrow evening for sure if anything happens.
arabianights: no point then tbh
DaveHarries: But not for too long - probs only until about 10.
DaveHarries: I think dinner is fairly imminent but I will be around for a session after that.
arabianights: I will only host LTS but I will gladly join other games
welwyn: am around tonight but dont have LTS yet
arabianights: anyone around to continue yesterday's LTS session?
headshot119: Why do you keep writing to Geoff in the shoutbox? Stick to writing the problem in the forum buddy you'll get a much quicker response
lambie: dear geoffm.
lambie: geoffm
DaveHarries: Will hope for a continuation of West Hampstead at some point. I would have joined last night;'s session but didn't get home from work until 10pm! :(
Ben86: it's indeed closed
AndyG: It's an open and shut case?
jc92: is west hamps still open?
AndyG: WH closed?
Jay_G: whoever is trying to connect, your port is wrong
Jay_G: yep, working!
Jay_G: you should be able to connect now.
Jay_G: Sorted it
Ben86: I'm on version 1.9
Jay_G: strange, lemme have a look at it
Ben86: Don't seem to be able to connect, Jay_G
Jay_G: WH online, «link»
Jay_G: ill load it up then!
Ben86: I'd be up for that, JG
Jay_G: anyone fancy a game on WH?
arabianights: still space chaps
arabianights: open for connections: «link»
arabianights: ok I was a bit later than I thought but game will be up in a few minutes
arabianights: will definitely happen though, unless someone else is hosting
arabianights: sorry something come up it'll be more like 20:30-21:00
arabianights: for the info of those lurking
arabianights: I am planning LTS continuatoin for around 19:45-20:00
belly buster: Saltley closed
GeoffM: Thanks, fixed
arabianights: (just to confirm whether this is a bug or not would be enough!)
arabianights: (seriously, I've no idea what you mean?)
arabianights: sounds erotic
headshot119: 13827 applies
arabianights: 904
GeoffM: Yeah, a signal number would help narrow it down!
belly buster: Saltley open «link»
headshot119: Arabian Which singal buddy?
arabianights: p.s. Geoff I assume auto signal with no auto working on LTS has been reported?
arabianights: LTS closed, another game about to start I have it on good authority ;)
GeoffM: Client needs to update then
SSR: client is 1.0.0. the rest is matching
SSR: server is 1.1.2
GeoffM: Glad you're sorted, tambman
mfcooper: The host might be using the wrong version?
Have you and the host both clicked "Check for Updates" ?
GeoffM: Need both the sim and the application version to match on the server and clients
SSR: I'm on 4.5.1 btw :)
Sacro: Is the client a different version?
SSR: Any clues to why I'm getting update loader message when connecting to a client
DaveHarries: I have dinner coming up: will join LTS on return which I think will be at about 8:40pm, if not before.
arabianights: on : 500505
tjfrancis: yes lts
mackeral1234: Any Sim running this evening
nsilvo: right not played this for some time, lets see how I get on
tambman: GeoffM: Oh, silly me. I pressed "start" instead of "next". (you'd think I would have known that, been doing simsig for years). Thanks for your help. PS I used to be a signaller aT Fenny Compton (2001-4) and then at Leamington (2004-8, includes Westcad period) and I am delighted to now have a sim to recreate the experience (though without the painful shiftwork!!).
arabianights: still space on LTS, I am going to sort out some washing, any connections will be accepted on my return
arabianights: whoever is trying to connect with a lancashire ip, you are doing it wrong somehow but I can't say how#
arabianights: LTS open for connections «link»
GeoffM: tambman, when you select a simulation and click "Next", do you get a list of timetables?
arabianights: yesterday's LTS continuation willl happen fairly shortly
tambman: Nope. I've used all the default locations for the download (and even re-downloaded). I get the full diagram, and the clock works, but no timetable.
headshot119: Leamington Spa comes with a timetable, and can be found in the same location as the .sim file, make sure you have installed in the default location, or configured your're loader correctly if you've used a custom directory
tambman: Leamington Spa: Just downloaded, but no timetables present, and none on simsig website. Where are they?
tambman: Leamington Spa.
GeoffM: For the rest of us: "How do you buy the games?" and "In (the) store"
headshot119: Na loja
PAULO RENATO: como faço para comprAR JOGOS
Sacro: Actually, baring as in 'to bare' is. But still, not the one you meant!
Sacro: Yep, and 'baring' isn't a word. 'barring' perhaps?
arabianights: (isn't english a great language, three different words for the same thing)
arabianights: baring acts of god / satan / jeremey clarkson
arabianights: LTS is now shut, it will continue at approximately 7:30 tomoprrow
Sacro: What issues? Have you bought it via the shop? Allocated it?
zerofire: I would join you but simsig licensing for that sim is getting in the way.
arabianights: sudden departure on LTS someone to ease our load would be very appreciated
arabianights: panel 4 is still free on LTS
arabianights: LTS open for connections: «link»
arabianights: LTS game starting in 5 minutes
arabianights: I shall host something good in about an hour if demand
jadamson2704: I'm able to join a session too
DaveHarries: Am up if anyone is hosting.
DaveHarries: Just working on a TT for a bit but yes I will be in a while, probably after dinner.
tjfrancis: any one up for a sim
DSeaWall: Let me rephrase that, there are a few routeing bugs in the Scunthorpe area...
headshot119: That's quite a bold statement!
DSeaWall: South Humberside is broken. Don't worry about it.
BarryM: Stigheti, what tt are u running?
stighetl: Someone here? I'm getting a little bit frustated here. I'm currently working on South Humberside. Train 0E01-1 has the following order: "SCUNTHORPE S38 (REV)"

I sent it over to "transfer line", where signal S38 is located. First I tried to set the route from dwarf signal S343 to S43, but the driver quickly contacted me, informing me that I had set the wrong route. Then I tried to set it from signal S343 to S325, but that was also wrong.

I'm annoyed. What am I doing wrong?

Train 0E01-1 is supposed to pick up 6E01 standing at Trent Yard RCN, so I would assume going towards Transfer line would be the best option.
BarryM: Just realised that, try again
AndyG: Barry, can't join, you have a newer version
DaveHarries: That is what I am doing. All the sims are tied to that folder. Will check them.
Lardybiker: Dave, the default location is c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Simsig. If you are installing them elsewhere, you will need to set up the Loader to look where you are putting them.
DaveHarries: I am putting it in c:\Users\Public\SimSig
Sacro: Are you installing to a normal folder or a virtual folder? If the latter then you'll need to tell SimSig to load from the virtual folder also/instead
headshot119: Dave did you sort out your sim directory away from that crazy custom installation you had?
DaveHarries: Not sure why sims keep disappearing from my loader list atm: just checked and am missing Brighton, Victoria Central, Victoria SE, Watford Junction and Wolverhampton from the list. Problem is that the only way to get them to reinstate is to reinstall them.
DaveHarries: Nothing posted by host but Paisley session is OPEN.
CTCThiago: Are u hosting marquel?
DaveHarries: And AndrewG has put a Paisley session for 2200
DaveHarries: I will be in for something.
marquel41494: anyone intrested in a sim ?
SEMCMILLAN: I can open one if people want?
SEMCMILLAN: anything yet?
tjfrancis: kings cross is cansalled
tjfrancis: only one panel is taken so far
tjfrancis: kings cross is pallsed into we have more singlers
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
Sacro: SEMCMILLAN - «link»
tjfrancis: yes in 10 to 30 mints it wll be a free sim
SEMCMILLAN: any sims open
tjfrancis: nope too late now to start up one
madaboutrains: game of trent or saltley?
tjfrancis: i can set some think up free whare lts or any midlands sim but it only into 23:00 uk time
mackeral1234: anyting this evening
tjfrancis: LTS is open and runing
tjfrancis: ok i wll set it up now then
tjfrancis: well they may be one but if it in the areas that can not be simulated but if it not on that list then it may happen «link»
Temple Meads: I'd be up for LTS for an hour or so, perhaps
365ShaneEyoho: I wish there was a Simsig for Lincoln Area
tjfrancis: i stll up for the host is any one wants to join
tjfrancis: any one up for a host lts or any free sims
mackeral1234: anything this evening
edwardzzzz9: THanks for hosting

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