26 - 07 - 2014

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marquel41494: HI,anyone up for a sim ?
KymriskaDraken: I could do with another Signalman for Wembley ML
KymriskaDraken: Wembley ML from 1100. Details in forum.
Infernal85: hello
troyhoward: :P
troyhoward: heloo!!!!
Roadrunner: KX has closed. I am exhausted. SimSig has some hardy players! Goodnight all.
Roadrunner: Re-connect to KX. Sim open on new IP address.
Roadrunner: Yes, in a moment, with the new IP address.
Northern Line: I can connect again?
Roadrunner: Restarting. Wait one.
Aaron86: what happened, fallen?
Roadrunner: The IP address has changed.
Roadrunner: I am still here.
Aaron86: we lost Aron
Northern Line: a shame :(
Aaron86: :_(
c0mputerc4m: same
Aaron86: OMG I've been trown out!
y10g9: Cheers Forest, part of the point of my post was that it would of taken mada just as long to type the question in here as it was to type the question into google. Hes had a few questions recently which have given the implication of i want someone else to do the research for me
Forest Pines: ... which was via Swanley and Maidstone. The best way to research this sort of thing is to find an academic library that has a good collection of Modern Railways magazine and apply for a reader's ticket.
Forest Pines: y10g9 That link is only partially correct - it only describes Boat Train Route 2. Eurostar also used Boat Train Route 1.
Roadrunner: See you there, AndyB.
Roadrunner: Join now, TRainfan.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
AndyB: Aron, I'll be there in a few minutes
Roadrunner: Rainfan-I am just setting up and will post the IP address soon. Look in Hosting-Session Details.
TRainfan777: Can I connect to KX?
TRainfan777: How do I connect?
Roadrunner: KX continuation - starting soon.
Temple Meads: I'd be up for it if you still fancy it Tony.
tjfrancis: any one up for a exter
Marijn: no problem JACK :)
Bagnall2067: Kings Cross closed, thanks Mar for showing up
Bagnall2067: Had that problem a couple of weeks ago, twas irritating.
Copping: im unable to join you in Kings Cross, I've got myself a new PC and have reached my download limit already, sorry.

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