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News July 2nd 2013

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They're here! First we have a brand new simulation - Marylebone. Don't dismiss this as that station that nearly closed in the 1990s: the Chiltern line out of London Marylebone has seen a massive increase in services with major enhancements every few years since the complete route overhaul back in the 1990s, peaking in departures every 3 minutes from Marylebone during rush hour. But it's not just Marylebone: the entire line from Marylebone to Banbury is simulated, along with the LUL section from Harrow-on-the-Hill to Amersham, and back on Network Rail lines to Aylesbury and Claydon Junction. But still there's more! A first for a SimSig simulation is the inclusion of the future Bicester South to Oxford branch resignalling scheme, not due to open until 2015. This is a big simulation with full ARS meaning that a single person can run an area normally controlled by multiple signalers in real life. Many thanks to Chiltern Railways for supporting and enabling this project. Don't forget they're a very viable and scenic alternative for London <-> Birmingham journeys compared to the West Coast Main Line.

Next we have some refreshed simulations for you: Liverpool Street, Brighton, and Lancing. Liverpool Street has been completely refreshed with updated Lime Street controls, corrected platform track lengths, and updated signalling. Brighton is now a fully released simulation which chains to the also-now-released Lancing simulation.

All these simulations run on the new SimSig Loader. This is a major new development that means simulations run entirely on data alone. What used to have to be done in custom Delphi code can now be achieved in data. This means that simulations can be updated more frequently and any core code improvements can now be applied to simulations released on the Loader platform, even if the Loader simulation pre-dates the newer Loader.