General T&Cs and Code of Conduct

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SimSig Forum: General Terms and Conditions


The SimSig Forum is owned and operated Cajon Rail LLC. Access to the forums is free; however, it is first necessary to register on the Forum before you are able to contribute to any discussion thread.Once you have registered, a confirmation will be emailed to the email address you specified during the registration process and you will be required to follow the instructions to complete the process.Please ensure you enter your correct email address otherwise you will not be able to login.

SimSig is not a membership organisation and registration for the Forum conveys no rights or privileges beyond the ability to post to the forum. While every effort will be made to have the forum up and running continuously SimSig is under no obligation to registered users to ensure it is always available.

The use of the word forum includes the main forum, the WIKI, shoutbox and private messaging (PM) as well as any other similar system(s) that SimSig may introduce from time to time that permits users to post messages. Where relevant it also covers the download and other areas or any other website controlled by Cajon Rail LLC.

Access to certain topics and areas of the Forum may be restricted to registered users or in certain cases to specific registered users – e.g. administrators and developers. Access to the Sim and timetable downloads requires registration. WIKI and other areas of the site intended for public access will not normally require registration to read.

Anyone finding they have access to an area they think they should not have access to should inform an administrator as soon as possible.

Code of Conduct
Note that by registering with SimSig, you agree to adhere to the SimSig Code of Conduct (see below). Users who violate the Code of Conduct or otherwise behave in an unacceptable manner may be temporarily, or even permanently suspended from posting on any of the forums.

The Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time; however, we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible regarding any changes. A current version of the Code of Conduct should always available on the forum.

Multiplayer Games
The SimSig forum provides an area for SimSig users to advertise games and for inviting others to join. SimSig can’t be held responsible for the actions of individuals who join games.SimSig will take reasonable precautions to ensure the information is protected, to that end this forum area is only accessible to registered users.Where individuals join games advertised through the forum they are expected to behave in a responsible manner during play. Action to deny access to the area by individuals may be taken where appropriate.

Moderation & Administration
The SimSig forums are moderated and administered by a small team invited by Geoff Mayo to do that task. Other than Geoff Mayo none of the administration team is employed by or otherwise linked to Cajon Rail LLC.

Contact with the administration team should be made using the ‘contact us’ option on the Main Menu.Trying to make contact by posting to the forum is discouraged not least as the moderators can’t and don’t read every post.

The content of messages posted on the forums is not normally subject to editorial control prior to being made available for reading, and as such, you may see objectionable content. SimSig will attempt to keep all objectionable content off the forums but is not responsible for the content of any posts by users and you should report anything that you feel is not acceptable to the administration team.

All messages express the views and opinion of the author. The administrators may move, remove, edit, or close topics (by locking the thread) or individual posts that they feel do not follow the Code of Conduct.SimSig reserves the right to delete any message or topic for any reason and without explanation.

Should an administrator move a thread you have started to another forum, the act of moving the thread is not a criticism, but merely assistance so you get the most helpful contributions from other users of the forums. Similarly, should you see a thread that you believe would get better responses in another topic then please inform an administrator and suggest where the thread may be more suited.

End User Licence Agreement
The software is proprietary to Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd (HICSE), who permit its distribution by Cajon Rail LLC to the SimSig community, solely for non-commercial, hobby use and at all times in accordance with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). The software can be withdrawn or modified at any time and without any warning entirely at the discretion of Cajon Rail LLC and / or HICSE. Availability of the software is again at the discretion of Cajon Rail LLC and / or HICSE and the channels for distribution may again be changed or withdrawn at any time and without any warning. Cajon Rail LLC reserve the right to charge a fee for use of the simulations. Full Software License Agreement can be found here.

SimSig cannot be held responsible for anything you do as a result of information or advice obtained from these forums, or from linked third party websites. You should fully understand what any suggested changes to your computer may do.


SimSig Forum: Code of Conduct

The SimSig forums are intended to be a safe place for people of all ages, i.e. a family forum. Users are requested to post in accordance with the following guidelines.

The SimSig moderators will make every effort to remove postings which do not follow these guidelines, but SimSig accepts no responsibility for the postings on the Forum nor for the content of any other sites reached through a link on the Forum.

1) If you are looking for information on a particular subject, please try using the forum search facility and WIKI before you post your query.

2) Topics under ‘temporary postings’ are liable to be deleted without warning. If you feel a topic is worth preserving contact an administrator and ask for it to be moved.

3) Topics in other areas may be deleted if they become obsolete and retention may cause confusion to readers. If you think a topic should be deleted for that reason contact an administrator.

4) The normal language of these forums is English and users are requested to proof-read their posts for clarity. Use of other languages is acceptable when used to assist anyone whose normal language is not English. If abbreviations are used, you should be fully prepared to explain what they mean in a polite manner if asked. SMS-speak (or other Internet shorthands) should be avoided because many users do not understand it, especially if their first language is not English where other shorthands are used. Examples include things like and not limited to LMK, IDC, IDK, BFF, SMH and so on.

5) Members are expected to behave in a reasonable manner and with a spirit of goodwill, and opinions should be posted and read in good faith. Challenging other users' points of view and opinions is perfectly acceptable; however, do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Abusive or insulting postings will not be tolerated.

6) You must not:

· Post messages that are potentially libellous, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any law.

· Start threads that appear to be designed to provoke a heated response.

· Berate or belittle a previous poster or cast derision on a previous poster's opinion - the use of smilies as a cover is not acceptable.

· Make personal attacks, be rude, flame, bait or insult others

· Spam (see 6A).

· Use an avatar or signature that offends the spirit of this Code of Conduct, or which violates any copyright attached to that image.

· Impersonate other users.

· Blatantly advertise or promote a competing product/company. Mentions like "XXX has this feature which I'd like to see in SimSig" is okay.

6A) Spamming is defined as:

i)              the posting of unauthorised commercial advertising

ii)             repetitive posting of the same (or similar) messages to the forum or

iii)            posting the same (or similar) massage in the shout box  repeatedly in a short period of time

7) Use of foul language and profanity will not be tolerated; the partial masking of such words (such as asterisks or punctuation marks) will be treated as if the actual word or words had been used. This also applies to off-site links - if it would not be acceptable in the SimSig forums then a direct link to the material is equally unacceptable.

8) If you wish to start a new thread, please pick the most relevant forum for the subject. If you are unsure which forum is appropriate, use the General Discussions forum for the product concerned and say you were not sure where it belonged. If necessary an administrator will then move the thread to the most appropriate forum. You must not start a thread on one subject in more than one forum.

9) Restarting a discussion on the topic of a locked thread or deleted thread by starting a new thread on the same topic, or by starting a thread along the lines of Why was thread X locked?/ deleted? or Please unlock/undelete thread X should not be done. If you wish to put a case for unlocking/undeleting a thread, then contact an administrator direct and put your case.

10) Bumping: Don’t post to an old topic simply for the purpose of keeping it alive.

11) Offering to send or requesting that others send you copies of paid-for software or commercial products, documents or information, or the discussion of any form of law breaking activities is not permitted.

12) Registering using more than one username is not permitted. Should you have problems with your username or posting on any of the forums, then please report your difficulties to an administrator.

13) Personal Messaging (PM) is not monitored by SimSig administration (who have no access even if they wanted). SimSig can’t be held responsible for the content of any PM. Users are urged to follow the spirit of this Code of Conduct when using it and abuse of the PM system should be reported to an administrator with evidence.

14) As you are responsible for all posts made under your username, it would be very unwise to lend or share your username with 3rd parties.