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We are not planning any more in-person events until the COVID-19 situation has improved.

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Title Start Date/Time Status Host
B'Ham Reg. Chain - Good Morning Tyseley 11/10/2020 18:00:00 Pending RobJ Details
Central Scotland or Other 07/10/2020 14:30:00 Pending 9pN1SEAp Details
Peterborough Weekday - The evening continues 04/10/2020 20:00:00 Pending Rocangus Details
The County of TCF's (NW Coast Chain) 03/10/2020 19:30:00 Pending elltrain3 Details
Three Bridges Thursday - Disruption 01/10/2020 19:00:00 Pending tomkagnew Details
Marylebone - 2017 WCX Event Timetable (Cont'd) 29/09/2020 19:30:00 Pending andyallen4014 Details
Kings Cross Fast lines closed at Finsbury 28/09/2020 19:30:00 Started simple68 Details