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Strathfield and Moss Vale Preview

For a couple of months only, buy Strathfield and Moss Vale together for a specially discounted price. This price reflects the fact that more work is required on both sims and can be considered an investment to completion of the full products. Both are, however, virtually there and are definitely pla....
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London Bridge ASC now released!

The much-requested London Bridge ASC is now here! See https://www.simsig.co.uk/Forum/ThreadView/47736?nav=unread for more details.
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Manchester East Released

SimSig are happy to announce that the Manchester East simulation recently previewed at the Birmingham meet has been released. The area covers several boxes on the East side of the Manchester. It chains to Manchester East, Manchester Piccadilly and Huddersfield. In theory allowing a 7 North West simu....
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Newport South Wales

SimSig are happy to announce that the latest installment in the Wales & Borders series of simulations has been released. The simulation covers the area of the now closed Newport PSB, East Usk signalbox, and the still open Park Junction signalbox. Buy before 2018 to receive a discount! (£22.50 whe....
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Northern Hub

SimSig are proud to announce three new simulations around Manchester. They are the huge Manchester Piccadilly SCC, the former Manchester North (covering Victoria), and Hunts Cross / Glazebrook East. All three chain together with plans for more in the future!
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