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Welcome to the world of railway signalling! SimSig brings the signal box to your home PC and with it the enjoyment and frustrations of running today's (and some of yesterday's) railways. How often has your train been delayed because of "signal failure" and you've wondered why trains can't be routed around the problem - or why it is even a problem in the first place? You'll soon see exactly why - with SimSig!

SimSig places you in the signaller's seat and lets you control the trains. You will be presented with an environment closely resembling a real signalling control centre, including the screen display and controls. It recreates the signalling as realistically as possible and it is up to you to route the trains to their destination and do your best to keep them on time. You will have to make the same kind of decisions that real signallers do to keep the railway running as smoothly as possible.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, it is ... until something goes wrong. Can you cope with the everyday challenges of late running trains, random delays, signal and point failures, engineering works, or bad weather?

Many of our simulations are free (donations appreciated) while others are reasonably priced with a try-before-you-buy demo facility.

SimSig software is proprietary to Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd, who permit its distribution by Cajon Rail LLC to the SimSig community, solely for non-commercial, hobby use and at all times in accordance with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).