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Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions
About SimSig
Common Issues / Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

About SimSig

Can I make my own SimSig?

Why are some Sims not available to download

What is Conflict of Interest?

What is Mantis?

Why does SimSig now charge?

When will it be released?

A simulation area I bought has been resignalled. Can I get a free update?

Common Issues/Problems

I've installed a Simulation, but I can't find the shortcut!

I've paid for a sim but haven't received it.

I've paid for a sim but it only runs in demo mode.

My anti-virus/anti-malware software does not like SimSig.

'SimSig is not installed' error when starting the Loader

Why are some timetables missing?

Can I reload saved simulations when a new version is released?

When I try to create a sticky note, no window appears and the simulation view becomes unresponsive.

The sim crashes when I try to scroll the main window!

I can't find my savegames with Explorer, but they're there when I look in SimSig!

Are my ports open?

Internal error: Exception in STV2F. UpdateStatus stage x (EAccessViolation: Access violation at address yyyyyyyyy)


The supplied timetable has platform conflicts all over the place!

Why are the signals only showing Red and Green aspects?

Can I set my own line closures?

Why are actions in SimSig slow at times?

How do I find the signal numbers?

Hosting games using routers


Trains stopping on the approach to your area


What goes into building a simulation?

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