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Don't dismiss this as that station that nearly closed in the 1990s: the Chiltern line out of London Marylebone has seen a massive increase in services with major enhancements every few years since the complete route overhaul back in the 1990s, peaking in departures every 3 minutes from Marylebone during rush hour. But it's not just Marylebone: the entire line from Marylebone to Banbury is simulated, along with the LUL section from Harrow-on-the-Hill to Amersham, and back on Network Rail lines to Aylesbury and Claydon Junction. But still there's more! A first for a SimSig simulation is the inclusion of the future Bicester South to Oxford branch resignalling scheme, not due to open until 2015.

This is a big simulation with full ARS meaning that a single person can run an area normally controlled by multiple signalers in real life. Many thanks to Chiltern Railways for supporting and enabling this project. Don't forget they're a very viable and scenic alternative for London <-> Birmingham journeys compared to the West Coast Main Line.

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