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West Hampstead

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Welcome to the southernmost stretch of the Midland Main Line, covering an area from St. Pancras in the south to Sharnbrook Summit (north of Bedford) in the north. Nearly the whole control area is high speed, four-track main line with multiple opportunities to weave trains around slower-moving trains - an option that many timetables utilise to their advantage. Though the maximum speed is 110mph compared to the 125mph common to other main lines, slowing a high speed train will still cause a few minutes of delay so correct regulation is essential.

West Hampstead is ideal for four players as the real life panel has four positions. There is no TORR in real life but the simulation has this as an option. However, with the lighter timetables and at a lower speed with TORR switched on, it's playable on your own.

The real life signalbox operating floor

Screenshot of Cricklewood area (right click to view full size)

Screenshot of Bedford area (right click to view full size)

Screenshot of Luton area (right click to view full size)

 West Hampstead is available in the shop for purchase. Download from the files area. User manual available in the Wiki.

The simulation covers the signalbox years from approximately 1987 to 2009 in four individually selectable eras. A timetable for 2009 is supplied with the simulation with a 1991 timetable coming very soon.