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Victoria Central

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<img src="images/Splash8.JPG" border="0" alt="" align="right" />Want suburban commuter chaos? Here it is! Victoria Central covers panels 1 to 4 of Victoria ASC (and the remaining panels are available as <a href="index.php?option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=124&amp;catid=52&amp;Itemid=528">Victoria South Eastern</a> simulation). Panel 2 is split into two so in total five signallers control the Brighton Main Line from Victoria to Selhurst (exclusive) as well as the numerous branches and loops. Expect just under 2000 scheduled services in a typical weekday timetable - and a 2009 weekday timetable is included.

Victoria Central features ARS in the simulation (though not in the real signalbox) so even if you're on your own you can play this incredible simulation. There are three different eras provided - 1990, 2000, and 2010 - meaning the old Wimbledon to Mitcham Junction to West Croydon line is there, as well as the newer layout at Crystal Palace for the East London Line service.

Victoria station itself has 11 platforms under Central's control and they're in heavy demand. Can you keep the service flowing? Only one way to find out: buy it now!

As usual, the high SimSig standards mean that we have done our best to recreate the signalbox as faithfully as possible - poring through hundreds of control tables, gradient charts, platform working books, and signalbox special instructions, as well as interrogating numerous signalbox staff. We hope you enjoy it!

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<a href="images/VicC.png"><img src="images/VicC.png" border="0" alt="" width="800" /></a>

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