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Watford Junction

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Watford Junction PSB opened during 1964 as part of the resignalling of the southern end of the West Coast Main Line. Originally controlling from Bushey (fringing with Willesden PSB) to Cheddington (fringing with Bletchley PSB), the box's area has been cut back substantially to the area between Bushey and Apsley. This simulation represents its last days as an independent signalbox before it is scheduled to be resignalled and recontrolled from a new panel in Wembley Main Line signalbox. The latter will then fringe to Rugby SCC (to the ironically-named Watford desk) at roughly the same location as Watford Junction PSB.

An important location on the busy four track West Coast Main Line from London Euston to the north, this area sees the fast trains flying through, only being on your panel for a few minutes, before passing to the next signalbox. However, incidents can occur which rely on you doing some regulation in order to keep the trains moving as best as possible.

The St. Albans Abbey branch is included but apart from entering the train onto the branch in the morning and taking it off in the evening, there is not a whole lot to do! There are no train describers on the branch so <a class="wikilink1" href="dokuwiki/doku.php?id=usertrack:ssterms:stickynote" title="usertrack:ssterms:stickynote">Sticky Notes</a> should be used to keep track of which headcode is currently in operation.

The simulation is suitable for one-person operation and is fairly easy so is suitable for those new to SimSig. Chaining is possible to the following:

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<div class="li">Wembley Main Line</div>
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<div class="li">Wembley Suburban</div>
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<div class="li">Rugby SCC</div>
Not all simulations exist at the time of writing.

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