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Did you like Fenchurch Street? Looks like plenty of you did! Did you like Marylebone? Definitely loads of you did! So here is the full London, Tilbury, and Southend line for your delight. It has many similarities with Marylebone, being a very busy 2-track railway and a London terminus that is at capacity during rush hours. The slightest mis-ordering of arriving trains into Fenchurch will cause ripple effects for pretty much the rest of the rush hour!

LTS also features a lot of freight, mostly coming from/to the Great Eastern or South Tottenham routes, to various yards and depots on the Tilbury Loop. There are also a large number of CCTV crossings - but don't worry, you can run without them enabled at start-up if you like.

The sim features full ARS with just some freight movements requiring manual intervention. The whole sim, despite being 3 signalling workstations and 1 level crossing workstation, is therefore quite manageable to run as a single player - but multiplayer is more fun!

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