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We are proud of our extremely low return rate - in fact many of those returns are due to duplicate orders rather than problems. We aim to keep that rate low, so here are some tips to ensure you get the best out of our site.

1. When you checkout, ensure that you only purchased one license of each product - unless you really do intend to buy more than one! Use the up and down arrows in the checkout screen to adjust quantities.

2. Have you already got a license? Click "My Account" on the left of the screen and then "My Licenses" to see what you have already.

3. Have you applied any coupon codes? Some coupons may be suggested for you, but there may be more not shown.

4. Buying for somebody else? Make sure you don't allocate the purchased license to your PC because it will become ineligible for donation to another user.

5. Did you try the simulation before purchase? Nearly all come with around 15 minutes of demo time with only a few features like saving games disabled. You can run a demo more than once.

6. Don't use coupon codes if you're donating a license to somebody else. Licenses purchased with a coupon code are not eligible for donation.

7. Did you make a mistake? As long as you haven't allocated the license to your PC then you may be eligible for a refund. Once you allocate the license the Consumer Contracts Regulations (or local laws) apply and refunds are only granted in exceptional circumstances.

8. Want to talk to others before making a purchase? Ask on our Forum!

9. Are any of your products in a Multibuy package? These can save you money, and are often included in coupon discounts for double savings!

10. Remember all our software/simulations are only available at this website as digital downloads. There is no CD/DVD to receive. Never get SimSig products from a different website to https://www.SimSig.co.uk