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London Bridge ASC

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London Bridge ASC

Perhaps one of the most asked-for simulations in SimSig, London Bridge ASC is now here! With eleven signalling panels and over 2,300 trains in a typical timetable, this is a monster of a simulation! But don't worry, as ARS is provided if you just want to run it on your own - but play with friends for added fun.

With no simulated ground frames or level crossings to worry about, this is one for people who just love to signal trains. Who can beat that feeling of standing on the end of London Bridge station and just watching train after train racing each other over the eleven tracks that extend to Blue Anchor junction?

Run any scenario other than Easy and you might get a failure or two. If it's in a busy area, just watch how the service collapses! Can you deal with it? Can you recover the service? Only one way to find out - get the simulation now!

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