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Event Details

Sydney, Australia meet, July 14th 2018

*** Provisional ***

At this time we're canvassing numbers to see whether there would be enough interest to make this a full event with game play (like the UK meets), or just an afternoon of socialisation. Please register if you're reasonably confident you would go to this event. The exact location is yet to be determined but will be in central Sydney somewhere on July 14th in the afternoon.

Please note that the event time is that of the event's timezone, not necessarily your timezone

Event start date
14/07/2018 12:00:00
Event end date
14/07/2018 18:00:00
Registration start date
13/02/2018 08:00:00
Registration ends
07/07/2018 08:00:00
Maximum attendees
Maximum waitlist
Number of attendees
Event is open for booking

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